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Found 5 results

  1. These ships are already listed on eBay as well and are seller faster than I had expected (Reliant, Freelancer, Starliner, Carrack gone). Prices on these ships are higher on eBay but after the insane 10% selling fee, I barely break even. These prices are pretty fair and firm so please don't send humerus offers of $30 for Misc Reliant like I recently received on my eBay listing. Buyer pays Paypal fees. Aegis Reclaimer LTI - $400 Misc Reliant LTI - $85 Aegis Redeemer LTI - $325 RSI Aurora LX LTI - $85 Misc Digital Freelancer Package LTI - $175 325a Arbiter Package LTI - $165
  2. Hi Like this post suggests I would like to buy two of any of these ships in LTI. Aurora LX , Aurora MR, AURORA LN, AURORA CL, MUSTANG BETA, MUSTANG ALPHA. Let me know if you have any of these for sale. PM me with prices. Regards: Hefty
  3. Digital pirate blue sold, closing thread for the next thread So @jaustin89 (invited him to create an account here) is selling his lti ships at SC trades His asking prices were high but he is 'fairly flexible' with counter offers. If you read the reddit post the 2 completed trades were from me, of which was for a fleet member. If there's any item that interests you, put your offers below or PM, I'll check with Jaustin89! If you need additional safety, I am willing to be the intermediary/guarantor (you pay me $, i pay him rsi$, he gives you the ship), fleet members only though and buyer covers fees 4.4%+0.3 Good luck and thanks for reading.
  4. Hey fellow citizens! I want to trade my Avenger and Aurora LX with LTI and a Origin M50 Racer for a Reclaimer LTI. Send me a PM if interested. I made a edit and decided to trade my m50 aswell.
  5. [sOLD] I'd like to sell this package for $180 $110 (Verified Paypal only). I got better ships, so I'd like to get rid of my "Starter Package - LTI". It includes the following: RSI Aurora LX SelfLand Hangar Starting Money: 1,000 UEC Star Citizen Digital Download Lifetime Insurance Alpha Access Beta Access Digital Star Citizen Manual Cheers!