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  1. PAX Prime - Seattle, WA Aug 29-Sep 1, 2014 --->>Warning - Spoiler Alert following .... In this week's in mention that Chris Roberts will be at Pax Prime. We all know they like to do reveals to the public at these conventions so I created this thread (like ) to get a preview of what we will likely see and post Vids, Pics and Interviews of what is revealed and what transpires at the convention. In today's RTV - Travis Day mentioned that an updated Idris (additional detailed reveal - beyond what we have seen in past JPs) is imminent (rather he mentioned he wasn't allowed to talk about it - since it would steal CR's thunder)... and they showed us pics on ATV as well. We will also likely see a reveal of the Shuban Mining Station as well. I've posted these pics on other threads (like in Sandi's pics or ATV threads) ------ but wanted to start this thread will all of them compiled (and later to post additional stuff). So here is the Preview of what we will likely see at PAX Prime 2014 Shubin Mining Station Idris Agree - changed wording to "Probably a 350R as one of the ships freatured in a possible new Commercial to go with the reveal of New Horizons (Murray Cup)" +++ You can see the M50 in the previous picture she posted - at an earlier time stamp (probably in same commercial). I think you are also right that we will probably see the AMD Mustang (Racing Variant) in the commercial as well. It is very easy to see it all come together compiled in one spot (look at the time stamps) = M50 top two images with the 350R bottom image +++ We don't know if the new AMD Mustang (Racing Variant) will be in the Commercial - but a good possibility....
  2. Per the last ATV, they're giving us a token to change our Handle once. You can do so by visiting your RSI account setting, and you should be able to see the following.
  3. Audio musical on the Vid - EXCLUSIVE ARENA COMMANDER OST By Pedro Camacho - Premiered on STARCAST
  4. Reverse the Verse - Episode 11 - CIG after ATV - Like Wingman's Hangover - its CIG show after ATV Travis Day came on: (items below listed in order of the Vid) Avenger, Retaliator comes out this year (he can't be more specific) - like to be in V0.9 -but maybe not. There will be 3 Avenger Variants (1) With holding Cells, (1) with no holding Cells - a cargo version, (1) Trainer - 2 person version. Starfarer comes out next year Scythe for players - soonish M50 and 350R are closest to AC release (coming in V0.9) - and will be on sale again soon (both of them) Caterpillar in pipeline and underway - they are working on the components Cutlass will start off locking you into the seat (in combat) and the turret will be slaved like the Hornet (no in PU but initial AC release of the Cutlass) - so you can get in to AC before other mult-crew ships are available Confirms that CIG - "does not know" how long it will take to earn a Connie in the PU Connie stuff (animations, fixes, etc..) that we saw in Gamescom 2014 will be in a patch shortly after V0.9 Carrack concept is done - was done by David Hobbins (who is now working on the new Star Wars Movie) Drake Herald - starting to work on it today (CIG kickoff meeting) - 1 month concept phase - interior/exterior Idris - a greater reveal is imminent Travis has no news about Xi'An Khartu-Al - being in the hangar (soon or not) and James confirm 5 min pop sale was a Turbulent issue (web mistake) 890 Jump in 3d concept stage Wind resistance won't be a factor in Murray Cup racing even though it is "in atmosphere" CIG has prototype for plotting out your own course for racing (like your own asteroid race) - so you can set up your own races in PU (deaths won't count towards death of a spaceman for racing deaths). Murray Cup will have 2 modes (New Horizon and Weapons Hot) and Multiple racing courses (maps) M50 has missile rack now developed in fuselage (so apparently an extra TR3 Hardpoint in addition to the ones on the wings). Banu MM is being finished in 3d (working on interiors). Phoenix smuggler hold is not currently accessible but will be fixed for access (bug). After V0.9 you will see larger AC maps (with double precision and with greater ship speeds). New Hornet speed around 200 (approx.) You will use the website to "pick your hangar type" from the ones you have available (from your ships / packages). - You can switch between hangars to try each one out (they won't lock you in yet) M50 or Cutlass Commercial (not this week) Afterburner no longer increases max speed but will increase acceleration (v0.9) +++ @Wu Jen 's list added - thanks
  5. Comment from Ben Lesnick on time to earn ships in the PU
  6. Well we, Trendane and myself, had the great pleasure to have a chat with Ben, James and Will from CIG. If you missed the live show, you can listen to the recording here! (minus the music) Enjoy! -The Base people.
  7. http://www.twitch.tv/roberts_space_ind_ch_1 4 hours of stream about SC
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