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  1. See Twitch Link....http://www.twitch.tv/cigcommunity- Per usual reminding people that it is airing at 11am PST for those that want to get their questions in (to see it live) - and I'll add the INN summary notes and video later on (after it airs) . Reverse the 'Verse: Episode 83 - INN Transcript
  2. Published on Feb 25, 2016 WHAT STREAMS MAY COME: Alpha 2.2 is on the PTU, QA Lead Vinnie Sinatra talks testing, and the Wonderful World of Star Citizen returns to chat with Twitch streamer Deejay Knight. 02:01 - Intro 05:35 - News From Around the Verse 12:43 - ATV Interview with Vincent Sinatra 27:20 - ATV Rewind 27:53 - Wonderful World Of Star Citizen 36:16 - MVP (https://apps-courses.beame.io/widget/...) 37:29 - Art Sneak Peek Around the 'Verse: Episode 2.20 - INN Transcript
  3. Those at [REDACTED] - pod-casters - set up 6 interviews with different Devs at CIG. Click on Link for play-list to 6 Video Interviews - >> Star Citizen Interviews with CIG devs. [REDACTED] Good stuff
  5. Reverse the Verse - Subscriber Ed - February today.... See Twitch Link....http://www.twitch.tv/cigcommunity- Per usual reminding people that it is airing at 11am PST for those that want to get their questions in (to see it live) - and I'll add the INN summary notes and video later on (after it airs) . Reverse the 'Verse: February Subscriber Edition - INN Transcript
  6. According to Will this is the policy by which people will be invited into the PTU process. In case anyone was wondering or feeling left out. Hi everyone, We've redesigned the method for which we invite players to PTU. Feel free to check it out in our FAQ section here:https://robertsspaceindustries.com/faq/PTU-Invites or read below! - Wave One (6,000 invites): Approximately 1,000 accounts from participating on Issue Council with one New Report and one Contribution, plus 5,000 accounts who have played more than five PTU builds in the last three months. - Wave Two (12,000 additional invites, 18,000 total): 12,000 accounts who have played three to five PTU builds in the last three months. - Wave Three (16,000 additional invites, 34,000 total): 16,000 accounts who have played two PTU builds. - Wave Four (80,000 additional invites, 114,000 total): 80,000 accounts who have played one PTU build in the last three months. - Wave Five: TBD, likely open to all. We’ll update our invite numbers every few months, so make sure you are active within the Issue Council as well as playing as many PTU builds as possible! Thanks and have a great day! -WL
  7. Published on Feb 22, 2016 Kirk Tome and Darian Vorlick answer 10 questions from our development subscribers. But why only 8 timestamps... 00:46 - Technology of Xi'An Scout 06:19 - Alien Manufacturers 09:36 - Component System 19:58 - Knowledge of Producers 24:05 - Sizing Components 31:25 - Pressure with Patch Releases 38:48 - Coordinating Feature Releases 41:11 - Ship Size Affecting Planet Landing 10 for the Developers: Episode 06 - INN Transcript
  8. VIDEOS NEEDED: Around the Verse Fan Content Expansion ^^^^ ---->> See Link CIG is looking for more of your Videos! <<---- CIG Disco LandoDiscoLando-CIG Posted: 10:04AM Greetings Citizens! In the past, we've had :30 gameplay highlights on Around the Verse, but starting this week, we're expanding our exhibition of fan created content from all walks. For the foreseeable future we'll be collecting and sharing the best, most creative, videos created for Star Citizen. As before, we'll take clips of your best kills, exciting maneuvers, creative endeavors, and anything else worth highlighting, but we're expanding that to machinima, tutorials, and more. You can post your videos here in this thread, and if you want them considered for inclusion, please adhere to the following guidelines: 1) Post them publicly on YouTube. 2) Keep the total length of the video short and concise. 30 seconds to 2 minutes. If you're longer than that, it's probably not going to be considered. 3) Custom music is fine, but it can't trigger YouTube copyright flags. 4) When your video is uploaded, embed it here in this thread. By posting in this thread, you consent to allowing us to use the video in the show. Open Broadcaster is free software that lets you capture 1080p video in H.264 MP4 and is highly recommended. That's the end of this message. I'll stop typing now.
  9. Streamed live 5 hours ago Very special guest: Ben Lesnick joined us to discuss Wing Commander and Star Citizen! Ben Lesnick is the world’s biggest Wing Commander fan. He founded WCNews, which is the premiere Wing Commander news site. Currently he is Director of Community Engagement and Content Strategy at Cloud Imperium Games, whose current project is the much anticipated Star Citizen. WCNews: http://www.wcnews.com/ Star Citizen: https://robertsspaceindustries.com/ Video is mainly on Wing Commander but a little talk about Star Citizen at the end (no major news items)
  10. See Twitch Link....http://www.twitch.tv/cigcommunity- Per usual reminding people that it is airing at 11am PST for those that want to get their questions in (to see it live) - and I'll add the INN summary notes and video later on (after it airs) . Reverse the 'Verse: Episode 82 - INN Transcript
  11. Published on Feb 18, 2016 BAD BENNY. This week, we sit down with Adrian Banninga to discuss art outsourcing, and Mark Abent returns to show us how Dataforge is making creating and retrieving data in Star Citizen even easier. 00:26 - Intro 03:15 - News From Around the Verse 12:06 - Gameplay Video (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R3OyW...) 12:43 - ATV Interview with Adrian Banninga 19:19 - ATV Behind The Scenes: Dataforge 34:38 - Gameplay Video (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9C0del...) 36:57 - MVP (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zt1dIr...) 37:54 - Art Sneak Peek NEWSAround the 'Verse: Episode 2.19 - INN Transcript
  12. 10 for the Developers: Episode 05 - INN Transcript
  13. Published on Feb 11, 2016 WHICH GLITCH IS WHICH? This week, we sit down with Senior Cinematics Animator Jason Cole to discuss his work on Squadron 42, and the Austin Quality Assurance Team takes us on a brief tour of their funniest bugs in the return of Which Glitch. 00:26 - Intro 02:29 - News From Around the Verse 13:20 - Gameplay Video (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gXqkq...) 14:00 - ATV Interview with Jason Cole 21:24 - WHICH GLITCH 25:05 - Gameplay Video (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nVnng...) 25:51 - MVP (https://robertsspaceindustries.com/co...) 26:28 - Art Sneak Peek
  14. Steve Bender (on the right): Animation director Sean Tracy (on the left): Tech Director -Content 01:13 Could alien armor be retrofitted for alien use? It sounds cool, but are you going to wear Shaq's shoes? No There will be armor inspired by alien designs and materials though. Absolutely 03:40 We won't have variable heights, but what about width? Can we enhance or diminish our character's presence. It's tricky to do without changing the animation rig. CryEngine used to have thin / fat variations (8 channels read body parts) with a slider that allowed deformation between them. People wanted to use these channels for art instead of deformation meshes. We're trying to play with control points to add more customization, but we don't know to what degree you can deform them. We are creating variant animations sets so you can customize your character to give it your own swagger or gait. 07:41 At what point does an animation become an emote? Is it just adding a slash to an animation? Will we be able to guide a ship to a refueling nozzle using tactical hand signals? Can we push/pull each other outside of combat? You'll start seeing detailed animations for carrier launches. Making those emotes isn't too difficult. What's challenging is the design and getting it to have a connection that fits. Technically any of these could be used as jobs, like directing ships on a carrier. What's tricky is not that you can do something, but getting another player to accept this. 11:44 Will ladder climbing ever be given manual control? Currently we have to wait for an animation to finish and can't change directions or speed. Ship ladders are a different implementation than environment item ladders. Because it's an enter animation, you won't be able to change directions, but we are making three different speeds of entry and exit: Relaxed (now); combat (faster); emergency (really fast). 16:16 How smooth should the third-person animations be when juking or turning? Realistic third-person animations that feel good from a look point of view does feel unnatural because you don't see your body, which feels lethargic and uncontrollable. We start with a third person capture and then dial those full animations down. In combat, which we've been working on for several months, we're working on making them faster, but not in terms of how it looks. 20:08 Will our character's animation change based on injury? Yes. Characters will change the way they move or interact. An arm may become disabled, and you'll no longer use it. It comes to balance. When shot in the leg, how slowly will you move? When it looks good on camera, but in first person it felt too slow. When an arm is disabled you have to do one handed reloads (one of the mocap guys is a British special ops guy who did an awesome one handed pistol reload.) 25:16 What are the future plans for creating more realistic collisions? Most ships have a local physics grid within them ( a little island within a bigger island), but when changing between physics grids is tricky because it's the player as well as the forces and motions of the other items in play, etc. The physics of the player has to get passed from one grid to another. Usually the code passed between grids is getting broken, or a piece of the asset hasn't streamed in. It can get crazy such as an Idris holding a Connie, holding a Merlin. (really Connie in an Idris?) 28:26 How will FPS combat feel when done? What is the FPS with the closest analogue? The character does take cover and has cover animation sets. Once in cover you can move around it and upon reaching an edge, the weapon will shift to let you know you're at the cover and can peek out or step out and aim. The closest analogue? There isn't anything out there doing matched third and first person animations. Changes that they made for Crysis 2 set the groundwork for what you'll see here. It will feel like a lot of the games you've played. It's not CoD but it's not B4, nor Arma 3, nor Crysis 3. We're taking pieces of each and building something unique. We did a competitive analysis watching videos and taking the best of each and building what we wanted. It's not a fast shooter by any stretch. We want to promote tactical movement and teamplay. Between Battlefield or Arma. After thirty degrees off center your feet will move to match your head which is an improvement over what you see right now. 41:17 Will melee combat be scripted or more freeform allowing players to attack and parry at will? The concept is freedom of player movement, but for reference we're looking at eskrima and kali (both Philippine hand to hand styles) 43:38 What do you see yourself doing in the completed game? What role do you see for yourself? A member of the Ghost Monkey Extraction Unit, the Simain Order which can be found at Bone's Bar on Terra. Long Live the Simian Order! I want to be a Ghost Monkey!
  15. Devchat -January 27th to 9th <<-- See link or below... Feb 10 DEVCHAT -JANUARY 27TH TO FEBRUARY 9TH BY DOLVAK MONDAY, JANUARY 27TH FUELING, DOCKING, AND STARFAIRING Matt Sherman goes into a bit of detail of plans for fueling and docking mechanics. MONDAY, FEBRUARY 8TH CLOUDS AND NEBULAS Ben talks a bit about tech demos in response to a question from a citizen. TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 9TH BMM DEETS This is mostly fluff but my BMM addiction requires me to add any and all information about the BMM to DevChat.
  16. https://www.reddit.com/r/Starcitizen_trades/comments/41fdcj/wtsmisc_endeavor_lti_cost_350/ WTS MISC Endeavor LTI @Cost $350 - Buyer pays fee's Upgraded from Sabre LTI MISC Endeavor Ship LTI Lifetime Insurance VFG Industrial Hangar Aegis Sabre Poster Takuetsu Aegis Sabre Model, decoration for hangar $350 - Buyer pays fee's PP Verified only Paypal email must match RSI account email Previous trade history / reputation gives priority All trades are 100% safe as I have dealt with hundreds of trades and sales as well as my free LTI service back in 2013 and onwards. Trusted with proof of dealing with thousands of dollars worth of ships in the past! STAR-ZJHZ-HB2Y feel free to use my recruitment code
  17. Here's the link to the monthly studio report for December from CIG Oh, and as a side note.... if you like FPS, there's something new in there that might make you go "OMFG THAT'S SO AWESOME!"
  18. See Twitch Link....http://www.twitch.tv/cigcommunity- Per usual reminding people that it is airing at 11am PST for those that want to get their questions in (to see it live) - and I'll add the INN summary notes and video later on (after it airs) . Reverse the 'Verse: Episode 80 - INN Transcript
  19. Published on Feb 4, 2016 LEVELS OF DETAIL! This week we check in with Lead Designer for Star Citizen Live Luke Pressley about the future of Crusader, and Tech Artist Patrick Salerno shows how we optimize our spaceships. 00:29 - Intro 02:13 - News From Around the Verse 13:30 - Gameplay Video (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UvS30k...) 14:25 - ATV Interview with Luke Pressley 24:34 - ATV Ship Shape: LODS 37:34 - Gameplay Video (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qa4GJD...) 38:46 - MVP (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S_E-G0...) 39:34 - Art Sneak Peek Around the 'Verse: Episode 2.17 - INN Transcript
  20. This is a weekly interview Batgirl does with Ben, this weeks was very good. Answered a lot of questions a lot of people are having here in and in the ship-yard. edit: timestamps:1:00 Summit1:38 Female models3:15 Ship pipeline4:49 More Vanduul Ships5:40 Xi-An Scout7:24 Consolidated Outland Freelancer Competitor8:37 Light vs Medium vs Heavy vs Long Range Fighter Definitions14:36 Manned Turrets. Are they working?18:23 Mustang Delta Camouflage21:03 Starter Pack ContestSynopsis: ( I aplogize Ben for picking your words apart. I hope we all take all of this with a grain of salt. He's discussing the game, but these are not planned questions and responses. he's being honest with us, we should allow him a wide birth and not criticize his every word and take it all as gospel:female models:coming with character customization which is coming soon. "maybe 2.3 or 2.4." Batgirl said, and Ben didn't directly deny it. ship pipeline:next ships coming, after the 3 we already know are on their way, are likely 1 or 2 seat ships. likely 1 or 2 seat ships for industrial usesmore vanduul ships:we'll likely get one more before Sq42, that is in addition to the upcoming vanduul interceptor, I think ben called it the bladeXian Scout:Wait and see, it's coming soon. Ben has yet to fly it. mustang competition:sureLight vs Medium vs Heavy vs Long Range Fighter Definitions:It's something that came from Wing-commander. Think of them more as something giving you progress in the game from the ship you might start with to the ship you earn as you get more money. YES, there are roles associated with ships, but they aren't guarantees. He says in Wing-commander it went: light,medium, heavy, space superiority.. but SC is more complicated than that. "a light fighter is something more like an inteceptor, think the gladius or the m50 (if it were militarized), or the mustang. Medium fighters would be the Saber/Hornet. The heavy fighter would be things like the vanguard. When discussing long-range fighter, he uses words like "long duration", "where the hornet can maybe get 2-3 jumps in, the vanguard can get 6-8" this is theory, he's not saying this as fact!One thing he does say is that in Wing Commander the space superiority ship is a step up above the heavy fighter, and after that he calls the Vanguad a heavy fighter. One might think that means the Super Hornet is supposed to be able to beat the Vanguard, in theory. Though the F8 lightning is a heavy fighter as well and it's supposed to be able to stomp the Super Hornet, correct? Point being, this isn't Wing Commander it's SC. We don't yet know, still, if the vanguard is supposed to be able to beat the SH, in theory. Ben goes to great lengths to explain the idea of the Vanguard. "It's our new baby"manned turrets:Not done yet. big overpass coming, "pilot needs to be able to see where the turret is pointed, turret can't tell where the ship is pointed" among other things "there's a disconnect between the pilot and the turret"ships, which one's are done:All of them are getting another pass for the component system, and that's the least amount of work each one will get. https://forums.robertsspaceindustries.com/discussion/316936/really-good-interview-with-ben
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