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Found 2 results

  1. Hey Imperium! I have been interested to hear about the Origin Celebration event that's (hopefully) happening this week. I'm banking on tomorrow being the first day... So what do we think about it? Origin Rover? The mysterious Goldfinch? I originally thought they might have a new concept, but they've been advertising it as "celebrating the 300 series", so maybe a new ship would steal the spotlight? If all of the Origin ships go on sale again, is there a specific ship y'all have your eyes on?
  2. GREETINGS CITIZENS, The entire team at Cloud Imperium Games is proud to reveal today the ORIGIN Jumpworks 300 Series line of spacecraft. You’ve caught glimpses of the base model ORIGIN 300i over the past few months and now we’re pleased to unveil the entire line. We believe this ship represents some of our best work to date and that you’re going to want one parked in your hangar! From the well-equipped 315p explorer to the powerful 325a dogfighter to the speedy limited edition 350r racer, there’s a 300 Series ship for everyone. In addition to the glossy ship brochure, we’re extremely pleased to present to you the very first promotional ship commercial —rendered entirely in-engine —aimed at showing you just what you’re putting in your hangar! We’re debuting the base 300i commercial today and then over the course of next week we will have alternate commercials for each of the variants, similar to how present day car manufacturers treat the launch of a new model. https://cdn-rsi.s3-us-west-2.amazonaws.com/brochures/300series_brochure.pdf 300 SERIES SALE WEEK Unlike the Aurora, this time we’ve decided to make all the 300 variants shown in the brochure available for sale all at once! For backers who picked up a 300i before this promotion (or as part of one of the Bounty Hunter packages) you can upgrade to the 315p or 325a now with a cost-effective dealership package. Digital Bounty Hunter Package ($65) The Digital Bounty Hunter package includes Star Citizen and Squadron 42 plus an ORIGIN 300i spacecraft and 2,000 credits to start with. Package includes exclusive access to the Alpha and Beta, a digital game soundtrack, map of the universe and 42-page manual. For new backers, this is your last chance to purchase a Bounty Hunter package with LTI! Pathfinder Package ($75) Do you know you want to be an explorer in Star Citizen? Then pick up the Pathfinder package, which includes everything from the Digital Bounty Hunter but replaces the base ORIGIN 300i model with a capable ORIGIN 315p explorer. See what’s out there! Arbiter Package ($80) Are you ready for action? Pick up the Arbiter package, which includes everything from the Digital Bounty Hunter but replaces the base ORIGIN 300i model with a capable ORIGIN 325a fighter. Make them think twice before tangling with you! Lightspeed Package ($120) Do you have a need for speed? Pick up the Lightspeed package, which includes everything from the Digital Bounty Hunter but replaces the base ORIGIN 300i model with a limited edition ORIGIN 350r racer. This package also includes an exclusive racing suit to match the fighter! ORIGIN 300i Add-On Ship ($55) The base model ORIGIN 300i combines style and grace with intense combat ability. 300i are flown by the hottest bounty hunters in the galaxy… who aren’t afraid to show a little style! Take your game further by adding a 300i to your hangar. ORIGIN 315p Add-On Ship ($65) The 315p is ORIGIN’s “exploration” ship, featuring long-range engines and a pre-installed tractor beam! Explore strange new worlds in the comfort of a brand-new ORIGIN 315p. ORIGIN 315p Upgrade ($10) Want the improved engines and tractor beam but already own a 300i? Upgrade an existing 300i to a 315p at cost! ORIGIN 325a Add-On Ship ($70) The ORIGIN 325a is the militarized model, featuring pre-installed missile launchers and a centerline Mass Driver Cannon. The 325a packs a powerful punch and should scare off even the deadliest Vanduul raiders! ORIGIN 325a Upgrade ($15) Want to battle it out with an extra Mass Driver and missile mounts but already own a 300i? Upgrade an existing 300i to a 325a at cost! ORIGIN 350r Add-On Ship ($100) Limited time offer! ORIGIN produces the 350r variant for the best racers in the galaxy… and now you can own one yourself. The 350r features an upgraded fuselage with twin-mount thrusters to give pilots the ultimate advantage on the racetrack and off.
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