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Found 5 results

  1. How many members does the corp. have in it?
  2. Everything we know about Insurance, so far, in Star Citizen. Enjoy How does insurance work in Star Citizen? Lifetime Insurance How do I get Lifetime Insurance on my ships? Can I get LTI for my Star Citizen Game Package Ship? How long will my Ship insurance last in Star Citizen? How much will renewing the ship insurance cost? What is the real value of LTI for ships in Star Citizen? Giftability and LTI Sources: Insurance FAQ and Update (November 2012) Insurance and losing ships forum thread (February 2014) LTI and it’s perceived value to you? Reddit post (September 2016) Will we be able to CCU when the game goes live? (May 2015)
  3. If you already have Discord, skip to step 3. Step One: Downloading Discord Go to: http://www.discordapp.com and navigate to the downloads page. Alternatively, you can use the links provided below. Windows Mac Linux - Please go to the downloads page and choose between deb and tar.gz as a type of download. You can also download Discord for your mobile phone. It supports Android and iOS. Step Two: Create a discord account The username you choose doesn't have to match SCB, But the bot will changed your nickname to match SCB once you have permissions. If you need to change your name contact an HR Officer for assistance. Step Three: Go to https://portal.starcitizenbase.com/discord From there, you will see on the right hand side a “Link to Discord” button. Click this and it will prompt you the following screen: Step Four: After completing step three, you will be redirected to http://discordapp.com. At this time you should see a new prompt as shown below, you will then need to select "Authorize". Note: You must be logged into your account on http://discordapp.com in order for the Authorization to go through. Once on the server, you will automatically be placed in a queue to get your permissions automatically. Usually, it is pretty instant, however, it can take up to 5 minutes to fully pull your permissions, so please allow a grace period. If your permissions have not been set after 5 minutes, please type “!sync” in the #help-desk channel. If you are still having a problem after typing !sync, please contact a member of Human Resources.
  4. Good afternoon, morning, evening! My game name is Gilliam Blackstar and would like just a bit of your time to tell you that Tacticians of the Constellations are now recruiting old and new backers. Trying to establish a great game community with a wide variety of different people with different cultures and backgrounds. Accepting and encouraging members from different time zones to join. We are military friendly, some of our members are retired or currently active. We want to expand and looking for gamers like us to make our Organization blow up! If your interested please feel free to view our site @https://robertsspaceindustries.com/orgs/TOTC or like us on our facebook page @https://www.facebook.com/groups/ToTcORG/ for updates or just chatting about upcoming events. We at TOTC are expecting a rise within our ranks in the near future and hope to find awesome dedicated members/backers to join. Feel free to message me at anytime @bkzjaytee@gmail.com, Steam- Bkzjaytee, Skype- Bkzjaytee or on the RSI site. Thank you for your time and Apply now! Respectfully, Blackstar GD
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