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Found 7 results

  1. I had an idea About Ground Vehicles That would Need Slight Creativity, i'm not sure if people can make Vehicles from scrap but if you Can, I feel its Concept is Durable to any modder who can make it. I Feel That the BUK should be on the Chassis More like the 6-7th Picture With a More Futuristic Look to it, Sharper, but yet, simple. But Would be an amazing addition to the Game Capable of Fitting 4 Ready Size 5 Torpedo's or Size 4-3 Missiles And another 4 Reloadable, will truly make Larger Ships Fear the New Heavy Anti-Air Vehicles. And Protect Base's well. And Even Maybe add The Tunguska But with a High Tech Futuristic design Maybe Add The Weapon set as 2x CF-227 Panther Laser guns and 4x Size 2 Missiles Or Even Add something like the Shilka With 4 CF-227 Panther All Need to Be Wheel designs Most Likely I Picked Russian Anti air System Cause i wanted simplicity First Cause something as crazy as a Patriot or S-400 or Tube Launched Anti-air is i doubt it'd ever be doable unless star citizen attempted to do it themselves Goodluck if someone tries this just an idea i thought of..
  2. So I had about an hour after my last Comp. Tech. class today and I had a lot of stuff spinning around in my head that eventually resulted in an idea that I just couldn't shake. Before you start reading: This is not about in game scripts, macros, or other game based functionalities, this is about creating a full house, interactive, thinking windows (or linux) shell that can be used to access high powered computing resources from any device that has been integrated into the network. Basically I was wondering if it is possible to create a scalable setup that can accept information from and display information to several input/output sources separately. For a simplified version I'll use: 1 Gaming headset w/ mic 1 Gaming PC 1 Master PC (race, sorry I had to) 1 Tablet 1 Webcam 1 Arduino connected to my doorbell See spoiler for my horribly crude attempt at drawing the possible ethernet connections. Scenario: I'm playing SC on my gaming PC, which is connected to the Headset via USB and the Master PC/Server via ethernet cable. Someone rings the doorbell triggering the Arduino which runs a script that sends a signal to the Master PC. The Master PC then uses Windows Speech Recognition (WSR) and WSR Macros scripting to announce that someone is at the door via the Headset. I tell the computer to display a video of who is at the door using the webcam connected to either a cheap micro PC or the Master PC. Now I know that everything up until this point should be possible in some form or another, but the next part is where my Computer skills run out. Instead of interrupting my SC gaming session the Master PC brings up the webcam feed on the Tablet mounted near my computer. With this I can see that the person at the door is a solicitor and I don't need to bother putting on pants and going to greet them. I tell my computer to stop displaying the webcam and go back to playing. "Why do you need a Central PC for this?" you might be asking "can't all of this be done via the tablet with a lot less hassle?". And you'd be right, the problem is I want to be able to use a wireless headset anywhere in the house and be able to specify which of my screens (be it tablet, laptop, or TV) display various bits of information. As another Example let's add a TV and a cheap micro PC to the mix. The laptop is connected to the Master PC via another ethernet cable. I'm working on an essay on my main (gaming) PC when my computer notifies me that one of my favorite TV shows is scheduled to start soon. I go to the TV and watch the show until the first commercial segment when I figure it would be best if I use this time to keep working on my essay. So I use my headset to instruct the Master PC to bring up my word document from the Network Storage and display it on the TV so I can work on it a bit. While I'm working I get a call from a friend who's asking if I'd like to join them in SC. Hell yeah, but then I'd need to go all the way back into my gaming/bed room, and I just made popcorn. So instead I simply tell the Master PC to save my essay, startup SC on the Gaming PC, and reroute the video output to the TV instead, as long as I don't fly, a Razer Orbweaver should be fine for just walking around as a crew member, fixin stuff and chatting.
  3. Yes I know this isn't the right forum and I should be using the RSI forum for this, but I wanted to run the idea by a smaller pool of people to kinda gauge the reaction and see if I'm just wasting my time on something no one wants. Basically the Idea is to implement something similar to the Shadow of Mordor Nemesis System for Star Citizen NPCs. This system would be applied to high ranking NPCs (UEE Politicians and Vanduul leaders). Players will be able to earn a few of the characteristics but it will require effort and training to acquire these traits. The primary purpose of these traits is to prevent combat encounters from becoming tedious and/or repetitive as well as giving the espionage/assassination sections of the Star Citizen playerbase a more fleshed out playground to commit stabby stabby murder in. Each trait will build off of another creating NPCs that are as varied as the actual human playerbase. Some might be highly aggressive, others might be calmer and calculating, each one presenting a unique challenge to overcome. In addition, as NPCs "age" they become more powerful (either by killing players or by the simple passage of time) leading to an organic power structure. I'll be using two examples to demonstrate, a UEE family and a Vanduul Clan. Each high ranking NPC will be defined by 3 related sets of characteristics, each based off of the previous one. Family Characteristics Are sets of traits that have an increased chance of occurring within family lines. This chance increases randomly with each generation. For example: Richard Doeson -》Steve Doeson -》Jane Doeson -》John Doeson FC: Loyalty 50% Loyalty 60% Loyalty 74% Loyalty 78% Families are also able to acquire additional traits over time. Industrialist 57% Industrialist 63% Once a family has acquired a Family Characteristic members of that family will have a higher chance of receiving the Family Characteristic as a Personal Characteristics. In the example family above Jane’s descendants would have a 74% chance to receive a Loyalty Personal Characteristic. This descendant would then increase the Family Characteristic chance by 5-25% if they receive the Loyalty trait, or decrease the Family Characteristic chance by 10-35% if they do not. This means that families are also able to lose traits if descendants don’t inherit them for a while. Additionally certain Family Characteristics will unlock unique combat behaviours for NPCs based off of their Combat Characteristics. Example: Family Line: Doeson Current members: Jane, John Deceased members: Steve, Richard Family Traits: Loyalty (78%), Industrialist (63%) Family Line: Uk'Tharo Current members: Rauk'Tharo, Nuuk'Tharo, Eruk'Tharo Deceased members: Hluk'Tharo, Naruk'Tharo-Gar Family Traits: Loyalty (78%), Xenophobia (97%), Individualistic (83%) Personal Characteristics Characteristics held by individuals. These characteristics are influenced by lineage and can have an effect on Family Characteristics. Certain Personal Characteristics will also increase chances for certain Political Characteristics. Loyalist: Decreased chance of successful bribery/extortion, small personality change. Opportunist: Increased chance of successful bribery/extortion, large personality change. Centralist: Push for decreased colonization, focus on established worlds. Xenophobic: Fear of other races, (Higher among Vanduul / Xi’an) Xenophilic: Acceptance of other races, (High among Banu) Individualistic: Tendency to favor choices that will benefit the individual. (Because of a formatting screw up this should be under the Individualistic tab) +17% chance for Pro-Earth/Terra (depending on homeworld) +11% chance for Pro-Unionist/Separatist (depending on homeworld) +5-16% chance for Militant (depending on family ties) -18%/+14% chance for Colonist (depending on homeworld) (Higher among UEE/Vanduul) Political Characteristics Colonist: Push for increased colonization/protection of established colonies. (higher rate in Terrans) Expansionist: Favors increased interaction with other races. (Leads to xenophilic/colonist) Industrialist: Favors increased production. Isolationist: Favors decreased interaction with other races. (Leads to centralist) Militant: Favors increases in military. Pro-Earth (UEE): Favors policies that benefit Earth (higher rate in Earth born) Pro-Terra (UEE): Favors policies that benefit Terra (higher rate in Terrans) Pro-Separatist (UEE): Pro-Terra req., Push towards separating from UEE Pro-Unionist (UEE): Push towards forming stronger relations with colonies. Combat characteristics (Some titles can be earned by players if they achieve 10x the requirements needed) Vanduul (PU titles will be in Vanduulese) Wrathful: Will immediately start attacking attackers, will specifically target players who defeated him. Bladeskill: +2% damage from melee Blademaster: +5% damage from melee Only fights with melee weapons/ship ramming. (Achieved after 15 kills with Bladeskill) Warhardend: +12% attack bonus, gained after killing 20 players. Warlord: +25% attack bonus, gained after killing 200 players. (Very Rare) Groundsmasher: Will avoid space combat, +5% attack bonus on all ground based weapons. Vengeful (FC): Will track players who killed family members.+20% damage against tracked targets. Courageous: +2% Damage resistance/attack bonus. Will only flee after +75% of ship is destroyed. Bloodthirsty: +7% Damage resistance/attack bonus. Will not flee. % bonus increases by 1-3% for Warchiefs, 3-5% for Warmasters. UEE Heroic: +2% Damage resistance. Will fly in front of allies to shield them from damage. ​Veteran: +15% attack bonus, gained after killing 30 Vanduul. Brave: +2% Damage resistance/attack bonus. Will only flee after +75% of ship is destroyed. Fearless: +7% Damage resistance/attack bonus. Will not flee. All (Aplicable to all races) Stealthy: Primarily uses shadows, cover and stealth focused combat. Squad Commander: Will travel with multiple wingmen. Ace Pilot: +5% damage dealt by space ship weapons. Possible benefits: Info Running/Spying on Vanduul targets for UEE Assassination/Espionage/Extortion on UEE/Vanduul (Possibly other races) targets Insertion of Loyal NPC's to promote policies that benefit/hinder factions during war Currently I'm missing all of the cursory technical info (As seen on the Individualistic trait), which is something I won't plan on adding in myself unless it's needed. These are only a handful of traits I've come up with and I hope to add more if people show interest. So please leave your honest feedback, would you like seeing something like this in SC? EDIT: Added in combat characteristics, working on a way to marry it to the personality traits.
  4. Imagine if you will: You're flying a solo exploration mission in a single-seat spacecraft when suddenly you're ambushed by a group of stray bandits. After a tense dogfight in the deep and uncharted reaches of space you manage to escape the bandits, even taking out one of their ships. However you don't come away unscathed. Your weapons are fried after you overcharged your weapons to deal with the bandit threat, your engines are overheated from the enormous strain your shields and weapons put on it, but worst of all your navigation systems have been damaged, rendering you unable to find your way to a jump point to take you to a safe zone. Landing on the shadowy side of a lone asteroid drifting through space you take a deep breath and close your eyes for a moment. Cursing yourself for choosing to try and single-handedly discover a new system rather than going with a party you pull on your Avionics Integrated Respirator and grab the Spacecraft Technology Assessment and Repair Tool and open your hatch... Fellow Star Citizens, I ask of you; what happens when your ship has taken extensive damage and can no longer function well enough to transport you to a safe location? Are you left to sit and die in your cockpit, trapped in your spacecraft-turned-deathtrap? Or will you be armed with the means to make some hasty patchwork repairs to your beloved ship? If so, that would mean space walks. What are your thoughts on how such gameplay mechanics might be implemented into the final game? Will you be given a spacesuit with temporary oxygen supply? Will you have a suit tethered to the ship? How will repairs work? And if worse comes to worse and the damage is too much to repair by yourself and you're stranded on that lone asteroid, what happens then? I imagine if your communications systems are still active you could beam a distress beacon out into space and hope a benevolent soul comes to your aid, rather than the bandits you just escaped from. I'd love to hear your thoughts, fellow Imperium Star Citizens.
  5. My nephew came over for a bit and I got out my old lego for us to play with. He asked me to make a ship and so I did. It was then when I thought maybe i'll take a few pics and see what people think if I was to make this using an editing program like autocad. So when looking please keep in mind that I did not have all the pieces I wanted and this ship is merely for a conceptual idea of what it might look like. The Idea: The nose of the ship tilted down slightly like the Concorde. There is an optional mounted gun on the nose, inspired by the A-10. An inverted wing from the Sukhoi Su-47 Berkut. Two - Four engines as is thought this ship to be more of an interceptor. Forward positioned flaps much like the Eurofighter Typhoon. Revenant Basic loadout: 2 basic lasers cannons on wing tips 1 heavy cannon mounted along side the cockpit 2 missiles concealed in fuselage 2 engines Optional loadouts: (Only a small selection of loadouts, more to come) 2 more engines can be mounted 6 more weapon slots underneath wings, (3 on either side) 1 mini gun of sorts mounted below the cockpit (much like the A-10) More weapons and/or missiles can be added in place of the 6 weapon slots blow the wings. There would be a bunch of other stuff to add on and upgrade but this gives you the general idea. Ships GOOD roles: This ship (the default being the Revenant an Interceptor) plays the roles of: -Interceptor -Interdictor -Heavy bomber (ie lots of missiles) -Heavy fighter (ie lots of ship to ship guns) -Fast "hit and run" strike fighter -Tactical Bomber (ie special weapons for taking on hardpoints of large ships) This ship is primarily built to fill the roles of any and all combat operations. Ships BAD roles: This ship is not well suited for the following roles: -Mining -Cargo shipping and trade Pros of the design: 4 engines allows for high speeds (perfect for intercepter) Large-ish size allows for plenty of high tech equipment (radars, weapon systems, ect) Plenty of weapon slots allowing for lots of weapons, missiles, and plenty of customization for perfect loadout for your mission. Heavy mounted gun is unique to only this aircraft allowing it to push big holes in unsuspecting prey. Long flight range as it stores plenty of fuel and is perfect for deep infiltration, interception and interdiction. Cons of the design: Although having 4 engines the ship is slower and less maneuverable when fully loaded Small cargo capacity as this ship is not built for transport. Large mounted gun has lots of recoil causing any long term sustained fire with the mounted gun to cause accuracy to decrease quickly. The Naming: The reason I choose Revenant for the name is it stands for ghost or disembodied life that comes to haunt the living. Considering this ships strong point in loadout would be a stealthed interceptor / interdictor the name Revenant was appropriate. Evisceration would be a variant of the Revenant and is designed for bombing and hitting and destroying hardpoints in larger ships. Evisceration means to remove internal organs that keep a living organism alive (life support). Therefore Evisceration is appropriate for the bomber variation as its job is to remove the internal organs (hardpoints) of larger ships. Other names: Victrix Orca Barracuda Serpent Kraken Chimera Executor Astoreth Basilisk Spectre Vindicator Yersinia
  6. READ ALL OF THIS POST! Found this: http://www.robertsspaceindustries.com/forum/showthread.php?14680-Concerns-ganking thought the OP wasn't really good with his choice of the title I understood (I think) what he wanted for the game to exist I commented 2 to 3 additions to it short after a short holy PvE/PvP War broke loose so I posted a rage post so that they come back to topic if the situation gets uncontroable on RSI i will copy the content in here and continue here with the discussion on "Convoy Missions"
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