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Found 3 results

  1. Hey all, Would anyone recommend a 32GB RAM while playing the game? I currently have a 16GB memory and everytime I play Star Citizen, it always takes the remainder of what's left available. By default, my system takes about 5.5GB on my RAM space. Would you guys recommend it?
  2. JakeStoanes

    Build help Question about SSD's

    So, i've been looking into SSD's a bit more seriously with all of the sales going on. Per @Gremlich's advice I am solely looking at Samsung, and Crucial - though i've pretty much ruled out Samsung as it is significantly out of my price range for very little memory. I am looking at 2.5" Internal SATA 3's However, I am curious about differences within the SSD's themselves. Looking at Crucial they have several different models. M4, MX100, MX200, MX300, etc. Does anyone have any input on which of these are the best, worst, otherwise and why? Or if there really isn't all much difference between them? Also, as far as my build itself goes, I am thinking 250gb for Windows operating system, keeping my current 500gb for videos, pictures, etc, and I am thinking 500gb SSD for gaming - but I am also curious if anyone thinks it would be worth saving up the additonal to get 750-1TB. I know this is a lot of questions, but any and all input would be much appreciated. I am trying to keep this practically expensive, but I can't really seem to find much about SSD's quality versus cost, and the reviews on Newegg are still fairly new, except for the stuff that has been out for years now. EDIT: Upon further investigation, i've decided that I am also considering the Samsung 850EVO - I thought vertical meant it had to be mounted a certain way.
  3. Spac3Monkey

    PC Upgrades

    Its that time of the month to finish my PC upgrade's hear is what i am getting to finish my system. PC Case x2 SSD's Raid Card Memory Total Cost : £378.84 - minus any discount i get at scan. When finished the system will have 4 SSD's, 32GB Ram , Liquid Cooling, 6 Normal Mechanical HDD's. The only thing i am unsure of what to do with the SSD's i coud use the two i have allready and use them just for the OS, And use the 2 new ssd's for games, all the ssd's have the same speed "Read 555MB/s, Write 510MB/s" so thats nice to start with. Option 1 : use the existing to ssd's for OS in raid 0 as i currently have. Option 2 : use the new one's as i have said above for games only. Option 3 : use all the drives in raid 0 for os and games. My existing SSD's are both 128GB and are a few years old now but are in perfect working order never had a problem with them unlike some people i know. So what would you suggest ?