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Found 1 result

  1. Question: With the introduction of the Gladius, I'm gleeful about grabbing a few to use as escorts for my trade runs. That has me wondering about one possible "snag" in my grand plans: If I am doing a lengthy cargo run that might result in me hitting the bunk in my hauler, what would happen to my NPC escorts if they were flying wing in something like a Gladius or other ship without a bed? Will they fly to the nearest port while leaving me in space, and rejoin me when I re-login, or will they log out "magically" with or without a bed in their ship, right where I log off? If they will not log out where I log out, would they behave differently flying a ship WITH a bed, i.e. can NPCs similarly "bunk out" like PCs can when flying escort? These are the questions that keep me up at night (adjusting my fleet spreadsheet)! THANKS, as always! Ben's reply: Hello! No worries on this one - ships with beds will not behave differently from ships without them... you'll still have an option to bunk out. Ben