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Found 25 results

  1. And it's beautiful https://imgur.com/gallery/hiD2dNh Although sorry, there is no internal geometry.. so it's just a husk full two hours of us exploring this husk of an idris If you're new to Star Citizen and looking for a referral code try this one https://enlistcitizen.com/star-citizen-referral-code/
  2. Short question, I've been puzzling over this one for a bit too long and I haven't seen it discussed on RSI or Reddit. What/where is this hangar? I'm trying to figure it out-it doesn't look like any of the capital ship hangars we know of (maybe Bengal upper deck launch area? But the color scheme/lighting doesn't scream Bagel Carrier to me). Idris? But only a portion of the hangar deck model?
  3. I was thinking about picking up another package, but only for an additional starting hangar. Is that over or is it still part of the packages?
  5. Hay! I bought the Mustang Alpha starter kit a few days ago, and I am wondering if anyone know a workaround for a possible bug? For example when I am trying to enter the mustang from the hangar or on olisar, it opens the hatch (which is UNBELIEVABLE awesome btw!!!!!!!!!!!), but when I enter it is as if my head sticks through the roof and I cant sit down in the cockpit or nothing....all it does is to glitch me outside of the ship :/ I tried to crawl and prone to my cockpit chair, but same result. Im soooort of glad it is not allowing me to fly in my hangar and olisar because I would crash for suuuuure; I got to practice my .....crashing..... in the private flying area haha. I tried to search on SCB forums for the issue on the mustang but nothing popped up.Any help would be highly appreciated! -Hua
  6. It has not been touched since TftC#8, but what happens to all of those upgraded hangars when the game goes live? If you have an Asteroid Hangar do you get one in the PU? Do you still need to pay rent? If they are still selling the VFG industrial hangar as a $50 standalone item that must mean it has some real value right?
  7. Guys, never ever let other people touch your ships. This is what I found in my hangar this morning after I used the valet parking service .....
  8. Seeing latest RTV and starfarer dilema for those who have gemini makes me wonder why they don't make a museum or store were you can just see any existing ship , walk inside, outside and decide if you like it or not. What do you think?
  9. Hi, now with the Arc Starmap relese, I was thinking about where I wanted to start my game in the PU (where would I have my hangar). I think I would like to start somewhere close to the Banu space, as I could do trade over the borders... Where would you like to set up your base?
  10. Hey all, so I was just walking around my asteroid hangar and the OCD in me was going crazy. The place is a disaster. Bent and structural components everywhere, engines in the office, sparking wires under the floor structure. All in all I love the asteroid but I would never let my place be in such a state of disorganization or disrepair. Do we have any idea if these hangars will be customizable to the point of cleaning it up and organizing it?
  11. Noticed something interesting in the Hangar. I had it loaded with several different type of ships and when I was wandering around it would stutter at times. I assumed it was just the massive poly count (inherent in these ships) trying to update. BUT, I never saw any stutter or delay in Arena Commander, so I decided to play around with the load out in the Hangar. What I found is if you have any ships in the Hangar that are NOT Flight Ready – you will see the graphics stutter occasionally as you move around. If you only load in the ships that ARE Flight Ready, then you can zip around in the Hangar as much as you want to. Apparently the Flight Ready ships are getting a better optimization pass that the non-flight ready ones lack. (d'uh). On the plus side, any ships that you are capable of using in Arena Commander are still available even if you just have a base Aurora in the Hangar. TL:DR Conclusion: If you are seeing any graphics stutter when walking around in the Hangar, remove any ships that are not Flight Ready. - DRUM out
  12. Well after comparing size the the Gladius is quite smaller then a regular 300i series, and the as far as i know from forum posts the 890 Jump will likely be able to hold a 300i, seeing as we will get a new deck plan and such when its further down the pipeline. my question is, are there any indications on weather or not a Gladius or ship as small or smaller then the 300i will work? id like to travel with the my Gladius in the hangar in case i run into trouble, is there any indication or forum posts that indicates we can transfer ships that fit into corresponding hangars?
  13. Found this today but cannot find it in the hangar anywhere. Maybe need a patch update before it is real? Dunno. Anyone know where it is located? - DRUM out
  14. Anyone else feel that the hangar flair given out for the Concept Ship Sales, was a missed opportunity? Aegis Reclaimer - Instead of just getting a model of the ship to go in your Hangar, can you imagine how cool it would be to have this, hanging in your hangar? If you didn't like the flair, enable users to chose whether or not they want to have it active in their chosen hangar type. Anyhow, would you like to see something more from the flair with a $350 concept ship?
  15. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V_uZ5Cd5dS8 Borrowed wife's x79 i7/770/32gb/ssd for the test run. I finally got the chance to fully enjoy the hangar module! 9 Connie + 1 Freelancer + various ships + lamp + Zeus + posters and I blow up all my Hornets! It was fun! But I was unable to park inside the Freelancer =( Ah, no fog trick is nice. --------------------------------------------- hangar_maxships trick works =D Let's us know what you wants to see in the hangar, we'll try to do it =D One wish a day, because newly pledged ships cannot be melt within 24 hrs. Our beloving Commander is kind enough to help me taping hangar videos ( and burn his rig:x) Here is the first video taken yesterday: http://www.twitch.tv/gallscb/c/2845232 hangar_maxships works and now there is no limit on how many ships Business hangar at it's maximum size as of now (10 spots) Only Aurora and 350r were able to be displayed in this Business hangar, because some dumbass has too many Auroras and pushed all other ships beyond the hangar capacity. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I've cleaned up my account and get rid of all the Auroras. The next video will show: Business hangar with 9 spot 11 spots Invisible Scythe, Aurora LX, 350r, Freelancer, Hornet, 300i, Cutlass, 2 x 315p, 2 x 325a Also the Buggy and non-functional workbench [place holder for video]
  16. This topic is for your questions about the Hangar module, if you are encountering a bug and looking for help or simply can't find the download link For general discussion, use Official FAQ Currently known bugs, possible solutions/patched: V1-Patch 3: - List of all reported bugs: Here UNABLE TO RUN HANGAR ISSUES AND SOLUTIONS: Click Me
  17. hey is their any hangar information about the next update? i really need the rooms system because im tired of having 7 giant hangar bays that are unnecessary TNGS has 2 of these the rest are filled by guns, the 2 platform things for the buggie and guns because we store that crap on the ground. and this 7 extra rooms drops my performance of the hangar module because of optimization reasons. anyway can i expect the rooms system soon?
  18. So I have a bit of an interesting issue. Let me just preface this with a disclaimer: I know that the hangar module is in a pre-alpha stage, which means that I know the performance is sub par and that it is not optimized for any particular card. Ok, now that the disclaimer is out of the way, I'd like to give you guys my system specs just so that you know: i7 3770k @ 4.5 ghz Antec Kuhler 920 CPU cooling Asus Sabertooth z77 2x MSI 7970 3gb/OC @ 1100 Mhz clock/1600 Mhz memory (aftermarket cooling) 2x 128 gb Samsung SSDs in Raid 0 (<<--I run the hangar module on these raided SSDs) 500 gb WD Blue HD Windows 8.1 Pro Catalyst 14.2 drivers (Beta) (I am running eyefinity) Alright, so I've been playing around in the business hangar module with my freelancer and 315p. I use MSI afterburner to monitor my card usage, memory/core clocks, core temp, and VRM temps. What I have noticed is that whatever I do, the hangar module WILL NOT use crossfire and that I'm getting horrible performance (15 to 17 fps MAX) with 2 7970 (AMD's last gen flagship card). My top card is always at full clocks while my second card is always on idle clocks (as though I am NOT in a 3D application). Thus, my first thought is that crossfire is not on. So I checked the Catalyst control center and Xfire is on and then I proceeded to try to force AFR friendly crossfire in the control center. When I booted up Star Citizen, both my cards will boot up to max clock speeds but then my second card will clock back down to idle clocks. Next, I used some of the CryEngine 3 console commands to try to force crossfire on. I used this command: r_MultGPU 1 to set the game to to search for another card to use in crossfire. However, this did not work either! I tried restarting the module as well as making a user.cfg file with that command and neither worked. So I took to the internet to try to find an answer, thinking that other people might have had my problem. Unfortunately, I could not find anyone who had the same problem and on top of that, I found people who were using crossfire in the hangar module when I clearly could not. Here is an example that really angered me because this guy is running his 7970s in crossfire and eyefinity just like me and he is getting significantly better performance than me. JUST to make it clear I disabled my eyefinity while running the hangar module because of performance issues (all the above issues were seen at 1920 x 1080 resolution). Here is the link of the guy who was using crossfire effectively: http://www.tweaktown.com/tweakipedia/28/star-citizen-benchmarked-at-7860x1440-with-radeon-hd-7970s-in-cf/index.html Thus, I am frustrated because that guy ran his 7970 CF at a higher res than me in the deluxe hangar (which i can only assume is more demanding than the business hangar) while I am running at a lower res with the same chip and having issue with fps and I can't even get CF to work. Clearly, this does not seem like simply the module not being optimized. I also know it is not a cooling issue because my main card never peaks over 53 degree celsius in this module and my VRM temps are all below 70 degree celsius while in the module as well. Does anyone have any suggestions? I was thinking of rolling back to 13.12 drivers to see if that would help but I am not sure. Thanks, Hardware-Fiend
  19. This thread is about the probably most important thing regarding the hangar module - and it's not you watching your shiny ships - it's about giving the devs the feedback they need to make SC the game we all want it to be. Remember the hangar is part of the alpha testing - and that means it's about testing the whole thing, trying to break the code, running it on as many different machines as possible and giving feedback back to the Devs so they can improve the game. So first I want to encourage everyone to give as much feedback as possible to CIG - there will probably be some kind of ingame report function - use it! Official Feedback Forum: https://forums.robertsspaceindustries.com/categories/hangar-bug-reports How do I give good feedback? Example: Your ship is shown as a black block when you look at it from the left corner of the hangar. Wrong: Post a thread in the RSI forum: My ship looks all shit, why can't the Devs build something easy as the hangar without such shit! Fix it or I want my money back! yada yada yada...you get what I mean. Right: Use the Feedback function the devs will probably provide. Tell them as many things as possible about your problem. What ship? What hangar? What did you do to get the bug? Can you reproduce the bug? What hardware do you have? (for this there will be probably some automatic report function in the launcer) Remember the more feedback the Devs get, the better the game will be at the end. You can also post your feedback here, if enought people participate we can make a list and send the most important points as group feedback via the concierge service or something like it. This will hopefully save the devs some time and show them that our community here at starcitizenbase.com wants to help them in making the game better. Note: This thread will be heavily moderated! How to post here: Use the list function. Feedback point 1 Feedback point 2 ect. What kind feedback can I post? Problems with the hangar module Feedback on what you think they should change to make the hangar better - your ideas You can quote a post with something like "+1" if you have the same problem or like a proposed idea. This will get noted and then the post will be deleted. I (or any other mod who wants to help) try to make a list of the most common problems/best ideas in the second post of the thread.
  20. So I followed the guide for loading the assets into the cry sandbox. I cant get my ship to show up. Tried saving it and all of that but no avail. I can run down to the beach where I placed the ship but its not there. Then I remember watching a video a few days ago where this guy was flying around the sandbox in the 300i. I started to get super jelly. How did he do this: Any tips would be great. If you can help me get to this point I will give you a shoutout in my next rampup vid. Cheers!
  21. On the RSI Forums is a thread with a very well written documentation how you can remove the yellow fog from the deluxe hangar. https://forums.robertsspaceindustries.com/discussion/48411/deluxe-hangar-fog-removal/p1 I found it way better without the fog. Whats your opinion about it? Some before/after pictures I´ve taken are added below and you can find more in the thread over at RSI. before: after:
  22. Has it been confirmed that a player will have to buy multiple hangars in order to have their access to their ships, and have to transfer them manually? I assumed for the same of convenience the Hangars would function like the Bank in WoW, and you could access your gold and items from anywhere. Transferring ships between Hangars would be an unnecessary hassle, especially since you can only fly one ship at a time. For example, if Earth is my starting planet where my free Hangar is located, but I want to move my ships to Kellog, because of its close proximity to Orion and Vanduul territory, I'd have to fly back to Earth and bring my ships to Kellog one-by-one? That's a terrible waste of time and fuel! I'd have to pay for passenger flights back to Earth and fly my own ships to Kellog, and repeat until they were all transferred. If would be better if there was a transfer service instead, wherein you paid an NPC ship ferry to haul your ships to another hangar. But even that seems terribly inconvenient (and expensive). Usually, I favour realism, but Star Citizen is a game, certain compromises need to be made for the sake of players' convenience, and most importantly: FUN! I think that "magic Hangars" should be one of those compromises, which the majority of players should appreciate and welcome. The way Hangars should work is that when a player reaches a planet or spaceport, they pay the local Hangar fee, and they'll have access to all of their ships. Simple. A player shouldn't need a runabout to go-between Hangars. And it wouldn't work anyway, because you'd have to leave the runabout behind when you picked up the ship you wanted to bring to the other Hangar. A rental runabout might make sense, so you can leave it behind and not worry about it -- or, as I mentioned, buying a ticket for a passenger flight. "Magic Hangars" might sound dubious, but they are the most convenient option. The instant a Player uses a "magic Hangar" to access their ships, thereby saving themselves the trouble of flying all the way back home, I don't think anyone will complain about "magic Hangars".
  23. This past weekend, CIG was gracious enough to invite The Black Widow Company to their LA offices. After an amazing day, we were given access to a few exclusives. And here's one of them; ) Exclusive Look at Star Citizen! Never-Before-Seen! PS Don't Skimp. Watch this baby in 1080
  24. Wingmans Hangar #20: Wingmans Hangar #19: Wingmans Hangar #18: Wingmans Hangar #17: Wingmans Hangar #16: Wingmans Hangar #15: Wingmans Hangar #14: Wingmans Hangar #13: Wingmans Hangar #12: Wingmans Hangar #11: Wingmans Hangar #10: Wingmans Hangar #09: Wingmans Hangar #08: Wingmans Hangar #07: Wingmans Hangar #06: Wingmans Hangar #05:
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