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Found 1 result

  1. Though many have heard the voice of the Emperor's loyal Adeptus Astartes, I now give purpose to that voice. The Black Templars Crusade fleet led by Marshal Afghanicus has been charged with purging the Xeno threat from Imperium space, all heretics and traitors will also be purged; none shall stand in the face of the Emperors righteous fury, his divine justice, his Black Templars. We are coming... Our Vows: 1. Suffer Not the Unclean to Live Those who fashion themselves pirates and live off the blood of the Imperium are Choas tainted filth, and shall be purged. 2. Uphold the Honour of the Emperor Before his enshrinement within the Golden Throne of Terra, Chris Roberts was a mortal, no longer... by his will alone the forces of choas and our universe are held together. In his name we serve. 3. Abhor the Witch. Destroy the Witch All Xeno's must be destroyed. 4.Accept Any Challenge, No Matter the Odds Whether it be between our Champion and a Challenger, or at the call of the Imperium, Victory or Death we see His divine will done. The Crusade Fleet is led by Marshal Afghanicus onboard the Eternal Crusader, while Castellan Bocephus leads assualts from the Divine Retribution. Emperors Champion Boagruis stands ready to answer any challenge with Powerfist, Bolter, His Hornet Chapter's Sword, or his Constellation Emperor's Wrath. The Chapters honours and exploits are documented by Chaplain Mekon who also routes out the taint of Choas. Below us are numerous loyal Black Tempars from our newly proven Initiates to our veteran Sword Brethren. All have numerous ships to ensure that at any time we may answer his call. Though we do not accept requests to join, those who prove themselves may be honoured with an offer of Initiate status, all others will begin as Neophytes serving on Templar ships until the sponsoring Initiate petitions to see them inducted into our ranks. For those who hear our battle cry "No Pity! No Remorse! No Fear!" the Emperor has deemed you beyond redemption and his loyal Black Templars come for you. "Trust in the Emperor at the hour of battle. Trust to him to intercede, and protect his warriors true as they deal death on alien soil. Turn their seas to red with the blood of their slain. Crush their hopes, their dreams. And turn their songs into cries of lamentation." - "Uphold the honour of the Emperor", vow of the Black Templars
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