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Found 28 results

  1. Decided to make a thread dedicated to the Ship Sale/Announcements from RSI's website. As ships get added I'll link them to this page so even if you miss them you can click the link and go back and look at the page. Enjoy! Xi'an Scout Gladius M50
  2. Hangar Ready: Origin M50 Greetings Citizens, The Origin M50 is HERE! The galaxy’s premiere dedicated racer, the M50 packs a lot of thrust into a small package. It’s the ship dedicating racing fans are betting can take home the next Murray Cup… and it’s compact frame and powerful engines also make it a great courier or interceptor! If you need to be somewhere in a hurry (or get out of a jam quickly) then the M50 is the ship for you. M50 in the Asteroid Hangar Featuring supercharged engines (Hammer Propulsion) that counter a tiny weapons loadout, and a new flashy automotive paint job, the M50 is a ship for going FAST. The core spaceframe is used by both racing teams and for military courier missions, but the M50 is a luxury spacecraft like no other. Perfect for the mercenary who prefers speed over armor in a dogfight… or the weekend warrior looking to impress the ladies. The M50 is officially ‘hangar ready’ in Star Citizen and will now appear alongside any other ships you own. If you purchased an M50 during Star Citizen’s initial campaign, it will now be visible in your hangar. If you’d like to add one to your fleet, they’re available again in the pledge store for the next seven days (ending Friday, August 8, 2014.) Hammer Propulsion engines Whiteroom of the M50 racer In the Asteroid Hangar. Here is a recap of the M50 statistics as we know them today: Length/Beam/Height: 11/10/3 meters Crew (max): 1 Mass (empty): 4,875 Kg Role: Racing Cargo Capacity: 4 cargo units Factory Power Plant: ACOM StarHeart III (S2) Factory Engine: 2x Hammer Propulsion HM 4 .3 (TR3; max TR4) Factory Maneuvering: Thrusters 6x Origin Scalpel Precision B, 2x Origin Omni Precision B (8x TR2) Factory Shield: Gorgon Defender AllStop HARDPOINTS: 2 x Class 2 (size 2) 2x Behring M4A Laser Cannon 2 x Class 3 (size 1) 4x Talon ASIM-20/c Stalker I M50 Hangar Sale M50 Racerby Origin Jumpworks $90.00 USD Buy yours now Pick yours up fast; the sale ends Friday, August 8, 2014. //End Transmission Developer CIG Ben Lesnick wcloaf Posted: August 1 To be clear: Chris was selecting the 'factory' skin from the options Chris Smith gave him. You will be able to go on and skin your M50 differently as desired once we have that system in place.
  3. eNeRGy


    I'm really curious about how stealth will work. I recently added an M50 to my garage, and plan to use it as a secondary ship to my Stella. The plan with the 50 is to equip it with as much stealth and speed gear as possible so that I can do courier runs for people promising speed and secrecy. But we have no idea how stealth will work, so I'm curious to see if anyone has any ideas. I'm assuming it'll take upgrade slots. But does that mean I'll be using a hard point for a stealth add-on? I'm not opposed to loosing weapons since I'll have the speed to outrun nearly everyone (that we know of). I know Cal had a stealth fighter hiding behind him in the stories, so I have no doubt it'll be possible. And I got the pirate/stealth skin (not to be a pirate, but b/c it's black, and I don't want people to see me out their windows) to really add to it. How do you think stealth will work?