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Found 7 results

  1. I want to buy a code. I'd pay 60$ or best offer. Reputable & trusted seller required. PayPal verified. My nick is the same here, in Reddit, and also in SC. Serious seller + serious buyer = always great & safe deals.
  2. I have setup a little bit of code and have it working in the linked youtube video for a virtual/emulated keyboard called GlovePIE. It requires no install (is just run), is free, and easy to use/change. I realize that my code is not efficient or perfect. I just wanted to share what I had done so others who are in my/my friends situation can enjoy the game. It works in a similar way to VoiceAttack and might help those who are looking for a system similar to get into it. VoiceAttack is good, not saying they're not, but this is just an alternative. http:
  3. Hello, I bought a Sapphire R9 280 from Amazon and had no idea I would be getting a game code. I thought maybe I'd sell it here for you guys (I don't really like racing games all that much too). I know I've never sold anything here before so I don't have any reviews, but I gotta start somewhere, right? My Paypal is verified too. I'm not sure what price to set it at (Steam has 26$ (on a 25% sale right now), Kinguin has it for $25 and G2A has it for $22 (from the market, $30 from their store)) but no less than $15 USD seems fair? I don't want to deal with Kinguin/G2A because they make me jump thr
  4. That's it. I would like to trade this code for 2 Steam gifts of Dungeon Defenders II Early Access. But wait... if you get that here (the only cheap games/game keys website I trust) you will pay less than the value of this AMD code (at least the value of it in this forums). Check my for rep on trade and selling stuff in other websites. Contents of the AMD code:
  5. I have AMD Omega Racer Codes for sale. These codes, once applied, will give you a giftable version of the Omega Racer pack. If you already have already redeemed one Omega code via the CIG page, then you need to contact CIG's customer service to apply each additional code. Each Omega Codes is $25.00, with PayPal fees included in the price. Please PM me if you want one. You can check out my feedback here at SCB, and this
  6. Hi, I'm selling this code I've got from AMD for 19.50€ or $24 Paypal (If you pay the fees then I'll do it for 18€ or $22). The code has this on it: I don't have any sales completed in this forum and my account was created a while ago, but I have feedback and successful sales here. Only latest sale got feedback in the right place of that website where you can leave feedback (http://www.epicnpc.com/itrader_detail.php?ir=506374&u=264597). The others before were posted directly in the threads where I anounced the intent to sell because I asked for feedback and maybe they didn'
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