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Found 680 results

  1. Hey there everyone. just recieved a digital download copy for Far Cry 4 but i really am not into the series so id like to sell it for $45 paypal or for 2 $20 aurora packages (anniversary sale) or even 40 dollars in rsi creds via gift card! thanks and feel free to pm me its a downloadable code youll recieve
  2. Hello, folks. So, as you may be aware, Cat Stevens (now known as Yusuf) has returned to the United States for a tour, his first in more than thrity years. In fact, he has a show in Boston, this Sunday. I happen to have a spare ticket in my possession, that I'm more than willing to sell for the retail value that I paid: $191.20. (Heck, I'll even shave off the twenty cents.) There's just a catch: you'll have to accompany me, or meet me, at the theatre beforehand, as the tickets are tied to my credit card. However, the seats are seperate, and you won't have to deal with me. (For all the good and bad that may be.) One final thing: I need the money ahead of the show. We can discuss details in private. Thank you, and if you're in need a ticket, here's your chance. Cheers. Here's proof:
  3. $80 Negotiable. PM Me for link to account. 70 Games. Some software. Or will trade.
  4. hey friends swap or sell Super Hornet Package with two year insurance .. need the Constallation 280$ RSI pls PM
  5. LTI Starfarer LTI - 250$ - Sold LTI Gladiator - 210$ - Sold LTI Freelancer DUR (ALPHA) LTI 210$ -Sold Non LTI 315 Explorer Alpha Package - 75$ Sold Non LTI Avenger Alpha Package - 75$ -Sold Non LTI Aurora LN Alpha Package - 45$ - Sold (This does include paypal fees) I am willing to trade ships if the offer is fair and worthwhile for me. You may contact and utilize a trustworthy middleman provided that you pay for the extra fees. First time selling and just trying to revive my wallet from the purchase the 890 Jump. Verified Paypal required. Screenshots: http://i.imgur.com/EMKzOVP.jpg<----- 315p/Starfarer http://i.imgur.com/gmu33Cr.jpg <----- Aurora LN/Avenger http://i.imgur.com/JjyRaFa.jpg <----Freelancer/Gladiator Editted, sorry for misleading title.
  6. Saints Row 4 $5 Alien Isolation $15 Sniper Elite 3 $15 I'm on Teamspeak most of the time (as i'm sure alot of you are aware of lol) , so I can happily chat about arrangements or cost. RSI payment would be ideal. (Gift card / Meltable items) Updated!
  7. Sales complete/ended this post can be removed rear admiral LTI with Phoenix upgrade 500 - SOLD Cutlass Blue Upgrade with tools - 65 Herald LTI 100 Lightspeed (350r+jacket+alpha pack) LTI package 175 - SOLD Xian scout LTI 195 SOLD Purchases will be made with paypal verified accounts using invoices. Pm me with any questions. I am new to this forum because I made a couple ship sales on eBay before they started taking down my SC postings for copyright violations. Since I am new feel free to ask any questions you need I will try to get answers in a timely fashion. I am willing to use a reputable middle man if you pay his/her fees to alleviate risk. Pm me with offers. I would be willing to take trades/partial trades on LTI Retaliator, Lti Freelancer MIS at cost + difference
  8. Selling my Elite Dangerous Premium Beta account. Includes full Instant access to current Beta Full game is downloadable upon release Lifetime Expansion Pass which is no longer available for purchase Also includes Eagle ship with about 3,000 credits $150 (willing to take offers) Please PM me if interested. We can talk details through email.
  9. Hi everyone! Looking to sell my Super Hornet LTI, $280USD or $300CAD for Canadians, prices included PayPal fees. PM me if you are interested! SOLD~
  10. Hi, I am selling my Elite Dangerous Lifetime Expansion Pass for €30 (I bought it for €40 few days before it expired). https://store.zaonce...nsion-pass.html When I bought this, I thought of buying the game in two steps due to its high price, first the Lifetime Pass and then the final game or the beta. Meanwhile, a co-worker and friend has sold his Premium Beta to me for half of the price, so I don't need this anymore. I saw people complaining about being scammed and their accounts reclaimed, but it is not the case here, I already have a Premium Beta account that I play with. Let me know if you are interested about my offer or if you know someone who is. I have a verified PayPall account and I am an honest person. Thanks, Tiberius
  11. WTS or WTT Account with: RSI Aurora MR SelfLand Hangar Alpha Access Beta Access Star Citizen Digital Download Squadron 42 Digital Download Digital Star Citizen Manual Starting Money: 1,000 UEC 3 Month Insurance The gift-option for this package isn´t working any more. for 55 € / 70 $ via paypal or trade in SC for a similar value plz check my reference best regards jb
  12. Well, i was happy with my account until a friend offered me a DK2 which i badly want to have, my wallet is thin at the moment so selling this account is the only option i have. Payment via Paypal, Buyer should be a verified Paypal user. The Account Contains the FF, Alpha Access, Super Hornet LTI etc: http://i.imgur.com/ZVgvG0M.jpg?1 You can still change the Handle. I k9crow promise to abandon my account, agreeing to never attempt to recover said account via RSI or any other means. If an agreement is made with a buyer and the buyer totally and absolutely completes the transaction as agreed upon by both the seller and the buyer. Disclaimer: (1) Account sales are in clear violation of RSI's terms of service, and are at high risk of being terminated at any time (2) The original owner will remain the legal owner of the account except in specific jurisdiction where local laws that supercede RSI's EULA allows for account transfers.
  13. Here i got some gear for sale. All payments are to be done in person (i am in NY) or by verified paypal. Only shipping CONUS. I am also willing to negotiate a price in RSI or in SC ships, I am open for all sorts of negotiations so feel free to send me some PMs. So here we go: -Saitek Pro Flight Rudder Pedals: they are in great condition (box is pretty banged up though) price for those is $old -Hori HRAP EX Dual modded for Xbox360/PS3/PC arcade stick. It comes with a Hori Hayabusa stick, full sanwa buttons (including the start and select buttons). I will also include 6 mechanical gamerfinger buttons (http://www.gamerfinger.com/hbfs30.html) plus the original hori buttons. I am giving all that away for a cool $150 Shipped -Hitbox type arcade stick: It was originally a Hori WII fightstick, it is modded with a madcatz PS3 TE pcb so it works with PS3/PC. It is in a fairly good condition, if you slap in a new artwork on it, you will have a nifty portable hitbox that people will compliment and be jealous about. I am letting this little guy is $old
  14. -Xian Scout LTI - $220 - -Starfarer LTI - $300 - sold to arctec. -Super Hornet LTI (Digital Colonel + Game Package) - $320 (Add $60 if you wish to have it with an F7A Military upgrade) Priority will be given to Imperium members in case of multiple requests! Verified paypal only, transaction will be done live on TS. No high low bids, selling a few double ships that I have.
  15. [WTS] Retaliator LTI 24 hour sale only, if 24hr is over, this offer is gone. Need Money Asap, Price $400 (cheaper then reddit). Trusted people only. (With good feedbacks) PS: Forget about the rules for a moment there, sorry
  16. I have quantities of all three glorious Constellation nifties currently available. Their original prices were: $1000 Constellation Super Pack $350 Constellation Phoenix $125 Constellation Phoenix Upgrade I've generally been accepting $1100-$1200, $400-$450, and $150-$175; respectively. Feel free to make an offer! THREAD TERMS UPDATE: Buyer must be 18+ (Not a minor), and possess Verified Paypal.
  17. I want to sell my Constellation Phoenix for $435 plus Paypal fees. I'd also be willing to trade for a 890 Jump w/ LTI plus some $ from my side.
  18. Want to sell my Alpha Account has the following STANDALONE SHIP - FREELANCER DUR STANDALONE SHIP - FREELANCER MAX STANDALONE SHIP - CUTLASS RED PACKAGE - CUTLASS BLUE - ALPHA ACCESS: http://i.imgur.com/39dlRdM.png $385 Buyer Pays Fees
  19. I am selling an M50 Package with 10 items included (see screenshot below). The M50 is not currently available and there-fore is somewhat "limited". This sale is only available to those with verified paypal accounts. The price of this package is negotiable to a degree...but I believe it should be worth around $150. So please review the screenshot and PM me with your offer if you are interested.
  20. Selling some of my game packages plus some upgrades. I have the following available: Avenger LTI game package - original price 75.00 (advanced hunter) asking price: 150.00 - SOLD Avenger LTI game package - original price 75.00 (advanced hunter) asking price: 150.00 - SOLD Super Hornet LTI game package - original price 180.00 (digital colonel + SH upgrade) asking price: 375.00 SOLD Hornet military skin - original price 20.00 asking price: included in SH price. SOLD Constellation Andromeda LTI game package - original price 250.00 (rear admiral) asking price: 500.00 SOLD Constellation Phoenix upgrade - original price 125.00 asking price: included in connie price. SOLD Pm me with your counter offers. I'm willing to make deals. Pm me if you have any questions. Note: Expect to meet with me on team speak, where I will have you transfer funds to my paypal, and promptly gift you the item shortly after I've received payment. Don't derail the thread. Just pm me. In fact don't even post at all. Just pm me right away.
  21. Hi everyone, sadly, I have to say goodbuy from my precious Freelancer. The package of question is the LTI Freelancer which comes with physical goodies such as the soundtrack on CD, space-shaped USB drive, glossy fold-up star map and the deluxe green collectors-box (according to the description of CIG]. New variants of the Freelancer will be released shortly, so get yourself ready with one LTI Freelancer! My idea was something about the 300$ mark. Feel free to contact me with your offers.
  22. Want to sell my FREELANCER MIS, for $239. Leave to message below or PM me if you want more information or interested in the ship Sold
  23. Want to sell a banu merchantman want about $500 I will have to give you my account because i was given this.
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