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Found 7 results

  1. Since now CIG told eclipse fits into an Idris, I am asking here some opinions about the different uses of the eclipse and gladiator in a pack of three carried by an Idris. Pro, conts ... comments?
  2. ATV is out this week with a Ship Shape on the Eclipse. Both the Eclipse and Hercules A2 are both bombers that I really like to have but didn't end up getting (maybe because there are too many Bombers now?) Pick your Favorite Bomber in the Poll then list them in order - including the reason why you favor the ship or dis-favor it.... + whether or not you (OWN) the ship My list is below: Harbinger - (OWN) - It is my top pick due to its size and long range (Vanguards are designed to be long range + the Harbinger has better armor than the standard Vanguard). I also think (with the Rail Gun and Rocket Launcher) it can sustain a fight longer than most bombers and have the armor and the Vanguard Hull (known to be tough) and be able to limp away even when severely damaged (note Vanguards will also likely get buffed compared to how they perform now in AC). Javelin - (OWN) - It would be my top pick with it being the ultimate ship a player can own but it is going to take a large investment and crew to make it worthwhile on a mission Polaris - (OWN) - I am very happy (as many know) that they didn't make this an STS turret ship and instead made the Corvette a Bomber to counter the Vaduul Void Bomber - which is also their Corvette..... (since a Corvette will get trashed up against a larger capital ship in a slug-fest) - making it a boom and zoom tactical ship. I am also happy they made the Hammerhead as an ASA turret ship focused on taking out fighters and bombers (instead of capital ships - since it too would get trashed in a slug-fest with a larger capital ship). Retalitator - (OWN) - I love the size of the ship and love the long range and modular options.... but hate the corridor design Hercules A2 - I am still considering this ship and it will likely be a priority goal of mine in the PU - since it will be the Penultimate Bomber Planet side (with the MOABs likely to flatten mountains with a much higher payload than the other torpedo bombers). The Cluster Bomb option will also work great vs less hardened but more spread out installations / outposts. + Carrying at least one Tank will give it even more options. Gladiator - It is still my favorite carrier based short ranged bomber (I used to own one - melted it since I have too many bombers) but while it won't pack as big of a punch as an Eclipse it will still be more useful in more situations than an Eclipse ..... and even with dogfight options vs a fighter where an Eclipse will be more vulnerable. Eclipse - I came very close to pulling the trigger on the Eclipse.... but I see it more as an NPC (or Wingman) ship (with Death of a Spaceman).... one that you escort to its target then it flies back to re-load (as a confirmed carrier bomber - per ATV). I do love the stealth aspect and the look of the ship.... just skeptical about how fun it will be and if it will be too easy to pick off once spotted. I am also a little concerned with how much skill (or forced auto-pilot) you'll need to have it land on an Idris (on ATV they mentioned it will need to have its wings fold up to do so) - making it much easier (thus faster and safer) to land a Gladiator on an Idris.
  3. This coming Monday (at 6pm PST) we should talk about the Eclipse.... and evaluate it vs other bombers. Feel free to post you ideas as well on this thread.
  4. Hello Citizens. I am looking to buy an Aegis Retaliator Bomber with LTI. Please PM me if you have any available. Also PM me your offered price.
  5. Title says almost all you need to know. If you are interested, which means you are READY to pay $375 for this Retaliator Bomber with LTI, I will give you my phone number so we can chat. I am a Staff Sergeant stationed at Fort Bragg, NC. No BS, no scams. Retaliator Bomber with LTI for $375. Paypal Only.
  6. Hi all, I have a mini fleet of standalone Tali ships and I'm looking to sell a couple. PayPal verified please and as the title says, the price does includes pp fees. Thanks.
  7. Wondering if the Vanduul favor bio weapons, viruses, crawling facehuggers etc. Are they the 'Engineers' of the SC universe? Also curious as to the escort ships shown, placeholders or drones?
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