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  1. I've put a quick video together about (CIG System Designer) Will Maiden's recent comments about how cargo will work/be effected, after he spoke to backers on Spectrum. https://www.youtube.com/watch/qJ9sJh236lY
  2. Couple of cool things this Ben's Day - 3m - Confirmed Anvil Huriccane is the next Concept Ship 14:40m - No answer from Ben yet but @GRIZZ gets his question asked about the Reclaimer being able to land 18:30m - Haven't heard about Hangar updates from awhile but the Modular Hangar rooms are still on the table - like a personal living quarters, map room, etc...
  3. CIG is currently investigating the issues with Echo 11, the StarMarine map with the terrible lag, for anyone that has played this map and willing to fill out the survey it would greatly be appreciated to hopefully find the issue relating to all of the problems if not narrow it down. Survey - https://goo.gl/forms/xnZ3z2ultq2Z3QBH2 Official Statement
  4. Given the last year hasn't been without its controversies surrounding sales, and also given that CIG continues to have the Combustion pistol as available in the VD store for a higher price than some of the ship-mounted weapons, I have a question for the community: What would be acceptable, in your individual minds, to have in a "FPS Starter Package" for Star Citizen? PLEASE DO NOT DERAIL THIS THREAD by making commentary on the "community", or whether or not selling these kinds of packages would be appropriate for CIG to do, or any other derailment, but keep the discussion as to what you'd think would be "worth it" or what items would be "acceptable" to have in a FPS starter pack. If you don't think such a pack should be offered, feel free to ignore this thread.
  5. We have a totally new paradigm where CIG is selling capital ships like never before. At the Anniversary sale 2016 an unprecedented amount of Idris was offered: 5 batches of 200 ships in each batch for a total of 1000 Capital ships in a single sale. The effect was grave, CIG killed off the demand for this previously rare ship and more than half of the ships remained unsold at the 26th of November -a week after the start of the sale. CIG now decided it was a bad idea to officially state how much they inflate the numbers of capital ships because that killed off the demand. The solution they came up with was to sell 100 Javelins in a stealth batch at the announcement of the final Grand Finale on the 26th November at 1PM PST, this was followed by yet another stealth Javelin batch of 100, none of which is officially mentioned in clear numbers as to not kill off the demand by the enormous volume dilution that these sales represent. It is also interesting to note that of the 450 Javelins that was sold in one week 300 were offered for Cash Only, so this is a clear cash-grab move. This represents a new paradigm in that CIG no longer cares about capital ship rarity, they care only about deceiving backers by not officially stating they they sell 100's and hundreds more ships than the sale description states as to not kill the demand and make the maximum amount on new fresh cash. The Idris and Javelin are no longer rare and powerful capital ships that needs to be kept at a low number. The only rarity concern CIG has is to keep demand high to maximize cash revenue, thus they have started selling capital ships in Stealth Batches that are totally unannounced and for Cash Only. The overselling of capital ships had grave implications. Not only do we now have over twice as many Javelins as before but these ships were available for hours and hours without selling out, a sign that the demand is sated and probably would they have sold out faster CIG would have offered more, as many as the market can bare for mazimum amount of New Cash. I can't imagine the completionist 17500$ Backer that probably justified his pledge level by getting a Javelin that previously was a ship only available in 1-10 sec sales out of a year being happy about that instead of paying 17500 USD before, you could have just taken your time and comfortably within a total of over 24 HRS of javelin availability spent 2700$ for the same ship. What we can abstract from CIG's new marketing tactics is: CIG is not anymore concerned with limiting capital ships for game balance reasons, they are only concerned in keeping demand high. CIG knows rarity is a driving factor for capital ship demand CIG wants to keep the true javelin numbers a secret/the official numbers low to not lower demand CIG peculiarly enough decided to go through with the unanounced 100 Cash Only javelin batch on 1PM PST 26th november at a time where only 50% of Idris had sold out, almost to the dollar making up for the projected loss of profit from the Cash Only Idrises. Using this wonderful forum as a platform I'm going to go on record and make a prediction about where CIG marketing is heading with their capital ship sales going forward. Based on CIG's clear will to sell javelins for cash only in unannounced not officially acknowleadged large volume batches I predict the following: A Holiday Livestream 2016 sale of unannounced Cash only javelins of up to three batches of 100 each adjusted after demand with a possible addition of 50 javelins Store Credit allowed to not upset previous backers too much. The secret sale would be launched at the commensation of the Holiday Livestream at a time with maximum site traffic for maximu sale speed/sales oppurtinity. The sales will not be officially acknowleadged and no numbers of batches of numbers of ships in each batch will be mentioned to keep the image of javelin being a rare ship alive. The goal is to sell as many javelins for cash only as the market can bare. So the prediction is we will se another 350 Javelins sold for a total of 700 javelins sold in 2016. What does this new marketing tactic mean for Capital Ship numbers on launch of the PU? 2012 100 Idris-M sold 2013 150 Idris-P sold 2014 200 Idris-P sold in 4 batches of 50 2015 Introduction of the 2500$ Idris-P containing Armada pack (unknown amount sold commonly predicted thousands) and 100 Idris-P sold 2016 1000 Idris-P sold in 5 batches of 200 So almost a Tenfold increase of the amount sold in previous years in 2016. Extrapolating the new annual sales volumes and using the Roadmap laid out by CR (which is aleady heavily delayed) we are looking at a 2020 PU release at the earliest which gives us 1000 more Idris in 2017, 1000 more Idris in 2018, 1000 more Idris in 2019, and a possible 1000 more Idris in 2020. Total number of Idris at PU release with current sales volumes= 4550 to 5550 plus an unknown amount of Armada packages for a total of a conservative 6000+ estimate. These are not numbers that support a 1250$ price, these ships wil e so common that everyone will aim for one and thus the acquisition time will have to be lowered accordingly and thus the USD convert price from CIG's own UEC ingame store will be much lower than the 1250$ we paid. 2014 200 Javelin sold in 4 batches of 50 2015 200 Javelin sold in 4 batches of 50 (officially excused by a growing number of accounts allowing more to be sold though Turbulent has claimed the real backer numbers when we had 1,5 million accounts was 500 000 persons with 3 accounts each) 2016 250 Javelins sold officially 100 javelins sold off the record, And a prediction of 350 more sold in the anniversary sale Thus in 2020 at PU launch (according to the roadmap laid out in citizencon 2016 this will be the earliest launch date) and taking the new yearly sales volumes into account we will have 400 + 350 + 350 2017 + 350 2018 + 350 2019 = 1550 at the lowest plus the additional completionist owners and my prediciton: 400 + 700 + 700 2017 + 700 2018 + 700 2019 + 700 2020 = 3900 Javelins at PU launch.
  6. You want a Super Hornet? You love catchy titles? Well, here you go mate.. https://robertsspaceindustries.com/comm-link/transmission/15588-Super-Hornet-Super-Sale
  7. Awesome to see the details and design of the Polaris (in the first part)
  8. aka CIG Reddit Comment Archive. This subreddit makes one post a day that features every comment made by CIG developers on reddit. Pretty useful for keeping track of questions being answered and new information being disclosed, for example:
  9. ... and it appears that their income is very stable for the last 3 years! Source This somewhat busts the myth that CIG's crowdfunding-only approach is unstable and would lead to inevitable collapse.
  10. Interview with Chris Roberts, Creator of Star Citizen • Gear Patrol See link above or hidden below
  11. Yes I am still around - just busy with work (for those that maybe wondering ) Here is a 2 part CR interview I didn't see posted :
  12. See Twitch Link....http://www.twitch.tv/cigcommunity- Per usual reminding people that it is airing at 7am PST for those that want to get their questions in (to see it live) - and I'll add the INN summary notes and video later on (after it airs) . Reverse the 'Verse: Episode 2.04
  13. 2.5.0 Publish to Live! WLeverett.CIGWLeverett_CIG Posted: 8:11PM Howdy everyone and happy Thursday! We're pushing 2.5.0 to Live today!! We’ll be updating this thread as the day progresses with more information about the patch. - Patch Notes: Coming Soon! - Known Issues: Coming Soon! Official 2.5.0 feedback thread: Coming Soon! As always, if you find a bug or encounter an issue, please take the time to visit the Issue Council at:https://robertsspaceindustries.com/community/issue-council/star-citizen-alpha. Thanks everyone and see you in the 'Verse! - Will "Soulcrusher" Leverett
  14. Published on Aug 25, 2016 This week, join our Frankfurt Studio where we find out what's new in Star Citizen, take a look at an awesome recap of GamesCom, then experience what it took to create the spectacular GamesCom Demo in two special behind the scenes featurettes. 03:22 - Behind The Scenes: Quest Giver 07:08 - Behind The Scenes: Navigation Mesh 17:33 - Community Update with Tyler Witkin Around the 'Verse: Episode 3.04 - INN Transcript
  15. Quote from someone on Reddit
  16. GAMESCOM 2016 Cologne August 17 - 21, 2016 Watch at: https://robertsspaceindustries.com/gamescom or http://twitch.tv/starcitizen Twerk17: http://www.twitch.tv/Twerk17 Come join us watch it together on Teamspeak in the designated channel ts.starcitizenbase.com Below is the complete schedule from RSI, converted and reformatted in proper international ISO 8601 format, as Imperium should use. Click the Time.is links for countdown and time conversion GamesCom Schedule: Wednesday: Time.is 1200 - 1800 CET 0600 - 1200 ET 0300 - 0900 PT 1000 - 1600 UTC Thursday: Time.is 1000 - 1800 CET 0400 - 1200 ET 0100 - 0900 PT 0800 - 1600 UTC Friday: Time.is 1000 - 1700 CET 0400 - 1100 ET 0100 - 0800 PT 0800 - 1500 UTC Friday CIG Presentation / Star Citizen Party: Time.is 2100 CET 1500 ET 1200 PT 1900 UTC Saturday: Time.is 1000 - 1800 CET 0400 - 1200 ET 0100 - 0900 PT 0800 - 1600 UTC Sunday: Time.is 1000 - 1800 CET 0400 - 1200 ET 0100 - 0900 PT 0800 - 1600 UTC
  17. As @Nova-Prime pointed out earlier on the Polaris thread....
  18. Another month has come and gone, which means that it's time for another monthly studio report. I particularly like the section from F42 UK where they tell us that they're finishing up the last of the internals (including the Captain's Quarters) for the Idris this month, and should also be finishing the last of the externals for the Bengal, along with some key internal areas (like the Ready Room and the Bridge). But, there's more than enough cool stuff in there for any SC fan... ENJOY! July 2016 Monthly Studio Report
  19. See Twitch Link....http://www.twitch.tv/cigcommunity- Per usual reminding people that it is airing at 11am PST for those that want to get their questions in (to see it live) - and I'll add the INN summary notes and video later on (after it airs) . Reverse the 'Verse: Episode 2.02 - INN Summary
  20. Published on Aug 4, 2016 This week, join our Manchester studio as we check in with the Studio Update, take a look at the flight-ready Argo, and go Behind the Scenes with... well, you should just watch to find out... 02:17 - Intro 03:16 - Studio Update 13:13 - Ship Shape: Argo 17:35 - MVP with Tyler Witkin 19:26 - Behind the Scenes: ??? Around the 'Verse: Episode 3.02 - INN Transcript
  21. Posted on YouTube by CGStudio for their "In The Studio" series Even got a sneakpeek of Gurmukh working on a Caterpillar turret at the time.
  22. Published on Jul 28, 2016 ATV SEASON 3: NEW SHOW! NEW TIME! 1500 PST / 2200 UTC! This week, join our Los Angeles studio as we check in with the Studio Update, take a look at the flight-ready Reliant, and explore new clothing options coming to GrimHex Station. 00:57 - Intro 02:49 - Studio Report 09:42 - Ship Shape: Reliant 13:42 - MVP with Tyler Witkin 14:11 - Behind the Scenes: GrimHex Clothing
  23. See Twitch Link....http://www.twitch.tv/cigcommunity- Per usual reminding people that it is airing at 11am PST for those that want to get their questions in (to see it live) - and I'll add the INN summary notes and video later on (after it airs) . Reverse the 'Verse: Episode 2.01 - INN Summary
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