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Found 12 results

  1. As most of you are aware, I am working on a Fanfiction novel for Star Citizen. I need a number of people to post here to give me permission to use you in my Story. All I need is for you to post, something like"You can use me" or just write your forum/teamspeak name in a reply to this thread, and I'll get to work on adding you into my little novel. [ALSO, I need you to post weather, you are of the following] Combat [Aireal] Combat [infantry] Officer Exploration Trade/harvesting Medics/Engineers/Repairmen
  2. 1. A salty trickle of perspiration fell from along Marty's upper lip and into his mouth; he quickly wiped a forefinger across to rid the distaste. Mopping the rest away with a sleeve only to find the cause of the saltiness chafe against him, he glanced to the sand he knelt upon and noticed how a breeze began to coalesce it around him. "Yep..." He quipped to himself, thinking how the next three days could potentially be the most tedious he'd ever endured. Three, and his message for collection would have been received and executed. Now it was only a matter of who would turn up in that time. The canopy attached to his ejected pilot seat began to flap around. Reaching to the chair's top, satisfied that the system he tinkered with was transmitting as the box bleeped, he pushed himself up. Moments later, Special Agent Marty Bewn was back on his knees shovelling a shallow dugout, with a fine, deep blue suit jacket set to one side. ... For a long moment, anyone would be forgiven for thinking Marty Bewn had succumbed to the dry hot touch of dehydration and the afternoon sun; laid with eyes glazed within a shallow grave, under a respectful canopy. Until that is, when Bewn began making trumpeting sounds using his lips and tapping out a marching beat with his feet. Dotted around him was a small canister with a note inside; some scrap put together to form a face, with crossed-out eyes and thick straw-like grass for hair; the obvious husk of a small fire, with some less obvious tribal dance-move footprints imprinted around it, and the rocky formation of the letters: H, E, L and P placed somewhat ceremoniously. The marching rendition cut and Bewn leant around to immediately catch the distinctly human-made sand swirls billowing from an outcrop. He dipped his head briefly before checking himself and taking a controlling breath. Marty then drank the last of his water quickly, rose even more quickly, and began waving his arms left and right towards the incomers. A ship followed them overhead, coming to land a few hundred metres out, and in short time these unlikely rescuers were now disembarking from their own rides, pointing guns and noticeably speaking through transmitting headgear. Leaning over with his hands on his knees and exaggerating his breathing, the agent started his rescued enactment and was soon interrupted: "You are a strange looking state-of-the-art Origin," scoffed the shorter man of three ragtag, low-life scavengers that were suitably at home here in this system. "Huh, oh. See that's-" again Bewn was interrupted, which only made it easier for him. "Shot down by criminals lookin' to pilfer, yeah, yadda yadda? We don't usually come findin' people, least lively ones, right boys?" the short one grinned and spat. The rest followed with some approximation of their own, with one giving their weapon arm a flex. The short one moved his head back slightly and peered at Agent Bewn, and it was here he knew that his moment of lies in this pivotal moment of truth, was waiting to be told. "I...yeah pirates. Came out of nowhere almost and caught me in atmos. I must have panicked some, right, as I don't have a clue where I ended up... I'm so glad you're here...you, you are saving my-" "You yuppie fools, comin' 'ere to touch down on firma an' get a piece of the grime. Tourists, an' everyone just smiles at ya 'cause they know you gonna pay 'em to do some easy everyday shit like show you around or tell ya stories-" short stuff weaned his disgruntled speech and cocked his head away to listen into his COMM. He nodded in the direction of his ship and continued with saying, "Well, has it we got a ride for ya which I'm sure you can help...oblige? For our expenses, like." "Oh, oh sure I can pay whatever you need. Refuelling, time anything." He had them. They wouldn't care to ask many questions as long as credits were changing hands, and Agent Bewn would make certain to trickle in all the credits he would require. "Let's get you on back to the civil world then my friend," the short man smiled broadly with a hint of sincerity and a gesture stretching out towards the rides they had come in on. And upon Bewn collecting his deep blue jacket, scrambling to his duped rescuers and boarding a spare seating on their vessel, the short one had unclamped Bewn's bleeping box from the seating, stuffed it into a satchel compartment and lead the troupe to rumbled, whirr and throttle away. The journey took no more than a burn from the atmosphere and a quantum leap to a near region on the same terra firma. The ship made sounds that it shouldn't. As did the crew. Most of whom were within the ship's front, no doubt discussing their dastardly doing. One remained in the main section toting a rifle as they flashed glances Bewn's way. Bewn faked dehydration, sunstroke and relief. Although some of that was truth. A door opened and the short man strode through, "Gettin' ya landing in town presently. Couple a bars 'ere; thinking my crew could unwind, and you being all gratifying and such wouldn't mind buying a round. After the refuel." "It'll be my gratitude," he had to reel back any show of smugness he really had, which proved easy as the ship juddered to one side throwing Bewn off balance; the other two merely shuffled. The short one rubbed over an eye with all four fingers of his hand, waiting. The ship found the ground. It was darker this side of the planet; an approach of early sundown. Swirls continued to emanate out from the parked vessel's rear before Bewn understood that it came from one of the crew disembarking. Short stuff slapped him around the shoulder, "Kids...man's got kids back home," he clarified. Bewn hadn't need for an elaborate reply, "Oh, right...course, mans got-" "Get your sig on that and we can let this run why we sort ya a trip home." Agent Bewn slid his jacket's sleeve away and angled his mobiGlas to a refuelling panel's sensor, tapped a button and pressed a thumb into a display. Satisfied, the short man ambled away to a very mechanical lift that lowered to the dusty dirt street below. Cheeks had begun to redden; voices raised and beverages spilt. Far into the third round, Agent Bewn had been fleeced for fuel, alcohol and what his ravaged hosts affectionately called ticket money, for his return home. Bewn had played them square by square. "Really," Bewn blurted out towards his table in a slur, "it's obvious right..." He tapped a fist to his chest, faking the passing of wind. "These...pirates, knew exactly where I was and what it is that I been doing there why..." Either some of the group dismissed him entirely, or jeered at him. "...data running," Bewn winked, "job from Covalex...needed a regular guy, someone less suspicious..." "Or expendable," short stuff flung an arm across the table to quell his crew before continuing, "But we s'pose to believe they hired you?" "Needed a regular!" He blurted and slurred once more before sliding down in towards the table with a loud whisper, "Apparently they've been having many security thingies happening going on...kept the job local; pretty much came to me for help...knew my shipping schedule see...when I planned to head out of the system going." "And the data module now?" The short man asked. "Huh...?" "The d..a..t..a, where is it now?" "Oh, nobody getting that. Auto deletes without this," Bewn slid back the sleeve to his jacket, "...and my retina scan." Shorty pretended to loosen a little, taking time with a gulp of liquor, "They take it when they shot you down, or it's in the wreckage hidden...or what?" With his hand ran into his hair and a sorry look on his face, Bewn replied, "I'm a klutz. Left it behind, probably covered by a sand storm now...it got linked into the flight recorder...I left it behind...ah fuck it, right!" With that Agent Marty Bewn stood quickly upright, swayed, downed his drink, sat back with a thud, gave a look of blurry unintelligence and pretended to pass out over the table. Seconds passed where everyone looked to each other, with one pushing on Bewn's arm. With eyes fixed, the short man spoke to his people, "Get in contact with Cyrus and let him know we got some prices we be wanting to negotiate for shipping routes out of Stanton. Day just got very profitable." ... Despite theatrics, slipping into from the grace of respite, and being induced by injection, Agent Bewn came into consciousness tired as ever. He groaned, sat, and rubbed his eyes long enough to understand he was sitting on the short hard surface of a cramped ship's hold. "You're awake," came the vocals of the man piloting, as he spoke through the COMM. "Good. I'll give you three minutes to get yourself together and unlock the data on that cache." Bewn peered around his confines to see nothing more than himself and his baited bleeping box. Without adjourn he rose, collected it and flashed his mobiGlas across. Looking through the window of the only door that separated them, Bewn saw the pilot strike out a finger from behind his seat; it was clear he was monitoring from a screen at his dashboard and the door was secured. Bewn stretched slightly, rolled his head around his neck and blinked. Moving the box closer, a cable came to dangle over his hand; the device was readily connected to retrieve its spoils. Bewn put his eye to a sensor and the bleeping stopped. He then removed himself and waited. "Well, well. Mister compliant over there, eh? Guess you like things just as easy as I do..." The man trailed off, punched a button on the dashboard and began sliding blank view screens over and over, "Wha-. What the fuck is this?! There's nothing here...there's nothing here you little shit!" And with that he pushed back his seat and leaped up, opening the door immediately. Standing there for an angry moment before a frightful realisation that his draw on his sidearm was seconds too slow as Marty Bewn's concealed bionic opened up to reveal a stun of light and hurt. "You're awake," grinned the agent widely from the seat of the cockpit. The previous pilot found their feet and hands tied tightly to some cargo rigging together with Bewn's deep blue jacket. The agent continued, "I've had more than one neat trick on this operation, but this..." Bewn raised his biotic forearm, "...this is always the most fun by far." "Advocacy." The tied man spoke. "Special Agent Marty Bewn here to help cut you a deal, Cyrus. Been through your navigation recordings already; certainly more going on in that belt than just rocks." He placed his legs up to rest on some piping as the vessel snapped into quantum, "Things have been expanding rapidly and we needed a way in, although I thought perhaps the involvement of the Advocacy at Gundo may have spooked too much, it turns out coming in from this angle was more than adequate." Cyrus said nothing. Agent Bewn rested his head into his seating and let out a long breath, "Taking you in Cyrus." 2. 2945-10-08_07:34 SET TO: 05 FROM: 01 SUBJECT: 9T-RedSand ATTC: CASEFILE #ES8593-DHC 3 years ago this (attached) was wrapped up a tad hastily after it was merged with another case...among other things. I think there is a greater conviction to be had and I'm betting on the subject matter to be closer to a tie with who is heading up the influx of contraband being smuggled through Stanton. Anyway, this is not yet our concern but I want you to follow Agent Bewn closely, he single-handedly conceived and executed a mission that saw to the acquirement of information regarding a location to a large hub of undesirables. Almost originating from petty scavengers in Stanton if you didn't count the case file. Talented guy. Keep him on this. His confidence and slight moral skew makes him an ideal candidate for our future endeavours. 2945-10-08_08:03 SET TO: 01 FROM: 05 RE: 9T-RedSand I understand how valuable it is to have the right kind of badge getting the job done. I'll make arrangements for monitoring, and persuasion. There's the matter of Jose Silliani I'm still waiting on. 2945-10-08_14:59 SET TO: 05 FROM: 01 RE: 9T-RedSand Eliminate. Higher someone. 3. A morning had slipped unnoticeably away as its time was worked into shifting screens, pondering perspectives and evaluating evidence. With a read through a recent report from a local private investigator having left, at this point in time, nothing but loose ends, it was fitting to do some field investigation of their own. A wave and tap later and any information needed was sent to mobiGlas. Upon undressing a uniform and replacing it with a flight suit, an app was opened on a desk computer and a message was voiced noting of intent and departure, which upon completion was sent to both Selma Hoss, the managing director to where they'd been stationed these last weeks, and Sashi Michaels, the chief security officer for the shipping company, Covalex. Suited, they finalised the message: "Special Agent-in-Charge Samantha Harrington," and took water from a dispenser, before leaving. The terminals were a familiarly busy part of any large port, with a short wait being no exception to Samantha this time around, although one patron took light of the Advocacy insignia she wore and allowed her early access. In the bottom corner of the terminal's screen read: version 2.0.0; she wondered what updates may be in store for the future. Her ship called from storage in the usual manner, awaiting its pilot long before they would reach their departure zone. Stepping out from depressurisation with condensation dissipating from her helmet, Agent Harrington traversed the walkways behind the docking pads to arrive at her own. She circled around to view markings it had along a nacelle, before climbing inside, where she reviewed each cockpit display, twice. She paused with eyes falling onto nothing in particular for a moment before they refocused towards the only view of the port there was from this angle. "Advocacy you are clear for departure," voiced a politely casual, yet instructive flight controller through her helmet's audio. Understanding the necessity to move along, the agent placed energy into her upward thrust and pivoted the nose around for an easy exit, "Flight control, Advocacy vessel Harrington two-niner-four-bravo all okay, departing strut." The station fell far below. Samantha dipped her nose and peered at the smallness of the walkway exit she had emerged from minutes ago. Activating a function, she realigned and peered once more, this time out into the growing expanse of black beyond. Her HUD altered and a sound chimed; in the shortness thereafter she arrived at her destination. With her ship left quiet and stationary behind, Samantha floated passed debris and eased herself through a cramped opening to move inside the wreck of a disabled shipping hub. Flickers of warnings came from destroyed dark corners, but some passageways and workstations stayed sufficiently accessible. A handprint scanner denied access to an employee quarter; Samantha leant her fingertips to the door and eyed around its edges. Turning away, she activated luminosity from her helm and pushed off to shed light into the darkness of a corridor and the approaching shaft of an open elevator. The agent's mobiGlas pulsed colour into rooms and sounded various tones. Each room's deposition was translated and its indications explored; no bodies remained since an initial removal of the deceased had occurred from the premises; no dubious signatures of foreign materials uncovered; no signs of missing evidence from previously depicted records surfaced. An hour of investigation turned up nothing noteworthy. Samantha gave her mobiGlas a wide swipe, where its projected blue screens zipped off and a red indicator showed in their stead. She floated motionless, quietly, with her eyes narrow. Thereafter, any single object that wasn't firmly in place to floor, ceiling or wall, Samantha systematically examined, rotated and set aside. Room by room, corridor by corridor, shaft by shaft...and then something: a green glow from a hand-sized tablet prised away from behind a simple racking. She had discovered a data pad. Missed from initial inspection and belonging to, as standard to all personnel present here before the incident, an employee of Covalex. Agent Harrington triggered the pad and ran a program of authenticity from her mobiGlas. Seconds later security on the pad had been lifted, making the data accessible to her. What she found within its recordings caused Samantha's visor to mist briefly as she breathed a small smile out onto her face. ... Samantha sat upon the seating of one of the port's lounges and closed an image from her mobiGlas of her young daughter, as she blew out candles on a cake for a birthday wish. Moving a lock of hair behind her ear, she then cupped her hands together within her lap and looked upwards in time to meet the beholden eyes and pursed smile of a woman coming to greet her. Sam stood and reached out, "First let me tell you how deeply sorry I am."
  3. CONTENT WARNING: This writing contains the following; Violence Blood/Gore Strong Language Drug Use/Reference Chapter 0 (Prologue) https://docs.google.com/document/d/1d2kwlH63rZM3UW1MJTHkqZzh1XvlNkb_hZ4BjhgKv8o/edit?usp=sharing Chapter 1 (First Wave) https://docs.google.com/document/d/1U9yktvWnETDry02cOTpnM3al_XVd91pDGE9rb7-5JSI/edit?usp=sharing Chapter 2 (Draft) https://docs.google.com/document/d/1iDz7qLlh5q_XOo5y1wT8bYnXcyVr2UuQu5wDGckFh0g/edit?usp=sharing Chapter 3 Training/Preparation https://docs.google.com/document/d/1BxX6rocmo_qXijqN5rxLTjk-6766ijDoGyJ0oIZVnqk/edit?usp=sharing Chapter 4 (New Hostile) https://docs.google.com/document/d/1RoFRBgJ-8QBOf5TYGISjGdhf3eVXnTnB5CJo3nIsA-s/edit?usp=sharing
  4. Hey all, Another week another episode of Virgil !!!Spread the word and follow us on facebook and twitter!!https://twitter.com/CrewVirgilhttps://www.facebook.com/TheVirgilCrew/
  5. https://www.reddit.com/r/starcitizen/comments/433nmb/original_systems_announces_star_marine_delay/ So as i'm sure many of you are aware, star marine is still being worked on and will eventually release when all the mechanics come online and can be tested(Refer to the most recent 10ftc found here). Seems one backer took the time to make an "Official Annoucement" from Original Systems, the in game "developer" of both Arena Commander and Star Marine, addressing the recent delay and concerns of their next anticipated title. Make sure you guys upvote the OP and give him your support on reddit. I got a good laugh with some of the digs he threw in there relating to he who shall not be named. **Disclaimer** Please refrain from derailing this topic about you know who...
  6. This is the first chapter in my backstory for my secondary PU character. I decided to do the secondary character over my primary because I do not know what i wish to write yet. I will try and add the second chapter by January. Please do not feel shy about criticism, grammar, sentence construction and especially lore, please give me any feedback you can. Thanks, and enjoy. Chapter 1:
  7. https://forums.robertsspaceindustries.com/discussion/213373/the-xplorer-magazine take a look, if you have comments please share!
  8. So I had a dream last night that a group of us were getting ready to attack a space station (freshly added to SC). ... There was a small group on the mars and we wanted to take them by surprise. We went in with low emissions in order to get close unseen. Then, when the call from our employers was made, we immediately starting attacking the power cells at the bottom of the station. The first thing I couldn't help but notice was how well the paneling was falling apart. It looked as if the station had not been prepared. And, with this much fire power, the conduit running up the station was coming off it dozens of pieces and creating a huge amount electromagnetic interference. Once the power systems down, we went in to attack the hull around it. With every shot, tons of metal was falling off. Even the windows shattered, creating a vacuum that was killing those on-board. By the time everything was done, all that was left was a husk. Those who were on the base were not able to escape since, by luck, the backup generators to open the hanger doors were damaged. I still didn't know why we wanted to attack the station with such ferocity, but orders were orders. Right before warping, I spotted a few crates drifting in the distance, so I activated the tractor beam in my cutlass and brought them in. But, the contents were worse than anything imaginable. Inside, were a group of cryogenically frozen kids, who from the rips and shags on their clothes, had never stood a chance. Was this the reason why we had attacked this starbase? Were they bad people after all? Or was this just a coincidence? Either way, what we had done was done. Because technology had progressed to the point it had, freezing people for stasis wasn't unheard, but was uncommon. Knowing this, we gathered all the crates we could find to take back, even though, after communicating with command, orders were to leave them. When we arrived at home, we brought all of the crates inside with us and began the thawing process. There were many creatures in the crates, along with other humans. The most astounding of them was a small dog (we named him Dog in jest) who eventually became our most valuable boarding partner in the years to come. We kept everything a secret from our employers. If they would have found out, it could have been the end of us as it had been for the people on the station. But, if I had known what horrors were to come in the future from this, I most certainly would have left the station be and found a new job. Unknowingly, we had, in our ignorance, released something so deadly that the fact I am writing this now, after being in a coma for 3 years, is amazing. The reason I write is in hope that one day people will investigate orders before doing them and ask for details. If we had, then all of my friends might still be alive. ... Sincerely, Zeb U'lon
  9. Before I get into the story, I want to list the cast I have selected to put into my novel. For those who are included in this novel. I hope you enjoy your parts. And as a whole of those reading this, Hope you Enjoy! *Included with this post will be a RTF file for anyone who wants to download the Chapter 1. Cast: SnowOwl [Paragraph 1, 3] Lakota [Paragraph 1, 2] Dannredda [Paragraph 1, 2, 5] Realm [Paragraph 3] Reaven [Paragraph 3] Radorid [Paragraph 3] NanoPoly [Paragraph 3] IceMirror [Paragraph 4] Kenpachi [Paragraph 4] Starfox [Paragraph 4] Telkar [Paragraph 4] Gallitin [Paragraph 5] [CHAPTER 1] Coasting through the Echo system, the Idris Frigate, FirstFall heads towards the planet Kuma. All were at ease inside this small frigate, unexpecting of the vicious, harmful entities that await them. From within the ground team spawning room, SnowOwl, spawns, lying down on one of the beds, face up. The newly registered personnel, then goes to the mirror in the bathroom to take a look at himself, and wash his face. “So... First day... This is going to be one hell of a trip”, the new recruit grunted to himself. After washing his face, SnowOwl, opened the door to venture outside the confines of the spawning room. As the door slid open to the right, light poured into the room, illuminating the the newly spawned member of the FirstFall. Upon entering the halls before him, SnowOwl, noticed two people carrying tablets, presumably officers, due to their attire. SnowOwl, took the opportunity to ask these gentlemen for direction, in where to go. “Hello... Sirs, My name is SnowOwl, I’m here under the 24th Pathfinders Unit. Can you give me some insight on where I need to go, and my squad I am assigned to?” The two officers turned their heads to look at each other. They stared at each other for a few seconds before the officer on the left broke eye contact and muttered “Alright, I’ll show him”, as he turned his head downwards to face his tablet. “Alright SnowOwl”, the officer continued. “We have you assigned to echo squad, with recon. You’ll be needed in the hanger for departure when we arrive into orbit of our objective. Your squad ...” The Officer paused as he searched the fleet personnel tracers through his tablet, then finished “Ah yes, your current unit is mostly located inside Lounge room 4, rear Cafeteria 2, that is currently one deck above us, and the stair case is right there behind us.”as he pointed behind him to his right, which was my left. “Ah, thank you, I’ll be on my way”, SnowOwl, greatfully replied, then ventured towards the staircase, past the officers. As SnowOwl, climbs the stairs to the floor above him, the two officers continue on their way down the hall. “So... We are going to be the first of the Imperium Fleet to not only venture onto a new planet without, support, but also stationed on a planet, outside any system we have reserves on.” One officer complained to the other. “Lakota...” The other Officer responded, “We not only here alone from our reserved fleets, and ground teams. We’re the first unit of any organization to enter this new territory. For now this space, is all our.” “Really, Danredda, and tell me how long before we will see unregistered signals appear on radar?” The first officer questioned. “We have nothing to fear my boy, the amount of resources needed to get this far in space, can only be met with the cooperation of no less than a fleet. Any bandit squadrons, or lone-wolves will never make it to us”. The Second Officer reassured.”There may be something more we may need to be concerned with”, Lakota replied. He stood still for a few seconds, long enough to make, Danredda stop, and face him, then Lakota shook his head, back and forth, then turned to face Dammredda. “I hope you’re right about this” Lakota sighed. Danredda chuckled and threw his arm over Lakota’s shoulder then using his second arm to point into the distance of the halls. “Whatever troubles greet us, we’ll face them head on.” He assure Lakota. Danredda retracted his arm and made a gesture to Lakota to continue. As the two officers continued down the hall, towards the officer briefing room, Danredda mentions “We’re going to have one last meeting before we reach orbit of our objective. From our earlier conversation I can tell, you want in on this”. “Of course” Lakota replies. “I want to go over our landing procedures, perimeter defenses, and awareness of the Area of Operation.” “Well Lakota...”, while Danredda opens the door to the officers meeting room, “You’re in luck, meeting is in five minutes. I’m paging the other officers to come over now.” As Lakota sits himself down in one of the leather chairs that outlined the meeting table, Danredda picks up the phone from the wall opposite of the entrance, and begins to dial the numbers for the other officers. Meanwhile, in the floor above the officers, Revan, Radorid, Realm, and NanoPoly, were scattered about the room, some relaxing on the couch, facing the plasma screen television, casually drinking from bottles of Aurora Light. Revan and Radorid were seated at a table, opposite wall of the couch, with their heads hunched towards their laptops, as they browsed the Internet. All is at ease in Lounge Room 4. “Well then...” Revan softly spoke to himself. Radorid raised his head to face Revan, and asked “Well... What?”. This snatched the attention of Revan. As he raised his head to face Radorid, he answered, “Taking a look at this blog. Apparently, the cost of all transportation, weapons, and utility equipment has tripled, since 4:00 AM this morning.” Radorid, leaned back in his chair and and exhaled, “Damn, well ain't our economy going to shit”, Radorid chuckled. “Can’t be that bad, we’re currently fully stocked, aren’t we?” NanoPoly questioned. Realm, who sat on the couch aside NanoPoly, laughed and exclaimed, “Revan, why don’t you have a drink with us, grab a bottle of Aurora Light.” as he held out his arm pointing to the lounge refrigerator. “Shit... Maybe man... Maybe”, Revan replied. “Hey, we got any liquor?” Radorid asked. “Yeah, check the fridge.” Realm responded. As Radorid lifts himself from the chair to standing position, he notices the lounge door opening. Coming through that door, was SnowOwl. “SnowOwl, how’re you doing buddy?” Radorid greeted. SnowOwl rasied his head to face Radorid and replied “Doing fine man, glad to join the party.” SnowOwl took a look around the room, and noticed the fridge, on the opposite side of the couch. “What kind of drinks do we have?” SnowOwl asked. “take a look in the fridge, and tell me what you see.” Radorid answered. As SnowOwl opened the fridge door, he noticed there were various alcoholic beverages, and soft beverages. Thumbling through the beverages SnoOwl, comes across a bottle he did not recognize. “Grab an Aurora Light!” Realm suggested. “Hey, what’s this?” SnowOwl pondered, as he lifted up a bottle of Echo Spirits. “So what’s this?” SnowOwl, asked the others in the room. “That right there, that’s some Echo Spirits. We got that back in Charlie system, it’s a new liquor, designed to be made the official drink for this system.” Radorid answered. “Hell, mind if I give this a shot?” SnowOwl requested. “Go for it, pass me one too.” Radorid answered. SnowOwl, passed Radorid a bottle of Echo Spirits, and grabbed one for himself, then headed over to the couch with NanoPoly, and Realm. Radorid, after receiving the bottle of liquor, sat down with the other three squad mates on the couch, joining them in watching the television. Revan turned to face the fleet members on the couch and asked “So what're you guys watching?”. NanoPoly, after taking a sip from his bottle, answered “U.E.E. News, they're going on about the new Echo System.” “Yeah, they’re going off on how no one has yet to make it to this system. They're expecting fleets will be able to venture out onto this , in about two to three weeks.” Realm added. Laughter broke out between the squad mates. “This oughta be good.” Revan chuckled. He then rose from his seat, to grab a bottle of Aurora Light, and sat down on the couch with the squad. Sitting on the couch, the squad mates continued to watch the news, laughing at every time, the reporters mention, that the first expected fleet to enter the Echo System, was to be expected in two to three weeks, while sipping on their beverages of choice. NanoPoly, reached over the couch to grab a pack a cigars, which were on a small table next to the couch, and pulled out a cigar. “SnowOwl, you ever hear of Foreign Solstice?” NanoPoly, inviting SnowOwl, to try one of these cigars. “No, I have not.” SnowOwl replied, “May I try one?” . NanoPoly handed SnowOwl the cigar and pulled out a second for himself. Lucky for SnowOwl and NanoPoly, they were seated next to each other on the couch, and could easily share an ashtray between them. Moments later, the intercom went off, announcing that we were expected to enter orbit over the planet Kuma, within the next hour. Near the front of the Idris Frigate, FirstFall, was the hangar, in which the smaller spacecraft would launch from. Icemirror, and Kenpachi were walking down the hangar to check on the spacecraft. From within this hangar lies, three ships, out of these three ships, one is different from the others. The two spacecraft nearing the front of the hangar were, Hornets, designated for Close Air Support (C.A.S.) and aerial superiority. The closest spacecraft to the two personnel was the Cutlass. This spacecraft would be responsible for transportation of ground team personnel. As Icemirror and Kenpachi continued towards the spacecraft, a conversation arose between them. “Can't believe we're going to be the first to make landfall on Kuma.” Kenpachi sighed. Icemirror turned his head to face Kenpachi, as they were still continuing down the line of three spacecraft. “All the glory for us, eh?” Icemirror replied. The two chuckled together. Icemirror turned to face the Cutlass, and then turned his head back to Kenpachi. “So you want Primary Pilot’s seat, or secondary?” Icemirror asked. Kenpachi grinned, and responded, “You can have primary. I'll take Co-Pilot.”. As the two pilots gazed on to the Cutlass, StarFox, and Tarkel entered through the rear entrance of the hangar. As these two, approached the Cutlass pilots, they carried a grin from ear to ear. Kenpachi, hearing footsteps from behind, turned his head to glance at the people coming towards him and Icemirror. With a swift and incognito arm bump, he quietly announces, “Hey look, the furrys are coming.” Telkar, flickered his right ear, and shouted, “I can hear you from here, asshole!”. “Damn, he’s got good hearing, what was that, 50 meters away, and he still heard us? Icemirror mentions. Finally reaching Kenpachi and Icemirror, still carrying a grin from ear to ear, Telkar, and StarFox, extended their arms, to give a handshake to the two Cutlass pilots. “So, you're the Hornet pilots, I presume.” Kenpachi asks, as he shakes hands with Telkar. “You know it”, Telkar answers. “You guys comfortable with us furrys keeping the skies clear?” StarFox chuckled. “Hell, we'd be prey without you. We're glad you came.” Icemirror replied. “Glad to be of service, Telkar said, as he tilted his head downwards, and raised it up again, in a nodding gesture. Icemirror turned his head to face the three spacecraft in the hangar, and then turned his head to face the Hornet pilots once again, to mention “Well, we're due for deployment in the next seven minutes.” StarFox then turned his head towards Telkar, and suggests “We oughta use this time to check our systems, make sure everything is working.” “Indeed” Telkar replies. The two Hornet pilots set out to board their respective Hornets. As the two Hornet pilots approached their respective crafts, a short conversation brewed among them. “You take a look at the faces of those guys? They're totally jealous.” StarFox boasts, as he turns his head to face Telkar. “We've got the template of a human’s body, the skin and head of a fox. And I'll tell you what buddy. We're all soul.” Telkar exclaims. The two Hornet pilots gave each other a high five and laughed together, shortly before separating to board their respective Hornets. From within the Meeting Room, the Officer’s Meeting was drawing to a close. Upon the wall perpendicular to the door, coming from a hologram projector on the meeting table, was a projection of Commander Gallitin. “This will conclude our safety protocols and landing procedures, Gallitin announced. “Any Questions?”. The officers in the room looked at each other, and did not mention a single word. “Very well then. Upon this expedition, I want to remind you that, this expedition will not just impact you, but will impact all of Imperium. You are the ones who are carrying the torch for Imperium. ” Gallitin concluded. The hologram then faded to transparency, which concluded the Officer’s Meeting. Danredda rose from his seat to move towards where the projection of Gallitin was, Raising his head to face all of the officers, he announced, “We have finally reached orbit of Kuma. We leave at once.” Following this announcement, the remaining officers lifted themselves from their leather chairs to exit the room. SC Novel Chapter 1.rtf
  10. The warm air rushing out of the vents behind my neck was soothing, it reminded me of my honey moon in the Bahamas. Simply lying on a sun lounger in the shade as the warm air flowed around me gently, makes me laugh sometimes. The things I think about out here, I opened my eyes and the black vinyet slowly faded around my vision as the light from a nearby nebula glared in the corner of my eyes. The recon team had been some time, this was suppose to be a simple scouting mission with us waiting close by as back up as needed. Only problem is these recon pilots sometimes can take twice as long to get something done and they never use there radios unless someone addresses them directly. I know 'Don't speak unless spoken to' that bullshit sticks when you're in the academy but out here there is no where you can do push ups so no one really cares about radio chatter. "So when were these guys due back? Its been nearly 6 hours, and im running low on protein bars" Markus enquired. "I know this mission was meant to only take 3 hours, and im running low as well" Lucas added. "Perhaps you two should stop eating as much? I still have all but one of mine" I replied. "Need i remind you all that we should be remaining in radio silence! They will be done soon be patient, and stop eating!" Our squadron leader barked. No one really cared about radio chatter, but our squadron leader of course. This guy hadnt been with us long so none of us really felt to inclined to follow his orders but we know the penalties and we would rather not be ground crew for 6 months, poor bastards i guess someone has to do it. Hours passed with nothing but some clouds of gas and dust giving our ships shields a battering, but nothing they couldn't deflect. A voice suddenly crackled through our radios, it was faint and bearly audible, even when my communicator was turned to maximum. "Lucas try and clean up the signal" requested our squad leader. Being our communications officer it was Lucas's job to link us with anyone more than a parsec away and to distribute any long range chatter we needed to hear. All our ships we fitted with the latest combat comm sets, but they were only short range communicators, probable range was a light year at best. Lucas's ship was fitted with something that had quite a bit more juice, only downside was that it was expensive and it use a lot of core power so in terms of performance Lucas's ship was at a vast disadvantage to ours. Of course if they were cheaper we would all have one but then we would all be at a disadvantage unless ProtoTech devised a new engine, but they haven't released any information about what they have been up to in years. The voice crackled through the radio again quite considerably clearer this time. "Ayday, Mayda.., th..s is the fla..hip Gal..day, met..r shower shr..ed our ..ull, dr...ting...." "Connection lost, sir" "Good work Lucas trace where the signal came from, we're going to assist however we can" "Right away sir, linking the location to your nav system now" "Alright ladies lets go help these guys out. Follow my lead, Lucas call the fleet and let them know the details hopefully they will lend a hand as well, Zeke try and get hold of the recon team and let them know as well" "Doing it now" Lucas assured. "Yes sir" I responded promptly. "Sure, why not, im bored shitless here anyway" Markus mumbled. At that the squad leader fired up his engines and darted off in the direction of the distress, quickly followed by Markus, Lucas and then me. I tuned my transmitter to the recon teams frequency and began to call. "Lima Charlie Foxtrot, Lima Charlie Foxtrot, this is Lima Charlie Tango, we are responding to a distress call. We will still be in radio contact if you need assistance, I am sending you the location if you want to reroute to give assistance, Lima Charlie Tango out." Time always seemed to move so slowly out here whenever there was a tense situation, more so than what it would do back on earth anyway. We glided through open space with our heads on a swivel in almost complete silence just hoping to locate the cripples ship. Every so often the silence would be broken by our squad leader saying something like: "They are here somewhere..." or "Keep it up lads, we'll find um'". I know he was only trying to spur us all on but it made me jump a few times, especially after long periods of silence. Specks of dust, gas clouds, gamma exhaust lines, small lumps of rock. There was nothing here. No trace of the ship that the mayday originated from. A strong and power assuming voiced suddenly beamed through the radio "Lima Charlie Tango, Lima Charlie Tango, this is Overlord Omega. Hold your position do not attempt a rescue of Flagship Galaiday. Hold position and awake further orders... We have already mounted a successful rescue of survivors, acknowledge, over" Our squad throttled down our engines to allow the inertia dampeners to fire the retro thrusters to slow us to a gentle halt. As we slowed Lucas began to respond "Overlord Omega, Lima Charlie Tango, acknowledged, is there anything we can assist with?, over" "Negative! Hold your position! Await further orders! Overlord Omega out" "Well they were a bundle of fun" I joked. "They had already given us orders, yet you still asked Lucas, your own fault they yelled" Markus chuckled to himself. "I just wanted to help" sighed Lucas. "I know you did kid, so did i but orders are orders, especially when they are given with an aggressive tone" the squad leader assured. "Well back to sitting, doing nothing but wait for these damn recon pricks" Markus complained. A few moments went by as we got back into just waiting again, only this time there was something that was making me feel uneasy. I couldn't quite put my finger on it. It somehow felt too quiet, yes I know 'No one can hear you scream in space' but you get the feel of the sounds and right now it was very different.
  11. ---- Reposting my short story here as requested by Gallitin ---- “So what now?” He asked fiddling with the cuffs on his arm. He was answered with silence as it was with the whole trip back to the police offices, guess that’s what happens when you spill your drink on someone powerful. The hover was rather rundown, like an old model about to be decommissioned. The rattling of the cage separating the agent with him was getting annoying. “Do you mind at least playing some music? It’s too quiet in here and you’re a horrible host.” This seemed to be going nowhere, that’s when he noticed the drivers face, something was covering it, that’s awfully strange for an agent to do. His vision started to blur as an extreme need for sleep seemed to be forced upon his body. A cold rush hit him as the bruise started to form from him being rudely awakened. “Ronald?” a strange deep voice asked. “35, 6’2”, 168 lbs, and no next of kin or family.” The voice continued as Ronald struggled to focus on what was going on. “Say’s here your jobless, how did you happen to get into the party?” “I had a lady friend bring me, I am a little spoiled.” He said trying to see the face beyond the light. “Says here you entered alone, and you bribed a waitress to let you in the back?” Dam, how long have they been watching, “Well she dropped me off, and took my ticket.” As he smiled a large fist met his face causing him to start bleeding. “What were you doing at the party Mr. Ronald?” the voice asked. “Well I am always fond of wealthy women.” He smiled again chuckling a little as the familiar crush hit him again. “Mr. Ronald please keep in mind you are on some serious fines, not to mention if anything of value comes up missing we will find it in your belongings and you will face the full extent of the law.” “I was there to meet my friend, she forgot my ticket, are we done? I got a brunch to go to?” he said with another grin struggling to keep his left eye open. The man in the shadows leaned forward. ”You will tell me what you were doing at that party. Put him in isolation well see if he’s more cooperative in the morning.” The familiar fist was the one that put him to sleep for the night, as always his dreams were more fanciful than he cared, but it was worth it. After a few hours the cold dusty floor started to wake him. ”Looks like they don’t search as thoroughly as they used too.” He said pulling a sliver of metal from the sole of his boot, he picked the locks on his cuffs and let his hands rest, it was close to four in the morning by his estimation. He exercised while he had the quiet time and thought upon his next move, but what he really needed were names. “Good morning Mr. Ronald, “ Said the familiar voice behind the door. “I’m ready for that talk to be over, you just have to chose your outcome, how about you?” “Does it matter? Oh hey, when can I get that phone call so I can call my honey to bail me out?” he said out of breath from his exercises. There was silence as the door was opened. “Look I don’t want to be the bad guy here, I’m just doing my job. Now why don’t you help me out and just tell me what you were doing at the party? If you tell me we can work on your bail fees.” “So who are you again?” Ronald asked with a confused look. “Agent Klarson, I am the advocate on your case. Now again, what were you doing at that party, and why did you have this little jewel on you?” he asked holding up the little pistol. “Haaah, Oh you mean that!! That’s not mine.” He went from extremely joking to completely serious as the gun swung back and forth in front of him. “Don’t be so sure, you bought it last month, it even has your ID code in the palm. You’re the only one that can fire it. Now what was your plan? Are you an assassin?” Klarson grew tired with his games, and started to become aggrevated. “So Mr. Klarson, right, do I get that phone call yet?” He asked as sternly as possible. “As you are fully aware it’s not entirely illegal to own a firearm.” "I thought it wasn't yours?" Klarson added. "Well you know how it goes, beaten in the face makes you forget some things. And what was that about a bail fee? Besides you and I both know you can't hold me for an uncharged weapon besides I know your trying to scare me for spilling a drink on that man. Why else would an advocacy agent be brought in for a drunk and disorderly." "Well your right, as the weapon wasn't charged we cant do much about it. But think of what the senator would do if he found out you had a weapon at his party. those were civilized people." "You mean I am not civilized." Ronald smirked straitening his back to put the cuffs back on. "Well let me put it this way, if you tell me why you were there, then we can be done with this, and I won't have to put you behind bars for an attempted assassination of a senator." Klarson smirked. "Ok your right, I was just a drunk who bought my way into the party for the free booze. Now can I please have my call?" he stared into Klarson. He stood, slowly clicking the cuffs back on as he shuffled his feet and skid the old bed around. They led him to the phone booth, where he was given enough privacy to move around. “Echo, Charlie, 5, 8, 3, Ronald, Check.” Ronald spoke as the com came online. “Reference code connected…. tracing location… scrambling... Connected.” The com spoke as it connected. “Looks like this ones a bottom line too. Klarson, Forbes, Terry, and Jones. Forceful interrogation without rights, drugged and isolation, Intervention needed. Discharge escape, over.” He spoke with as little motion as possible, then looked outside the door as the com went dead and smiled. The dead pistol activated sending out a loud screeching noise that brought the agents to their knees. Ronald slipped his cuffs exited the com room and walked out the door. A message appeared on all employee screens, Com active... -- Intervention active -- Emergency broadcast to all innocent personnel --Please exit the building, this is not a drill --End. The news played on the screen in the background. “Shortly after the fire crews arrived it was reported the cause of the explosion was a dirty bomb of mixed Xi’an technology and hidden inside the body of a Ronald Anderson whos remains have yet to be fully located in the disaster. Four advocacy agents died in the explosion after attempting to apprehend the subject who fled into the com unit.” Continued the news reporter as the volume was muted. Ronald now staring at the cheap motel mirror peeled off the synth skin mask and let it dissolve in the water, He scrubbed his hands with a scratch pad removing the finger and palm layer. Drying off he grabbed the cred deposit and lounged back on the bed. “Just another day’s work.” He said drifting to sleep.
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