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Found 39 results

  1. Hello, I am in the market to buy 4 (four) P-52 Merlin/P-72 Archimedes , either LTI or standard insurance (preferably LTI). Those will be my Carrack's snub escort. You can reply here or pm me with offer. Thank you ! edit : I have been given advice elsewhere to buy them with ingame money. So i am cancelling this order, seems i cant delete the post myself?
  2. I've been following star citizen since October 17, 2012, it was a dream of mine to play this game but recent events have lead me away from gaming altogether. Recently my mother has been diagnosed with breast cancer and she needs help. I've also been wanting to quit gaming for a while now so I'm taking this as a wake up call. My star citizen account has a trove of digital treasures that you will enjoy, so I'm offering up my whole for sale. If after a while the account can't be sold I will be selling everything separately. I've donated a total of $2560.00 to this project. This is what the account contains; REAR ADMIRAL LTI PACKAGE - HAMMERHEAD DIGITAL COLONEL LTI PACKAGE - SUPER HORNET ADVANCED HUNTER LTI PACKAGE - SUPER HORNET ADVANCED HUNTER LTI PACKAGE - SUPER HORNET DIGITAL BOUNTY HUNTER LTI PACKAGE - CUTLASS BLACK ADVANCED HUNTER LTI PACKAGE - AVENGER STALKER ADVANCED HUNTER LTI PACKAGE - AVENGER STALKER NEXT GENERATION AURORA LTI PACKAGE - M50 DIGITAL COLONEL LTI PACKAGAE - ANDROMEDA AQUILA DRAKE DRAGONFLY YELLOWJACKET LTI DRAKE DRAGONFLY YELLOWJACKET LTI BANU MERCHANTMAN LTI F7A HORNET UPGRADE F7A HORNET UPGRADE F7A HORNET UPGRADE AVENGER TO ARROW UPGRADE AVENGER TO ARROW UPGRADE GRAND ADMIRAL PERKS ALL MILESTONE UPGRADES Selling the entire account for 2000$, that's 560$ I'd be losing - plus the value of the other rewards and perks that were gifted to me over the course of the campaign. My loss your gain. Message me for more details or with your offers. I've got paypal and have been a part of this community for years, you can trust me.
  3. Am no longer playing Star Citizen and would like to sell this away. CCU'ed from Mustang Alpha game package -1,000 UEC Starting money -3 Month Insurance -Digital copy of Star Citizen Melt Value : $105 USD Pricing : $65-75 USD Payment via Paypal, will make an invoice Discord : TotallyAPie#9083
  4. Hello, I am looking to sell a Digital Scout Package with Life Time Insurence (LTI), Aurora LN ship and Auror LN Upgrade. Both items include the following: Digital Scout - LTI ---- Includes LTI and RSI Aurora Aurora LN Upgrade Lifetime Insurance Alpha Access Beta Access *Starting Money: 1,000 UEC *Star Citizen Digital Download Squadron 42 Digital Download *Digital Star Citizen Manual SelfLand Hangar Creation Date = November 26, 2013 I am looking for a $160 payment via Paypal. I will cover Paypal fees. Price is in USD. If you are interested send me a PM and we can work out details there. My Heatware which shows my reliability in online dealing: http://www.heatware.com/eval.php?id=76214 A Steam ID (to add to friends list) to better coordinate the sale would be helpful although is not required. Thanks for checking!
  5. Mostly for CCU(if its not the ship i want). I dont really need a package. I have 2 LTI ships my self, but i dont want to give up my avanger nor my aurora LN. I wont be buying over priced ships/packages.
  6. 325A upgraded to Tracker, asking $165, RSI Credit only
  7. Hi there. I'm looking to pick up a ship-only version of the Origin 315p Explorer LTI. I'm willing to do $130, which is double the original cost. I have verified Paypal, linked my RSI/Reddit flair, and have over a dozen trades on Reddit/r/StarCitizen_Trades. Let me know if you're interested!
  8. Hi I'm looking for cheap LTI Ship around 90-100$, I can pay with paypal, steam games or CS:GO els capsules.
  9. Lakota forgive me. I'm loathe to do this but it must be done. It's the full package I got in November that comes with Alpha access, Beta, etc... Asking for $90 over paypal if anyone is interested. I still have other packages that I'll be holding on to so don't worry, I'm not going anywhere. EDIT: This is non-LTI, just the regular package
  10. Selling this beauty.... Alpha and beta access, but it does not include squadron 42 only star citizen
  11. I would like a quotation so I can have an idea of the prices. I can exchange/trade with a Freelancer MAX and a Cutlass. I also have an Archeage Archeum founders package/account that I can include in the exchange if need be. Insurance is not a major issue for me, though LTI would be nice.
  12. Hello, Looking to buy a cheap aurora alpha access package for a friend.
  13. Hey there! I would be interested in trading the Weekend Warrior package I purchased back in october for something else of higher value. I am open to any suggestions, though I am looking for something in the constellation aquila + category (as I am more of an explorer than a fighter at heart.) Anyone that has any offers/questions just contact me via pm (or in a reply to this topic) here! I am also willing to accept a cash offer in case you were wondering. Regards, Siegfried P.S. heres the link to what the package contains: http://gyazo.com/a0f24d72a222a8733b9b018b5a1479ec P.P.S heres the link to the F7A Military Hornet Upgrade: http://gyazo.com/b5ddb081cc6df645661addace952e89d
  14. Im wanting to add a Merchantman (preferably) or Caterpillar to my fleet. Ive been shopping around for a while monitoring prices over at the reddit trade forums and I just cant bring myself to pay that much cash for a ship. Im hoping against hope to find someone willing to part for one at a more affordable rate, I dont expect to pay cost but Im also not looking to spend the mortgage payment on one either. If you're looking to clean out hangar space or just put some cash back into your pocket after a drunken buying spree, shoot me a pm with what you're asking for either ship. If it falls within my budget then we'll chat. Thanks!
  15. Im looking to trade my very underused Archeage Archeum Founders account for pretty much anything Star Citizen. The account hasnt been played in literally months so all Founders goodies are untouched. Also on the account is a Rift account with an almost max level rogue. Ideally I'd love to see the account go to a good home and receive a ship in return. I peg the value of the account around $85 USD so an equivalent ship trade would be great and I'd be on board with tossing in a few dollars of my own to even out a trade for a pricier ship if that's the route someone wants to go. Post or gimme a message if there's any other questions I can answer. Thanks for readin!
  16. Have cold hard cash. Through paypal. Hit me up.
  17. I want to buy any Aurora's ship with LTI at the lowest price, because I don't have much money. PM me and offer. Thanks.
  18. I want to sell my Xi'An Karthu-Al for 200$ via PayPal. Send me a PM if you're interested.
  19. If I'm buying a Gladiator, how much does it usually cost ?? Really considering to buy one
  20. This is the closest you can get to having a MilSpec F7A on day one. Tons of guns, missiles, and the almighty turret. LTI Digital Colonel package (with Alpha access), Super Hornet Upgrade, and the F7A Military Skin upgrade (which Ben says will change the avionics and armor). Checking Reddit prices (as anamolous as they are), this sort of combined package would be around $415 - $440 total, but I'd be willing to cut that down to an even $380. I'd like to handle this transaction over Paypal with someone who has a verified account. Please post any questions here. I may not be available very much in the coming days but I will get back to you as soon as I can. Thank you very much. Edit: I've got one confirmed trade on Imperium already, feel free to check the feedback under my user info.
  21. As the title says If anyone has these ships and would rather have hard cash, PM me some prices and we'll talk ~Aura
  22. Buying The Retaliator LTI OR No Insurance PM Price And Details I Have Seen Multiples of these ships sell do not high ball me prices as u will not get a reply
  23. Like title says. Willing to trade or pay straight cash for a 300 series or similar package with alpha access.
  24. I am interested in purchasing a Freelancer MIS upgrade. If someone is willing to sell one for $60, please let me know. Thanks.
  25. As the title implies, This will be a pure trade between the two. No middleman at this time. PM me here or on RSI (Lord Nikon, Handle: ZeroCool).
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