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Found 7 results

  1. Hi Guys, I'm new from here, I'm from Luxembourg and I'm almost 45 years old (yes 45) and I'm a Proud Star Citizen! I've discovered today this community and I'm happy to join it!
  2. Hi there to all lucky Star Citizen gamers. I want to buy the game Star Citizen but can't find it in the game shops or JBHiFI. Iv also looked in Mighty Ape but can't find it anywhere. I really want the game, but not interested in downloading a torrent. I want to buy the game in the form of a CD in its game package new not used. I feel like I'm losing my marbles over this its been a wild goose chase in fact. Please someone help with the right advice on how or where I can buy the game new.
  3. Hi people, I'm having problems trying to find a profile for my X52 controller to play this game, can anybody help me please?
  4. Might be Interested In trading one of my Scythes for other ship(s) If the right offer comes through. I'm new here but have done plenty of trades on reddit, a change Is as good as the rest. Cash is not out the question but not Ideally what I'm looking for. Feel free to make offers, or not. Thanks.
  5. Timziito

    Is it just me?

    Is it just me? or do the Conni and retaliator seem really weak, i own an Talli and it got taken down in 4 shots by an "Space Toyota Prius" I know it is early.. but still WTF :/ MERRY X MAS! <3 From Sweden
  6. Hey guys, so i just managed to get 1.1.5, then 1.1.6 came out shortly after, i am still busy downloading 1.1.6 , but while i wait for the download i am playing some vanduul swarm in 1.1.5, but i cant seem to find how to free look in this version? could someone please tell me the keys to this option? iv looked everywhere and i cant find anything. So far i am using Insert to change camera views and Page up to swing the ship around a fixed camera point. but so far no free look. Thanks
  7. this post has been re-upload check here
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