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Found 8 results

  1. Imperium hosted its monthly game night on Saturday the 22nd, and after the final Custom Scenario event we decided to assault Kareah. We were being egged on by four or five guys who described themselves as being a "scratch group of players from Operation Pitchfork from various orgs." We accepted their challenge and zerged them! Forgive my lackadaisical flying: I'd been flying off and on for the better part of 11 hours as part of the event. We don't know this for certain, but this may have been the largest dogfight in the Crusader module to date. Enjoy the chaos! Imperium members who took part in the assault: @CyberianK @Nazerath @Sir_Belial @Pagan_X2 @Cincinnatus @Donut @Parker @Korren @Furbsta @Vaderhexagon @Bloppo @Deadlife @Space-Moose @XLB @Deonaldi @ImLost Upvote on RSI, too: https://robertsspaceindustries.com/community/citizen-spotlight/6254-NSFW-16-Imperium-Members-Assault-Kareah-Epic-21-Man-Dogfight
  2. In preparation for the Imperium Game Day / Night on Saturday, I was planning to build a list of key bindings for new and returning pilots. (Things have changed for you KB + Mouse users!) Fortunately, someone has already done the work for me. I'm going to copy the list here, but full credit goes to SCFocus.com. (http://scfocus.org/star-citizen-2-5-key-bindings-commands-controls/) I'm going to cut key bindings I don't consider to be all that important for the sake of brevity and change the formatting to make the list easier to navigate, but the full list can be viewed by following the link. Here is a printable list as well: http://www.xenocorp.net/H_bardCorner/StarCitizen/SC2_5_KeyboardMappings.pdf For those who don't know or haven't heard yet, the Imperium Game Night is this Saturday the 22nd and runs from 1500 to 0300 UTC. We now run an Imperium Game Night monthly! Key Bindings for 2.5 On Foot Commands MobiGlas – F1 (can also be accessed while flying) Cycle Camera (1st person / 3rd person) – F4 Cyce Camera Free Look mode (*New): Z Contacts – F11 Chat – F12 Chat Cursor – RIGHT ALT + / Weapons: 1, 2, 3 Holster Weapon – V *HOLD* Heal With Medpen – H Suicide – RIGHT ALT + BACKSPACE Turn on Suit Light – T Exit Seat / Bed / Turret: HOLD F Jump – SPACEBAR Crouch – CTRL Prone – CTRL *HOLD* Sprint – SHIFT *HOLD* Hold Breath (While aiming) – SHIFT *HOLD* Reload: R In Flight Commands: Throttle Up: W Throttle Down: S Throttle Max Min Toggle: Backspace Decoupled Mode Toggle: C Strafe Left: A Strafe Right: D Roll Left: Q Roll Right: E Flight Mode (Precision, SCM, Cruise): V Quantum Travel Mode: B Cycle Countermeasures: G Launch Countermeasures: G *HOLD* Hud Mode: F3 Ship Self Destruct: RIGHT ALT + BACKSPACE Exit Pilot Seat (Also Exit Bed in Ship): HOLD F (Keyboard) Exit Pilot Seat (Also Exit Bed in Ship): RIGHT ALT + F Exit Seat / Turret: CTRL + F Eject: RIGHT ALT + L (Double Press L) Landing Mode: N Automated Landing: Hold N (must be above a landing pad, and the pad must be green on your HUD) Look Behind / Camera View Mode: LEFT ALT + Z Freelook Toggle: Z Freelook: Z *HOLD* Cycle Mouse Aim Mode: RIGHT SHIFT Pin Target: P Cooler Rate Increase/Decrease *New – Left Alt + Numpad 7/8 Power Plant throttle *New – Left Alt + Numpad 4/5(double tap for max and min) While in EVA: Boost: SHIFT Strafe Up: SPACEBAR Strafe Down: CTRL Roll Left: Q Roll Right: E Strafe Left: A Strafe Right: D Yaw Left: LEFT ALT + A Yaw Right: RIGHT ALT + D Freelook: Z Brake: X
  3. I was thinking we should start a thread about Easter Eggs and other finds that have been located in the PU. One I had in mind is the abandoned habitat located under Grim Hex. Here is a guide of sorts to find it Not sure if it counts but there is a datapad on the top floor of kareah about fixing the filtration system.. future mission? Then there are the 7 datapads you can find during the PI Covalex mission. Each datapad give you an entry in your journal. two of them give you keys to open locked doors. I am sure there will be many more to come.
  4. TheNOOBIFIER1337 along with Aces High and Enemy Contact, had an 8v8 match, where they tried a method of dropping troops onto the Security post from a Freelancer. The timing was spot on:
  5. So, I just came across this link this morning related to a datamine that resulted in a fully assembled and rendered Terra Prime, I felt many of you would enjoy it! [PREVENTIVE SPOILER ALERT] http://www.pcinvasion.com/star-citizen-city-discovered-game-code
  6. It worked for me: 1. Go to Karea security outpost 2. Lose your criminal status via hacking 3. Go to port olisar 4. Spawn a ship at port olisar 5. Log out to the main menu 6. Re-enter a crusader instance, you should be consistently spawning at port olisar, unless you increase your criminal rating once more Source PS: Close the launcher once you start the game, because the launcher uses some resources. Alternatively, you can start the game directly from the exe file under "public/bin64" and use the launcher for updates only.
  7. WOOT... 2.5 PTU is OUT for the first wave!!!!! No Caterpillar in the hangar though. I was hoping for a surprise.
  8. There is a thread on reddit which has collected a few videos from the issue council. https://reddit.com/r/starcitizen/comments/4vdvbn/25_videos_collected_from_public_issue_council/
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