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Found 6 results

  1. Anyone playing Anthem? The action is pretty nice and they nailed the flying Mech part. The story, forced silly conversations and characters pretty much suck (man Bioware has really gone downhill over the last few years 😥 ). I'm reapoman in game in case anyone wants to join up.
  2. So....what is it? I'm guessing Arena Commander and Star Trooper will be ROM's? So this is where passes will go? Edit: Gerald figured it out its for the new REC.
  3. In the most recent Nikki and Ben discuss that EA still holds the rights to the IP Wing Commander, and suggest that someone start a petition. I agree. This could be distributed here and on reddit and the RSI forums and maybe, just maybe, we will be able to play Wing Commander in our SimPods while enroute across the 'verse. Anyone here feel like taking this on? http://www.thepetitionsite.com/create-a-petition.html
  4. So EA got elected worst company of America (again!). I know there are companys out there who do worse things, but EA is a specialist when it comes to screwing their customers. On the bright side, EA has some decent games on their list and more are coming, as we all know after having seen the E3 line-up, but mainly because they have enough money. Sadly EA proves that they magically goof some really good games. The latest worst case scenario and still a huge construction area, that will never finish, the once so great "Sim City" I was eagerly awaiting a new part of this series and was really excited as they finally announced it. The trailers looked very good, the "beta" was nice to play. Even though one could only play for one hour straight and then had to start a new game. Thinking back it was more a demo, than a real beta. Maybe they should have done a real beta with lots of player feedback and stress testing, because we all know or should know what desaster the Sim CIty launch was, how many bugs it still had and has. So 16 weeks have passed since the initial release. The game reached recently version 5.0 and has been patched 15 times in total. Patch 6.0 is currently in development. Still there is one major problem and I don't mean the size to build a city. It is the traffic and this brings me to the point why I take my time to write this and make you sensible if you should blindly buy EA games in the future or not. So what mistake EA did this time. It wasn't another lie, why this game has to be always on, not a broken promise, like they won't mess up another launch and not even a rip-off DLC. Well in fact, the cause is a DLC, but it's not the price. We are used to that. Words do in fact have power and like Microsoft struggling with presenting the new XBox, EA struggles with a few words, that might have a big impact. So as I said, Sim City has a problem with its traffic management. Several patches tried to fix this, but only delayed it during the growth of your city. So it's now fine with 10, maybe 50 thousand citizens but 100k and more and you have a permanent rush hour. So they released a new DLC "The Airship Set" with an insane amount of two Airships, two new parks and an Event Blimp for only 8.99$ respectively 8.99€, nice gesture to transfer 1:1 in times of digital distribution. The description for this pack starts with the following: So instead of fixing the traffic problem, they release a DLC and the first sentence is like a punch in your face. For me this is it. I'm done. I'm a patient and nice person, but after the disaster called SIm City, I'm really fed up. I'm somehow sad, thinking of it, it's more like a tragedy, but it won't end. On the on hand they make good games, on the other there's always a bland aftertaste. I won't say I will never ever buy a EA game again. I love gaming and there's more behind the price tag, a team that loves gaming as much as we do and believe in their product. Nevertheless I will think carefully, if I buy another game of EA or not and certainly I won't blindly pre-order.
  5. Hey! For some time now I see myself unable to buy certian games. Either they are buggy as hell or have copy protection that I can't accept as necessary. Games like Battlefield 3, Mass Effect 3 or Sim City showed me the "dark side" of the gaming industry. Recently I found a video that, more or less, sums up why I think these companies can suck my ba**s. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XZxXEidtxHk Enjoy!
  6. Because I think that this action was awesome I make a thread for RedRum from the kickstarter comments who posted this picture he made: RSI is pleased:
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