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Found 147 results

  1. original, standalone, not ccu'd, LTI, upgrade efficient ships, available one per IMPERIUM member. You will pay for what I pay to buy back + paypal fees (estimated to my best effort). I can accept USD, EUR, or GBP! Assume usd:eur rate = 1:0.88 Gladius melt value $75(mistake... $80), upgrade value $90, you pay me $ - gone Gladiator melt value $150, upgrade value $165, you pay me $142.96 Starfarer tanker melt value $175, upgrade value $195, you pay me $166.73 Retaliator bomber melt value $250, upgrade value $275, you pay me - gone I have only 1 of each available for buyback, choose only what you need and please take this chance before they change euro prices after 2015! Only one per IMPERIUM member! Have a good year ahead! edit: please let those looking for the above know edit: register your interest on ONE ship below, no PMs
  2. Hi Everyone, I am ere to Sell ships.
  3. https://www.reddit.com/r/Starcitizen_trades/comments/3xp28n/wts_buy_back_pledges_aka_unmelts/
  4. Price: 80$ Payment Methot: Paypal
  5. Selling my secondary ED account, original email, originally bought in January 2015 to multibox. Fresh ranks and and 500M+ credits in total assets (see pic). Looking for 200 RSI or $170 (negotiable) $100 / 125 RSI PM if interested Thanks! p.s. also selling through reddit but here is at a lower price for Imperium members!
  6. EDIT: Didn't sell for a while, so I melted them both and got some other fancy stuff... Don't message me about them please. Original Message: Two ships I'd like to turn back into cash I have one Super Hornet with 24 Months insurance and game package: Starting Money: 1,000 UEC Digital Star Citizen Manual Squadron 42 Digital Download Star Citizen Digital Download 24 Month Insurance (ship only, no game package) $155 And one Super Hornet with 2 Months insurance and game package: Starting Money: 1,000 UEC 2 Month Insurance Digital Star Citizen Manual Star Citizen Digital Download Beta Access Selfland Hangar Arena Commander Pass $150 (90% of store price) Less insurance, but full game package instead. Both ships are giftable and I have my paypal account for over a decade (used mostly with ebay - 100% positive rating, selling mixers and other musician's gear) If you have any questions or if I missed a relevant detail, please let me know.
  7. Thank you for taking a look. Have Carrack LTI prime exploration ship all original perfect condition with no scratches or dents, perfectly kept, first hand with perfect condition pool. Very rare and now available for $450, please pm me. *Please only imperium members, bid with confidence I have done many trades here, deal will be done with snapshots on TS only to make sure all goes smooth*
  8. Game Packages $280 $250 - Colonel LTI [Physical goods included] (Upgraded to Hornet Ghost) http://imgur.com/QiQbM1k $225 $190 - Digital Freelancer LTI (Upgraded to Freelancer MAX) http://imgur.com/Pvs8uHc $185 $150 - Digital Pirate LTI (Cutlass Black) http://imgur.com/uPkOoAe $125 - Advanced Hunter LTI (Avenger) http://imgur.com/n4UdYoh SOLD $170 - Lightspeed LTI (350r) http://imgur.com/jMihGsA SOLD Standalone Ships $140 - Origin M50 LTI http://imgur.com/jZH2kaj SOLD $750 $680 - Origin 890 Jump LTI http://imgur.com/Vfjq0h9 Only PayPal verified, fees included. My timezone GMT+5.
  9. Hello guys, I'd like to sell the following: Item: Rear Admiral - LTI. What I mean: (I can also provide a screen of the Rear Admiral - LTI package ID in the Hangar Log, if you'd like to see it.) Price: $400 including Paypal fee. How: Paypal via Invoice. When you contact me, state your Paypal email address (for invoice), RSI handle and RSI email address (for gifting). PayPal verified only. EDIT: Sold.
  10. G'day SCB, Just letting you guys know I have a relatively new service where I will list items you want to buy and sell without asking for a commission and I will also middleman the exchange for free as usual. This means cheaper prices for buyers and sellers get more in their pocket from the agreed price. The lists are on reddit and can be viewed without needing an account, and I would prefer to be contacted through there, but I know there are people (like myself) who dislike the place and do not wish to become members. I can conduct the service through here, it will just take few extra steps. If you do not have a reddit account, you may have to be a member of SCB of some good standing before I agree to do business with you. A verified paypal account is a must. The lists are located as follows: Click here for the list of items for saleClick here for the list of items wantedShoot me a PM if you have an questions. Regards, B
  11. Just sold two Reliants to ShadowFrost; smooth and easy transaction. Thanks!
  12. I would like to sell the spaceships, prices exclude paypal fees: HULL C - LTI - 245 US$ / 220 € .....melted to buy me an Endeavor Reliant Mini Hauler - LTI 77 US$ / 69 € ..... sold. Orion - LTI - 450 US$ / 400 € .... sold. Drake Herald - LTI 110 US$ / 99 € ...sold. Reclaimer - LTI 497 US$ / 444 € .... I will keep it or sell for 615 US$ / 549 € Banu Merchantman - LTI or Retaliator - LTI 420 US$ / 375 € for one of them, the other one I will keep. I had some auctions at ebay, all positiv. If you wish we also can use ebay for transaction, but the huge fees of 10 percent are not so nice. If you are interested please pm me.
  13. Hi everyone, I'm selling a non LTI (6 month insurance) Physical Colonel package for $200 Paypal fees included: - Anvil Aerospace Hornet F7C - Starting Hangar: Aeroview Hangar - Starting Money 5000 UEC - 6 Month Insurance - **Spaceship-shaped USB Drive** - **CD of Game Soundtrack** - **Glossy Fold-up Star Map** - **Hardback Squadron 42 Manual** - Beta access - **Alpha access** - Squadron 42 Digital Download - Star Citizen Digital Download - **Deluxe Green Collector's Box** - Digital Star Citizen Manual http://i.imgur.com/p4AzmZz.jpg The package is currently sitting on a regular backer account with rewards from 42M onwards (the almighty UEE Towel, ORC armour, etc.) which can be included for $30 more, so you retain the package giftability. If that is the case, the usual blackmarket disclaimer will apply. http://i.imgur.com/48geiI6.jpg http://i.imgur.com/sUCwM6v.jpg I have a bit of trader history in Reddit and [eBay](http://www.ebay.es/usr/davidsdelgado). My timezone is GMT+1, so expect delays during the night time. Buyer goes first and pays middleman fees.
  14. Hello, It´s time for a little summer hangar cleanout. Therefore I decided to offer the following ships for sale: Banu MM - LTI: 400$ SOLD Origin M50 - LTI: 190$ Hull-E LTI: 650$ Payment method would be verified Paypal only. If anyone is interested please send me a PM.
  15. Hi There, I'm selling my Hull D with LTI to cover some incidental costs. It's a great ship for fun and profit! Citizien# 488787 Ford_Dent Freelancer & Hull D
  16. Hi, all. As a college student, I kinda need the cash from this game I've barely had the time to play, so I'm willing to sell it. $55 or £35. Feel free to PM me. It's a full account.
  17. Hello everyone, I am looking to sell my account which contains the best and most rare ships you can ask for in Star Citizen. My account contains the following main highlights: - Javelin Destroyer LTI - Idris-M LTI - Idris-P LTI - Lightspeed CCU to Super Hornet LTI - Physical package Constellation Phoenix NO-LTI - Coat - Side Arm - Several Backer Rewards that have been granted. For those that like screenshots: http://imgur.com/a/OVyzE All ships are account bound. (Of course other ships have been unlucked which can be un-melt like the 890J LTI, Retaliator LTI and the Carrack LTI, you just need the store credits for them) I am asking for $ 6,600 USD + ALL necesarry fees (paypal, middleman if any, etc etc) I am willing to take either a Origin 890J or an Idris-M as partial payment. (We'll negotiate the Idris's value for the trade) The account will not include the original email account. For the safety of both parties the transaction will be done live (online) and recorded for both to keep. I will send an email to you from the original account stating that I am abandoning the acount. If you have any questions let me know. Best regards, Disclaimer: (1) Account sales are in clear violation of RSI's terms of service, and are at high risk of being terminated at any time (2) The original owner will remain the legal owner of the account except in specific jurisdiction where local laws that supercede RSI's EULA allows for account transfers I (seller) promise to abandon my account, agreeing to never attempt to recover said account via RSI or any other means. As per RSI's EULA all accounts remain the original account owner and RSI's sole property
  18. As in the topic. I'd like to sell Drake Interplanetary Herald with LTI, the glorious info runner. I'm selling standalone ship package with all goodies that are included with it, I cover paypal fees, if you want pp invoice please add 3% to the price. I trade only with paypal verified users, if your RSI account address is different than Paypal, please add a notice in contact mail. Edit Also now selling 2 UEE enviroment coats 5$ each, and Aurora LX upgrade @edit Forgot to add that is tags LTI:)
  19. Glaive -- $475 Reliant -- $70 VS Carry -- $20 (will also accept store credit on this one only) pm me if interested!
  20. Hello everybody, Rear Admiral LTI, Physical, Alpha + attached Phoenix Upgrade SOLD to Darek $675 - $550 Retaliator Heavy Bomber LTI - ShipOnly SOLD to Scorpion-of-Asy $400 - $370 Digital Freelancer LTI + attached DUR Upgrade SOLD to CrashDDL 160 $ AMD Never Settle Space Edition, Mustang Omega - Non LTI SOLD to CrashDDL 40 $ RSI Aurora LTI, ShipOnly - upgraded to Origin 315P SOLD to RoghCutt $140 - price reduced to $120 RSI Aurora LX Upgrade $25 Payment via Paypal and only verified Paypal users. All Prices including Paypal Fees. For any questions please send me a PM or contact me here. Regards Marko
  21. Hi, all, I'm selling an LTI Reliant for $70 through Paypal. Feel free to PM me for more info. Sincerely, Tusing
  22. Hi everyone, I want to sell the following: Rear Admiral LTI package $ 450 including fee SOLD Aurora LTI upgraded to Mustang Delta $ 150 including fee Payment is done through Paypal via Invoice. When you contact me, please state your Paypal email address(invoice), RSI handle and RSI email address(gifting) for a fast trade. PayPal verified only. Regards, TopGun
  23. Hi all. I have several accounts for sale. http://www.reddit.com/r/T_Minus_Trading/ Apologies for the off-site link, but posting them all here is just way too much formatting for me to handle. Buying an account is a great way to get into the game - Buy an OB account, and become a kickstarter backer, with all the rewards that entails (http://starcitizen.wikia.com/wiki/List_of_backer_rewards), or pick up some premium, no longer sold, starships at significantly lower markup - or even at less than cost! Also selling Superhornets and Gladiators (165 RSI melt value) for $140, fully legit. and 140 RSI Credits for $120 US. So that's all my sweet deals for today - Let me know if you see anything you like! Oh yeah LTI Vanguard for $285 and AMD Omega package (w/ SQ42) $50 That's it I swear.
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