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Found 509 results

  1. Hi all, I have been considering selling my SC account for a while now, i am the original owner and was very enthusiastic with this game. However i am a bit disappointed that VR wont be implimented , and mainly because of that and that i dont have time anymore to play it and put the effort into it, i have made the decision to sell this account if i can. I am a first time poster to this forum and understand the hesitation in trusting my post, but for what its worth i am legitimate and freely accept any checks that this forum wants to put me through, with-in reason. Obviously i cant give you various details but i can give you a link to screenshots of my account and its contents here, i have blanked out personal information for obvious reasons: https://imgur.com/a/qLtSv The account is a High Admiral account and has $50 Credit, 27000 UEC, and 5000 Rec. The account is worth $1,280.00 USD. I know its probably unlikely that i could get full price for this so i have decided that i would settle for $800 US. FOR SALE FOR $800 US The account Community Moniker is able to be changed. Also available is 1 ability to buy back a pledge with store credits for one of these ships : 1. F7C-M Super Hornet - LTI 2. Aegis Reclaimer - LTI 3. Aegis Redeemer - LTI 4. Cutlass 5. Digital Freelancer 6. and 5 other lesser type ships. My account consists of these stand alone ships: 1. Reliant Mini Hauler - LTI 2. Hull C - LTI 3. Aegis Vanguard - LTI with Harbinger Battlefield Upgrade Kit and Sentinel Battlefield Upgrade Kit 4. RSI Orion - LTI 5. CONSTELLATION AQUILLA - this is the ship i started the account with: Starting Money:10,000 UEC 6 Month Insurance Deluxe Silver Collector's Box Spaceship-shaped USB Drive CD of Game Soundtrack Glossy Fold-up Star Map 5 Spaceship Blueprints 3 Inch Model of Spaceship Hardback Making-of Star Citizen Legacy Alpha Digital Star Citizen Manual Squadron 42 Digital Download Star Citizen Digital Download So if anyone is interested please post here and we can contact each other and talk details, once again i am legit and will do my best to accomodate your interest. Best Regards Legio
  2. Selling cutlass bluee upgrade for melt price $50. Sale must be completed by this Monday. I am only sell it to star citizen base member that had been a member for at least 1 month. Since I am not making any money off this sale so I am going to want you to send me the store credits first before I gift it to your account
  3. Paypal Verified... PM if interested. $750 + Buyer pays fees https://imgur.com/a/gG2Lj
  4. Hello, I'm selling my Endeavor Base (cause, life project with my wife), ccu'd from a Nox LTI, Paypal, in EURO please, for 260€ (315$) Discord live, possible. You can contact me on Discord @ "[APF] Freddy#0551" or on steam, via Reddit or MP here. Screen #1 : https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/337327771795849218/416284781131726872/Capture.PNG CCu applied : https://i.imgur.com/6e7HqmO.png ---- I have one trade successful : https://www.reddit.com/r/Starcitize...etaliator_lti_or_2yr/?st=jdyvyiuf&sh=26662ada Original thread: https://www.reddit.com/r/Starcitize...ti_ccud_from_nox_lti/?st=je3fu7tz&sh=3b602c3c
  5. im not a reseller or profiteer. just looking to reduce the size of my personal fleet. this would be a direct sale from me. Buyer pays transaction fee's. Paypal verified email buyers only. your paypal address must match your Star Citizen account email. I am asking $900
  6. Ships: Endeavor Master Set LTI nongiftable Banu Merchantman LTI nongiftable Dragonfly LTI nongiftable Game packages (sc+sq42): Mustang Omega nongiftable Aneger Stalker giftable Buybacks: PACKAGE - REDEEMER - LTI PACKAGE - ARENA COMMANDER STARTER STANDALONE SHIP - AEGIS SABRE - LTI STANDALONE SHIP - FREELANCER DUR 6 MO STANDALONE SHIP - KRUGER P-52 MERLIN 3 MO STANDALONE SHIP - AEGIS RETALIATOR BASE - LTI STANDALONE SHIP - HULL A - LTI STANDALONE SHIP - AEGIS RETALIATOR - ANNIVERSARY 24 MO STANDALONE SHIP - CONSTELLATION TAURUS 6 MO STANDALONE SHIP - AURORA ES 6 MO STANDALONE SHIP - CUTLASS BLACK 6 MO STANDALONE SHIP - F7C-M SUPER HORNET - ANNIVERSARY 24 MO STANDALONE SHIP - CUTLASS BLUE - ANNIVERSARY 24 MO STANDALONE SHIP - CONSTELLATION AQUILA 6 MO STANDALONE SHIP - AEGIS RETALIATOR - ANNIVERSARY 24 MO STANDALONE SHIP - DRAKE HERALD - LTI Lots of hangar items, some upgrades etc. 64,000 UEC 195,500 REC 14 months of Imperator subcriber status Total spent on account 2,439.71 USD Screenshot: https://imgur.com/48vRH9R I can use Middleman services, transaction fee on buyer side. Payment via PayPal. Price: 1500 USD or offer your price.
  7. I know I'm new here, but I've only been in the Star Citizen ship-trading scene for a few days. I've been playing the game for a few years, and I'm looking to get rid of some ships for real-life related reasons. Accepting PayPal, BTC, ETH. Currently looking to sell these ships: MISC Starfarer Tanker - LTI Digital Bounty Hunter - LTI Digital Mercenary - LTI Advanced Starter Package - LTI Digital Scout - LTI Colonel - LTI Standalone Ship - Anvil Hawk lti Warbond Scout - LTI No prices are set currently. Please PM me with offers
  8. I am offering my buyback rare game package Pirate Drake Cutlass Black + Yellow Dragonfly (both with 60 month insurance) + Skull and Bones Skin + Star Citizen Digital Download Payment via Paypal. Cost $170, PayPal fees included. PM me if you are interested.
  9. Selling Aurora MR Game Package from Buyback. This Package includes Squadron 42, Star Citizen, and 2 months Insurance Melt Value $30 USD / My Price $40 USD Accepting USD PayPal; must be PayPal verified and email for PayPal and Gifting must be the same. Payment must be received prior to delivery to complete transaction. No Refunds or Cancellations will be available.
  10. hey friends I sell a few old LTI ships and packages from the buyback: STANDALONE SHIP - BANU DEFENDER LTI = 230$ - ANVIL HURRICANE LTI = 210$ - ANVIL TERRAPIN - LTI = 235$ - DRAKE BUCCANEER - LTI = 140$ - AEGIS VANGUARD - LTI = 305$ - XI'AN KHARTU-AL LTI = 190$ - LIMITED AEGIS GLADIUS-LTI = 105$ - ENDEAVOR HOPE-CLASS - LTI = 600$ - HULL E - LTI = 670$ - AEGIS RECLAIMER - LTI = 430$ Packages - F7C-M SUPER HORNET - ANNIVERSARY = 235$ - M50 INTERCEPTOR - ANNIVERSARY = 145$ - PACKAGE - 300I = 85$ - PACKAGE - DIGITAL BOUNTY HUNTER = 90$ - PACKAGE - DIGITAL COLONEL = 160$ - PACKAGE - ADVANCED HUNTER = 105$ - PACKAGE - DIGITAL FREELANCER = 160$ - ADD-ONS - THE TORTOISE AND THE HURRICANE LTI = 425$ - ADD-ONS - SUPERCOLLIDER POD - LTI für ENDEAVOR = 170$ If you have something just write to PM, there are still all you old prices but please consider that I have the 19% VAT Liebe Grüße Fhexy
  11. Willing to sell my lovely Sabre LTI. I'm in a situation where I need money so, It must go... I'm selling it for 170€. Accepting PayPal; must be PayPal verified and email for PayPal and Gifting must be the same. Payment must be received prior to delivery to complete the transaction. No Refunds or Cancellations will be available. Mi RSI Account: https://robertsspaceindustries.com/citizens/By-Jokese
  12. I am offering my buyback options to several ships. I only listed ships from their original concept sale or ships that have gone up in price since the sale I bought them. Apart from 1 game package all ships are available for their original buyback price so I am not making any profit on these. The Weekend Warrior pack is different since it is a rare package so it is worth a bit more Payment to be handled via Paypal, buyer takes care of potential charges. feel free to PM me if you are interested Package Game Package Standalone Ships included Price Insurance RSI AURORA ES ANNIVERSARY 2017 No Yes Aurora ES $24.20 60 Month RSI URSA ROVER ANNIVERSARY 2017 No Yes Ursa Rover $60.50 60 Month ANVIL HAWK LTI No Yes Anvil Hawk $108.90 Lifetime AOPOA NOX LTI No Yes Nox $48.40 Lifetime DRAKE DRAGONFLY RIDE TOGETHER TWO-PACK No Yes Dragonfly Yellowjacket Dragonfly Black $78.65 Lifetime TUMBRIL CYCLONE-TR LTI No Yes Cyclone TR $66.55 Lifetime TUMBRIL CYCLONE LTI No Yes Cyclone $60.50 Lifetime ARGO COMBO PACK - LTI No Yes MPUV CARGO MPUV PERSONNEL $84.70 Lifetime ANVIL HURRICANE LTI No Yes Hurricane $211.75 Lifetime MISC RAZOR LTI No Yes Razor $163.35 Lifetime VANGUARD HOPLITE - LTI No Yes Vanguard Hoplite $272.25 Lifetime ORIGIN 85X - LTI No Yes 85X $60.50 Lifetime MPUV CARGO - LTI No Yes MPUV CARGO $42.35 Lifetime DRAKE BUCCANEER - LTI No Yes Buccaneer $133.10 Lifetime DRAKE DRAGONFLY BLACK No Yes Dragonfly Black $42.35 Lifetime RELIANT MINI HAULER - LTI No Yes Reliant $60.50 Lifetime MISC PROSPECTOR No Yes Prospector $169.40 Lifetime ESPERIA VANDUUL BLADE No Yes Blade $302.50 Lifetime DRAKE HERALD - LTI No Yes Herald $102.85 Lifetime AEGIS RECLAIMER - LTI No Yes Reclaimer $423.50 Lifetime AEGIS REDEEMER - LTI No Yes Redeemer $302.50 Lifetime MERCHANTMAN No Yes Merchantman $302.50 24 Month ANVIL CARRACK - LTI No Yes Carrack $423.50 Lifetime AEGIS VANGUARD - LTI No Yes Vanguard $302.50 Lifetime AEGIS RETALIATOR BASE No Yes Retaliator $181.50 Lifetime VANGUARD HARBINGER - LTI No Yes Vanguard Harbringer $338.80 Lifetime CONSTELLATION PHOENIX - ANNIVERSARY 2015 No Yes Constellation Phoenix $423.50 3-Year COMBO - CATERPILLAR & DRAGONFLY PACK No Yes Caterpillar Dragonfly Yellowjacket Dragonfly Black $363.00 Lifetime WEEKEND WARRIOR - LTI Yes No F7C-M SUPER HORNET $300.00 Lifetime COMBO - ALIEN PACK Yes No RELIANT KORE BANU MERCHANTMAN XI'AN KHARTU-AL ESPERIA VANDUUL GLAIVE $907.50 3-Year
  13. Selling original Pirate Pack - LTI from Buyback. This is not a game package. Melt Value $100 USD / My Price $140 USD $125 USD Accepting USD PayPal; must be PayPal verified and email for PayPal and Gifting must be the same. Payment must be received prior to delivery to complete transaction. No Refunds or Cancellations will be available. Please note the docking collar is defunct, and the Tractor beam is somewhat questionably available on all standard Cutlass Black models.
  14. Selling my account due to financial reasons. The Price is $650.00 USD. You can re-credit the three LTI ships+ Weekend Warrior Pack AND GET BACK APPRX $850+ (Melt Value) to get actual real money value back (TO USE IN THE SC STORE AS U SEE FIT). I am not here to flip or profit off the fact that you CAN NO LONGER OBTAIN THESE SHIPS IN LTI FORM...EVER...AGAIN. The limited edition goodies are bonus. Contents include: MISC -1 Handle name change -10,000 UEC 5,000 REC currencies -SW-Series Ballistic Repeater - SW16BR2 “Sawbuck” x2 (weapon worth 10,000 UEC) -UEE Environment Coat SHIPS/PACKAGES Reliant Mini Hauler - LTI (CAN BE GIFTED) Standalone Ship - Anvil Carrack - LTI Aegis Redeemer - LTI Weekend Warrior - LTI which contains: F7C-M Super Hornet - LTI Digital Game Soundtrack Digital Star Map Digital Squadron 42 Manual Digital Star Citizen Manual Legacy Alpha Squadron 42 Digital Download Star Citizen Digital Download Model II Arclight Sidearm HANGARS -SelfLand Hangar -VFG Industrial Hangar -Aeroview Hangar -Revel & York Hangar HANGAR DECOR -Christmas Reward! (wreath) -Takuetsu Reliant Model -Reliant Poster -Space Globe - Good Health -Takuetsu Mustang Delta Model -Takuetsu Racing Origin M50 2944 -Takuetsu RSI Constellation Phoenix 2944 -Takuetsu MISC Freelancer MIS 2944 -Locker From Another Universe -100M Reward - 2945 War Bond -UEE Calendar Image proof can be sent upon request. I have checked the prices for just raw ships from the stores in this forum and have ensured that the cost is well worth it. I wont haggle for less.
  15. Hi, WTS one o the 150 usd of credits in form of one the following ships CCU'd from P72 LTI I can make it into one of these ships: Retailator Base, Constelation Taurus or Khartul Al Selling this for 95 USD via Paypal, fees on you.
  16. Hey Star Citizens, I am trying to liquidate some of my spare ships. Aside from USD, I'll also accept New Zealand Dollars (NZD) and Cryptocurrencies (BTC, ETH, etc..) as payment. I'll offer a discount for the alternate payment methods and for bulk orders. I'm planning to invest in cryptocurrency, so I'm downsizing my hangar a bit. Here are the ships I'm currently selling. I'll also add my available buybacks, once I get a chance. Let me know if anything piques your interest. - x7 Mustang Omega Packages ($150 each) - x1 Banu Merchantman anniversary with 24mo insurance ($265) - x2 Origin 85x ($60 each) SOLD - x1 Banu Merchantman with 48 month insurance
  17. Selling giftable Digital Scout LTI Package. 95 $. Pic: http://sv.tinypic.com/view.php?pic=21j9bep&s=9#.Wk0FeLZiT-Y Aurora MR Selfland hangar Starting Money: 1,000 UEC Lifetime Insurance Star Citizen Digital Download Squadron 42 Digital Download Digital Star Citizen Manual
  18. ACCOUNT FOR SALE: See First Reply, decided it was a safer route Two purchases here on the forums in the past. A Terrapin CCU from @AstroJak (on June 19, 2017) and a Dragonfly LTI from @StarC_Newbie (on May 31st, 2017) I can pull up the messages upon request. List of ships and items owned (Nothing is gift-able, all purchased over time with store credits) Ships: Package - Anniversary 2017 Mustang Discount Starter package Standalone Ship- Anvil Hawk LTI CCu'd to Freelancer LTI Standalone Ship- Anvil Hawk LTI CCu'd to Cutlass Black LTI Standalone Ship- Anvil Hawk LTI CCu'd to Terrapin LTI Items: Package - Squadron 42 Add-on ($15.00 value) Kastak Arms Custodian SMG - Citizencon 2947 ($5.00 value) Masters of Design Series - Hoplite & MPUV Masters of Design Series - Polaris & Razor Masters of Design Series - Caterpillar & Dragonfly Masters of Design Series - Prospector & Herald Masters of Design Series - Hurricane & Terrapin Holographic models- ICC Port Olisar Holographic models- IMS Bolliver Holographic models- Icarus One Holographic models- ICC Probe Hitbox Magazine Big Benny's Vending Machine Christmas Reward 2016 Opera Mushroom Citizencon 2946 Trophy Subscriber Edition Conner's Beard Moss Takuetsu Mini Reliant Kore Model Takuetsu Golden Herald Model Takuetsu Mustang Gamma Model Buy Back tokens = 1 Buy Back ships and items listed below Cutlass Black package Cutlass Starter Pack Gamescom2017 Standalone - Drake Dragonfly Black Standalone - AOPOA Nox Kue LTI Warbond Ship Upgrades - Gladius to Cutlass Black Upgrade CCU Ship Upgrades - Gladius to Cutlass Black Upgrade CCU Ship Upgrades - Gladius to Cutlass Black Upgrade CCU Ship Upgrades - Gladius to Cutlass Black Upgrade CCU Ship Upgrades - Gladius to Cutlass Black Upgrade CCU Ship Upgrades - Freelancer to F7C Hornet Upgrade CCU Standalone Ship - Tumbril Cyclone LTI Presale Standalone Ship - X1 Force Edition LTI Standalone Ship - RSI Aurora LX Gamescom2017 Standalone Ship - AEGIS Gladius Package - Freelancer Ship Upgrades - Freelancer to Freelancer Max Upgrade Package - Explorer Pack Gamescom2017 Package - Mustang Alpha SC Starter Add-Ons - Air and Space Pack LTI (Terrapin and Cyclone AA) Package - Mustang Alpha SC Starter Package - Aurora MR SC Starter Package - Freelancer Ship Upgrades - Freelancer to Freelancer DUR Upgrade Standalone Ship - Drake Herald - Drake Sale $5,000 UEC starter money $197,500 REC virtual store money One paid Handle name change ready to use ($5.00 value) Total Melt value of account = $419.50 Total ever spent on account = $494.50 PM for more information, only selling because of a new addition to the family and my wife said so
  19. Upgraded ships for sale, melt value same as price, paypal invoice fees not included. +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Special Offers Insurance Melt Value Price Upgraded Hammerhead LTI 550$ 578$ Upgraded Polaris LTI 650$ 683$ +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Original LTI ships Insurance Melt Value Price Ursa Rover LTI 50$ 53$ Tumbril Cyclone LTI 50$ 53$ Tumbril Cyclone RN/RC/TR LTI 55$ 58$ Tumbril Cyclone AA LTI 70$ 74$ Tumbril Nova Tank LTI 105$ 111$ Drake Buccaneer LTI 110$ 116$ Gladius Valiant LTI 110$ 116$ MISC Razor LTI 135$ 142$ Anvil Hurricane LTI 175$ 184$ Anvil Terrapin LTI 195$ 205$ Combo Packs Insurance Melt Value Price Aopoa Nox 2 Pack LTI 75$ 79$ Offroad Vehicle Pack LTI 110$ 116$ Upgraded ships Insurance Melt Value Price Herald LTI 85$ 90$ M50 Interceptor LTI 100$ 105$ Origin 350r LTI 125$ 132$ MISC Prospector LTI 140$ 147$ Retaliator Base LTI 150$ 158$ Cutlass Blue LTI 150$ 158$ Freelancer MIS LTI 165$ 173$ F7C Hornet Wildfire LTI 175$ 184$ Banu Defender LTI 185$ 194$ Sabre Comet LTI 185$ 194$ Vanguard Hoplite LTI 225$ 237$ Banu Merchantmen LTI 235$ 247$ Esperia Blade LTI 250$ 262$ Eclipse LTI 260$ 273$ Retaliator Bomber LTI 275$ 289$ Carrack LTI 285$ 300$ Reclaimer LTI 285$ 300$ Origin 600i Touring LTI 300$ 315$ Starfarer LTI 300$ 315$ Esperia Prowler LTI 315$ 330$ Origin 600i Explorer LTI 320$ 336$ Endeavor LTI 335$ 352$ Starfarer Gemini LTI 340$ 358$ Hammerhead LTI 650$ 682$ Polaris LTI 750$ 788$ Upgrades from Upgrades to Melt Value Price F7C-M Super Hornet Banu Defender 5$ 6$ F7C-S Hornet Ghost MISC Razor 10$ 14$ Constellation Aquila Caterpillar 20$ 22$ 325a ANVIL Hawk 20$ 22$ Constellation Taurus Hurricane 25$ 27$ Cyclone-AA Tumbril - Nova Tank 25$ 27$ Constellation Taurus F7C Hornet Wildfire 25$ 27$ Constellation Taurus Sabre Comet 35$ 37$ Cyclone-RN Tumbril - Nova Tank 40$ 43$ Cyclone Tumbril - Nova Tan 45$ 48$ Gladius MISC Razor 45$ 48$ Constellation Taurus Vulkan 50$ 53$ Constellation Andromeda Aegis Eclipse 50$ 53$ Constellation Andromeda Merchantman 125$ 132$ Dragonfly Yellowjacket Freelancer MIS 130$ 137$ Khartu-Al Merchantman 180$ 189$ F7C-M Super Hornet Reclaimer 220$ 231$ F7C-M Super Hornet Carrack 220$ 231$ Add Ons Insurance Melt Value Price Kastak Arms Custodian SMG - CitizenCon 2947 - 5$ 8$ Harbinger Battlefield Upgrade Kit 6 Months 45$ 48$ Endeavor General Research Pod 48 Months 45$ 48$ Retaliator Rear Torpedo Bay 24 Months 50$ 53$ Retaliator Front Torpedo Bay 24 Months 75$ 79$ Endeavor Landing Bay 48 Months 75$ 79$ Endeavor Medical Bay Pod 48 Months 75$ 79$
  20. As you can see it has SQ42 and it's a Legacy Alpha package. Bought it in 2013 but I realized my pc couldn't run the game so that was a waste of money that could've went towards upgrading my rig. Paypal only. Merry Christmas!
  21. Complete Sabre Raven Code - $200

    I've ended up with one more Sabre Raven code than I need and decided to sell it off for around $200. I'll be sending a photo of the code in the box and can also PM the code for those of you who might have sight problems.
  22. I have access to packages GROUND VEHICLE PACK LTI VIP which not available to purchase for majority bakers. Description: Looking to expand your ground fleet? This vehicle pack includes Tumbril Nova Tank, Drake Dragonfly, Aopoa Nox, Origin X1, RSI Ursa and Tumbril Cyclone - all have Lifetime Insurance (LTI). This pack also includes all three skins of the Tumbril Nova + rare skins Origin X1 Scarlet Skin and Limited Dust Devil Skin for Cyclone. And as a bonus for collectors of rare hangar decorations in this package included all three models Tumbril Nova + models Dagonfy, Nox, RSI Ursa and Cyclone: Price: - $375 (this is final price, including VAT and PayPal fees). Also if you want, I can upgrade the Сyclone to second Nova Tank: Price: - $415 (this is final price, including VAT and PayPal fees). Please read the Terms & Conditions of Service: Transactions through PayPal (Verified PayPal only). All prices are final (includes PayPal fees). If you are interested - leave a comment here and send me private message with: Ship or Upgrade or Package name, your PayPal email also your corresponding RSI handle. I will send invoice for payment via PayPal. Item will be delivered buyer's PayPal email address after payment is cleared. No returns or refund as the gifting system only allow 1 time gifting and it will be account bound to the buyer's account (your payment will be refunded if I cannot deliver your item for any reason). If you are unsure about the item or have any questions, feel free to ask. You must own a copy of Star Citizen, and are required to have an account in order to accept item (ship/upgrade). Item will be delivered to the buyer's PayPal email address. You can claim the item by clicking on the link provided in the email about "gift" and sign in your RSI account. Be careful to be logged into the correct RSI account when you redeem your email about "gift" containing the transmitted ship/upgrade. Tracking is provided by "Hangar Log" on RSI website and will be used as a proof of delivery.
  23. When I started my Star Citizen journey in 2012 I was a single gamer. In the years since I have become married and now about to have my second child. Real life has Priorities and I have determined I just don't have the time to commit to this game that I once did. All of these ships are Original Concept - LTI. I CCU'd an Aurora LX back in 2013 to a Super Hornet which is listed. If the ship comes with a game package. it is also listed. All sales will be done over Pay Pal. I have had a long history on these forums and have done a lot of trades on this forum, Reddit with Kane, and Shroud of the Avatar Forums. If you would like we can also use a third party middleman. I would prefer Kane as I have worked with them in the past. https://www.reddit.com/user/zeabz/ https://www.shroudoftheavatar.com/forum/index.php?members/zeabz.143578/ If you are interested please PM me. I have confirmed that all ships listed below are giftable. I can also post images if you would like. Seems kind of tedious to do though for something that can be pulled from any unverified source. On another note I do still plan on playing. I have another dozen or so ships that I have purchased third party that are currently not giftable. The math get wonky though with having to factor in credit resell values after melting and buying back with new funds. In any case. I will continue to monitor game development and hope to see you all in the verse. Pioneer OC LTI $800.00 Pioneer SOLD OC LTI $750.00 X1 Three Pack OC LTI $125.00 600i Exploration SOLD OC LTI $405.00 600i Touring OC LTI $375.00 Cyclone 5 Pack - SOLD OC LTI $250.00 Cyclone 5 Pack - SOLD OC LTI $250.00 Nox 5 Pack SOLD OC LTI $170.00 Nox Kue SOLD OC LTI $45.00 Nox Kue SOLD OC LTI $45.00 Nox Kue SOLD OC LTI $45.00 Eclipse OC LTI $275.00 Hornet Wildfire OC LTI $175.00 Avenger Renegade - SOLD OC LTI $75.00 Sabre Comet SOLD OC LTI $200.00 Gladius Valiant SOLD OC LTI $115.00 Prowler OC LTI $450.00 Polaris OC LTI $700.00 Endeavor Master Set - SOLD OC LTI $925.00 UEE Exploration Pack (Terrapin, Carrack, Dragonfly) (Game Package) - SOLD OC LTI $550.00 Dragonfly 2 pack SOLD OC LTI $75.00 Vanguard Warden SOLD OC LTI $290.00 Orion OC LTI $350.00 Lightspeed - 350r (Game Package) SOLD OC LTI $140.00 Aurora LX CCUd to Super Hornet OC LTI CCU - Applied (-$10 melt value) $150.00 Retaliator Bomber OC LTI $275.00 Caterpillar SOLD OC LTI $260.00 Starfarer Gemini SOLD OC LTI $255.00 Gladiator SOLD OC LTI $175.00
  24. Hello Guys, I have got a Star Citizen Account for Sale.Account Price - $99Account Description:-SHIP with LTI - Anvil Hawk-CCU Anvil Hawk to Cutlass Black (You can upgrade Anvil Hawk to Cutlass Black + Cutlass ships are going up in price soon, so good deal for you)-PACKAGE - Aurora MR MC Starter-100M REWARD - 2945 WAR BOND-CHRISTMAS REWARD!-Total Melt Value - $115-5000 UEC Contact info:STEAM - http://steamcommunity.com/id/xMaisonx/ SKYPE - xmaisonn1xDiscord - Maison#4753 Screenshots & Backer Titles:
  25. Looking for a buyer. Freelancer LTI 160$ - SOLD Mercenary LTI CCU'ed to Constellation Taurus - melt 165$ - my price is 185$ Digital Colonel LTI CCU'ed to HORNET F7C - melt 125$ - my price is 150$ Credit's for 70% (Have 235 RSI)