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Found 23 results

  1. New here. Saw a link to here and was looking for the link about a Daymar map. Still looking for it. Fly on, Citizens
  2. I played this game the last few days with the free 7 ship thing they had. Now its done. I want to start for real and would like a ground vehicle to go with my ship. A small one like a Cyclone maybe. But what I cannot find is a place to tell me what vehicles ships can hold. I get these SCU numbers on cargo space but what is needed is L x W x H dimensions. So what ship would hold this? The smallest, cheapest one if anybody knows. Thanks
  3. GRIZZ

    Drake MULE

    "Its basically a forklift." Fits in a cutlass I am told. Possibly fill a niche that the cargo refactor created. It can do tank turns like a skid-steer loader IRL. Anyone was to race me in one?
  4. SHIP TRAINING - STARFARER -------------------------------- WHEN: Mar. 20 (16:00 UTC, 11:00 MST) WHERE: ARC L1 Station DESCRIPTION: With 3.17 and new ship-to-ship refueling mechanics just around the corner, now is a good time to review the Starfarer. We expect Starfarer's to be used more often when 3.17 comes out, and we want to be prepared when this happens. Although it is true that the Starfarer will be getting a significant rework in the future, we will be getting the ship-to-ship refueling mechanics with the Starfarer in its current form. The Starfarer is amongst the largest ships in SC, with 4 full decks and exterior catwalks/elevators. It can be easy to get lost in her maze of hallways. This event aims to refamiliarize ourselves with this legacy ship. The plan is to spawn in a Starfarer and take it to a point in space. There we can look at it with the convenience of EVA. I'm then planning an interior tour of all 4 decks, highlighting the major areas such as cargo area, bridge, engineering and sleeping quarters. To finish this event, I would like to bring the Starfarer to an outpost and display vehicle loading/unloading operations. Mark the date on your calendar! Come learn about this long lost ship!
  5. Hi, how can i know that the cargo of a ship is big enough for a ground vehicule? I may want the origin small ground vehicule but nothing tell in wich ship it can go
  6. I'm just now dusting off my knowledge on the good and bad points of both ships. and I'm obviously T&I centered I think we should revisit this subject and at least theorycraft what the unit would like to do with these ships (and if we agree with what the youtuber analysis of the ships)
  7. I posted this to the RSI forums: https://robertsspaceindustries.com/spectrum/community/SC/forum/7/thread/localized-physical-inventory-system-impact. I am also posting here to gather comments from Imperium members. According to the road map (as updated 21 Sep 2018), with Alpha 3.6.0 in Q2 of 2019 will come a localized physical inventory system. I’ve not seen any solid information on this, but from the name I deduce that we will no longer be able to access a global inventory through our Mobiglas Equipment Manager. In other words, Equipment Manager will no longer access everything we own, only those items which are in proximity to us. If my deduction is correct, this is a great improvement; the current global inventory access is convenient but not at all realistic. But it also raises a concern: after this is implemented, where can we store personal gear where we can access it while performing missions or simply traveling the ‘verse? And where can we store items that we purchase? In certain situations it may be advisable to not wear armor or openly carry weapons (for example, if a mission requires us to make contact with an informant in a high-class restaurant and we wish to remain discreet and inconspicuous). We will need someplace to store it. Same with weapons, additional ammunition, expendables like medical supplies and grenades, mission items (i.e. “deliver the sealed suitcase to Dunraven in the Chairman’s Lounge at the Diamond Sands Resort on Green in the Ellis system”), and purchased items. The answer which immediately comes to mind is, we can store such things in our ship. But there’s a problem with this. According to the Ship Matrix, there are 60 ships with 0 cargo space. These range from the various "motorcycle" types (X1, Nox, Dragonfly) and smaller wheeled vehicles through most snub fighters and fighters, to medium ships like the Vanguard Warden, Redeemer, and Prowler, and even the Retaliator which is a Large ship! None of these has space to store so much as a small suitcase, although to be fair the Retaliator does have a weapons rack. The lack of even the most limited storage will severely limit the usefulness of many ships. In the real world, almost every vehicle has some storage space. Most motorcycles can be equipped with saddle bags. The smallest sports car has at least a tiny trunk and a glove box. This is because most people need space to store things. Of what use is a vehicle if it can’t even fit a small bag of groceries? I understand that we'll be able to place items in any unoccupied space, even if it's not designated as cargo space. So, I could just throw some items on the floor inside the 350r and try not to trip over them. But that doesn't help with ships like the X1, Nox, Dragonfly, 85X, and others which have no such space. For example, the 350r has 0 cargo space. That makes it useful for only one role, which is racing. Yes, I know that's its main role, but in the real world even race cars have extra space, even if it's not utilized during a race. Seats, which are usually removed, may be re-installed to give "joy rides" to those who are not racing professionals. And souped-up "muscle cars" have been used for many decades to impress the opposite sex, and to quickly transport illicit goods (bootlegging) and small packages (the Transporter series of films). So, what if I want to use the 350r for something other than racing? As it stands, I really can't. I'm not asking for a ship like the 350r to be useful as a freight hauler, but it needs enough space to store a small amount of personal gear of the types previously mentioned. I plan to use mine as a "space sports car" to travel quickly from place to place, in style. Let's look at another example, the X1. I seem to recall some mention that a rider couldn't use this vehicle while carrying a long weapon (rifle, shotgun, etc.), not even if the weapon is in the default Star Citizen "stored" location on the character's back. Yet there's no place to store a weapon on the vehicle. Am I supposed to leave my primary weapons behind while riding to a remote location and rely only on a sidearm at my destination? Yet another example is the 85X, which is otherwise a very nice “space luxury coup”. It has two side-by-side seats, something I'd love to see in the 300-series; that would allow me to bring a single passenger along for the ride, perhaps the type of stunningly beautiful passenger typically associated with such luxury vehicles. But I digress. Back to the 85X. If I'm cruising the city, seeing the sights while dressed to the nines, where can I store my flight suit and helmet? What if I must travel outside the atmosphere, back to my 890 Jump or elsewhere? Must I do without a helmet HUD during this entire journey? Without protection from the harsh vacuum of space, in case of a hull breach? Be unable to exit my 85X except in a pressurized bay? C'mon, give me at least enough space for a change of clothes! I understand that modeling even a small saddlebag or trunk is not practical for ships that have already been designed. But is it not possible to assume that there are small storage compartments present which aren't modeled? And to give every ship at least a 0.5 SCU of "assumed" space, accessible through Mobiglas Equipment Manager when adjacent to the ship?
  8. Today I've been joined by TheNOOBIFIER1337 to discuss cargo improvements, server mesh tech and more for this episode of Ask The Devs Breakdown. The show is basically where I look at recent feedback from the Ask The Devs forum on Spectum, choosing answers to highlight. TheNOOBIFIER1337's Channel (Awesome guy!) - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCI-ybzjiaP2mSS81gaUxOiA
  9. hello, im sure you have all heard this before but i cant seem to fine the answer im looking for. Q1. is there a way to buy a cargo container for the RSI Aurora MR? Q2. if so where do i buy it? from what i have seen there are some sort of cargo containers for the ship but i have been unable to locate where i might be able to buy them. thanks
  10. Ever start one of those missions to pick up some random box in space only to realize that your ship doesn't have a cargo hold? Well, now you don't have to worry about where to put that critical cargo or blackbox! Just "strap" it to the roof with our patent non-slip invisible roof rack! Don't worry, it won't come off in hyperspace either! All you need to worry about is how do you get it down from up there! NOW only 99,999 credits at your local dealer! Satire post, just found a funny bug in Star Citizen 3.0 while attempting to deliver a picked-up box in space. I was trying to see if I could put the box into the Co-pilot seat and it just "stuck" itself to the roof of the cockpit instead. Thought I'd share and see if anyone else got some amusement from this. EDIT: I was able to get it off the top when I sat in the co-pilot seat and quickly attempted to pick the box up as the cockpit started to close. It started to slide down the cockpit length at which I then exited the vehicle and I appeared suddenly standing on top of the hornet. I hopped down, delivered the box, and completed the mission!
  11. Well talk about Sale and Cargo Sale starts today A Schedule for the Week’s Activities Hello Citizens, We are pleased to present the schedule for the 2947 Star Citizen Anniversary Special. Throughout the special we’ll have fun activities, bring back some of your favorite ships, and include a couple of new ones. Tune in for our daily AtV videos at 12:00 PM Pacific where we’ll highlight a different manufacturer each day, kicking off a new sale. November 24th – Anvil Aerospace November 25th – Aegis Dynamics November 26th – Ground Vehicles and Alien Ships November 27th – Origin Jumpworks November 28th – Consolidated Outland November 29th – Roberts Space Industries November 30th – MISC (Musashi Industrial & Starflight Concern) December 1st – Drake Interplanetary December 2nd-4th – All Manufacturers On Sale
  12. The Shipyard Series SHIP MASS CAREERS AND ROLES THRUSTERS SHIP TECHNICAL INFORMATION ORDNANCE HARDPOINTS WEAPON HARDPOINTS OTHER HARDPOINTS TURRETS VARIANTS & MODULES SCU AND CARGO I'm excited for this series for many reasons. The mechwarrior fan in me is very excited to start seeing how ship customization is coming along as we are moving from Design Docs and into documentation on how it's currently implemented. Also the ship repair fan in me is very focused on ship components as I feel the largest role I look forward to playing will be efficiently getting modules back into operation during battles. Starting with the Careers and Roles doc, it's light on new info for a veteran, but a killer starting point for new players interested in starting the game. I'm happy to see Support ships separate from Industrial ships. I feel a lot of players clump them together. Also interesting is how luxury touring falls under exploration. It makes sense, I just never thought about it I guess. Pathfinder is a neat new subcategory
  13. We know that loading and unloading cargo will take time. It will not be instantaneous like swapping out Weapons / Components / Modules in your hangar (per Ben on Bensday with Batgirl ep. 31). Remember however that Star Citizen is 900+ years into the future so the question (per the Poll) is should loading and unloading require manual skill (like mining or salvaging) or should it be somewhat automated based on the fact that each cargo pod will have thusters and can maneuver itself (thus remote control) but still take time. Is there any real value with playing a Tetris like mini game when loading / unloading cargo. Ideally 900+ years into the future a ship Transfer like the one outlined below should happen automatically in space (but again take some time and cost of containers): 1) An Orion rendezvous with a Hull E in space. 2) The Hull E brings to the meeting extra Mining Saddle Bags and un-docks them from the cargo holding arms (to float in space) 3) The Orion brings to the meeting Saddle Bags full of processed ore and un-docks them from the cargo holding arms (to float in space) 4) The Saddle Bags are given remote commands to transfer ships (the ore filled bags dock onto the Hull E) (The empty bags dock onto the Orion) 5) Orion then moves off to mine more ore while the Hull E moves onto its trade route to bring goods to market See Sister Thread on RSI Forums and Vote there as well for Greater Sampling ===== Below are some comments / clarification from posts there.... VoAVoA Posted: 1:56PM Options Actually Cargo Crates (special ones) do have thrusters (as seen in Jump Point Magazine - the issue covering cargo) Thrusters and Tractor Beam (obviously you can only use the thrusters on a cargo box if you own it directly - tractor beam works on any box) Yes it depends on the circumstance. CR and Ben (and Jump Point) have explained that you have to manually load (with loaders) cargo planet-side or with the help of NPCs (which is another form of automation - you just have to pay them a fee probably).The Topic at hand though is Transferring Cargo In Space === Thus..... since there are already plans to have mini-thrusters on some of the cargo boxes.... and since this is 900+ years into the future... and moving around crates in a Zero-G environment is easy.... it seams obvious that the transfer can be automated (but take time). If you wanted to specifically store certain crates on a particular location (like the front of a cargo bay)... then obviously that would require manual intervention. As someone else pointed out it would be silly to load a Hull D or Hull E manually every crate one at a time.=======CIG is still working on this - this is why we should give them some player input to help with this development as part of the game Here is a recent DEV quote from Chat:
  14. Our structure is as follows: #1: Leader #2: Co-Leader #3: Profession Leader #4: Profession Member #5: Profession Fill-in #6: Independent With this structure, we allow as many profession leaders as possible to manage their own squadron. Should you want to be focused on mining you can star off as a Mining Member and eventually become a leader of your own crew. This goes for all types of professions. As for capital ship owners, maintaining a capital sized ship will be a profession on its own. An example of a #3 could be a Polaris captain with their own #4's as Polaris Crew Members. Should anyone not want to focus their attention towards a specific profession, they can always do what they like. If someone knows that they wan't to always do their own thing, they can remain as "Independent" and progress on their own liking but still under the umbrella of the org. With that being said, Self Made would like for all of you to consider applying and earning your own way among like minded individuals. Our goal is mutual benefit for all and to retaliate against any that would initiate force upon others. We uphold honor, integrity, and justice among the verse. Should you have any questions, feel free to ask. You can find our history in progress, manifesto, and charter on our RSI Org page here: https://robertsspaceindustries.com/orgs/1905 Should anyone be thinking about getting the game Star Citizen, you can always make an account now and purchase later. There is no need to buy the game when making an account. We are currently more focused on hiring leaders of professions more than anything as of now. We currently do have a Polaris captain but would like to find dedicated mining leaders, cargo run leaders, and exploration leaders as such. Thank you for checking us out, we hope to build a strong community of Self Made Men. Good day to all, and may the Verse be with you.
  15. Yes - we are going to talk about Center of Mass and Cargo (and there is much to theory-craft on this important subject) + talking about the Dragonfly and saving $ on your pledge. + We can talk about 2.4 live. See this link to this thread for more info - but post on this thread additional ideas / comment for what you think and how it relates to Blood Moon. Multi-Squadron Profit Tactics - pt 5 - Center of Mass and Loading Cargo
  16. The M50 seem to fit inside the MAX's hold. Do you think CIG would allow to load small ships in the hold just like any ordinary cargo? I'd take it as far as to enable a small ship to land and takeoff from the hold in space just like the Connie and Merlin. I can already fit my Graycat in there
  17. Greetings Citizens, To date, Star Citizen’s Arena Commander module has put much of the focus on pure action: the thrill of deep space dogfighting. While space battles are a core element of the Star Citizen experience, they are the beginning and not the end of creating a vast, interactive world. And one of the next, most important steps is developing a cargo system that allows players to more fully interact with their environment than any previous space game. On first consideration, making cargo sexy might seem like a difficult challenge. The excitement of combat is self-explanatory, while shipping goods from star to star is a different kind of challenge, potentially more of a slow burn. The average pilot would be forgiven for having more interest in a dogfighting module than a cargo demo… but the reality is, cargo is deeply important to expanding Star Citizen’s gameplay. Whether you’re using it to customize your environment, to build a shipping empire or to run black market goods from Advocacy patrols, a comprehensive cargo system is going to enable Star Citizen to build a real world full of varied gameplay opportunities. How do we do it? In the past, space games have solved this problem by separating the player from what was being transported. Shipping a load of tungsten in Privateer or hydrocarbons in Freelancer meant selecting an icon in a menu and being told your ship had been loaded with that particular good. For Star Citizen, we wanted to do more than just give you a cargo manifest; it stood to reason that in our First Person Universe, you would need to be able to fully interact with whatever you happen to be shipping! With this in mind, we’ve set out to create a system that allows for maximum interaction directly with in-game objects. HOW INTERACTION WORKS The Star Citizen design team has determined that there are five essential ‘use cases’ for cargo objects in the game environment. Each of these cases must be developed in the game to give you full control over your cargo and items. Uses cases are as follows: Player to Item: The player must be able to physically manipulate objects in the game world. Whether it’s a frag grenade, a Chairman Roberts bobblehead or a Xi’an space plant, your character must be able to grab objects with one or two hands and then place them where desired. Player to Massive Item: In development terminology, a massive item is any one that is too large for a player to reasonably interact with themselves. Think a ton of steel, a replacement Hornet wing or a multi-meter torpedo. Massive items differ from standard items because they will require in-game tools for handling: anything from cargo drones to loader suits. Player to Container: Current Star Citizen pilots are likely most familiar with the Stor-All container found on some models of Aurorae. Under the hood, there are two types of containers: crates and tanks. Crates are containers that can hold the loose items used in the previous use cases. You might fill a container (like the Stor-All) with anything: weapons, electronics, artifacts, personal effects… even live animals! Tanks are an alternative form of container that hold anything the player wouldn’t naturally interact with: fuel, ore, scrap, nitrogen and the like. To simplify the loading process, every container in Star Citizen will include a port for a cargo jack allowing it to be manipulated directly using an array of anti-grav pulsers. Players will load their containers (or acquire them pre-loaded) and then position them aboard or attached to their spacecraft. Player to Pallet: Especially important for larger ships (like the Hull C, D and E) which would otherwise take ages to load, the player to pallet use case is how you will be able to stack alike containers. This allows containers to move as a group, as long as the stack is entirely within the locking plate on the top of the lower container. This holds true for grav pallets, which are giant mobile locking plates, and allows for cargo to be moved in bulk. Player to Cargo Bay: This final state is how players interact with their entire collection of cargo on any given ship. This is where we develop formal mobiGlas and environment tie-ins to give pilots control over their entire cargo manifest. From the manifest view, they can view and track all containers and items on a particular ship. GRABBY HANDS All of the above use cases are built atop one requirement: the ability for the player to manipulate individual component items at will. To enable this biggest technical hurdle, we have created a system called Grabby Hands. We’ve put together four demos to show you exactly how Grabby Hands works and what it lets you do! Looking at an item and then pressing F will pick it up. The appropriate animation will play and the item will be attached to the players’ hand. The item is now held! Looking down at the item again and press F will put it down. A raycast at shoulder height will determine where the item will be put, and the appropriate animation will play to put it there. While holding an item, look down at it and press and hold F will enter precision placement mode. In this mode, an AR indicator allows the player to choose the location where the item will be put. While in precision placement mode, clicking and dragging will allow the player to rotate the object around pitch and yaw. Make no mistake, this is more than just a system for picking up and putting down objects. With this process in place, we don’t need to create a unique animation for every single object in the universe; the game adapts to interact with what you’re doing, the way you want! http://player.vimeo.com/video/125958040 TWO-HANDED OBJECTS Two-handed objects are reoriented automatically when picked up to simplify the attachment points needed for these animations. Beyond this exception, two-handed objects work exactly like one-handed ones do. http://player.vimeo.com/video/125958039 COIN FLIP Here’s where Star Citizen’s physics engine really shines! By interacting with items, you can manipulate them in a realistic manner that takes into account your environment (and its respective gravity and other conditions.) What that means in this case is that you can use Grabby Hands to manually flip a coin! Moving up while releasing the coin will cause it to flip, at which point it can be caught again. Holding still or moving down while releasing will simply drop the coin. Multiple coins can be picked up and flipped simultaneously, causing it to rain coins and make a mess. Groups of coins set down together tend to be much more organized. But this isn’t just about coins: it’s about creating a system that gives players more control over their universe. It will create new ways for players to express themselves through their interactions in the ‘verse! http://player.vimeo.com/video/125955932 USABLE ITEMS When holding a useable item, look down at it and double tap [F] to use the item. While an item is in use, double tap [F] to unused the item and return it to the cargo state. This means that any personal item you might use (such as a gun, or a flashlight) can also be stored as cargo. http://player.vimeo.com/video/125955934 ITEMS AND CONTAINERS Every container has two key statistics: Standard Cargo Units (SCU) and Number of Ports. These define everything the game needs to know about loading a container onto a pallet or attaching it to a ship. SCU defines the exterior dimensions of the container in cubic meter increments, while the number of ports defines how many discrete slots into which items can be placed are available. Ports are 0.25m spaces. In this example, the container is a 2SCU, 63Port container (a 2.5m x 1.25m x 1.25m container with a 2.25m x 1.0m x 1.0m available interior space.) Items are also rated in the number of Ports they occupy when placed into a crate: a pistol is 1p, a rifle is 2p, a missile is 6p and so on. When an item is released inside the containment field of a crate, the item latches onto the nearest port and animates into place. http://player.vimeo.com/video/125955836 CONTAINERS AND PALLETS As noted above, pallets are used to move more cargo in fewer trips. Loading fifty individual containers of ore would be no fun (and ultimately wouldn’t be realistic) and so a system must be put into place to allow bulk loading of same cargo. The player will interact with very large containers and pallets, often so large that they will obscure visibility. To counter this issue, the cargo jack includes a UI interface depicting the local area to the player, much like the landing assist UI recently premiered in Arena Commander. This ultimately allows for precise and intentional manipulation of cargo. http://player.vimeo.com/video/125960650 http://player.vimeo.com/video/125955933 CARGO BAY The SCU value introduced earlier defines the exterior dimensions of containers, which is important to note because it allows the number of SCU a ship is rated for to actually correlate with the SCU value of all containers which can be placed inside that particular cargo bay. Containers are placed in a locking grid of sorts, which marks out (floor to ceiling) where cargo can be stored onboard a ship. The technology that drives these locking plates only require power to change state, and will secure even unboxed cargo as long as it is fully within the locking area. This means that only cargo containers can stack while disallowing infinite bridges, and that turning off the power plant won’t shred the ship with instant cargo shrapnel. Active locking plates are lit gold, although the light will change to red if there is something wrong: the cargo bay is too damaged to maintain lock, any of the items atop the plate cannot be secured and so on. The plates on the floor are 0.5m x 1.0m and are echoed on the tops of containers, allowing the containers to stack and still lock. Cargo Stasis Off Cargo Stasis On SHIP/CARGO INTERACTION Finally, as included in the final use case players must be able to interact with their cargo from the ship’s onboard manifest. Using the manifest, you can activate and deactivate locking plates (to jettison cargo), set orders for arranging cargo and see the effect that all of your items are having on your center of mass (unlike previous games, your ships’ performance will be tied to the mass and volume of what you decide to load aboard her!) We are in the process of developing the UI for this system today, and are proud to present a mockup of the current version. Cargo Manifest: Cargo Jack: Container Content&Status Cargo Concept Gallery (This gallery of images were created internally to pitch the cargo concept to the team.) // END TRANSMISSION The detail they've put into this is (again) amazing. We'll need to see if this doesn't turn out tedious after a while, but it is very promising. A possibility could be that with more personnel you can load your ship faster for example. After all the 5 people on board a Hull C/D/E need something to do. It's also in line with creating immersion. Stuff just doesn't magically appear in your ship or is hidden in inaccessible parts of your ship. It's really there
  18. The point of this post it to theory craft the hull series in a combat role. The team at CIG says, basically the modularity of the Hull E far outshines any other craft being offered at this point in time. So I'm curious what you have to say in reference to the Hull series could be in a combat role, direct or otherwise. My example theory craft would be, if the Hull series can carry ship parts, why not full ships? And could those ships be magnetically clamped to an appropriate landing surface mod that attaches to those spindles? Therefore allowing a super cheap, yet super vulnerable craft transport be utilized to conserve resources in the long run. Ooo! Or maybe the Hull C you own is chalk full of mines in its cargo hold, which could easily be jettisoned mid flight to stitch some form of "No-Man's-Land" like lines threw space! Possibly blocking the entrance/ exit of a thick asteroid cluster to prevent capital ships from breaching your mining operation. If that theory doesn't tickle your fancy, feel free to reply with your own!
  19. This fan has identified how large a standard freight unit is in SC and uses these sized crates to do cargo studies - Enjoy
  20. Alaris

    Ship Roles

    What does everyone think? And are there missing ships? Exploration Trade & Industry Combat Ops Ilegal Multiple Other Exploration Light: Aurora ES, Aurora LX, 315p Exploration Mid-Long: Freelancer, Constellation, Retaliator (mod needed), Zeus, Carrack, 890 Jump Light Fighting: Aurora MR, Aurora LN, 300i, 315p, 325a, F7a Hornet, Avenger, Mustang, Gladius Medium Fighting: F7c, Link(bomber), Voids(bomber), Cutlass Heavy Fighting: F7c-M Super, Gladiator, Retaliator(bomer) Stealth: F7c-s Ghost Tracking: F7c-r Tracker Training: Avenger Trainer Light Cargo: Aurora CL, Aurora LX, 315p, Gladiator, F7c Hornet Medium Cargo: Cutlass, Freelancer, Retaliator (30 t), T-XIII Heavy Cargo: Constellation, Starfarer, Banu Merchantman, Mover Transport, Tomahawks, Caterpillar Short Range Cargo: Aurora CL, 315p, Gladiator, F7c Hornet Mid Range Cargo: Cutlass, T-XIII, Aurora LX, Long Range Cargo: Freelancer, Constellation, Starfarer, Retaliator, Banu Merchantman, Mover Transport, Tomahawks Scouting: Avenger, 325a, 350r, M50, Cutlass, Xi-An Scout, Khartu Pirates: Cutlass, Freelancer, Constellation, Caterpillar Bounty Hunter: Avenger, Freelancer, Constellation, Cutlass Racing: 350r, M50 Information Runner: 315p, Aurora LX, Avenger, Herald Search & Rescue: Starfarer, Cutlass Diplomacy: Freelancer, Caterpillar, Constellation, Starfarer, Banu Boarding: Crawler, Caterpillar Salvage: 315p, Cutlass, Gladiator(10t), Retaliator, Starfarer(72t), Surveyor Smuggling: Caterpillar, Freelancer, Constellation, Cutlass, Hull C Passanger/Taxi: Freelancer, Cutlass, Constellation, Retaliator (mod needed), 890 Jump Resources: Starfarer(gas), Harvester Carrier(all), Surveyor(salvage), Orion(mining), Harvester(mining), Spider-shaped industrial- -mining tool Colinization: Artemis Living Quarters: Cutlass, Freelancer, Constellation, Retaliator (mod needed) Support Fleet: Cutlass, Constellation, Retaliator, Starfarer, Vanduul Scythe, P-52 Merlin, Panther Escort Carrier, Escort carrier Fleet Ships: Idris, Idris-p, Javelin Destroyer, Bengal Class Carrier, Escort Carrier, Kingship, Hunter Destroyer, Xi’An Oracle Class Carrier, Destroyer(Biggest purchasable ship in the game), Mauler Cruiser MultiFunction: Constellation, No idea: Buccaneer, Torch, X-7, Fiera, Cestus, Cruiser, Raider, Dropship, Utility Ship *updated *List below donated by Valenquo, only ships used from ship stats page on RSI website. 10 to 25 meters: The fighters. (one or two pilots, versatile, often adaptable) Fighter Class Includes all variants: Aurora Series, 300 Series, m50, Hornet Series, Avenger, Vanduul Scythe, Gladiator, p-52 Merlin, Herald, : Mustang, Qhire Khartu-al 29 to 50 meters: The small ships (Freelancer and Cutlass - Small enough to 1-2 crew but large enough for advanced operations) Small Ship Class : Cutlass, Freelancer, 55 to 80 meters: The multi-role ships (great for small crews and general mission platforms - the flag ship of most group) Medium Ship Class :Caterpillar, Retaliator, Constellation, 890 Jump, Carrack, Orion, Surveyor 90 to 225 meters: The Haulers ( small crew, lots of value transported) Large Ship Class :starfarer, Hull C, Merchantman, 240 meters and up: The Capital ships (large crew, lots of offence and defense, heavy in logistics) Capital Ship Class :Idris,
  21. Should I post this in RSI Subscribers Den? As a long time space Sim fan, there is a long list of things I and many of us have wanted in our space games. Lets go through a checklist of what we can see in SC: The simple things you want is of course space fighting, trading and mining. *check* More advance wants you begin to see more archetypes of activities; bounty hunters, personnel transporting ect. *check* Finally the coveted: "I want to walk around on everything not just see a space HUD": Ships *check* Space Stations *check* Planet walk *check* but how much? cities only? Planet Flight ? how big will the planets be explorable via flying? While there are some questions up above my craving for more is this: Wouldn't it be great if cargo was a Physical Object instead of numbers on a screen? Picture this: You log in to your hanger to do some trading, fly out to a space station and purchase 1tonne of rations for 10uec ea., a forklift comes along with a box, and drives right into your Freelancer cargo bay and sets down the box. Now when you walk into your freelancer there is something taking up physical space on your ship!! You can inspect it and if they get really fancy with this game, even mess with it as you wish ie. eat some rations, but none the less when your cargo hold is full, YOU REALLY can see it is full. You then of course seal your cargo doors and fly to and outlying world, a dusty place that buys rations for 80uec ea., a rather nice profit even after paying for gas. Of course were not dealing with numbers here so you take out that buggy you have inside your Freelancer and cart that box of rations to the vendor, finger on the mouse ready to use your fps mode and whip out a laser rifle Call of Duty Style should things go south, since your goods are physical and thus steal-able, selling them just gives you that much more feeling of accomplishment, and makes use of all this actual cargo space we see when we walk on our ships in the Hanger Module. A game that had a lot of space, flying around in worlds as much as in space was: *There was a game which was notable because it tried to implement many of these "wants" called Battlecruiser 3000AD(or Millennium), but it was simply ahead of it's time and thus without the proper tech/funding/people on project etc. it never became that big as far as I know, however, for those of us who did play it, we have always "wanted" more. And now demand more from our space Sims saying, "here we are in 2014, lets do what this 80s-2001 game had but better," it's been over a decade so why not?* ^is my reasoning behind having a more physical universe; flying/walking around on planets, ships, stations etc. and feeling like you have a stake in what's going on because it's not just spread sheets, it's actual real-estate and rendered objects. A couple other things that would be fun is: Will there be air issues? If systems are hit and cabin pressure drops, will my crew have to worry about life sapport and thus have purchased expensive space suites just in case? Will my ships level? Will I level? Will leveling simply be how much UEC I have and so more upgrades and ships? Will there be crafting? -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- A simple way to answer these questions for all you dyslexics out there is recapped here: 1 How big are the planets and how much will players be able to fly in them, walk on them? 2 What do you think about making trade-able goods an actual physical sprite or art asset? 3 Is there going to be an oxygen system? 4 Any type of leveling? 5 Crafting? -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- If anyone has any insight on this please comment
  22. So, I was musing over the different ways cargo is handled in most trading games, and I realized that I had no idea how the cargo will be handled in SC. I tried a brief search of the forums (both here and RSI), but I didn't see anything that immediate answered my question, so I figured I'd put it to you guys. Given that all the ships seem to hold cargo in discrete increments of tonnes, and that tonnage does not fluctuate too broadly (The Starfarer goes to 75 tonnes, but the Constellation only has 35, only 7 times the Aurora's 5), I'm curious if cargo will be in similar discrete tonne increments. That is, will a ship with a 5 tonne capacity basically be limited to 5 cargo "slots" or not. In a lot of games, goods seem to be slotted by price rather than mass or volume, so they'll have 10000 credits worth of electronics or weapons taking up the same cargo space as 1000 credits worth of rocks. I hope this won't happen in SC, since it is kind of annoying for low-capacity ships to be limited not only by what amount they can carry, but also to be regulated to a few types of cargo at any given time. A tonne is a lot for many types of goods, and I would hope that smaller ships would be able to transport small but expensive items for a higher turnover than large cargo vessels, which would create a more varied market dynamic for different ship types. For example, if construction materials can only be efficiently transported by 10 guys in the galaxy with huge ships while everyone else wants to carry expensive diamonds or electronics to make the trip worthwhile, the markup for transport will be much higher than if everyone is regulated to cargo goods limited in comparable price points. tl;dr version: Will cargo always be in integer multiples of tonnes as are the ship capacities? Has anyone seen this answered? Elsewhere?
  23. So this is ship I am starting with. I am not going to buy a whole fleet of ships. I was gonna just go with the Constellation and I read it can hold other ships inside her. So I thought it'd be cool to buy 1-2 ships I can load inside her and use when i want or maybe have buddies use while we are out in the Cons. I wanted to purchase them all now to take advantage of my LTI on all ships. Is this possible? and what ships should i get that will fit inside? ================================================== ================= If this has been asked I am very sorry, plz move to right location :/
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