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Found 3 results

  1. Hi all Obviously, we only need to buy 1 ship & 1 package to play the game. Also, anyone buying more than 1 ship is taking a risk, that game does not pan out (no flames please) In that vein that I took a chance, had the income, and will never do it again if it does not pan out, Id like your advice and comments, on what to do next If, and I mean IF, I wish to spend/buy /trade or get rid of more ships. Without further ado, my current Virtual ship arsenal ============== My fleet as of now; I know there was a post regarding the fact that more expensive ships, (a CIG Vid) will take longer to obtain in game than originally intended. In that Vein, I have been melting UP my smaller ships that I’ve had bought in 2013-2014 (when I joined, after KickStarter) and getting bigger or more unique ones My SC profile: Like in EVE Online (which I don’t play anymore), I intend to do the following Fleet Support, like refueling, Scouting, Jamming etc. LR/Gunboat type combat, I’m older so dog fighting is not to be my forte Industrialist (Mainly) Mining Salvaging Hauling/Commerce/Transport Possibly Exploration, if it actually works (in game…) Possible other Non-Combat activities (if they are fun…) You will notice I have not Bought Polaris/Idris etc. due to price/availability and I’m not sure how Cap combat will work (large crews/expenses) Question 1: Any feedback welcome, as I value all your advice here, you guys are the true meaning of Hard-core J Question 2: Do I have any ships that area redundant (among the smaller ones like the 315p). I am keeping (very probably all my flagships, such as Orion, Carrack, Caterpillar..) but I will listen (and consider) everything you say J Ship Fleet RSI Constellation Taurus Hauling/Cargo cap 242 Constellation Phoenix Luxury yacht Orion Mining Super Ship : Fleet Support Will be super expensive in PTU (to buy) Aurora LX No role yet, cheap ship and limited? Aegis Reclaimer Salvage Will be super expensive in PTU (to buy) Retaliator Bomber my LR Big Bomber/Fleet Support/Hauler ? : Fleet Support Vanguard Heavy LR Fighter, with all 3x BUK’s Redeemer Heavy Gunboat Origin 350R racer Racer 315P Explorer Cheap explorer? M50 Interceptor Super Runner MISC Starfarer Refueling/ Hauler(?) : Fleet Support Will be super expensive in PTU (to buy) Freelancer MIS Small hauler (fit in small jump points , where Taurus won’t ?) Drake Herald fast, armored EW/Intel Ship : Fleet Support Cutlass Blue No Role yet; Caterpillar Modular, versatile ship Role: unsure Will be super expensive in PTU (to buy) Dragonfly Curiosity ? LTI Token ? Anvil Super-Hornet Mid-range Combat Hornet Tracker AWACS type : Fleet Support Hornet Ghost Stealth Ship/EW : Fleet Support Carrack Versatile super-ship, Explorer, powerful and multi-role Will be super expensive in PTU (to buy) Terrapin Ultimate Scout, well armored Weird Ones/ Alien: Khartu-al Light Fighter, curiosity item Banu My Main, Super-duper 7,000 units Hauler and Bazaar ship Will be super expensive in PTU (to buy) Mustang Alpha Bought a separate pilot, Xmas sale Upgraded (not melted but upgraded) ships: Aurora LN Avenger Stalker Origin 325A Anvil Hurricane Ships (Still to get/ Planned) Prospector More Solo/Mining Role Origin 890 Super capital Ship Space yachts (maybe) Freelancer MAX I know I have a Taurus, will the MAX be able to go more into other places ? Endeavor Science might be something I’d like to do (I was a big scientist in EVE) Hull C-D or E I am unsure about this, since I have a Banu, but all the Hull’s have more capacity Again, advice welcome here too And finally Should I get a CAP, like Idris/Polaris etc. That 1 I am so unsure I never pulled the trigger… Again, advice welcome here too Thanks all See you in game JM
  2. RELIANT Q&A - PART 1 “One thing people don’t appreciate about the Reliant is how dead on the name is. This is a ship that can take serious punishment and keep on flying. During one of the CTX-3 [first manned Reliant prototype] flights, I managed to snap half a wing off in a collision. Klaxons sounded, red lights flashing… my nav readouts went dead for half a second, until the redundancies switched on. Fly by wire was pretty much a lost cause, but with some careful manual thruster taps I managed to make it back home in one piece (minus a wing.) This is a ship that’ll keep your butt safe.” - Yark “Badger” Malloy, MISC In-House Test Pilot II “NEW for 2946: the MISC Reliant is the galaxy’s latest, greatest jump-capable spaceship. Featuring an industry-leading silhouette and the latest in adapted xenotechnology, the Reliant doesn’t just look better than anything on the flight line… it flies better, too. The base Reliant, shipping Q4 2945, is a dedicated short-range space transporter solution with the broad ability to adapt to a dozen or more different roles. Whether you’re moving your grandmother’s Hartwell or your company’s refined titanium, the Reliant will get you there. The Reliant, only from MISC.” - MISC Cavalcade of Transports! brochure, 2945 Greetings Citizens, Last month, we ran a collection of Hull series Q&A posts during the concept sale. The idea went over so well that we’ve decided to make it a tradition. All future concept sales will include at least one ‘post launch’ Q&A post. This week, for the MISC Reliant concept sale, we’re answering questions backers have posted to this thread. An additional Q&A will be posted on Friday. A special thank you to designer Matt Sherman for answering your Reliant questions! Question & Answer Could you describe the Reliant’s basic role, compared to the other starters in just a few words? Utility Vehicle – While it can’t run multiple roles at once, the Reliant is a starter that was built specifically to best accommodate some of the more PU-focused play-styles like Research and Reporting. What will the second players duties be other than manning weapons? Why will it better to run this ship with two players rather than solo? Turret-controls – If all the weapons are slaved to the pilot, you really lose out on the massive coverage arcs the wing-tip Omni-Orb turret offers the ship. So whether in combat, working scanners, or working as a news-reporter, every variant was planned from the ground up to have dedicated second-seat gameplay available. Is there any practical benefit envisioned / planned for the transformation from horizontal to vertical orientation? What would be the advantage over simply staying in one orientation at all times? Yes, the plan right now is that the Vertical-configuration will be the ideal combat and maneuverability mode of flight because of a better spread of the thrusters. The Horizontal configuration won’t handle as well, but will have an improved top-speed over the Vertical mode. How much walking around room can we expect to see in the Reliant? The cargo area looks wide and deep enough to walk around quite a bit (almost Cutlass sized?), but it also looks like the cargo area might compress vertically when it closes leaving not enough space to walk upright in. It’s not a fully stand-up walking space in the storage compartment while the ship is in flight. When you’re landed, you’ll have enough clearance, but you’ll be crouching to walk back there in space. Does the stock reliant have bed(s)/a jumpdrive? a. Bed – Nothing set for sure right now, but we’re looking into a small fold-out bed from the floor for some of the variants; think more along the lines of a barebones cot. b. Jumpdrive – Unsure for all the variants, but like most of our ships, even if it doesn’t come with one stock, all models of the Reliant will be able to install one. Will we see more ships result of Alien/Human collaboration, or is the Reliant a unique, one of a kind design? That depends on what other Human manufactures strike out and make trade deals with other races. MISC made enough deals with the Xi’an to make the Reliant, so only time will tell if anyone else makes similar deals. How fast is the transformation from horizontal to vertical? Is it quick and easy to briskly bounce between the two flights modes? The exact time is in the works, but most likely a few seconds of transition time. It should be fast enough to change modes for most any non-combat gameplay, but it probably won’t be the safest to bounce between the 2 in a firefight. Can players exit / change seats while the Reliant is in vertical flight mode? No, right now it’s only planned to have you getting in/out of the seats while the ship is in Horizontal mode. The upper-seat will be the pilots chair, with the lower seat the gunner/turret operator. There is a ramp, can we park a rover inside? No, the Greycat’s support struts would get crushed when the hold compacts for flight. Is the gimble ‘Tractor Beam’ Hardpoint, a hardpoint that can switch out weapons for tractors beams, or a gimble mount with a built in tractor beam that also mounts weapons? The Tractor Beam mount is the Wing-Tip turret. When the Reliant becomes flight-ready for Arena Commander, that turret will come stock with a Tractor Beam installed, but the tractor beam can be removed and swapped with a size 2 weapon. Whether there will be more than one turret option (e.g. two size 1 weapons, or one size 2 weapon), or other some configuration will depend on iterations to the hardpoint system and asset creation between now and then. Is possible to just rotate the seats and fly like that? Currently not planned, but may be something we explore as the ship gets flight ready. Visibility issue: can you make the floor retractable? Otherwise there is no visibility on the right side when vertical. Yes, we’re already looking at that floor panel. When the detailed specs for the Reliant started shaping up, and a MASSIVE, best-in-class viewing angle for both seats was a major part of that planning. Xi’an-inspired glasswork at its finest. Do the Xi’An materials and technologies used in the construction of the Reliant enable the ship to better handle the effects of heat, radiation and gravimetric effects, when compared to its competitors? Yes, though to what extent this will play out is more something that will be sorted as those kinds of environmental hazards come online. It won’t be so substantial that it lets you fly recklessly through them, but you shouldn’t have to tip-toe through either. Would this be any good for exploring? Jump points? How does it compare with the 315p, the only explorer in the price range? Overall, expect a 315p to be better at finding jumppoints. The Reliant is more going to be doing in-system/region sensor scanning, research, and exploration. It could still definitely map a new jump if you find one, but the bigger profile compared to a 315p may lead you to flying into a smaller point than you could fit. A question about the weapon fittings, the spec listed two fixed mount on wing and one gimbal mount on nose, but I see from the released arts that the two M3As are mounted on a ball shape unmanned turret, which will be the case? The 2 M3A’s mounted in the concept art are installed in place of the Tractor Beam (guns are sexier anyways). When the Reliant lands in your hangar, you’ll have 2 Size 1 guns on the wings, and the S3 hardpoint on the wing-tip where the Turret is now. (source: link) RELIANT Q&A - PART 2 “We took the newly revealed Reliant Model 0 for a test flight, and what we found was a genuine surprise! Beneath the sleek lines and the high-tech moving cockpit, the Reliant is a sturdy, dependable ship capable of any number of flight operations. We’re so confident with what we’ve seen that we’re offering the ship our prestigious One to Watch award as one of the top new spacecraft of the upcoming model year… Now let’s cross our fingers and hope MISC starts making final deliveries of the production model so we can start converting one for racing!” - “A Hauler You Can ‘Reli’ On,” Ship and Pilot, September 2945 “We had serious problems integrating some of the Xi’an tech. I’m not at liberty to tell you exactly what we purchased, but to get the point across we asked our contact on Rihlah for one of their surge suppressors… and what we got seemed more like a gooey silicone stomach. We couldn’t even figure out where it was supposed to plug in on the Khartu we were working from! In fact, the boys in R&D are still trying to figure it out. Suffice it to say, the Reliant ships with some pretty cool tech… but it has a traditional human capacitor.” - Dar Hardwishe, MISC Ship Designer, Junior Level Greetings Citizens, Last month, we ran a collection of Hull series Q&A posts during the concept sale. The idea went over so well that we’ve decided to make it a tradition. All future concept sales will include at least one ‘post launch’ Q&A post. This week, for the MISC Reliant concept sale, we’re answering questions backers have posted to this thread. A special thank you to designer Matt Sherman for answering your Reliant questions! Question & Answer What about the speed? Two TR1 as main trusters … The Aurora speed is 150 m/s with a TR3 and the Mustang Alpha flight at 200 m/s with two TR2. It’s planned to fall between both of those ships, and keep in mind, the Aurora has a single thruster where the Reliant has 2. Why are the two S1 guns listed as fixed mounts when it appears they’re on a gimbal at the end of a wing? We really wanted to showcase just how big of a coverage angle the Wing-Tip turret would offer. Once it’s in your hangar, it’ll be a Tractor beam on the Turret with the S1 guns on the wings. Also, we’re already planning to make the Twin-mount Turret an available option through REC/VD when the Reliant is made flyable. In particular, how does the “researcher” variant compare with / differ from the other science oriented ships? What is the prototypical mission that this variant is suited for? In-system Scanner/Research work. Sadly, there’s not as much to detail out right now as these gameplay systems are also being built up, but we wanted to make sure at a starter-ship level, there was another layer of research/exploration that wasn’t just based on finding jumppoints. I don’t get the concept of a “tier 2 starter”. A starter for when you’re not actually starting? Or is it a starter that people buying the game post launch will have to pay extra to start as? We’re still working out many of the plans for post-launch, but the current idea is that the Reliant (and similarly priced ‘tier 2’ ships) would be part of slightly more expensive packages. It’s 100% a ship intended to start the game, though! Like the Aurora and the Mustang, the Reliant was designed from the ground up to allow players to experience as many different opportunities in the Star Citizen world as possible. Will the vertical flight mode mean that those main thrusters will be gimbaled to allow more maneuverability? They don’t fully gimbal 360 like the Cutlass engines can, but they’ll have some range of motion. There’s also going to be some Xi’an tech at work that we’ll be talking more about as the ship gets closer to being flyable. How did humans acquire the technology if they haven’t made contact with the Xi’an yet? MISC got the tech from trade-deals with the Xi’an, so this ship is something well beyond a first-contact with a species. (As of the time Star Citizen launches, humanity has a history with the Xi’An. There are still mysteries about them, but contact has been ongoing for quite a while.) The turret we see in the concepts is an optional piece of equipment (Reverse the Verse) is the plan to have it ready for when the Reliant itself is hangar/flight ready? Yes, while it won’t be included with the stock Reliant, we’re planning to have both the standard S2 (with installed Tractor Beam) and twin-S1 versions of the Turret available when the ship is flyable. What role do you foresee for the ‘News Van’ variant? Can it be used in a recon role for live updates? Yes, recon and reporting. The goal is to let the filming teams get the best picture from the safest distance possible. It won’t be as potent as something like a Herald in terms of how many systems out it can directly broadcast, but it’ll definitely be able to spread the word. Will the “base concept model” be capable of switching or loading various modules so that it can change mission variants? It’s going to have some flexibility with loadouts, but even inside its own variants, there’s going to be limits to what you can setup. The base-model and combat variant will be more interchangeable with each other, and the research and news van comparable to each other. It won’t just be different parts on the same hull though. Will any of the variants get rid of one seat, move the remaining seat to the center of the cockpit and use the cleared space for something useful? There’s currently no plans for a single-seat version of the Reliant. Given that the Reliant is a “mini-hauler”, can we expect to see main thrusters capable of moving it while fully laden? It’s currently planned thrusters are fully capable when loaded. Keep in mind, the Reliant uses Xi’an tech, and we’ve still got a few surprises left for what that really means as the ship gets closer to being flyable. For someone with a fleet of bigger ships (Cutlass, Connie, etc) how would a Reliant complement it? This really depends on what kinds of roles you’re planning to play with your other ships. Exploration Carrack? The Research Reliant would pair well with the increased maneuverability and scanner packages. Doing some crazy ad-hoc storytelling in space with friends? Bring a News Van to capture the action. Can you clarify the maximum size and number of attachments that the gimbal hardpoint can handle? The Wing-Tip turret is the listed S3 hardpoint for the Reliant. This means you can: Run a single fixed S3 Run the stock S2 turret – It comes with a Tractor Beam installed but fits any S2 weapons. Run the optional Twin-S1 turret – This is the turret shown in concept art and will also be available throughREC and VD when the Reliant is made flyable. In one of the pictures there is a silhouette that suggests that the Reliant’s wings can fold upward while the ship is landed, perhaps to save space. Is this indeed part of the design, and, if so, will the Reliant be able to land in the same cross-sectional area as an Aurora or Mustang? The folded wings are more when the ship is stored for distance-transport. It should sit in a similar amount of space to an Aurora or Mustang, but would take some extra time to become flight-ready compared to a Reliant with the wings unfolded. (source: link)
  3. Policies: I do not ship before payment is received Under no circumstances do I accept refurns I only accept payments via Paypal You pay for shipping unless otherwise stated I cover shipping insurance fees Addition sales information: I have this item on ebay to help improve the chances of a smooth transaction, and also so you can see my ebay feedback. which can be found here: http://www.ebay.com/itm/201067419461?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1558.l2649 Price: US $225.00 OBO Item(s) Information: This is the collections of all things Yu-Gi-Oh I have collected over the Years. It comes with 5 play mats, 2 sticker sheets(some are missing), 3 Beckett Collectors card magazines, 1 Exodus Poster, 3 rules books(one for Hexors rule books), 11 Hexors, 1 Yu-Gi-Oh digital mini game, one reflective Yu-Gi-Oh disk, 1 set of Yu-Gi-Oh dog tags with chain, assorted/random card protectors, and the two tins you pictured. As for the cards I will list all of the non-common cards, the commons will not be individually listed, I have so many which can be seen in the white in the picture, I don't have an exact count of them but as you can see there is A LOT of them, roughly 2,000 of them.. Please feel free to contact me about any information you may need, and please do not be afraid to send me your best offer, I'm looking to get these off to a new owner and I'm open to offers. Good luck, and happy shopping! Secret Rare · Seiyaryu · Gamma the Magnet Warrior · Beta the Magnet Warrior · Alpha the Magnet Warrior · Acid Trap Hole · Skull Dice · Salamandra · Grateful Dice · Riryoku · Perfectly Ultimate Great Moth · Lord of D. x2 Ultra Rare Blackwing - Gram The Shining Star Heroic Champion - Kusanagi Mermail - Gaioabyss · Relinquished (w/ Super Rare Black Illusion Ritual) · Black Luster Soldier (w/ Super Rare Black Luster Ritual) · Thousand-Eyes Restrict · Left Arm of the Forbidden One · Beast of Talwar · Red-Eyes Black Dragon x2 · Gaia the Fierce Knight · Royal Command · Seven Tools of the Bandit · Interdimensional Matter Transport · Inferno Fire Blast · Guardian Angel Joan x2 · Helpoemer · Toon Mermaid · Andro Sphinx x2 · Sphinx Teleia x2 · Theinen the Great Sphinx x2 · Insect Princess · The Agent of Judgment—Saturn · Barrel Dragon · Yamata Dragon · Dark Necrofear · Armed Dragon LV7 Super Rare · Dark Master—Zorc · YZ-Tank Dragon x2 · Dark Balter the Terrible · Celtic Guardian · Takriminos · Barrel Behind the Door · Gryphon Wing · Trap Jammer · Mirror Wall · The First Sarcophagus · Riryoku Field · Spell Shield Type-8 x2 · Graceful Charity · Card Destruction x2 · Soul Exchange x3 · The Flute of Summoning Dragon · Messenger of Peace · Toon World · Giant Trunade · Exiled Force · Lord of D. x3 · Bazoo the Soul-Eater · Freed the Brave Wanderer · Different Dimension Dragon · Parasite Paracide · Z-Metal Tank · Catapult Turtle · Sanga of the Thunder · Sasuke Samurai · Banisher of the Light · Gravekeeper's Chief · D. D. Scout Plane · Mirage Knight · Goddess of Whim · Twin-Headed Behemoth · Asura Priest · Kycoo the Ghost Destroyer · Penguin Soldier · Berserk Dragon Rare · Legendary Flame Lord · Darkfire Dragon x2 · Dragoness the Wicked Knight · Flower Wolf · Metal Dragon · Gokibore · Mad Dog of Darkness · Archfiend Soldier x4 · Spirit of the Harp · Amphibian Beast x2 · Opticlops x2 · Hyozanryu x2 · Giant Soldier of Stone · Dark Blade · Shift · Destruction Ring x3 · Dark Scorpion Combination x3 · Magic Drain · Destruction Punch x2 · Pharaoh's Treasure x2 · Compulsory Evacuation Device x2 · Bottomless Trap Hole · Skull Invitation x2 · Skill Drain x3 · Reckless Greed · Lightforce Sword · Chthonian Blast · Soul Resurrection · Curse of Darkness · Forced Requisition · Blast with Chain x3 · Contract with the Abyss · Dark Designator · Combination Attack · Stray Lambs · Spell Economics · Fissure · Wicked-Breaking Flamberge—Baou x2 · Second Coin Toss · Stop Defense · Thousand Energy · Dark Core · Goblin's Secret Remedy · Monster Recovery · Jam Breeding Machine · The Shallow Grave · Ante · Rush Recklessly · Continuous Destruction Punch x3 · Mega Ton Magical Cannon · Spirit Message “N” · Spirit Message “A” · Nobleman of Extermination · Spiritualism · Return of the Doomed · Dimensionhole x2 · Ultra Evolution Pill · Infinite Cards · Morphing Jar #2 x2 · Gravekeeper's Watcher · King's Knight · Brron, Mad King of Dark World · Ameba · Shadow Tamer · Giant Germ · Great Phantom Thief · Sasuke Samurai #3 x3 · Darkbishop Archfiend x3 · Marie the Fallen One · Infernalqueen Archfiend · The Agent of Wisdom—Mercury x2 · Enraged Battle Ox · Witch of the Black Forest · Apprentice Magician x3 · Cannon Soldier · Dark Driceratops x2 · Armor Exe x3 · Rafflesia Seduction · Mataza the Zapper · Des Feral Imp · Mermaid Knight · Wandering Mummy · Fear from the Dark x2 · Mask of Darkness · Lekunga · Newdoria · Senju of the Thousand Hands · Star Boy x2 · Gilasaurus · Winged Sage Falcos · Dark Jeroid · Dark Elf · Reaper of the Cards · Pyramid Turtle · Hayabusa Knight · UFO Turtle · Amazoness Tiger · Drillago · Witch's Apprentice · Great Moth · Lesser Fiend x2 · Shadow Ghoul · Armed Dragon LV5 · Susa Soldier x2 · Helping Robo for Combat · Jowgen the Spiritualist x2 · Tornado Bird · Mother Grizzly · Great Maju Garzett · Karate Man · Nimble Momonga · Spirit Reaper · Shining Angel
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