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  1. Who are you going to be in Star Citizen? What will you do? your profession, job, your purpose???
  2. We have the detail / design post from CIG for Anvil and MISC (still waiting on similar posts for the other ship manufacturers).... but here is a good summary video of this official lore - made by a fan - enjoy
  3. We have the detail / design post from CIG for Anvil and MISC (still waiting on similar posts for the other ship manufacturers).... but here is a good summary video of this official lore - made by a fan - enjoy
  4. We have the detail / design post from CIG for Anvil and MISC (still waiting on similar posts for the other ship manufacturers).... but here is a good summary video of this official lore - made by a fan - enjoy
  5. Hey everyone! Just before I head out of the unit I wanted to post the unit lore that @Rocket Man and I crafted together. It was a labour of love over a few drunken nights and I think it turned out pretty well. While it has yet to receive the official seal of approval from our glorious leader ( @Doopsums let me know if there're any changes you'd like), we were given free reign and this is the product. It's as bad-ass and consistent with our understanding of the official Star Citizen and Imperium lore as we could make it. If any inconsistencies are spotted now or in the future, let me or @Rocket Man know and we'll fix it right quick. Without further adieu... Riding on Wings - A Modern History of Alaris Written by: wfja and Rocket Man Alaris was born in the crucible of the Second Tevarin War. Michael Cromwell and Triton Lazarev (Michael, the son of a bartender, and Triton, his childhood friend) were fighter pilots in Squadron 42 during the Second Tevarin War. They garnered renown as a fighter duo and distinguished themselves in service of the Imperator. Their service culminated with the Battle of Centauri on June 24, 2610, where they proved their valor with a headlong charge into the Tevarins’ flank. Without reinforcements, they single-handedly destroyed one-and-a-half Tevarin fighter squadrons before being forced to eject from their crafts. Their heroism was rewarded with accolades of the highest degree and promotions to lead their own squadrons. These squadrons worked together and used charging and flanking tactics at incredible speeds, and were typically positioned on the wings of battlegroups. Taking this to heart, they named themselves Alaris, the latin word for cavalry. While Michael Cromwell and Triton Lazarev were eventually promoted away, the Alaris squadrons became prominent in the UEE Navy as an expert and elite force. They developed traditions of camaraderie and excellence. Over the following decades, they established themselves as paired squadrons with a laidback, yet professional attitude that attracted the best of the Navy. Known for their high morale and tight knit loyalty, they excelled in every battle in which they participated. The Alaris squadrons were assigned to the Orion system after the Vanduul were discovered on August 9th, 2681. Escorting researchers and others assigned to First Contact, they remained on station to defend against Vanduul raids while the empire decided on a course of action. With only a few raids spread over the years, the Messer regime eventually concluded that the Vanduul were a mere annoyance, resulting in an exodus of funds and support. The admiralty instructed the remaining UEE forces, including Alaris, to protect the frontier worlds from the Vanduul threat. While raids were sporadic and generally resulted in strike teams arriving to seared settlements, some conflicts escalated into large engagements with a cohesive and effective UEE response. Alaris typically spearheaded these engagements and were responsible for saving many lives from the Vanduul. This continued for several decades, until one fateful conflict in Caliban on March 4th, 2741. Alaris, having established itself as some of the foremost experts on Vanduul warfare, were sent in as a strike team to fend off a Vanduul raid. However, communication problems led to a severe underestimation of the enemy’s numbers and Alaris quickly found itself trapped in a frantic fight for survival. Only five pilots survived: Johannes Lovell, Marco Takuma, Bristol Strauss, Liam Vernatter, and Corona Meltovski. Reinforcing UEE forces first laid eyes on the survivors as they pierced Caliban IV’s twilight zenith in a staggered sequence, leaving shattered Vanduul wrecks in their wake. The interplaying light and shadow created a breathtaking scene that was captured as the iconic painting Shadow’s Wing, which many artists hold to be a masterpiece of wartime art. Of note, Shadow's Wing also became the namesake for the group of survivors. Due to social and political pressures (namely the perceived Xi’An and Vanduul menaces, coupled with maintaining order on the frontier), the military was stretched too thin to consider marshalling pilots to maintain Alaris as an effective unit. As such, on March 13th, 2741, the Alaris squadrons were officially disbanded. After Alaris’ colours were laid up, the Shadow’s Wing were retired from the UEE Navy and were left to their own devices. Lost after lifelong service, they had nowhere to go, and drifted from system to system until they arrived in Nul on 2747. There, they settled on Ashana in the crashed wreck of the UEES Olympus, long since converted into an open black market for expatriates and criminals. They established themselves as mercenaries and, on a contract in 2749, found a nearby orbital above Nul IV with a bar named The Horse’s Replacement. A large group of outlaws were in the process of claiming “taxes” from both the bar owner and his clientele. The Shadow’s Wing stepped in and defeated the outlaws despite overwhelming odds, earning the barkeeper's appreciation and the Alaris veterans a new home away from the dangerous Olympus black market. Continued mercenary work based out of The Horse’s Replacement helped develop a reputation of reliability and honourable conduct for the orbital, a safe haven on the frontier. With perpetually increasing economic growth on the frontier, a variety of ex-UEE pilots, adventurers, and scoundrels found themselves working with the Shadow’s Wing. As their resources and influence grew, they decorated The Horse’s Replacement with many recovered artifacts from Alaris’ past, including their old colours after a mysterious trip to Sol. The bar began to form a rich personality, a story of varied individuals overcoming odds and sharing a common respect. The Horse’s Replacement was more than a bar, it was a home. Continued success required expansion. With an insatiable demand for the infamous Shadow’s Wing, the Alaris veterans realized the need to form an established mercenary corp. Branding themselves as the Praetoriate in 2754, they brought on their more trusted colleagues and began marketing security to merchants and frontiersmen. This only increased the demand for contracts, eventually leading to a rapid expansion in its size and growth. Only slightly stymied by the Shadow’s Wing’s graceful retirement from the front lines, Praetoriate expanded over the frontier and grew to prominence as a major mercenary force, eventually contracting itself to the UEE, major corporations such as Anvil and Aegis Dynamics, and other high-profile mercantile organizations. Shadow’s Wing stepped down from management in 2785 and disappeared into the void, leaving the corp in the hands of younger peers who moved it to a more established area. The Massacre of Garron II in 2792 served as a formative event for the Praetoriate. In collaboration with people’s advocates, the corp deployed its forces to protect and enable anti-UEE demonstrators against violent authorities and served to ensure the transition away from the Messerian government towards a more popular regime. This was out of character for many corporations of the time and its active role in the 5-day successful uprising that led to the end of the Messerian era brought notoriety and business to the corp. Thus started a period of prosperity and growth for Praetoriate until the 2900’s, when the corp’s status began to decline. As the UEE’s economy began to plateau due to the Synthworld Project, many of the corp’s contracts were severed. Hemorrhaging funds while in a market where mercenary contracts were in low demand, Praetoriate struggled to maintain a bottom line while taking only reputable jobs. Finally, in 2927, Praetoriate declared bankruptcy and was consigned to history. The now unemployed personnel scattered to other organizations and ventures. However, some still remembered the inspiration and history of the corp’s origin and returned to The Horse’s Replacement in Nul. Two anonymous ace pilots, known by their call-signs “Doopsums” and “Trophias,” arrived and, after looking upon the vast collection of artifacts of pilots long gone, decided to share in a tale of greatness and valor not seen for centuries. Thus, taking the mantle of their forebearers, a new mercenary squadron was christened Alaris. Patrons of the bar who observed the occasion noted that the decision, celebrated raucously with drinks all around, seemed to have been catalyzed by one particular artifact. In the center of the bar hung the damaged engine that brought Marco Takuma home from near death. Hung on its various bits of protruding metal were the UEE wing insignia of the Shadow’s Wing, leaders of the old guard and Praetoriate, and even the framed wings of Michael Cromwell and Triton Lazarev, the Squadron 42 aces of the Second Tevarin War. The bar kept them to represent the bravery, camaraderie, and untold friendship that all combat pilots share. By 2933, Alaris had become a reputable force of pilots that maintained peace in the Nul System, much like the Shadow’s Wing from earlier centuries. They then encountered a representative from the First Imperatorial Expeditionary Force, whom offered them a lucrative opportunity in escorting them to systems unknown. Alaris readily agreed, on one condition: they’d take The Horse’s Replacement with them. So, with jubilee and pride, the bar and its contents were moved from the orbital onto an 890 Jump (owned and operated by “Doopsums”) and Alaris began a new chapter in their story, joining forces with what would soon become Imperium. “Virtute Siderum Tenus” - “With Valor to the Stars”
  6. I've just stumbled on his youtube channel, he does some great videos on SC lore: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCy8vENbVWaaoxvcSzp66t6w/videos
  7. Nyx information consolidated http://contentcreatorsunlimited.com/_system-overview/?q=315
  8. Probably my favorite system in the verse unless we discover something better
  9. Hi Fellow Bloodmoon members, I've started this thread to introduce the topic of back-stories, for your star citizen avatars. Initially it was going to also cover role playing but i'm of the opinion that funny voices and trite word play is not what star citizen is about... leave that for star wars conventions and comic-con. With that said i would encourage you to write an in-depth back story, to helps others know who your portraying in the verse, your goals, motivations, objectives and provide some insight into a past that made you. I have prepared a quick 2 page document to outline my thoughts on the matter and would like to hear from you on how you would like to see your character represented in the verse. AJ additionally, thanks to Sir_Belial for his proof-reading services... Lore building - star citizen.pdf
  10. STLYoungblood brings up a good point - we may want to check this out pretty early on.
  11. Hey Guys, I just wanted to share this documentary, I just watched it and I am blown away. It's an incredible scenario about what would happen when the earth would have the first contact with an alien race. The great thing about it is that it's not a Holywood rendition or cheap SCI-FI, but actual scientists, lawyers, politicians and philosophers. It's filmed amazingly like 2001: A Space Odyssey and looks amazing. The people talking and answering the aliens questions show real doubt and puzzlement when you're looking into their brainstorms. One detail made me laugh out loud and that was the question: Who would be the spokesperson for earth?". The answer is both brilliant and hilarious. Sci-fi fans and the lore-smiths of Star Citizen should check this out now! Check it out at: https://vimeo.com/ondemand/thevisit/137270293 or if your Dutch you can watch a low-res version at: http://www.vpro.nl/programmas/2doc/2016/the-visit-an-alien-encounter.html You could accidently flick on a VPN to NL. But only when you're actually there of course. Don't forget to support the makers and give them a shout out or ask them where you can see the documentary near you: http://thevisitthefilm.com/ https://www.facebook.com/TheVisitDoc/ V
  12. So one of the big parts of Chris Roberts' vision is creating a universe that has the same kind of lore and depth as a sci-fi franchise like Star Wars or Star Trek. I wanted to begin to help this along by creating a series that goes over the various lore that exists (at this point anyways) in the Star Citizen universe. This is sort of a pilot covering the period between 2075-2232, so be sure to like if you'd like to see more of this, as what is in the video is only the tip of the ice burg. So here's the video, hope you enjoy. Here.
  13. This video (and hopefully more will be produced) - is a good summary video of Star Citizen Lore. We can find many "translation" or "readings" videos of the Spectrum Dispatch articles - but for some that is a lot to go through (and even those of us that did like a summary re-cap). Enjoy
  14. With CitizenCon inbound, it seems that CIG's writing staff has decided to engage the community with a bulletin update. For those that don't know, the frontier star system of Vega has been attacked by the Vanduul. The Empire Report released the information two days ago saying that there is "a large-scale Vanduul incursion into the Vega System directly above Vega II," engaged by the UEE border fleet. Aremis (Vega II) is a well developed and populated frontier colony on the extreme edge of UEE space, bordering Vanduul territory. Since the destruction of Armitage, fearful emigrants have caused Vega to become a low-cost system for those who do not fear the alien threat. A day later, a news report titled "New Corvo in Ruins" was released by a private citizen detailing the attack from a personal perspective. It contains several details of note. mobiGlas and civil defence sirens notified the general populace less than 30 seconds before the assault.Immediate and extensive destruction to the city of Corvo infers the use of powerful ordinance (probably not WMD's due to the lack of total obliteration).Vanduul assaults occurred all over Aremis.Combat responses included a combination of law enforcement and private citizens battling in the air and on ground.A local hauler that landed on Aremis shortly before the attack indicated that the 2nd Fleet (commanded by Admiral Ernst Bishop) had gathered near the Vega-Tiber jump point in numbers abnormal to border drills, inferring some kind of prior knowledge of the Vanduul incursion.In less than a day (where insufficient time descriptions from the article leads the exact elapsed time to be uncertain), the Vanduul were driven off by Admiral Bishop, now dubbed the "Hero of Vega."Vast swaths of destruction was inflicted on the planet, presumably including comprehensive damage to planet infrastructure and high death counts.The in-fiction author, Sean Nazawa, speaks as if current rhetoric is spinning Admiral Bishop (and, by extension, the UEE) as the system's saviour, while Nazawa infers that much more could have been done. Aremis was on the verge of becoming a represented planet of the UEE, which would practically guarantee it military protection. All this is happening concurrently with the culmination of the Polo Initiative, with campaigning and political input wrapping up. If passed, the Polo Initiative will cut military spending by 10% to bring its egregious spending into line. Recent polling suggests a large portion of voters are undecided, and advocates for economic stability and military development are at odds. Remember that the Star Citizen universe is supposed to mirror the fall of the Roman Empire. The Vanduul are knocking at the gates of the UEE, while monetary reserves are decimated again and again from a too-stretched government (with notable drains being the military and the apparently failed SynthWorld project). The Empire is reaching a breaking point, and this Vanduul assault on Vega could be the beginning of the end. Or not. This is what we know to date. For those of you interested, the Star Citizen subreddit has responded to these spectrum dispatches with panache, and users have posted their own lore in response. I recommend reading "Encrypted Message Received - Outlaw Strike," "Citizens, I implore you to wake up," and "The Fall of the UEE," all welcome changes from the subreddit's recent explosion of drama. -- The recent spout of meta-drama, coupled with concerns from certain parts of the SC community, has already made it essential for CIG to hit CitCon out of the park. Now, these spectrum dispatches are making me believe that that's exactly what they'll do. What do you guys think?
  15. Well, now this is interesting. An in-lore poll of Citizens asking about a variety of topics. Please vote Here If you're unsure about the political parties, check below.
  16. We have the detail / design post from CIG for Anvil and MISC (still waiting on similar posts for the other ship manufacturers).... but here is a good summary video of this official lore - made by a fan - enjoy
  17. When you’re looking for a new fusion engine, there is no substitution for the high quality ArcCorp products. While many may view their employees as indentured servants, forced to live on the ArcCorp planet and use company owned stores, there is no denying that ArcCorp’s engines are the best around.
  18. In this entry of Behind the Scenes the Austin and Montreal teams sit down and talk about the creation of ArcCorp and the Persistent Universe. Learn what they’ve been up to since you first saw the Constellation land planetside at Citizencon 2014.
  19. This is the first chapter in my backstory for my secondary PU character. I decided to do the secondary character over my primary because I do not know what i wish to write yet. I will try and add the second chapter by January. Please do not feel shy about criticism, grammar, sentence construction and especially lore, please give me any feedback you can. Thanks, and enjoy. Chapter 1:
  20. Episode 1 I feel the rain on my face. Thick, heavy drops of water. I smell the desolation when the rain hits the ground and splashes back up, each drop trying to drown me as it lands on my face. Fortunately for me every drop is just as lonely as I am. I shrug my shoulders and continue onwards to the market. I never cared much for the rain, but it is cold outside. Not freezing cold, but the kind of cold that you just can’t dress against. I look at my reflection in the baker’s window as I walk by. I am not too happy with what I see. A little boy with a jacket one size too small and boots two sizes too large, an empty belly and a head full of dreams. A real upstanding citizen. It is not easy to make a living on the outer planets, especially for a kid like me. My parents decided to kick the bucket a bit too early and here I am on my own. Living on whatever I can find, which usually means an empty stomach for days. I shake my fist at the sky when suddenly a bright flash followed by a loud bang knocks me of my feet. As I am laying face down in the mud I am wondering if I just got hit by lightning. The overwhelming sound of the sirens now playing their symphony make me realise it is even worse than that. I get up and use the sleeve of my jacket to wipe the mud of my face and start running towards the nearest shelter. The rain has never felt so heavy as I watch the horrid spectacle when I peek around the corner. An explosion has destroyed the water treatment plant, there are fires all around and wounded people in the street. I watch as one of the workers crawls out of the rubble. I know him. His name is Dave and he slipps me food from the cafeteria from time to time. As I cross the street to help him I notice a group of people I’ve never seen before heading for the building. When I want to shout a greeting a rather large man with a nasty scar, starting from his left ear and going all the way down his neck, points his hand at Dave. The man has a wicked smile on his face as a loud bang comes from his hand. I hear someone scream and look around to see who it is, when I realize the odd sound came from me. The four men are looking in my direction. “Get him”, one of them shouts. I gather my courage and tell my legs to move. Like a newborn gazelle I take a few steps, then I start running, running for my life. Left, another left, then right. I jump in a doorstep to catch my breath. Are they still on me? I carefully stick my head out, just enough to peek inside the alley. Two bullets hit the wall, stone splinters fly around me. “You idiot, I want him alive you hear. Young meat fetches a good price on the slave market.” So they plan to sell me. Their greed will most certainly guarantee my survival. I take another peek around the corner. The man that shot at me is brawling with the one that wants to sell me. I jump out of my cover and make a run for it. “He is running boss!” the smallest in the group says. “Whra”, the big man with the scar cries out. He takes out his gun and shoots the man he was fighting with. “Never liked him anyways”, he growls. “What you waiting for, go catch the little rat.” I am on the outskirts of town, my vision is reduced by the exhaustion of running without interruption. The taste of blood is in the back of my throat. While I am catching my breath I look around to get my bearings. Behind me lies the muddy road into town, in front of me the road goes on towards the treeline, where after a sharp turn in enters the forest. When I hear the sound of laughter coming down the road I make a dash for the forest. Although strange creatures live in these woods, I should be safe there, safer than I would be on the open road. As I make my way between the trees a strong smell unknown to me fills my nose. A low vibration troubles the tall trees around me. An animal crosses my path. It has long ears and strong hind legs. It looks kinda like an earth rabbit, but this creature has two long, sharp fangs. Its green eyes stare at me as if it can’t decide what to do with me. I pick up a rock and hurl it at the horrific creature. It misses and the rabbit growls at me, but then a metallic sound in the distance distracts both of us. I look back at the creature but the last I see of it is its tail as it disappears in the bush. Curious about the sound I decide to move towards it. There it is again. “Cling, pffff.” Now that the noise gets louder the smell and vibration gets stronger. I clear my way through the undergrowth and it becomes apparent what is going on. A spaceship has landed in a clearing just large enough to fit it in. As I move towards the edge of the clearing the reflection of the sun in the hull of the ship has a blinding effect on me. The now always present vibration has a soothing comfort to it. A sudden roar of the engines snaps me out of the hypnotising lure of the machine. The metallic noise comes from a loading platform, where a couple of pirates are busy stacking barrels and crates, ready to be loaded onto the ship. “Their ill gotten gains no doubt”, I grunt to myself. One of the pirates is talking on his communicator and looks distraught. “The last team will be back in 30 minutes. Get this cargo on board before they return.” “Aye”, the others reply. “What about prisoners? I could sure use a new wife, the old one doesn’t have much life in her anymore, whahaha”, he laughs with a despicable expression. “Sorry, no prisoners this time. The captain wants to send a message to all the other villages in this system. Resistance will be met with a slow and painful death. Besides, where do you need a new wife for? Like you know what to do with the old one, hahaha. Now quit your lounging and get back to work!” Everyone I know is dead. A feeling of despair falls over me like a shadow. No, I can't give up now. I can’t give in to this feeling. I must go on. All that matters now is that I am still breathing, I am still alive. I just need to figure out how to stay that way. I can’t return to the village, without water and food I can’t survive there. Neither can I reach one of the other villages, they are just too far away to get there on my own. Even if I manage to survive the freezing nights, one of the many creatures that stalk these woods will probably get to me. Then thats how it is, I need to get on that ship, it’s the only chance I have. The idea sounds crazy at first, but the mesmerizing humm of the ship’s engines convince me it is the only viable action to take. The sound of something big moving on the other side of the clearing has the pirates attention. A large beast moves out of the shadows into the clearing. Amid the chaos that follows my instinct takes over. I run towards the loading platform and take cover behind a large crate. Screams of a pirate being ripped apart by the beast sends chills down my spine. I use my last inch of strength to lift the lid and crawl inside, hoping that no one has noticed me. One more scream and a few gunshots and it goes silent. My eyes close as the weariness of today catches up to me.
  21. Lots of interesting news in the Town Hall event in San Antonio. Among them an interesting comment by Chris Roberts. There will probably be some movie made by in-game assets on a longer term, he says (begins at 44:00 with a question from the audience). He's thinking about making something out of the Dave Haddock stories, like the Cal Mason or Kid Crimson stories for instance. http://youtu.be/U2GmLvwtnCk?t=44m I interpret this as he's looking at making one or more short movies based on the existing lore, once both Squadron 42 and Star Citizen is released. Think ship commercials, only longer, better, and with a story/mission. I think he will wait for the face animations to be perfect (better than Gollum) and then add celebrity voices on some characters in the movie(s) he will make. It'll be fully digital actors, I think, which is another reason CR will want to make this/these movie(s). It's a step further from the Wing Commander film sequences. This will be very interesting!
  22. Another way to examine the written Lore and information. If you do not have access to a PC, you can fall back on one of the readers, android, etc. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1bH-XoDsa3WFjxWWjYzHACNlBObWZEodY9GmVhozhoDE/edit This is E-reader and EPUB viable. A lot of work put into this by @jefferyyen. Here is his RSI post if you wish to thank him: https://forums.robertsspaceindustries.com/discussion/167394/star-citizen-ebooks-all-official-lore-stories-news-updates-galactic-guide-etc-for-kindle-epub#latest Always amazed at how much focus Star Citizen had inspired in it's followers. - DRUM out
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