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Found 2 results

  1. Wondering if the Vanduul favor bio weapons, viruses, crawling facehuggers etc. Are they the 'Engineers' of the SC universe? Also curious as to the escort ships shown, placeholders or drones?
  2. So, I was just sitting on my computer, jammin' to my music, and I thought: Will Star Citizen have any life-simulation features? What I mean by that is; similar to EVE, will there be a little window where you can open up a real browser and browse the web, and things similar to that? I mean, if CIG wants to make this game as immersive as possible, it'd be nice to not have to tab out/go to another monitor in order to chat with friends or something. Rather, we'd have everything we want in-game! Picture this, right? You're in your ship, exploring the depths of the galaxy. You're in a Constellation, slowly drifting through space. Problem is, it's silent. Yeah, some players might enjoy the silence of space, but not everyone's that type of person. You know what'd make this moment better? Mozart's Symphony No.40 in G minor. But why should you only settle for some music? How about you feed some information into your brain by turning on your holographic screen, and listening to the TNN (TeraNewsNetwork)! News about pirates in the Goss System (Ugh, again?) getting boring? Don't worry, you can still go online to look at funny cat videos (Yes, those are still popular), or talk to your friends on skype/teamspeak/spacebook/whatever. What do you guys think about this? Would like it to be incorporated into the game? I think it'd be a great way to make sure players are fully immersed in the game, and to let hardcore players practically LIVE in the game universe :3 TLDR: It'd be nice if we could go online through an in-game UI, so we can be fully immersed in the game.
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