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  1. Daishi

    Feedback Wanted Suggestions for new keyboard.

    Hey all, I'm looking for suggestions for a new keyboard. It must be backlight, and preferably able to change colours. It also has to have MEMBRANE keys, as I cant have the annoying and loud clicking of mechanical. Does anyone have any suggestions? I was personally looking at this : http://steelseries.com/products/keyboards/steelseries-apex-gaming-keyboard
  2. PixelChaos

    Feedback Wanted upgradeing hardware

    i've finally decided to update my gfx card so my PC can play SC, and i've been looking on ebay for some deals and i'm kinda torn between two of them cause i'm not sure how well they would perform against each other (if it was just 1 vs 1 i would not have this issue) should i get 2 sapphire HD 5830 1GB or 1 sapphire HD 6950 2GB this is just to get my PC to play SC, i will be building a new PC for when the PU goes live ($$$ is comparable when this post was made, also assuming that the price stays within my buget)
  3. Howdy Base! I am trying to get a new computer for Star Citizen (especially since the AC multiplayer s starting), but am interested in advice and feedback! I am currently looking at a DIY kit from NewEgg.com that I think would work well. Any thoughts? http://www.newegg.com/Product/ComboBundleDetails.aspx?ItemList=Combo.1665069 Also been thinking of buying an Alienware, but not sure if they're worth the money anymore. I do like them, and they've always worked well for me in the past, and I'm more comfortable with a professionally built machine then doing it myself (since I've never
  4. Hey everyone, I was wondering if my PSU would be enough for another Sapphire R9 290. I bought Kill a Watt and measured my entire system's total consumption from the wall while playing Crysis 3/Star Citizen and running Firestrike and it came out at 320 watts from the wall max with the GPU @ 100% load and CPU at like 85% load. Could I add another Sapphire R9 290 Tri-X and still be safe with my 750W PSU? People keep recommending 800w+ but I can't really see my entire system realistically pulling more than like 650 watts from the wall max and probably not over 600 in the first place). I'm just won
  5. zerkerz

    Feedback Wanted 8GB ram vs 16GB ram for Star Citizen

    Do I really need 16 GB ram or will I be ok with 8GB ram? For SC
  6. zerkerz

    Feedback Wanted 4k Screen question.

    So im thinking in the future try to get a 4k screen since they have gotten cheaper very fast. But my main reason to not get 4k s because you cant get 60-100 FPS in a game(SC) on high settings. Beacuse the GPU power is lacking. So I wonder if its possible to turn down the resulotion on a 4k monitor to get higher FPS?
  7. Space_racer

    Feedback Wanted GPU?

    I currently have a GTX 560 TI and it seems to run the hanger at about 20 fps. It is a great card to run games like crysis 3 on high setting but i fear it is being outdated quickly. My question is would it be worth buying another GTX 560 ti and SLI mode it for combined power, or would it be better just to completely upgrade to a new video card like a 780Ti ? I want to be able to run star citizen on high setting.
  8. Space_racer

    Feedback Wanted Track IR?

    Does anyone know if Track IR will be integrated into the game? im considering the investment because using an analog stick on my joystick is tedious and imprecise. If anyone here has Track IR what are your suggestions and experiences?
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