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Found 8 results

  1. I was doing some research on spectrum in 2.6 when I came across some shocking stats on the Bengal... apparently it has 90 turrets room for an Idris in it's hanger and one of it's turrets is HUGE... and I mean HUGE. It's called a "Ship Buster" Railgun. According to CIG: I totally want to stand on that as it fires. I would love to fly an aurora up the cannon and watch the shell load in and be fired out with it. From what I understand the Bengal has a crew of up to 1000 people. Just imagine the depth of teamwork needed to get that one off the ground huh? What are you most excited for in SC concerning capital ships? Anyway all this had me really excited so I made a vid: I would love your feedback!
  2. Short question, I've been puzzling over this one for a bit too long and I haven't seen it discussed on RSI or Reddit. What/where is this hangar? I'm trying to figure it out-it doesn't look like any of the capital ship hangars we know of (maybe Bengal upper deck launch area? But the color scheme/lighting doesn't scream Bagel Carrier to me). Idris? But only a portion of the hangar deck model?
  3. Enjoy the Javelin and other 3.0 goodies in all its sweet glory!
  4. Wanting to buy an Idris capital ship PM me if you are willing to sell thankyou
  5. So, with the recent release of video on the capital ships, it reinvigorated my joy and interest in the huge end of Star Citizen. For the past year or so we've really been seeing the fleshing out of things on the dogfighting scale, but what about on the large end of things? I find myself thinking that it would actually be truly incredible to function a lot like the Enterprise from Star Trek, having a constant crew of people inside of the ship and traveling the galaxy, functioning as if you are one consistent crew in one of the fleets largest ships, instead of constantly finding a new crew every time you want to fly the a capital ship. Is anyone else interested in the idea of being a member of a crew in a capital ship and treating it as a mobile base, instead of just an accessory to a large fleet action?
  6. Context: Freelancer was a game that was designed by Chris Roberts back in 2001. Like SC, you could be a pirate, trader, explorer, salvager etc, but you couldn't walk in ships or cities and there was a bunch of other stuff that you couldn't do. Now that I think about it, its amazing to see how 15 years could change this to this... hell, even when I glanced at the development section in Freelancer's wiki page, the similarities between Freelancer's and SC's scope and development process/hardships are striking:
  7. Idris(M) 6 x Class 5: Behring M3C ASA Turrets 1 x Class 6: Behring M5C STS Turret 1 x Class 6: A&R Plowshare Anti-Ship Missile Launcher (ASML) 1 x Class 8: Klaus & Werner Zestroyer Spinal Mount Rail Gun Idris(P) 7 x Class 5: Behring M3C ASA Turrets 1 x Class 6: Behring M5C STS Turret ----------------------------------- What roles do you guys see the two ships? How much of impact will the railgun have over not having? How many people you think will upgrade to the (M) when they sell the kits for the (P)?
  8. Has there been any mention of the baseline AI self-defence capabilities of destroyer/carrier-class ships? It would make sense that those ships wouldn't need to have a player in every turret/ 10+ players babysitting them at all times. If it did, players from relatively uncommon timezones (such as Australia) would be able to exploit these periods of inactivity to take other guild's capital ships. Even when unmanned (by players) these ships should take a moderately sized fleet at the least to sieze.
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