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Found 102 results

  1. I'm a pretty religious user of the Track IR, and I was just wondering how other users have been finding how its been implemented in Star Citizen. I find not many games get first person shooter head tracking right (Arma 3 is the only other I can think of), but Star Citizen does a pretty good job. Although at this point the in ship head tracking can be pretty annoying, which seems to be mainly caused by the fact that even though you can move your head around the helmet you have on is stationary. So what is your feedback? What improvements would you recommend? Of course I realize the head tracking support is still in its early stages, that's why I think conversation is warranted.
  2. Hey fellow star citizens , just starting this thread for all of who are interested in how the game plays in 4K . I have set up a YouTube channel in which I ll post regular updates in Star Citizen 4K Gameplay , in maxed out settings with frame performance etc. Not just Star Citizen content though , right now there are dedicated playlists on Benchmarks in 4K ( https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLfuS158oXuea8zF97Ks02jIyezZlwzoj- ) and a Batman Arkham Night 4K list too ( https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLfuS158oXuebnxqpGueVNTUIHMz7OvRz7 ). In the next days , most probably during Xmas period , I plan to upload Grand Theft Auto 4k maxed out videos , and some The Witcher 3 benchmarks and gameplay . Feel free to subscribe , I would be really grateful! Don't hesitate to comment and tell me your opinion My Rig is a custom build water cooling PC named "Project Replicant" , the full build guide can be found here : http://www.overclock.net/t/1569287/build-log-parvum-systems-s-2-project-replicant-finished-project Specs are : *CPU : Intel CPU Core i7-5820K / OC at 4.2GHZ ( via a custom water-cooling loop ) *Mobo : ASROCK X99M EXTREME4 RETAIL *RAM : KINGSTON HYPERX PREDATOR 16GB (4X4GB) DDR4 2666MHZ *GPU : EVGA GeForce GTX 980 Ti Superclocked *PSU : Corsair AX860 80+ Platinum *CASE : PARVUM SYSTEMS S2 *HD1 : SSD SAMSUNG 840 EVO 500GB ( OS, apps , games ONLY ) *HD2 : HDD WD GREEN 2 TB ( for docs/photos/videos/music ONLY ) *OPTICAL DRIVE : External Blu-Ray Reader/Writer *KEYBOARD : Corsair K70 Gaming RGB - CHERRY MX RED Switches - *MONITOR : Αsus PB287Q 4K 1MS 28'' *OS : Windows 10 Home. The video card is manually overclocked with MSI Afterburner to a max : +125mhZ Core & +425mhZ Memory. *Current Display Driver Version : 359.06* The system is stable. Crushes and glitches free. So , this is my playlist of Star Citizen 4K videos , hope you ll find it useful! So , what do you think ?
  3. At the end of Reverse the Verse, Sean Tracy talked about server and client performance based on how many cores are available: Timestamped Twitch link: http://www.twitch.tv/cigcommunity/v/30598087?t=91m37s Applicable reddit thread where I saw this linked: https://www.reddit.com/r/starcitizen/comments/3xe7a1/sean_tracy_on_i7_vs_i5_in_star_citizen I've speculated about how well threaded Star Citizen will be a number of times on these forums. It seems that an i7 (quad core with hyperthreading) will end up having a noticeable advantage over an i5 (quad core without hyperthreading). He mentioned "eight cores", so that leads me to believe that even octo-core extreme CPUs will see a benefit (whether it outweighs their inherent clock-speed disadvantage compared to quad and hexa cores, I dunno). This is also good news for people with the "eight core" AMD CPUs, like the FX-8350. I doubt they'll be better than a desktop i7 due to their significant IPC deficit, but they may well be better than an i5 or some of the laptop i7s that are clocked a lot slower. I still want a Star Citizen time demo feature! Anyways, this is a great sign that they are taking multi-threading very seriously. The future of CPUs clearly is not faster and faster cores, but more and more cores, so its very important that they make these considerations early, and they are!
  4. If im in the wrong here im sorry so pleas bump me to the right place. So Yeah, I fix and mod all type of consoles. From atari 2600 to ps4 and xbone. As i have gotten my computer up to par for the exploration of the stars, Only need to get a bit better video card but anywho. I have a shitty monitor. It works but i want a better one, As i have said i repair and mod stuff. I from this hobby/side job aquire different stuff. I got a Asus PB287q Monitor not long ago. Its a freaking 4K monitor. It is outright sexy. I will not throw it away, I do though have little to no experiene with monitors though. So im asking my fellow space travlers. Are there any other people here that know about fixing monitors? Or can refer me to some one or some place? As SC is the one PC game im geard to play this is my one forum where people have computers as theyr main interest hehe. Hope someone can help or get me off somewhere on the right track. The problem: The monitor turns on, Thats the frustrating part. Not only it turnes on, But the sound from the hdmi is also working. AND the back light is glowing... BUT no picture, not even the meny pops up. It seems like the smallest thing but as the monitor is a bit expensive, befor i jump on it i want to know what to do or at least a track to go Again Imperium is who we are and this is who we always will be. Togeather we stand and togeather we will hardly fall... So anyone know what to do?
  5. So after doing lots of research and looking at all the different options available today on the market as well as the information on the RSI/Saitek controls, I have come to the conclusion that very few of these actually know what is truly needed for proper controls in Star Citizen. I had high hopes for the RSI/Saitek controls, but I don't think a single person who worked on them ever actually played Star Citizen, or if they did, they certainly didn't pay attention to what control types are really needed. As such, I have started down the road of making my own flightstick. I have also come to the conclusion that for Star Citizen, really the best control setup will be Hands On Stick And Mouse And Feet On Pedals. Now hear me out. We all know from playing the current alpha release that keyboard+mouse tends to dominate in the aiming department, especially with gimbal weapons. However, from a flight standpoint, most people who have used flightsticks really enjoy both the immersion as well as the accuracy (of a decent stick) for maneuvering. The problem with flightsticks are that Star Citizen requires more axis of movement/control than what can be provided by the flightstick and throttle setup which are as follows: Analog control: Pitch Yaw Roll Throttle Vertical strafe/slide Horizontal strafe/slide All of the above require analog control. All but one of the above, throttle, are ideally suited for something that self zero's. We also need to take into consideration FPS combat, which is the other part of the reason why having a mouse in the equation makes a lot of sense. My conclusion for having a hand on a stick and mouse would be able to work if the stick had an analog thumbstick providing 2 more analog control axis to the stick. This way you mouse hand would control aiming of gimbal weapons (or view, but ultimately I suspect people will use things like VR or head trackers for this), and your other hand will focus on movement controls. The additional thumbstick will allow for mapping vertical/horizontal strafe/slide, and the pedals will let you map roll (or yaw depending on your preference) as well as forward/reverse throttle (to the pedal "brakes"). When outside of flight mode (i.e. FPS), the analog thumbstick will act just like you would expect for moving forward, back, strafe left/right. No need to shift your hands around, they are already in position with controls available to be able to work extremely efficiently, with possibly years of muscle memory already available to work this way. So I have started modifying a flightstick to get close to the above. I used a relatively cheap but fairly accurate 16000.M for the basis of my modifications. I also picked up a teensy 3.2 controller for providing the additional thumbstick to Windows. Here are a couple shots of the work in progress: http://i.imgur.com/NDSUxpk.jpg http://i.imgur.com/FNX2YEw.jpg Unfortunately I lose the hat switch (I would have loved to keep it, but it simply doesn't fit). This is the kind of thing that I wish Saitek would have produced, ideally with the space to also have a hat switch or two. I do not plan on using the trigger on the flightstick to fire weapons, and leave those functions for the mouse. Since I have VoiceAttack, I can perform many other actions without needing to have a lot of dedicated buttons, but if a controller company were to design a stick for Star Citizen, having a few extra buttons available and accessible with just the hand operating the stick would be useful (it is a lot faster to hit a button than to say something for VoiceAttack to run the macro).
  6. Alright, so back when Windows 10 came out I updated to it from 8.1 on my year old HP laptop. It didn't seem that bad and the install finished fine, no problems. However just about two weeks ago, I turned it on to find it couldn't connect to any type of internet source. No wifi access points were listed even though there is a router no even 8 ft away (which i know works because my phone and Xbox can connect to it). I normally use an ethernet cord anyway that's connected to the same router mentioned earlier. Now, after digging around my files I came across a screen that told said that both of my computer's realtek internet drivers were disabled, the one for wifi and one for ethernet. Now using the internet (on my phone) I have concluded that some issue with windows 10 is the issue, and i have to revert back to windows 8.1 (shudders). However I need my computers product key to revert back to 8.1, and long story short, I need internet to get that key. So I'm stuck. Any suggestions?
  7. This supposedly will turn a smart phone into a game peripheral. http://power-grid.roccat.org/en/Home/ Star Citizen: Roccat Power Grid Test: http://youtu.be/ZHXkPiISXQ4
  8. I just stumbled across this while hunting for a high contrast 1.1 keyboard and mouse template and thought it was a really neat solution. Their Kickstarter was successful and I'd like to see what they've done. https://d2pq0u4uni88oo.cloudfront.net/assets/001/804/368/d2507d0b6a5f8cdd06c65e5238ca4c99_h264_high.mp4 There's also AimPad which unfortunately has failed in Kickstarter attempts but wants to bring analog input to the keyboard allowing you to use the WASD keys more granularly. Something anyone who has been playing Witcher 3 with a keyboard might recognize would be a huge benefit. Then there's the Delta Throttle which is a 6DOF controller which you can build yourself right now. This looks amazing, but only has a single button. Use it as a modifier for a many-button mouse to gain added functionality. And then there's Travel Trousers 6DOF controller and joystick in one. The same guy is working at Feel Three on a VR motion chair that would be really neat for SC. Have you found anything out there that would make for a great alternative control device?
  9. http://anandtech.com/show/9472/windows-10-launch-day-gpu-support-summary
  10. Hello Imperium/HR, I have a question about PC Building. I need help on build a PC when I come back home this summer after deployment, I was recommended this build below. I'm open for suggestions and help, also I don't know if any of the new parts are coming out this year. I'm looking for a build that can run anything you throw at it at a ULTRA HIGH performance, also if I buy the build. It will last for years and I can easily change out parts without replace the whole build. Thank You
  11. Hardware: (Planned to buy) Rode PSA-1 Miditech Audiolink IV Rode NT1-A Complete Vocal Recording Storage devices (I haven't decided yet, probably with a transfer rate above 200mb/sec. Software: Adobe Photoshop CS6 Vegas Pro 13 Avid Pro Tools FFsplit I would like to discuss about a basic rig for editing. I was pretty influenced by JackFrags Gameing setup. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M_Z_9zkkc4Q What's your recommendation for a editing purpose?
  12. The 980 and 970's were just announced. More info at their site: http://www.geforce.com/whats-new/articles/maxwell-architecture-gtx-980-970 980: http://www.geforce.com/hardware/desktop-gpus/geforce-gtx-980 970: http://www.geforce.com/hardware/desktop-gpus/geforce-gtx-970 From the last part of that first article, it says the 980 ($549) and 970 ($329) will be released tomorrow (Sept. 19).
  13. Why is the 4K or 5K monitor "category" measured horizontally instead of vertically like all the other monitors? What you say? A 4K monitor's dimension, in pixels, is 3,840x2,160, so, compared to the other monitor measuring convention naming, it is really just a 2,160p monitor. By using the "4K" method, a 1080p monitor is therefore a 2K monitor because the horizontal resolution is 1,920. How about a 1920x1200p monitor, still 2K? (ripoff!) Likewise a 2,560x1440p monitor should be a 2.7K (3K?) monitor. So, the question is this - is Hype the reason behind calling a 2,160p monitor 4K or is this the new convention for measuring the pixel density on a monitor?
  14. Go check out Newegg and others. Some are right at $300 Read this article The HIS comes with three free games, two of which can be Alien Isolation and Star Citizen <-- newegg
  15. Apparently you can get the GTX780 Ti for just over $500 now on Newegg and others. A month or two ago, they were $700. Well don't fall for it: http://hardforum.com/showthread.php?t=1832205 Wait two weeks instead. The prices are dropping like mad because they're about to be obsoleted by the new models.
  16. I know it is ways away but i was wondering what everyone will be using to play the game (just gpu-wise no need to post entire sys specs) I currently have 2x 470gtx which i do not think will render the game the way i want them to, i am considering upgrading to a single nvidia titan (thoughts?, my googlefu has shown that titan vs. 690 titan wins once you start sli-ing them)
  17. The next line of motherboards from EVGA is out: http://www.evga.com/articles/00866/EVGA-X99-Motherboards/ This line of motherboards are the first EVGA boards to support DDR4 memory and is made for the next generation CPU's that should be coming out soon. Not only does it support DDR4 memory, it supports up to 128GB of it! For those who were holding out for the best to upgrade for Star Citizen and are willing to spend the money, this could be it.
  18. http://videocardz.com/51117/exclusive-nvidia-geforce-gtx-880-released-september New Intel CPUs, New nvidia GPUs... But I'm still waiting and don't buy anything...
  19. LET THE RAIDS COMMENCE ... 3x http://www.scan.co.uk/products/512gb-crucial-mx100-25-7mm-ssd-sata-iii-550-mb-s-500-mb-s-90k-iops-inc-95mm-adapter I'm sure 3 of these in Raid will be fine and fast enough for starting the machine up into Windows and fast game loading times. All 3 SSD's got bought today and will arrive on monday so you can tell im gonna be busy with a Fresh Install on Monday into Tuesday ... And I will tell you this much, THANK GOD FOR FIBER OPTIC connections, Fresh Install Windows 7 64-Bit Home Premium Update every single Windows Update Including Service Pack Upgrade Windows 7 64bit HP -> Window 7 64bit Ultimate(I already own the upgrade so this ain't no biggy) Further check for updates from Windows Updates and other Microsoft Products Reinstall Steam and Origin and then Reinstall Games(TIME CONSUMING Start and walk away) Format the 4TB Drive from WD and have that in the background doing support roles Apply Manual Updates such as (Nvidia Drivers / Printer Drivers / X52 Hotas Drivers / Keyboard & Mouse Software) Disable all write behind caching on the SSD thus prolonging its life span also disable indexing and Defraging for the SSD again to save lifespan(SSD is solid state is never needs the normal HDD BS turned on) Reinstall Adobe Master Collection CS6 all Suites / Reinstall MAYA 2014 Last but not least im sure there will be other mising things ... Reinstall Star Citizen and Elite Dangerous. If there is anything else im sure it'll come to me in time.
  20. Hiya folks, I recently took out my [EVGA GTX 770 SC 4GB] from my main rig and replaced it with a couple of [sapphire 280X Vapor-X] graphics cards I had laying about. The performance upgrade is great (because I'm running xfire) but the technical issues are less than great. It seems I always have trouble using ATI/AMD hardware. This time around it was; BSOD No RMB menu on desktop Xfire automatically disabling and reverting back to 2x seperate cards Won't support more than 2 screens Firefox randomly seizes up Shockwave closes after drivers 'close and recover' I'm selling my cards and buying a second GTX 770. What are you folks running at the moment? Anybody here using Titan Z? I envy you..
  21. Fellow Imperials, i found a very interesting thread over at the RSI forums. I, myself was quite shocked because of the lack of that very important chair on most of the ships, and am really concerned about the situation. But see for yourself: https://forums.robertsspaceindustries.com/discussion/71570/strategic-toilet-discussion/p1 What are your thoughts on this great failure of CIG in designing the ships properly? Do you think CIG will rethink the whole toilet thing? After all, it is one of the most important and basic processes that every living being has to do on a daily basis. Regards, sYntax *Obvious sarcasm is obvious
  22. Hangar Module - What is it? For those who don't know yet or find out later about this game, the Hangar module is the first release along the roadmap of Star Citizen. It's not the full game! It will give you an early look at the hangar you'll have on your starting planet and other ones, where you buy a hangar. The Hangar module itself, will contain all the ships you've pledged for, but not in the first release. This gives you the possibility to take a closer look at the in- and outside of your ship(s). What can I do? headwords written italic will be added later You can watch your ship from the outside and from the insideYou can't fly around with your shipDrive around in your Hangar in style with your personal buggy (needs to be purchased separatelyHangar reveal recordingCustomize your ship (Weapons, Thrusters, Engine)Buy additional weapons and decoration for your Hangar via Voyager Direct (Everything you can buy there will also be obtainable ingame) Visit your friends hangar or invite them to yours Version History: V1 - released: 29.08.13 Patch 1 / 30.08.13 - Patch NotesPatch 2 / 04.09.13 - Patch Notes Patch 3 / 06.09.13 - Patch Notes Patch 4 / 20.09.13 - Patch Notes Patch 5 / 27.09.13 - Patch Notes Patch 6 / 04.10.13 - Patch NotesV2 - released 12.10.13 Patch 7 / 12.10.13 - Patch Notes (SC_main_Release 218) ​Patch 8 / 22.10.13 - Patch Notes Patch 9 / 12.12.14 - Patch Notes
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