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Found 484 results

  1. Got two Optane drives and 2 Sabre Raven codes. One is for me and the other one is up for sale. I will send the code AND the picture of the code card. No physical shippment of the items.
  2. hello, I just bought my new drive, let me know if you like to have the Raven code
  3. Throw me an offer both of these ships are being sold as I have a main account with more and do not need these ships or the account. The ships sell with the account via paypal. Selling accounts is against RSI terms of service i think still so dont tell them you bought the account i guess. PM if interested looking for around $400 $450 theres a few other ships and credits on the account as well.
  4. Hi all, I would like to sell my: Pioneer - LTI - Original Concept - War Bound for: $850 (It just includes the taxes I paid here in Europe). I’m an Imperium member myself as you can see from my profile. I also have a verified Paypal account. I won’t go below 900 dollars though as this price is for me without benefit. Thank you folks, Kind regards, Yekko
  5. I am reducing my stuff to 1 package per account, and only a couple spare ships or so per account. I will send ship/package first. Then expect payment. Because of me making the first move, I will only sell to long term forum members with a substantial good rating. "Expensive" ships ($300+) I will only risk selling to long term Imperium members with substantial good rating... unless the buyer has a crazy high rating. I will only sell with both of us on voice chat, and my screen and sound recorded from my side (via gopro) as proof that I sent the item. Disputed sales will be put on youtube to keep my name clean. Willing to consider "reasonable" offers. (Why : Paying for a new race car build) For sale items are marked as such, and list a price. Items which are not marked for sale and are without a price, are [currently] not for sale. Here's what I have : (Main Account) Game Packages : Digital Colonel LTI (super hornet) Rear Admiral LTI (constellation phoenix) <- For Sale ($400) Ships : Glaive (LTI) Vanguard LTI Khartu Al (LTI) Bamu Merchentman LTI <- For Sale $400 RSI Aurora LN LTI Idris Corvette P LTI <- For Sale $1250 (Only for sale to imperium leader(s)) Note : I was PMd and told these can't be transferred without concierge - It has the gift icon in my hangar - This is something we can try to work out with CIG if someone is really interested. Retaliator Bomber LTI <- For Sale $300 350R Racer LTI <- For Sale $150 Upgrades : F7A military hornet upgrade (Alt Account #1) Game Packages : Digital Colonel LTI (super hornet) Ships : M50 interceptor LTI <- For Sale $125 Anvil Gladiator LTI <- For Sale $180 Upgrages : F7A military hornet upgrade (Alt Account #2) Game Packages : Digital Pirate LTI (Cutlass) Ships : Scythe LTI Caterpillar LTI -scheherazade
  6. $400 PP fees included if you want, i can ccu the black dragonfly to a yellow one
  7. I have some game packages that I would like to sell. They are Combo packages with both Star Citizen & Squadron 42 game downloads + extra's 2 - Origin 315P @ $85.00 each 1 - Aurora MR @ $50.00 PAYPAL ONLY
  8. What the title sad. CCU`d Carrack/Reclaimer for the 315$ (melt value 285$), ship has 400$ upgrade value. Dragonfly LTI -> Constellation Taurus to F7C-M Super Hornet (15$ saving) -> Redeemer -> Banu Merchantmen (100$ saving) -> Carrack/Reclaimer Your paypal account must be verified !!! Also have: BMM - 235$ Origin 600i Touring - 300$ Origin 600i Explorer - 325$ Esperia Prowler - 315$
  9. Hey all So the story begins with I, myself wanted to buy the mounts for my desk, but unfortunately they were too expensive for me. So I ended up building table mounts for myself. As It worked out pretty well, I just wanted to provide good quality table mounts to people who can not afford more expensive ones. So, here is the offer for you Hotas Joystick and throttle mounts. Our joystick and throttle table mount products are compatible with Thrustmaster Warthog models. We can manufacture in other models as well. Please, contact us for this. As our product development work continues and we are open for any feedbacks. The mounts are made of aluminum and metal. So during shipping, small scratches might happen. Each component is adjustable. So each of them could move back and forward, up and down. Easy to set up. Each product includes two pieces. All you have to do mount them together. Please pm us to order. Each product is 60 € + shipping cost. Shipping costs for two pieces would be 15 € for Europe and 35 € for United States. Email: agnlabs2017@gmail.com
  10. Selling my account with $90 balance. Has 2 Apocalypse arms mass drivers. Price: $60
  11. I am selling the whole package for a total of $470 through paypal invoice **The Package Contains:** * Caterpillar Pirate Edition * Cutlass Black * Drake Dragonfly Ship Black * Drake Dragonfly Ship Black (again) * VFG Industrial Hangar Picture of the package in my hangar: https://imgur.com/a/YTAfu PM me or comment down below if you have any questions. If you are looking to buy, send me a PM with your paypal email and your RSI account email if it differs from your paypal email. I will then send you an invoice and once the payment has been made you will be gifted the package. **I AM PAYPAL VERIFIED**
  12. Paypal fee not included. Varified Paypal account only.

    Package - UEE Exploration Pack - LTI - $725 - Carrack - Terrapin - Dragonfly -upgraded-> Freelancer DUR Standalone Ship - Hull C -upgraded-> Banu Merchantman - LTI - $350 Standalone Ship - RSI Orion - LTI -$350 Standalone Ship - Sabre Comet - LTI - $200 Need to sell my beloved ships to help support my little baby that's on the way! Thank you for your interest, ships are no longer available!
  14. I have a RELIANT MINI HAULER LTI for sale. $65 USD. Paypal fee not included.
  15. Hi, I'm selling 1 x Rear Admiral LTI pledged back in 2013 which I just upgraded recently to the Constellation Aquila. I'm sad to let this go, but life has taken me elsewhere, thank you. Lifetime Insurance Deluxe Silver Collector's Box Spaceship-shaped USB Drive CD of Game Soundtrack Glossy Fold-up Star Map 5 Spaceship Blueprints 3 Inch Model of Spaceship Hardback Making-of Star Citizen Legacy Alpha Squadron 42 Digital Download Star Citizen Digital Download Starting Money:10,000 UEC Digital Star Citizen Manual The price I'm asking for is $300USD. please PM me if interested. Paypal only.
  16. Package Details: Game Package - Also Included - Store Page Original Price: $330.00 USD. If you notice, my package contains a digital download of Squadron 42 which is not showcased on the current store page for this particular package. That will be included in the package I am currently selling. Looking for a quick, potentially cheap sale. Please message or PM an offer. I'm not asking for the original price, feel free to offer what you believe to be a reasonable amount, as I've said I'm looking to make a quick sale. Accepting PayPal verified as transaction however I am open to other options for payment. Thank you.
  17. I am offering 1x LTI Polaris, for $725 USD. Paypal only, fees included. It is an upgrade from an LTI Retaliator Base, and includes the poster and model of the Retaliator.
  18. Hi. i wnat to sell 285 RSI credit's and Digital Bounty Hunter LTI CCU'ed to Freelancer MAX (melt value - 145$) Price: RSI Credit's - 78% BH - 135$ PP(verified)/BTC
  19. Selling Everything listed below. Yellow highlighted items are worth note. MUST SELL RL Problems. Please feel free to ask any questions about this acct and/or items on it. PM Me here, and we'll get everything resolved on my discord channel "Warpath" Discord Name: Skywarp#5329 Direct Email: jsaigh@comcast.net SALE PRICE: $550.00 As you can see... things are critical.. I can't come down any more though, so if your truly interested pull the trigger, cause this is my final price. Didn't I already say that? hehe.. Plz help.. no more pain. Buy buy buy. ACCT INFO: (All early backer rewards from May 18th 2013 and beyond) UEC: 33,000 REC: 49,253 Handle Change: x1 Centurion - Monthly Plan: Total 3 months (paused) AVAILABLE BUYBACK PLEDGES (Ships): 1 buyback with store credits 1. Standalone Ship: Aegis Vanguard - LTI (4 items) 2. Standalone Ship: Saber Comet - LTI (4 items) 3. Ground Vehicle Pack - Graycat / Ursa Rover 4. Standalone Ship: Reliant Kore 5. Standalone Ship - Argo Combo Pack - LTI 6. Standalone Ship - Aegis Retaliator Bomber (24 months ins) Anniversary 7. Standalone Ship - Aegis Redeemer - LTI 8. Constellation Andromeda - (6 months ins + 13 items) ACCT ITEMS: These are the actual items on the account. 1. Standalone Ship - Origin 600i Exploration Edition - LTI acct bound 2. Arbiter - LTI (9 items) Giftable - BANU Merchantman - LTI - 2,000 UEC - LTI - Digital Soundtrack - Digital Starmap - Digital SC Manual - Legacy Alpha - Squadron 42 Digital Download 3. Standalone Ship - P72 Archimedes - LTI acct bound 4. Standalone Ship - P52 Merlin (3 months ins) acct bound 5. Game Package - Aurora MR SC Starter - Giftable - Holiday Warbond Edition 6. 100M Reward - 2943 War Bond 7. 56M Reward - J-Span Cryo-Star Cooler 8. 55M Reward - Preacher Armament Gatling 9. 52M Reward - BB-12 Manned Maneuvering Unit 10. 49M Reward - XI'AN Space Plant 11. 47M Reward - Engine Tuning Kit 12. 45M Reward - Hadesian Atrifact 13. 42M Reward - Explorer-Class Mobiglas Rig 14. 23M Reward - Takuetsu Prestige Khartu-Al Model (BIG) 15. 20M Reward - Fishtank Mark 1 + Midas Fish 16. 19M Reward - Jane's Fighting Ships Manual 17. 17M Reward - Mystery Engine Modifier 18. 16M Reward - Laser Pistol side arm 19. 15M Reward - Digital 42-page Upgrade Handbook 20. Hangar Fees Reward - FREE hangar Fees on starting planet 21. Space Globe - Reclaimer 22. December 2014 Backer Reward - Takuetsu Mustang model 23. Poster - RSI Constellation 24. Omni Role Combat Armor (ORC) MK9 25. Christmas Reward 2015 26. Christmas Reward 2016 27. Subscribers Exclusive - Stellarsonic Jukebox 28. "Tears of Fire" Painting 29. Revenant Tree 30. UEE Towel 31. RSI Space Suit Reward 32. Original & Veteran Backers Reward - AMX-1 Repair Bot, Record Breaker Skin, SQ42 Mission Disk
  20. WTS the following ships: Base Price / With Fees RSI Polaris (LTI ) - Sold Banu Defender (LTI) - Sold Buccaneer (LTI) - Sold Hurricane (LTI) - Sold Aegis Eclipse (LTI) - Sold Also selling imperator 20% off up to 100$ - looking for $63 All sold out. Only thing left is imperator coupon.
  21. Hi guys, I have a question, I backed the game proudly several years ago and I have some really good ships on my account that are not giftable because I bought them with instore credits and they are well over 2500+ combined and had a question. If I want to move on from the game, is there any way I can like legitly sell the entire thing or not? How do I do it? If there is no way, that's fine, i'll just hang on to it but I actually am moving on from gaming all together, I sold my htc vive, and a lot of other game stuff recently, sold my gaming computer too. If I could pass it down to another person would be great.
  22. You have to have verified PayPal account. You will get $5 discount for every extra item you get (so if you decide to buy 3 ships and 2 packages you will get $20 discount) All of these ships and packages are LTI. EDIT: The price does include PayPal fees. Ships: Standalone Ship - Tumbril Cyclone LTI Presale $49 Standalone Ship - Aopoa Nox Kue LTI - Warbond $49 Standalone Ship - Aopoa Nox LTI - Warbond $44 Standalone Ship - MISC Razor LTI - Warbond Edition $159 Standalone Ship - Anvil Terrapin - LTI $219 Standalone Ship - Kruger P-72 Archimedes - LTI (upgraded to Reliant Sen) $79 Standalone Ship - Aegis Sabre - LTI $189 Standalone Ship - Drake Herald - LTI $99 Standalone Ship - Aegis Reclaimer - LTI $389 Xi'An Scout - Khartu - LTI $189 RSI Aurora - LTI (upgraded to Mustang Delta) $79 RSI Aurora LX - LTI $59 RSI Aurora LN - LTI $49 (reserved) ORIGIN M50 Interceptor - LTI (upgraded to Carrack) $389 ORIGIN M50 Interceptor - LTI $109 Aegis Dynamics Avenger - LTI (upgraded to Avenger Warlock) $99 Aegis Dynamics Retaliator Heavy Bomber - LTI $299 Drake Interplanetary Caterpillar - LTI $299 MISC Starfarer Tanker - LTI (upgraded to Starfarer Gemini) $369 Anvil Gladiator Bomber - LTI $179 Upgrades: Ship Upgrades - M50 Interceptor to Prospector Upgrade $39 Ship Upgrades - Sabre to Sabre Comet Upgrade $24 Other: (2) Add-Ons - Hartwell Music Sentinel 88G $39 (3) Add-Ons - Advocacy Tools $29 (1) UEE Environment Coat $49 Combo (Hartwell+Advocacy tools+Environment Coat) $89 SOLD:
  23. You have to have verified PayPal account to buy ships from me. PM me if you are interested. Prices are not negotiable (however, in the case I get multiple offers before I respond to anyone I will contact everyone who PMed me if they are willing to pay more, the person offering most will get the ship. Should the price be the same the first person to contact me will get the ship). EDIT: Prices include PayPal fees LTI Captured Vanduul Scythe $999 LTI Origin 890 Jump $849 (also contains Takuetsu Origin 890 Jump and 890 JUMP Poster) SOLD LTI RSI Polaris Warbond edition $799 (also contains Takuetsu Polaris Model, Polaris Poster, and Unique Polaris Serial Stamp*) LTI Banu Merchantman $269 SOLD I have some regular LTI ships, will post thread soon but if you are interested in those and are willing to pay a little over their store credit value feel free to PM me now. (these ships include Aopoa Nox, Misc Razor, Anvil Terrapin, Reliant Sen, Aegis Sabre, Drake Herald, Aegis Reclaimer, Khartu al, Aurora, M50, Avenger, Starfarer Gemini, and Gladiator) *) I do not know what the unique number is. PS: I should reply to PMs within 24 hours.
  24. Hello, first time selling here. I have a few ships I'd like to sell: The Origin 600i ship, at 520 USD for the touring/luxury module and 540 USD for the exploration edition. The Aegis Eclipse is available for 330 USD. The Origin 85x snub ship is available for 65 USD. All ships come with LTI, as they come from their original concepts. All prices here are included without fees. Payment will be done through PayPal invoice. Once the ship is sent, the sale becomes final, as it cannot be returned back. Message me if you are interested or need more details.