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Found 3 results

  1. CIG - Clarifies Generic Instance Manager (GIM) + Galaxy Server Staff alex_dev_cigaperuyera_CIG Posted: July 8 I think some of the confusion comes with the vocabulary, traditional instances are “copies” of an area which a small subset of players inhabit – reducing things like network lag etc. However this does also limit the player experience as not everyone is truly a part of the same world at the same moment. In our case we would like achieve the highest concurrency we can while still making the game playable. To that end we are approaching instances both in this traditional way as well as working on some newer ideas. If we look at it traditionally, an instance of an “area” like planetary orbit will have a maximum number of player slots, the logic of the Generic Instance Manager (GIM) will handle things like assuring that friends/parties as well as adversaries, factions, skill levels, and other attributes are all taken into account to place people into these instances. This will work in conjunction with a “Galaxy” server which simulates the universe to determine the likelihood of “encounters” or the population currently in orbit of a planet and stages the instances.To speak to the newer ideas, and your question of “can I see through other instances?”, if you think about an instance as described above than I would say you would not “see” into another instance, it Is essentially a copy of the same area of space (parallel world of sorts) – however this does not mean that an instance is limited to one actual “server”. So for example (these are just example numbers not hard facts) if a server can support 20 people and another 10 people (through GIM or “Galaxy” logic) need to be added to that instance; a 2nd server would be spun up thus allowing a current total of 30 people in that instance shared across 2 servers (a missile object fired by any person in that instance could be seen and interacted with by any other person). This could theoretically be scaled continually, however there will most likely be rendering and network limitations at some point, let’s say that number was 100 players. So you would have 5 “servers” capable of supporting 20 players each make up a single 100 person “instance” – players can seamlessly move from server to server behind the scenes and be unaware. This is not that same as changing instances though, which could be another set of 5 servers with another 100 people in a copy of that same area. In that specific moment the 100 players in Instance A will not see the 100 players in Instance B, though imagine 2 ships in Instance A and 1 ship from Instance B fly away from that planet towards the same open space, at some point those 3 ships will be “moved” out of their planetary orbit instances and perhaps have an encounter in a Battle Instance that was initiated around them, so you really can’t think of the different “instances” as fixed, they are not like realms, where only a subset of players exist. They are quite fluid and constantly being updated and refined by the GIM and Galaxy services.On the slightly more technical side, depending on the contents of an instance it could be that it will be scaled differently than another instance, 10 Carriers in a single instance may cap itself to 70 players across 5 servers instead of the 100 in my above example. There are a vast array of metrics that go into determining these things, from both in-game stats as well as hardware wise like cpu and mem limitations. New technologies like containerization and the zoning system will help us spin up servers faster and allow for the seamless backend mentioned. It is important to note that much of this is in development by many different teams and the final application and usage could vary from this roadmap. While not directly addressing each point you ask hopefully this gives you some insight into the instance system. Permalink FlagQuote Staff alex_dev_cigaperuyera_CIG Posted: 8:00AM With the caveat that the system works exactly as described above, irrespective of the numbers (which we can not currently estimate), if all players are in the same "instance" they will interact with each other and "see" each other, even if it takes 10 "servers" to back this "instance". So I believe in your example the Bengal and surrounding space would be a single instance (no matter the number of "servers" backing it) in order for all players to interact with it. I think having a dynamic object span "instances" would be difficult though as you say more of this will become known with testing. Note: "see" in quotes as I imagine it would be difficult for a video card to render 300+ ships and a Bengal at the same moment, "instances" are as described in my previous post, and "servers" is a simplification as we are in the cloud and planning on being containerized. Permalink FlagQuote
  2. Star Citizen Development Instances and Combat[KOR subbed] - is a good video that CIG will hopefully see. It is different than @Lutin earlier video but similar. His concept of pseudo space is interesting. Enjoy
  3. http://www.rockpapershotgun.com/2012/10/26/roberts-on-star-citizen-becoming-a-space-crime-lord/ Good article describing the instances the way CR sees them, and some other informations I didn't knew where to put this so Gallitin, feel free to move/delete topic to put the info where it needs to be Part 2 : http://www.rockpapershotgun.com/2012/10/27/chris-roberts-on-pc-gaming-going-to-space/
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