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Found 1 result

  1. Recruiting folks from around the world: NA / EU / OC all welcome! Welcome to the fleet, my friend. We're glad you're here. We gotta stick together if we're gonna survive. We're not the biggest fleet out there, but we're a good bunch of folks and everyone here is someone you can count on. Whether you're new to this whole spacefaring thing or you've been out here for decades, everyone's got something to bring to the table, even if it's conversation and kindness in this cruel, desolate universe. We're self-sufficient, ya know? We've got things to do and squads to do them. Everyone helps out. Nothing fancy, just the basics, but it's everything we need to thrive out here. We're a family, and you'll be treated like that from the get go. However, with that hospitality comes some responsibility, too. No freeloaders here, not one. You gotta be here, be active. Contribute to the community. We want friends we can rely on, ya hear? That doesn't mean you always have to be up in everyone's business, but when the time comes and we need all hands on deck, we expect you to report in. Everyone here signed up just like you did and agreed to be loyal, active, and civilized. We hope you enjoy it as much as we do. Let's get started. Background and Overview: The Art of Warfare (TAW) is a premier online multi-gaming community that has been around since 2001, with more than 2600 active members playing 30+ games of all genres. We have a wealth of experience in many different game types and leadership with years of experience managing large MMO-type organizations. We are a large community of players and our units are strongly grounded in teamwork and friendship. Every member is treated with respect, and we have a diverse community with people coming from many different backgrounds and levels of gaming experience. We maintain a social, family-friendly atmosphere and we hold our members to a high standard of conduct. No matter what your interests are, whether you are casual, hardcore, or something in between, we will do our very best to accommodate you. The Art of Warfare is like a home to us and we aim to provide a top-notch gaming experience for our members. Our Objectives: Discover new regions of the UniverseObtain useful materials and resourcesEstablish economic self-sufficiencyDefend ourselves and our resourcesAs we expand, we will broaden our scope, accommodating a diverse array of professions and playstyles according to our members’ desires. -- Why Choose TAW? Structured, organized units and missionsActivity standards that ensure that each member is an active one (no empty uniforms!)Autonomous team system - each with its own schedule and intensity levelA well-established leadership structure with healthy division of labor and volunteer positions in field operations, training, and administrationLarge, active teamspeak and robust member websiteWeekly organization-wide eventsMost importantly, our Code of Ethics that provides a friendly and civilized atmosphere-- Basic requirements: Teamspeak 3 and a working microphoneBe at least 15 years old and have a mature attitudeComplete an application and orientationAttend weekly eventsFollow our established Code of Ethics-- Our People: Recruiting Status: OPEN to all interests, all countries, and all experience levels! Division Roster is growing steadily! -- Questions / Concerns? Contact our Spin-Up Leader: Zoloft@taw.net Watch us on Twitch: TAW TV Need more Info? TAW.net website, Our RSI Site Ready to join up? Apply Here!
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