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Found 2 results

  1. More about the MISC Endeavor was just revealed by Ben today in Batgirl's interview (see 19:30m into vid): ^^^ So this Video reveal now changes Chris Robert's Official Description when it was revealed (see quote below) MISC Endeavor-class Research Platform: The MISC Endeavor is the company’s most prestigious ship: a dedicated research platform capable of carrying a dozen different space science packages, running the gamut from advanced long-range scanners for jump point identification to additional shielding for near-stellar corona research. Externally, the Endeavor is dotted with sensor hardpoints; internally, the main compartment is centered on a large research laboratory which can be configured for use by a wide range of scientific disciplines. The Endeavor’s main compartment is modular, allowing an alternate configuration as a Hope-class floating hospital. This variant is employed by the UEE and other organizations as battlefield support, capable of getting marines and pilots back to the battle as quickly as possible! When outfitted as a hospital, the Endeavor’s docking bay is capable of maintaining a single Cutlass Red ambulance. The Endeavor has also found its way into the service of less reputable organizations, where it can has been modified for everything from narcotics production to black market surgery. ============ Based on the fact that we do know that the MISC Endeavor will only now be a Science Ship (with the Hospital Ship being a completely different ship) and the fact that the concept art for the MISC Endeavor will be will be inspired by the Discovery in the movie 2001: A Space Odyssey (also revealed by Ben in a RTV) = Please vote for what you expect the price will be for its upcoming concept sale. Also cast your vote on the Sister Thread in the RSI Forums (for greater sampling) plus also post your ideas for the upcoming sale (should be Soon TM but no definitive date) +++++++ See 1.40m into this video below.....
  2. It was hinted at that there maybe more than one Concept ship Sale on November 28th (likely the Carrack and maybe the Javelin). Please VOTE for what you think CIG should price each Concept Sale at (Civilian Javelin on this thread)... and Carrack on this link below: [POLL] How much should the Anvil Carrack cost compared to the RSI Aquila? Also vote on Sister thread on the RSI Forums for greater sampling: [POLL] Civilian Javelin Destroyer - What should be the Concept Sale Price ? ++++ VOTE also what do you think the MAX Crew should be and if the Javelin should be able to securely dock (or be parked) at a Player Hangar + should the Javelin be flyable solo with player hired NPCs as crew. As reference the Idris-M ($1,000) and Idris-P ($1,250) with a Max Crew of 10 and confirmed that it can be securely dock (or be parked) at a Player Hangar + the Idris is flyable solo with player hired NPCs as crew. ================ The "Civilian" (player owned) Javelin Destroyer was revealed by Sandi in Around the Verse Episode 21 at 4:20m and twice by Ben in: See Notes in Link above + NOTE that the recorded version of this episode was truncated so the last mention of the Javelin was cut off (it occurred during the last part of the episode per the notes). Below are some Images of the Javelin