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Found 95 results

  1. Looking to trade some game keys for Descent: Underground (purchased during its Kickstarter) in exchange for RSI credit in the form of any unwanted ship or package worth $25 or more. Four Available
  2. I have the following in my steam gift inventory that I want to get rid of: Alien vs. Predator CS:GO Dungeon Defenders Duke Nukem 3D E.Y.E: Divine Cybermancy Minion masters Serious Sam 2 Serious Sam 3: BFE Serious Sam Classic First Encounter Serious Sam Classic Second Encounter The King of Fighters '98 Ultimate Match Final Edition Torchlight 2 I don't mind getting other steam keys (keep in mind I have a lot of games) or a ship(s) (doesn't matter if LTI or not)/store credits in return. Pm me your offer so we can talk about it and then I could send it to your email. PS: Also I have 3 copies of "PAYDAY 2: A Merry Payday Christmas Soundtrack" lying around, if anyone wants them, pm me with email.
  3. Looking to trade $50 SC gift card for a Dragonfly
  4. Hey! Want to trade your Merlin LTI with my Archimedes LTI (even trade)? If so, please PM me! My Archimedes:
  5. If anyone is looking for a Corporate Webhosting Package (200GB Disk space and 2000Gb monthly bandwidth, cPanel, Cloudlinux, Softaculous and more) to host his org, forum or personal website, I have 2 prepaid accounts (2 x $360) to trade against LTI Ship (preferably Super Hornet but will consider anything) or Credits. If interested, PM me for more informations and offers. EDIT #1: Please don't PM to offer accounts. I am more looking for giftable ships. Thank you. EDIT #2: Buyer will have to be RSI Confirmed. Thanks. EDIT #3: I received those accounts from a generous donor, so feel free to PM me ANY offer, I will seriously consider all of them. Only requirement for ship/package: LTI.
  6. Hi there So i have a couple of Steam- and Uplay-Keys that i would like to trade in for Star Citizen Ships, Hangar Flair etc. I am open for offers. Just send me a PM with the game or the games you'd like to have and the SC-Item you are willing to trade for the key(s). If your ship is slightly more valuable than the game(s) you want, i could also pay the difference. Here are the Steam-Games i can offer: - Anomaly 2 - Bound By Flame - The Bridge - Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons - Chivalry: Medieval Warfare - Cities XL Platinum - Cook, Serve, Delicious! - Deponia Doomsday - Endless Space Emperor Edition - ENSLAVED: Odyssey to the West Premium Edition - FORCED - Frozen Cortex - Frozen Synapse - Game of Thrones - GRAV (Early Access) - Gunmetal Arcadia Zero - KHOLAT - Magicka 2 - Mars: War Logs - Of Orcs and Men - Prison Architect - Risen - Risen 2: Dark Waters Gold Edition - Rocket League - The Stanley Parable - Styx: Master of Shadows - The Talos Principle - TIS-100 - Torchlight II - Volume - The Walking Dead: Season 1 - The Walking Dead: Season 2 - The Walking Dead: 400 Days And the Uplay-Games: - Assassin's Creed - Assassin's Creed II - Assassin's Creed Brotherhood - Assassin's Creed III - Assassin's Creed Chronicles: China (x2) - Assassin's Creed Chronicles: India - Assassin's Creed Chronicles: Russia - Assassin's Creed Liberation HD - Assassin's Creed Unity - Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon - Rayman Origins Please feel free to PM me if you are interested in any of these or have any further questions. That's it folks. See ya in the verse!
  7. Good Day, As per the title, I missed out on the Polaris sale (Boo) and I would like to trade some of my LTI ships for one I have for trade: Retaliator (LTI) M50 (LTI) Avenger (LTI) Drake Herald (LTI) PM me if youre interested! Toodles~
  8. Hello I am wanting to trade my level 30 league of legends account with every ultimate skin most legendary skins all champs all runes season 3 season 4 and season 5 victory skins and over 420 other skins as well as my steam account with 100 games on it, there is thousands of dollars worth of content I am looking at trading the both of them for UEE Exploration pack or at the least a Carrack, or something to that value link for steam games http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198087365554/games/?tab=all and photo of skins please feel free to contact me with any offers
  9. I thought I would post this here as well as Reddit, for more exposure. I have a never-worn engagement ring, purchased from Fred Meyer Jewelers here in Oregon that I'd like to be rid of. Its centerpiece is a 6.5 x 4.5mm Oval Tanzanite stone, ringed by smaller diamonds. It's set into 10k white gold. The size is 4.0, but it's my understanding that it's fairly easy to get it re-sized. It also has a lifetime care plan attached to it. It also comes with all the paperwork for the care plan and the receipt from when I purchased it. It's valued at 400$ + 50$ for the care plan. What I'd like to do is trade it in whole or for part of an Esperia Glaive. I'm also open to other ships as well, such as a Vanguard, Carrack, or Redeemer, but I would prefer a Glaive. I can pay with cash what the ring won't cover - Despite the ring having never been worn, it's pretty difficult to sell jewelry for anywhere near the purchase price, so I thought I'd post it here first to see if there was any interest, before I put it up on eBay. If you're interested, but worried about low-balling me, don't be. I'll consider everything and would be happy to give someone a good deal. Here's a shot of the ring: http://imgur.com/a/VxbPw Here's one with a timestamp for proof: http://imgur.com/a/73x5C And if you prefer to do business over Reddit, my username is the same, and here is the link to my posting there as well: https://www.reddit.com/r/Starcitizen_trades/comments/58ssrh/wtt_engagement_ring_for_esperia_glaive/ Cheers
  10. Would like to trade your 890J for my Polaris :-)
  11. Greetings, I would sell the following ships that have been ccu'd from a Drake Dragonfly LTI. accepting only Store Credits Retaliator Bomber LTI________________________________390Rsi$ Vanguard Warden LTI__________________________________370Rsi$ Reclaimer LTI________________________________________500Rsi$ HullD LTI____________________________________________500Rsi$ Crucible LTI_________________________________________500Rsi$ Banu Merchant Man LTI________________________________390Rsi$ Endeavor LTI_________________________________________500Rsi$ Vanduul Blade LTI____________________________________390Rsi$ Caterpillar LTI______________________________________390Rsi$ Super Hornet LTI_____________________________________285RSI$ Gladiator LTI________________________________________285RSI$ Freelancer MIS LTI___________________________________285RSI$
  12. Hello everyone! I have 3 extra Elite Dangerous accounts(Standard). Really just looking to sell these. I am a student, and some other things just takes priority over games. I don't normally trade here, I normally trades in the Reddit Star Citizen Trades Forum(Reddit Username: Eric1084). What is included: • A digital download Elite: Dangerous(Also Steam Key) All details will be changed to yours(Email, street, phone, etc.), and you will receive an invoice with details as well as a written note saying the account will never be reclaimed by me will be signed, and Emailed(Or Faxed) to you. I'm looking for $17 PP or a P-52 Merlin. You can send me offers too. I will reply within 24 hours. Thanks a lot for looking!
  13. Greetings. Selling a Vanduul Glaive for $600 USD. Verified Paypal Required. Alternative Verification may also be required on a case-by-case basis. I am willing to demo the glaive in AC should you have any doubts about the authenticity of the ship. Thanks.
  14. I have a Starfarer with 2 year anniversary insurance in my buy back list. Due to the $300 price increase, I thought there might be an opportunity to trade with someone who wants to get one cheaper than $300. I would be interested in trading for a LTI BMM or a LTI CAT. I would require you to transfer first.
  15. Price: $290 via PayPal or WTT to Retaliator Bomber LTI.
  16. I have a World Of Tanks account with tier 10's and rare tanks on the Na server with email that i would like to trade for a ship on Star Citizen. The account is worth over 500 usd. Tier 10 tanks----M60 T110E5 T57 FV215b(183) Jagdpanzer E100 Bat. Chatillon 25t Amx 50B Bat. Chatillion 155 58 Is-7.......Prem tanks.....STA-2 IS-6 Type 64 KV-5 Valentine 11 FMC 36 Pax MX Chasseur de chars Panther 8,8 Pz.Kpfw. 38H 735 (f) T-34
  17. Hey folks! I do not know if it is OK for me to post this here - if it is not, then please do with this topic as you see fit! As the topic title suggests I would like to trade my Battle.net account for a SC ship. I do not know which one and would therefore take some offers, there are a few ships I really want and should I see this then I would gladly take the offer: (I prefer to deal with Imperium members seeing as they might be more 'reliable' than random people, no offense :3 ) Carrack or Vanguard Warden (I do not know the Actual value of my acc, if this is unrealistic then so be it ) On the account there is: World of Warcraft: Warlords of Draenor (Nothing special, a lvl 100 character with little to no valueables) Diablo III + RoS StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty Overwatch BETA (Not the actual game) Hearthstone (Played early on and there is no super recent content on this account) Best Regards, Kendis
  18. As the title says. (Background) I have 2x Occulus DK2 (One spare one for trade that is new and unused.). and just pre-ordered my CV1. I don't need the spare now and looking to offload it to someone not looking to rush into getting the CV1 just yet. _ More than willing to go with an alternate option of 2x 890J + Occulus DK2 for your Idris-M if that works for you. Trader must be Paypal verified and must produce both their Citizen Number and current registered RSI Handle NO EXCEPTIONS! The Trader's Citizen Number and Handle will be provided upon request. All scams or suspicious activity will be reported to the MODs and elevated from there.
  19. I've got an EvE account collecting dust right now if anyone is interested. Willing to trade for SC Ships or Cash. I can give account or xfer character (buyer pays fee for this). Activated it for the next month. Some general info: Most skillpoints in Gunnery, Drones, Engineering, MissilesFlys: Frigates, Cruisers, HAC's, BC's, BS'sHas about 1 bill isk on himHas a few ships as well, I believe a few frigs, BC's and a Tempest$150 obo Can link specifics if interested via PM.
  20. Hey there, i want to trade my StatTrack Cyrex Factory New for any ship which is about 70$-90$. I recommend getting a Reliant with lti. I do not need a game package. I would go first with the trade if you have a high reputation so that its safe for you. Thats my first Post so please dont judge me Any Questions? Contact me here, pm or over steam. Steam: http://steamcommunity.com/id/sabifacsgo SteamInventory: http://steamcommunity.com/id/sabifacsgo/inventory/#730
  21. Willing to trade (preferred): Redeemer LTI $350 worth of RSI credits (meltable non-LTI ships, CCUs, CUs)Constellation Aquilla LTI $385 (including fees)Reliant LTI $100 worth of RSI credits (meltable non-LTI ships, CCUs, CUs)Hull A LTI $110 worth of RSI credits (meltable non-LTI ships, CCUs, CUs)Mustang Omega $85 worth of RSI credits (meltable non-LTI ships, CCUs, CUs)Willing to sell: Redeemer LTI $315 (including fees)Constellation Aquilla LTI $350 (including fees)Reliant LTI $80 (including fees) Sold to justncredibleHull A LTI $85 (including fees) Sold to justncredibleMustang Omega $75 (including fees)Please have prior transaction history and be verified Paypal in case of the sell option.
  22. G'day SCB, Just letting you guys know I have a relatively new service where I will list items you want to buy and sell without asking for a commission and I will also middleman the exchange for free as usual. This means cheaper prices for buyers and sellers get more in their pocket from the agreed price. The lists are on reddit and can be viewed without needing an account, and I would prefer to be contacted through there, but I know there are people (like myself) who dislike the place and do not wish to become members. I can conduct the service through here, it will just take few extra steps. If you do not have a reddit account, you may have to be a member of SCB of some good standing before I agree to do business with you. A verified paypal account is a must. The lists are located as follows: Click here for the list of items for saleClick here for the list of items wantedShoot me a PM if you have an questions. Regards, B
  23. Want to Trade WTT Subscriber Flair

    Want to trade: Subscriber flair from March 2015 onwards for any subscriber flair from before this date. This is a straight 1:1 swap of the Subscriber Flair items. Flair currently available (This will be edited as trades are made): March 2015 April 2015 May 2015 June 2015 July 2015 August 2015 August 2015 Gamescom Trophy *TRADED* September 2015 October 2015 Trade completed with Syrius - 10/10/15 - Fast and Friendly! Thank you!
  24. This is one of those "just one miracle" posts because I doubt there are many who bought an 890 who would be willing/wanting to let it go for a minimal profit in a solely RSI credit trade but I just have to ask. I have 5 Hornet Trackers that have a melt value of $135 each that I can offer plus my Imperator Reward which is good for up to $100 bucks off anything at RSI (you'd have to make a purchase for more than $670 to get the full $100). If you are getting ready to buy something expensive at CitizenCon you'd have $175 more credits to spend than if you melted your 890. Like I said, I know it's unlikely someone will be interested in this deal but I see it as my last chance to get one since Ben said they won't be selling 890s again anytime soon (which means at the next two big sales to me). I don't think there is any reason to expect that they will be selling them with LTI ever again in any case. I love the 890 most of any ship in the game but couldn't afford it when they were sold. It has always been a bummer that there isn't a way for me to get one in spite of having loads of RSI credits. So here's my attempt; I hope I get lucky! The business end of the deal is that I won't accept any other ship than an 890 so if you ask don't be surprised when I say no. I want to support RSI so I'll just buy some other ship from them with my credits if this doesn't work out. Also, because I want to support RSI I'm not interested in a part cash deal; I want this to be a pure credit trade as a matter of principle.... well principal and the fact that I'm going to spend the store credit on an Endeavor if this doesn't work so I'm not pressured to make a deal. If someone does feel like helping a fellow spaceman out by putting him in the ship of his dreams then I'll be insisting on (and paying for) a middleman. I already know that these sorts of trades are difficult for a middleman and I've discussed how to do it with a middleman that I trust; I'm confident a solution to keep us both safe as possible can be found. The usual good trading rules apply. To be sure we are who we say we are we'll probably need to exchange verified Paypal addresses, RSI flair, and trade history. I'm super easy to verify in real life and have had many trades on r/Starcitizen_trades (most were before the bot so they don't show in my flair but a quick search will find them). I expect you to be the same. I'm in USA and I'd prefer the trade to be a USA to USA trade to avoid the legal mubo jumbo if something goes wrong. Since a trade like this might take a few days to complete I want to make sure I have enough time for the CitizenCon sale if it falls through so my offer ends on Monday October 5th. Thanks for considering my offer. Fly safe! This is my first post here for no particularly good reason; I love this place and come here often but I've never had anything to say before today. I've been on Reddit for over a year and Steam other places for years as well. 5 trackers link http://imgur.com/dyFee2M Expanded ES Tracker http://imgur.com/t0iKvAM Melt Value http://imgur.com/hq01YWA
  25. I have a "Package - Constellation Taurus - Digital" I am looking to upgrade to a "Rear Admiral" or "Vice Admiral" package. So i am willing to trade my Constellation Package with an additional $100 to make up the difference. Open to offers.