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Found 20 results

  1. We Are BWC We are a veteran owned and operated outfit, but by no means do you need to have a military background. We are a global, multi-gaming community that thrive for gaming excellence. As with all of our games, you can expect a highly organised unit that provides training, teamwork, and a professional gaming attitude, but know that fun and Real Life is just as important as winning. Through 14+ years, not only have we maintained a standard of excellence across multiple games, but we have built a solid reputation in online gaming that believes in integrity, fair play, dedication, and teamwork. That reputation has carried over to great relationships among other gaming communities and game developers such as Riot Game, Sony Online Entertainment, Piranha Games, and Cloud Imperium Games. There is a dedicated chain of command that oversees our 1000+ active members across all the games we play. We have created and maintained our own meta game with our established decoration program that allows members to earn awards based on meritorious actions, participation, and contribution. Gamers who sign on with BWC can expect to find their battle brethren ready and willing to support them both on and off the virtual battlefield. We try to offer Real help to our members in any way possible while pursuing more formal charitable endeavors. We practice teamwork, communication, and coordination. We apply our "ONE TEAM, ONE FIGHT" ethos in everything we do. Because together, having one goal, we can accomplish and succeed more than individuals having their own agendas. And we do so without risking or compromising our ability to have a good time. In our community, we understand that gaming excellence and having fun are not mutually exclusive. Our Vision BWC will be looking to move in the direction of PvP with an interest in economic and industrial endeavors. We will cater to the majority of play styles in order to ensure our success in all aspects of this game. We plan on operating primarily on the fringes of the universe and make the dark depths of deep space our home. We'll stand ready to defend and maintain our interests in any theater of the universe. Requirements We do have minimum expectations for recruitment and require a commitment on the part of potential members even though Star Citizen is still a distance away. We're not looking for you to become a Star Citizen member, we're looking for you to become part of the BWC community and all that it has to offer, and to participate and experience excellence in all the games we play. We operate under a clearly defined Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) which serves as our charter and code of conduct. We expect all of our members to embrace what we call the "BWC Bearing" and conduct their gaming business as the quite professionals we've established ourselves to be. JOIN US: Register on our website and submit an application: http://the-bwc.com/forum/register READ MORE: Want to know more about BWC and its history, check out our Website: http://the-bwc.com/forum/About CHAT: Jump on Teamspeak and have a chat with fellow BWC members to answer any questions you may have: ts.the-bwc.com WHERE CAN YOU FIND US? Website: http://the-bwc.com Steam: https://steamcommunity.com/groups/The-BWC Twitter: https://twitter.com/bwc_gaming Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/theblackwidowcompany Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/blackwidowcompany Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/BravoWhiskyCharlie
  2. We are Black Star Initiative! Black Star Initiative is a UEE Aligned Anti-Piracy Private Military Corporation with 60% our focus on combat related security of UEE Space and 40% towards all other non-combat roles. We use a structured branch to organize players more efficiently. See link: https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1Yc7m8bP8Izeg6x2QbtwaqqpmnMk1gtY1SRPLu9kM3mY/edit#slide=id.p3 We do require all of our members (Non-combat also) to be willing to fight on notice as we are firstly a PMC and all other non-security jobs provide the backbone of operations. As well, we understand your primary gameplay focus might include additional non-related gameplay, IE A Primary focus on Bounty Hunting and a Secondary Focus on Agriculture. Our Hot List of combat and non-combat roles in-need: Fleet Bomber Crew/Bomber Pilots, Medics, Weapons Operators(Turrets/Torps), Boarding Ship Pilots. If any of the above fits planned play-style please note when responding. We are however also non-specific currently. Interested to know more? Join us on our Discord: https://discord.gg/0Vq6b9nrXiNhOlPn More Info: https://robertsspaceindustries.com/spectrum/community/SC/forum/50177/thread/tbsi-black-star-initiative Official RSI Org Link: https://robertsspaceindustries.com/orgs/TBSI
  3. @Imperium Member PTU has been opened up to first wave testers, concierge members, and subscribers. This means that a good chunk of us already have access to 3.0 right now! If you don’t yet have access you have two options: Be patient, the devs are doing their best to get it to you as soon as possible. Subscribe for that sweet delicious early access. In either case, access or not, you are invited to join Imperium and the Star Citizen community this Saturday for a very special Game Day event! As mentioned in the most recent Game Day Announcement, in the case that 3.0 is in PTU for the upcoming Game Day (this Saturday the 25th of November 2017) we will be playing 3.0 and featuring it on the Game Day Stream for those of you who can’t yet play or would rather just watch. Along with the 3.0 shenanigans and the stream we will also be doing a bunch of giveaways of RSI gift cards, game packages, and Imperium branded clothing. Be sure not to miss this one!
  4. Game Day, November 25th

    Hello @Imperium Members! I would like to make an announcement regarding the next Imperium Game Day’s activities! As you may know already Patch 3.0 is (not so rapidly) approaching and it’s within the realm of possibility that the next scheduled Game Day may fall on a date where PTU is out of Evocati and semi-public. It’s reasonable to expect some sort of layered release as usual and not everyone will have access at the same time. With that said here are the contingencies for the next Game Day. Game Day for November will take place on the 25th. If 3.0 is not in a semi-public PTU or still with Evocati we will treat this month’s Game Day as a last attempt to get some practice in on our EVA, FPS, and Flight skills before 3.0. You can expect the usual, Star Marine, Flight Training, Game modes like, Zombie mode, Drunken Citizen, etc.. If 3.0 is in semi-public PTU we will be indulging the patience of those who have been foaming at the mouth for months and will prioritize playing 3.0 and streaming it for those who might not yet have access. If in some unholy change of events Chris holds an impromptu naked drunken late night stream and releases 3.0 public, we will be holding an Official 3.0 Imperium Game Day Event with lots of giveaways / Prizes. I would expect this not to happen before next month, though I will elaborate on the 3.0 Public Release Event further down. Of course, things get delayed and that is why we have plans for each option. We will learn more this coming Friday with the weekly 3.0 update and have an even better idea after the Anniversary presentation on the 24th. Previous Game Day: Would like to thank everyone who attended last Game Day! We had lots of fun! Special thanks goes out to @XLB and @Space-Moose who make a special effort to be present and provide flight training for anyone who wants to practice. It’s not everyday you get to train with the best! For those of you who don’t know these pilots are already offering something similar outside of Game Day as well, so if you can’t make it for the one on Game Day, or just want to train a little more please check out this link where you can get more information regarding flight training: Also, congratulations go out to @McKaby, @Endamaren, @TheOnly, and @rimmer59 who won gift cards for their participation in the 4 different game-day events. Winner's have until the next scheduled Game Day to accept their gift card otherwise we may send them to future winners. As mentioned in the contingency for this upcoming GameDay, we have special plans for the Public release of patch 3.0 Regardless of the date of the previous or future GameDay’s we are going to hold a special event to celebrate this long awaited patch the weekend of it’s release. Please understand that we may not be able to give much notice ahead of time but if you keep up with the CIG’s weekly updates you should have a good idea when to expect it. Of course, when we have a firm date we will post a much more flashy announcement and ping everyone via Forum/E-mail. Please keep this special event in mind and join us the weekend of the public 3.0 launch. We promise you will not be disappointed. Some of you may even leave with a new ship in your hangar! Details will be posted upon date confirmation from CIG. Standard Game Day Details Joining Game Day For those of you that want to make a return visit, or show up for the first time, you only need to enter the Landing Channel on TeamSpeak (ts.starcitizenbase.com), and one of our Hosts will direct you to the action! If you decide to take part in on the fun, please consider recording any events you take part in. We like to turn collected footage into fun promotional videos for our website or YouTube channel! Raffles and Prizes As every other Game Day, we’ll be offering raffle prizes based on individual participation levels! Raffles will be based on individual activities during Game Day, so here is the list of raffles you can enter: Participation Raffle - by checking in with a host in the Landing Channel, you can be entered Arena Commander Raffle - by attempting any mode within Arena Commander, completing it, and providing a screenshot, you will be entered Host Created event Raffle - by taking part in a Host Created event, completing it, and providing a screenshot, you will be entered Custom Events Raffle - by taking part in an official Custom Event run, you will be entered into this final raffle All the raffle prizes will be $10 RSI gift cards (Additional prizes may be provided, and will be announced at the start of Game Day) Newbie Info If you’re brand new to Star Citizen, we recommend getting in touch with us on Teamspeak or, checking this link out:
  5. ROBOT - Hardcore Org.

    <ROBOTS UNITE> APPLY HERE Currently recruiting the following: -Designer (marketing pieces ie: logo-backdrops-tags-etc...) -Writer/Editor (articles, branding, forum posts and more...) -Members Requirements: -Proof of being a Robot (Official avatar displays a robot, can be any quality image) -Meet or exceed all below human characteristics settings (Software with various acceptable preset characteristics for download coming soon) -Humour level 70+ -Common Sense level 80+ -Respect level 70+ -Positivity level 50+ -Open mindness level 70+ Have questions? Find us on Discord
  6. The United Commonwealth is holding open recruitment. Visit our org page or website today for more information. Hop into our Teamspeak and talk to one of our members. We play other games as well to pass the time until Star Citizen release. Come hang out, get to know us, let us get to know you. There will be a division and a job for everyone come launch. SC Org Page: https://robertsspaceindustries.com/orgs/UCOMM Website: http://uchq.org Teamspeak: ts.uchq.org
  7. Capital Ship Problem

    Recently, I viewed the video below discussing Capital Ship cost structures. After viewing it.. I had several take aways. The main feeling I had is that with the size and resources required to run Capital Ships it makes sense to me that everyone on board and the vertically integrated resource channels should be militarized primarily to save cost. In real life this is no more evident than PMC vs Traditional Army. Here is a article to illustrate the point: http://work.chron.com/private-military-company-pay-vs-army-pay-24574.html These are just my thoughts. Let me know what you think.
  8. Trusted Protection. Dependable Professionals. Corporate Webpage RSI Organization Page History PALADIN is a leading interstellar security and transportation company with project experience in over 30 star systems. We have a galaxy wide client-base comprised of both government and corporate sectors. We are also a major security provider to the United Earth Empire government. From PALADIN headquarters in [REDACTED] we are able to reach clients throughout the galaxy, from the many UEE systems to the fringe systems in more dangerous, unsecure space. Our clients benefit from the extensive capabilities of our personnel, built up through careers in the UEE Navy and Marines. PALADIN was established as a UEE government security provider by UEE Navy veteran Jason “Paladin” Targus in 2944. This was the year PALADIN was awarded a primary contract with the UEE Navy to support military security operations in hostile systems by providing experienced pilots along with capable ships to protect government supply convoys and by providing assistance in protecting commercial shipping routes. The definition and requirements of security are ever changing. In recent years, we have grown a successful security service in support of the mining industry, focused on providing protection for gas and mineral extraction companies in the more dangerous fringe systems. PALADIN now provides a wide breadth of services to the government and commercial sectors, to include: protective services, cargo transport, exploration of uncharted systems, refueling operations, recovery operations, advisory support, and training. Across these areas we employ over [REDACTED] people at any one time and run a fleet of over [REDACTED] ships. Our Services In these times of galactic uncertainty and hostage alien threat, organizations are seeking a reliable partner to help mitigate risk, ensure business continuity and achieve organizational objectives. Governments, multi-planetary corporations and non-governmental organizations can rely on Paladin Government Services for our security services and robust mission support. From supply chain management and Personnel and asset recovery, Paladin Government Services delivers full-scale, contingency support services. Additionally, our integrated security solutions encompass the spectrum of safeguarding personnel, critical infrastructure and valuable assets. Security PALADIN is a trusted industry leader renowned for its Convoy Protective Services in high-threat environments across the galaxy. Our highly skilled Fleet Antipiracy Security Teams (FAST) are the industry standard in Close Protection and other Special Services. With decades of military experience, our security specialists undergo a rigorous pre-employment vetting process. With one of the best safety records in the industry, PALADIN’s employee’s are continually commended for their commitment to performance. Transport PALADIN provides Secure Transport and Delivery Services of commercial goods, valuables and other assets for government agencies, businesses, and individual clients. All of our transport operations are conducted using our specialized heavily armed and armored transports or in conjunction with armed escorts. Recovery In the event of a deep space incident it is imperative that every company has robust Emergency Response and Crisis Management procedures and policies in place. PALADIN’s personnel and asset Search, Rescue and Recovery (SRR) division provides that very important capability for the private sector, as well as in support of UEE military operations. TeamSpeak3: We have a dedicated TeamSpeak server for our members. ------------------------------------------------------------------- Come Join Us Paladin Government Services is a private military company currently seeking motivated and mature players, who enjoy working together as a team, and want to collaboratively work towards building a fun and successful Star Citizen organization and community. We need your help to make it happen! There will be numerous opportunities to specialize in a variety of areas, all contributing to the success and mutual benefit of all. There is room for casual and hardcore gamers alike; roleplay is okay as well but not mandatory. Want to experience multi-crew flight but don’t have the right ship? Never fear we have anything from the Freelancer to the Idris frigate for you to try out! Who We Are We are adult gamers with careers and families who understand that real life always come first. We don't require you to put in a set amount of hours per week, we don’t have mandatory log-on times, and we don't force you to participate in group activities, we just provide the environment to make it better and are here to cater to your needs. Our ultimate goal is to provide a fun, relaxing, and drama-free environment for all of our members. To join is very simple- we don't require anything from you except the desire to have fun. What We Offer ★ Respect - to all members. ★ Strength - we value quality over quantity, we never spam for recruits. ★ Structure - we have an organized corporate structure and rank system with opportunities for promotion and bonuses. ★ Productivity - earning serious credits in the Verse! ★ Teamwork - numerous multi-crew ships to play on and multiple guild allies. Our Goal Simply to create a fun and rewarding gaming experience for our members. Paladin Government Services is built upon a foundation of fun, trust and respect, while embracing creative and innovative ideas from our members. Members are encouraged to try playing in any amount of roles they wish within our three main Divisions (Security, Transport, Recovery), as well as developing teamwork in between them. Our Services SECURITY ★ Convoy Escort ★ Ground Security (FPS) ★ Mining Security ★ Antipiracy TRANSPORT ★ Passenger Transit ★ Cargo Transport RECOVERY ★ Survey & Route Planning (Exploration) ★ Emergency Refueling ★ Search, Rescue & Recovery (SRR) Disclaimer We do not endorse nor participate in piracy or criminal activity. Join today! Apply Now ------------------------------------------------------------------- UEE Business News Wire: PALADIN Awarded Contract for Security Post Kareah
  9. Hello

    Hello there. Saw this game just recently a week ago or so and eventuelly ended up here. This game looks very promising and I hope it will turn out well. I figured I should just say hi and since I have a few questions I thought I could ask them here: I haven't pledged anything yet on the Star Citizen website. If I do, will I get to play the pre-alpha/alpha version as they showed on Citizencon a while back or is that just for backers in the original kickstarter?I would really like to join the Imperium "clan" you have here, but I have a few questions about how it would work. I guess this really only applies when the game eventually launches in a few years, but it doesn't hurt to know now. I would like to be some sort of adventurer/trader/organizer of some sort. As in, organize trade and industry. However, I would also like to fight as that looks very cool. Is it possible to have multiple positions in the "clan", where I have one ship for each?How are you organized? I assume this "clan" is supposed to own a huge section of the universe and control it, but that requires multiple suborganizations for military etc. Is this figured out already or will it come eventually? That's it for now. I am pretty busy IRL with school and stuff so I will not be extremly active, but I will follow the progress of the game since I am really looking forward to it. If have more questions I guess I will ask them eventually. See you around!
  10. Black Star Legion Realism Unit [ Black Star Legion's Mobiglass Portal ] [ Talk to a Recruiter on Teamspeak ] [ The Black Star Legion RSI Organization Page ] ======================================================================= Sector 26-D | Grid Coordinates: 1309N 2633E Desert Region | Elysium Present Day It didn’t take long for them to get famous after Operation Unilateral Force (OUF) hit the wires. Earth needed a major public relations success given the rise in Vanduul attacks against the frontier systems. The 78th Squadron for example became heroes for their strikes against Vanduul targets and the public consumed it, they said enlistments in the UEE Navy and Marines rose for months after the operations went public. What UEE Public Affairs didn’t report however was the loss of an entire task force in another sector. Our mission, deploy into the Vul Ture System - land Marines from 3rd MEU in a Direct Action mission against several confirmed Vanduul military logistical centers, conduct an HTV recovery at a known interrogation facility. Our other mission, utilize the capital ships from Frigate Strike Group 22, her escorts and fighters to hold the jump point and flank of the main UEE force that deployed from FOB Ceran during the operations main assault. ... It was a damn nightmare. Sector High-Command and intel got it wrong, big time. UEE High Command didn't even try to mount a rescue … How did they put it? “The sector was overrun with Vanduul and congested with civilian refugee’s, Sol considered the risk unacceptable to mount a rescue. Task Force 22, known as Black Star Legion is an acceptable loss.” … but some of us survived. The UEE betrayed us … they left us with no cover … they abandon us. My name is 1st Lieutenant Vall Ridder. Platoon Commander, 1st Platoon, Alpha Company 3/2, 3rd Marine Expeditionary Unit - Black Star Legion. Myself, along with Sgt Cook, Sgt Redfern, ex-Naval Aviators like Ensign Cowski, and a few of our surviving capital ship crew members and fellow Marines are looking for survivors of Elysium. We seek UEE Veterans who are finding civilian life - <i>dry</i>. ======================================================================= Hello, thank you for checking us out. We are a Realism Unit, we are driven by a fair and unbiased system and we are looking for motivated gamers just like you. We offer you a story different then most, and an experience that is unique and unparalleled in this game. We are a Star Citizen experience where everything you gain is earned by your output and your membership in a Team. A home where you look to the Aviators, Capital Ship Crews, Marines and Crewmen to your left and right every day. When we say a unique experience, it is because we truly are. We are not doing what 95% of the rest out there do. We're not some sci-fi channel knock off of Battlestar Blackwater. We are built around tried and true methods, a policy driven chain of command, we derive how we do business from SOP's and train like we fight. This experiences comes from years of MMORPG game leadership, experiences ranging from SWG to EVE, and even time in the famed 15th Marine Expeditionary Unit (15th MEU) for ARMA III. We are lead by real life military veterans both active duty and DD-214 holders. We are designed from the ground up to provide you one of the most fulfilling simulation experiences in the community - while not sacrificing fun, authenticity, attention to detail, team work, and good solid community gaming. Why do we do this? Why do we put in so much work and time in this organization? We'd like to think that a member in our unit would take from these experiences and be a better person for it. A better person for the unit and hopefully a better person in life. You, and the Team around you will learn what it is to work together in a joint MILSIM environment, and work towards a common goal. You and the Team around you will enjoy being gamers. You, with the Team surrounding you will learn what the words "determination" and "dedication" mean. You, and the Team around you will learn to be dependable, respectful, and respectable. You can do the same old same old with everyone else. Or you can achieve a higher level of professionalism, fun, and excellence. We offer you the challenge of Black Star Legion OCTOBER RECRUITING FOCUS Hello, and on behalf of our small but growing membership, we want to thank you for checking out our thread and hopefully being interested in us. This month with the FPS most likely on the horizon. We are looking for Marines! Our organization has two component commands, then inside each of those components are smaller units. This month we wanted to introduce you to the 3rd Marine Expeditionary Unit (3rd MEU). Our MEU is composed of 3 elements that make it up, the Ground Combat Element, the Space Combat Element and the Logistics Combat Element. Right now we are recruiting Marine Infantry and Marine Aviators. In the Marines, Corpsmen are from the Navy, and we are looking to bring aboard our first few Corpsmen to ensure our Marines get out of any fight alive and healthy. Steps to Success: 1. Find a billet you would enjoy 2. Get on TS to talk to a Recruiter and we'll help you apply 3. Enroll in Recruit Training 4. Enter our School of Infantry 5. Be assigned a billet If you have questions, hit us up on Teamspeak. The link is at the top of the thread. 3rd Marine Expeditionary Unit (3rd MEU) We're also taking Naval Aviators for Air Wing 121, and Capital Ship crews for Frigate Strike Group 22. More will be posted later on these units ...
  11. Organisation FR PHALANX !

    PHALANX is an UEE aligned organization originally composed by a dozen of MMO's experienced gamers. Our organisation is primarily focus on maturity, serious game, fraternity spirit and respect between each others. We do not authorized Piracy activity, and are fully UEE compliant. Currently, we are 30+ members and we focus to be hundred or more for the release. You are pilot, army response team member, marines, merchant, trader, explorer, tycoon, mercs, whatever who you are...You are welcome to join us if you speak French See you in game ! Our website : www.phalanx-universe.com Our ts : ts3.phalanx-universe.com Contact allowed to speak on behalf of PHALANX => Crimson or BorderLine ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Phalanx est à l’origine le projet d’une dizaine de joueurs disposant d’un solide CV de gamer dans les domaines des MMORPGs, des RTS, des shooters tactiques , des jeux de simulation aériens et militaires, … Sur la base de deux décennies d’expérience en tant qu’officiers dans de grosses écuries sur divers MMORPGs, ces joueurs ont décidé de lancer un projet sur Star Citizen. Ce projet se base sur les fondamentaux suivants : Des valeurs : respect, maturité, écoute, transparence, permettre à chacun de s’impliquer dans la structure au niveau de son investissement. Une vision commune : du jeu sérieux, un groupe impliqué, mais dans une ambiance fraternelle. Une attention portée au ressenti de chacun. Aujourd'hui Phalanx c'est plus de 30 joueurs, un ts animé chaque soir, un forum dense en informations, et surtout des parties de Star Citizen tous les jours. Il est à présent temps d'ouvrir nos rang pour permettre à ceux qui le souhaite de trouver la place qui leur convienne au sein de notre organisation. Alignée UEE, l’organisation vise à couvrir l’ensemble des types de gameplay, excepté la piraterie. Vous êtes pilote, membre d’équipage, force de sécurité et d’assaut, commerçant, explorateur trader, industriel...Vous avez tous notre place chez nous, et nous mettrons tout en oeuvre pour que vous puissiez jouer ce qu'il vous plait. Pour suivre notre activité plus précisément, n'hésitez pas à visiter notre page de recrutement JOL Notre site www.phalanx-universe.com Notre TS ts3.phalanx-universe.com Notre Flotte www.phalanx-universe.com/flotte Page de recrutement http://phalanx-universe.com/recrutement Pour nous rejoindre ?
  12. WEBSITE APPLY HISTORY ACCOLADES How We Operate Over the past decade of gaming XoO has learned what it takes to win, teamwork and communication. As such we've sought to facilitate these aspects in everything our members do. By putting each member of our organization into a squad, we ensure that everyone has someone to play with during their prime time and that each individuals efficiency is increased. MMO's are meant to be played together and our job is to make sure our members are doing just that. With that said, the flexibility we offer makes sure that each individual is specializing in what they want to focus on while having the freedom to do different jobs each time they log in so that nothing gets tedious or boring. Current Recruitment Needs Subject to change on a regular basis. XoO is currently seeking both EU and AUS individual(s) to lead during those timezones and to assist with recruitment. We also encourage smaller guilds in any time zone to join as a group. Positions for capable squad leaders are also open. Onslaught Navy Fighter Pilots [High] Anti-Capital Ship [High] Capital Ship [High] Crew Members - Marines [High] Engineering [High] XenTec Mining [High] Industry [High] Exploration [High] XenTec The goal of Xenonomics is to engage in trade and increase our reputation with the various alien races, in particular the Banu and any Vanduul faction that could be persuaded to trade with us, in order to give our organization an edge in terms of income, influence and access to rare, high quality alien ships that will not cost you an arm or a leg. We are not here to do pussy runs in High Security space. Our runs will take us into Low Security space, Unexplored space and Alien territory where the threat of an attack by pirates, an opposing Vanduul faction or a hostile organization is very real.
  13. We at Discovery™ believe that an organizations success is created by the individual. Discovery™ as an organization, is dedicated to aiding the individual in his/her efforts whatever they may be, which in turn will aid the organization as a whole. Discovery™ is not locked into a particular niche gametype but will do whatever job or service that benefits it's members and the organization. As a tight knit group of comrades, everyone in Discovery™ seeks to aid fellow members, while at the same time discovering and profiting from those interactions. In conclusion, Discovery™ is committed to discovering, through interactions with new people to exploring distant worlds. Now let's make history... Discovery™ Links: RSI webpage: https://robertsspaceindustries.com/orgs/IDEX Personal website: http://idex.enjin.com/
  14. The Doucet Interplanetary Assets and Stellar Exploration (D.I.A.S.E.) is recruiting pilots with a knack towards exploration, engineering and trading. With a strong passion for tackling new challenges, we seek to expand and develop over the coming years. If interested, you can join D.I.A.S.E. at https://robertsspaceindustries.com/orgs/DIASE "ICE" is the company's code reference to its security department, in honor of the department's past as a PMC called Independent Contractor Enterprises (I.C.E.). ICE is now a department of D.I.A.S.E. responsible for the protection of the company's assets and property, as well as for escorting the company's expeditions. ICE enjoys a degree of independence within D.I.A.S.E.; ICE pilots are available for hire by third parties, as long as those assignments are legal and don't harm D.I.A.S.E. or its associates. For more information and enlisting, visit https://robertsspaceindustries.com/orgs/ICEDEPT Small security organizations having trouble boosting their numbers are welcome to join with ICE. They will be treated as a squadron, retaining their chain of command and decals. If you have any questions, let us know! D.I.A.S.E. (and ICE) are all about game immersion. We encourage roleplaying, and we support an elitist-free gaming experience (but of course we strive to be as good as we can get in the game). We praise teamwork and mutual support. Both D.I.A.S.E. and ICE started out as small groups of real-life friends, which brings a certain degree of coordination by default. Hope to see you onboard!
  15. Who is IO? IO is a metagaming intelligence and information service responsible for providing everyone who pays for it with information about other player factions and guilds within the upcoming sandbox game Star Citizen. To achieve this, we are establishing a spy network outside the game. At this point we don't intend to build an official organization inside the Star Citizen game structure. This may change later depending on the espionage options that are provided by the game itself. Who benefits from this network? Both sellers (spies) and buyers (clients). Sellers become part of our network providing us with information about their organizations (org structure, leaders, issues, enemies, paroles, access codes, etc.) and they get paid if someone (obviously an interested client) buys that information. The money trail will be disguised and we plan to establish some kind of escrow accounts or dead drops for your ingame payment. For clients it may be interesting to pull off a hostile takeover, get covert support from mercenaries or negotiate a secret trade agreement--this is all part of our portfolio. We buy and sell information to those who can afford it. IO recruits agents anonymously, gathers and evaluates provided information and sells it discreetly on the market. Clients will always know how reliable the information they buy is. To protect the identity of our agents and customers, 99.9% of all communication within the IO network takes place outside the game (email, chat, threema, dead drops, etc.). Do I need some kind of special skills? Not really. You have to be patient and engaging to reach your goals. You are not a hero. What you do isn't nice to those who trusted you. You do this either for the thrill or for the money (money, nice ships or whatever). Think big, join the network. Sources and clients are welcome to enlist. You are (a/an) - Spy or Infiltrator (player, bunch of players or a whole organization of spies) - Saboteur (player, bunch of players or a whole organization of saboteurs) - Smuggler (player, bunch of players or a whole organization of smugglers) - Mercenary (player, bunch of players or a whole organization of mercs) - Bounty Hunter (player, bunch of players or a whole organization of bounty hunters) - Assassin (player, bunch of players or a whole organization of assassins) - Discreet producer of useful stuff like ships, weapons, fuel, etc. - Evil Twin - Evil ex-girlfriend / ex-boyfriend - Evil and/or greedy for... whatever - Notorious defector / traitor Or you are a Corporation/PMC/Church/Order/Cult/Syndicate interested in - information gathering - fleet movements / war preparations - targeted espionage - counter-espionage - infiltration - sabotage - theft - framing And now? Register on http://www.counterhit.de/board/?userid=19258 The forum is anonymous and it won't be used for any arrangements. The email address you provide with your forum registration will be used for further contact. The forum account will be deleted after we listed your contact information so you shouldn't be surprised at all if your forum account will be deleted. We won't approach you before the official game starts.
  16. Background: We are a Corporation that was formed from a ArmA 3 Tactical Community. We are small and new, but we intend on expanding through the vast universe. We are looking to become international, with contacts all over the world, but firstly we need to control the Oceania region. Therefore we are looking to recruit members to our team. Requirements: -You must be 18 Years of age or older -You must own Star Citizen -You must have a clear microphone -You must have Teamspeak 3 -You must be dedicated, and able to contribute to the community Goal: Our goal is to be one of the largest corporations in the Oceania region, and from there we intend to expand to all over the world. If you want to be apart of this awesome team, head to the Register page on our website, and fill out the form. Interested? If you are eligible and are interested, please head to our Register Page, and apply there. Once you have applied, you will then be sent an email based on your acceptance. From then, if you are accepted, then you will register for an account on our website. You can also apply on our Organization homepage found here Thank you and have a nice day. -Mark (CEO of IOA)
  17. Hi everyone, My name is Strayed and as you may have guessed I am recruiting for the Southern Cross Alliance. Who are we? Well we started from a reddit group of like-minded individuals who have banded together and become a full-fledged organisation! The Southern Cross Alliance is an organisation that provides a home to Star Citizens from Australia, New Zealand, Oceania and others within the UTC+8 and UTC+12 time zones (That’s West Oz through to Kiwiland) or who feel a connection to our cause. We do not want to limit how you play the game (we just say Exploration and trade on the organisation page because the PR guy, likes ‘em) The Southern Cross Alliance is here to help you play the game how you want and with the people who are like-minded in goals and principles. Here is the link to our organisation https://robertsspaceindustries.com/orgs/SCA If you have any questions feel free to leave a message here in the thread and I'll get back to you ASAP! Strayed
  18. So...my PC broke down...so I've been writing some lore for my alts RP Organization on my phone... It's still under development but it consists in three different stories taking place in totally different centuries. The origins, downfall, and rebirth of the organization.... Opinions are welcome. Keep in mind English is not my native language...not even close. Enjoy and keep up with the development @ http://robertsspaceindustries.com/orgs/AECORP Keep up the good work! Markus Out 07
  19. Thalos is a community-focused group with an eye towards fostering more meaningful gameplay and greater community cooperation. This means we will be engaging in many of the playstyles the game offers with community enjoyment as our primary goal. There are plenty more details below and across our other pages but know this: If you are tired of communities that are unwilling to respect your enjoyment of the game as if it was their own; If you are tired of leaders who believe that apathy and disorganization are the same as a relaxed, enjoyable atmosphere; If you are tired of groups that are too timid to dream big and accomplish something truly exciting... Then Thalos is the place for you. Please read through our site to learn more about who we are and what we offer, stop by our Public Forums and leave a note, or log into our VOIP server (mumble://mumble.thalos.org:36362) and see what we're up to first hand. Home \\ Careers \\ Charter \\ FAQ \\ Apply This mission statement is intentionally broader than those of other organizations. This is because we are not defined by what we plan to do in the game. Rather, we are defined by our focus on community and achievement, regardless of how those will manifest themselves in terms of specific game mechanics. Highly organized structure with policies crafted to self-regulate and operate through thoughtful design rather than repetitious work.Community-centric, forward-thinking staff whose primary objective is to engage the general member base and ensure that they are satisfied with our community.Regular events, competitions, projects, and classes both within Star Citizen and elsewhere (other games, forums, etc).Professional and meaningful tools that enable members to achieve greater accomplishments and to have more fun doing it than they could elsewhere. The Oracle is the foundation of our operations and was scratch-built for our purposes. Read more about it here. Private, fully-integrated VOIP service that also allows our members to chat and play with their external friends. Full integration with our RSI Organization and your RSI Account.As you can see, we were founded with strongly held beliefs to guide our decisions. We desire a community of like-minded individuals who will put forth the effort to get the most of their gaming experience as well as contribute to everyone else'. Members are expected to act responsibly and autonomously. The group's policies were crafted with the explicit purpose of enabling members to reach higher than they could on their own. We are a community and will raise each other through effective teamwork, honest critique, and patient friendships.
  20. You can find virtually all of the information for our corporation in our charter: AS-FL Charter We are currently looking for anyone ready to commit and willing to fly mindlessly into a trap Brave the dangers of the universe! Subscribe to our subreddit and fill out the form if you'd like to join us!