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Found 102 results

  1. My brother lives in NYC and asked if I could help him get a new PC. He wanted to spend up to $2,000 for a new PC and monitor, but could go a bit higher if he got a lot more for the extra money. I reset my Google to search US sites instead of UK ones and started looking at the pre-built and custom-build options available in the US. In the end I went for a PC from http://www.ibuypower.com as their custom configurator was a delight to use and you can easily see how much each option adds or subtracts from the total price. I won't list the full specification here, but I was blown away by what you can get for just under $2,000, including delivery. He doesn't need a PC this good, but he's got one now: i7, because hyper-threading hype. 16GB DDR4 (4 x 4GB for quad-channel)* NVidia GTX 1070 8GB 256GB M2, because who doesn't want a PC that boots faster than pressing the button. 512GB SSD, because it was a 'bargain'. 27" IPS 144Hz monitor * He won't ever upgrade it, so no point sticking 2 x 8GB in it. I'm surprised his current PC isn't a 286.
  2. Many of us have been waiting for this one to release, Features Ultra-high 60 frames per second capture optimized for streaming (720p max) Max 1080p HD video capture Automatic noise cancelling dual array mic Dynamic Background Removal 3D scanning Facial/gesture recognition Flexible clip for laptops and desktop monitors With it able to 3D scan you it supposedly can crop you out of your background so no more green screens!?! Price - $149.99 USD Link here
  3. I recently heard of someone getting their X55 replaced by Saitek with a X56, even though it was out of warranty. This made me wonder whether this was an unannounced company policy designed to mitigate the X55 quality issues and raise the profile of their support quality, so I did a test. The pin connecting the two throttles is only in the second throttle by 1 mm and under rare, extreme conditions it can pop out, causing the throttles to separate. I emailed Saitek, stating that the HOTAS was out of warranty, but could they recommend any options to limit the throttle wobble that caused the 2 throttle halves to separate. They asked me to unscrew the base and tighten up any screws holding the throttles in place and to let them know the details of the purchase. I sent them a copy of the original invoice and informed them that the throttles couldn't be tightened up, but I had used a cable tie to hold the 2 halves together, so the problem was effectively fixed, as I only needed one throttle. I got a prompt reply stating that as the throttle was faulty, it would be replaced, but as the X55 was no longer in production it would be replaced by a X56 and I was given a RMA and the return address. This was in the UK. I still don't know if it is a company policy, but it looks like Saitek are going beyond the call of duty to ensure they keep their X55 customers happy. UPDATE 17 Sept 2016 - A brand, spanking new X56 arrived yesterday. Now I don't know whether to keep it, because of the analogue mini-sticks, or sell it and see what else turns up before Star Citizen releases.
  4. Insane, might have to get one of these someday for my travels! I wonder how they made it so small...
  5. Hey guys, so I've recently gotten my HTC Vive and have everything setup. I'm having issues with Vive not detecting my base stations. Everything is setup to as it should be with Lighthouses mounted for standing room only (since my play area is a hazard lol). One lighthouse (base station) is setup on channel b the other on channel c as they should be. Both lights are green so they are good. The only thing I can think of now is the headset is the culprit. all firmware is up-to-date so I know this isn't the problem. I've restarted my computer and all that and nothing seems to work. if I reboot SteamVR the lighthouses are detected momentarily before going grey again. Anyone with a set know what my issue could be?
  6. With Virtual Reality headsets (Occulus Rift, HTC Vive etc) now on general release is anyone thinking of playing Star Citizen with one? What do you think would be the advantages/disadvantages over a normal monitor?
  7. I finally got the email that the Lapdog released, price is a little high ($120 - $250) but it does come with a optional mouse and keyboard. I looked at Razers answer to the lap keyboard mouse (Razer Turret) and didn't like it too much and was holding off for this as it seemed wider and more thought was put into "gaming" rather than a "slick profile" like its competitors. For anyone confused this is for couch/bed gaming that you put in your lap. Corsair Lapdog
  8. For anybody thinking about investing on this stick...make note. Out of the box it already has centering problems(which would get worse over time) and the internal build quality is the exact same as the x-55. Skip to 4:42 to see the centering issues in real time.
  9. As if some of you were on the fence about the Vive and Octopus Rift, here's StarVR from Starbreeze, a competitor to those others, being supported by Asus. Price? Dunno, don't care, I'm not buying VR. some specs? 210° Field of View Fresnel Lenses Dual 5.5" Quad HD Panels Position tracking
  10. Been monitor shopping lately and this review between the IPS and TN panels was pretty nice, thought it could come in handy for anyone searching the difference in the future, I keep seeing "get IPS" but could never see the reason but this is helping clear some things up.
  11. I know there are many among us who do NOT want or like windows 10 because of the invasive nature of the OS. Truth be told, Windows 10 is a great OS - better memory management for one thing. Sooooo, Load it up and kill anything you don't want or think you don't want. Below are some links to vids, articles, etc that can help put MS in its place and you with a better running rig there's loads of tips http://www.howtogeek.com/224798/how-to-uninstall-windows-10s-built-in-apps-and-how-to-reinstall-them/ http://www.pcworld.com/article/2875600/windows/windows-10-the-best-tips-tricks-and-tweaks.html http://windows.wonderhowto.com/how-to/everything-you-need-disable-windows-10-0163552/ http://www.laptopmag.com/articles/delete-windows-old-folder and anything you think others can benefit from
  12. I was wondering about how to go about having an animated gif as a wallpaper and stumbled across this information about Bionix Wallpaper Changer so if you want to keep your GPU busier than it needs to be, do this. there's even a GIF extractor. now, how do you make GIFs in order to make an animated wallpaper...... here's some good info from gizmodo (but you need photoshop - find a friend) No photoshop? look here.
  13. Welp, I found Google's answer to Sony's newly announced VR https://www.google.com/get/cardboard/
  14. When gaming I like to have 3 or more audio sources going. Usually the Game, VoIP, Music, Twitch, etc. I find it difficult to adjust these on the fly while gaming. I wish I could get a USB panel of knobs and map them to different sliders in windows mixer or their source applications main volume setting. Or even a tablet app to remotely control windows mixer and pick up a junk tablet for cheap to be a dedicated PC accessory. Anyone else have this issue? How do you resolve this issue? I did pick up Voice attack, is all this a moot point because it can be done with VA commands?
  15. Vive will cost you $799 :/ <<<--- See link to another Virtual Reality option... or link below...
  16. Hi guys n girls. I'm thinking of replacing my motherboard & gpu when the Nvidia GTX1080's (pascal) come out. So I'm going from itx to matx for an extra gpu. Saw this case. It looks very good and more portable than my current one. They have just started their kickstarter campaign today. http://www.kimeraindustries.com/cerberus/#cerberus-hero
  17. When scrolling the forums I encountered a new app called the ArgonHUD by Argon91, and thought it would be another great share. I've made a new topic for this one. I decided it after I searched all related topics here on SCB. But at the end I decided for a new topic as it is a newly released app. Kudos to: Argon91, Original thread: https://forums.robertsspaceindustries.com/discussion/314099/argonhud-accurate-star-citizen-hud-plugin-for-roccat-power-grid#latest
  18. The Microsoft Strategic Commander The control compared to my normally hyperspace tuned control on my orbweaver is startling. I use the thing for strafing and there is even some left/right turn that I'm gonna try to set for strafe up/down. Coupled with my JS and voice attack, I'm having much less frustration with flying. If the strafe up/down idea pans out, the hatswitch on the JS will be used for speed selection (V) and some other things. I now have 2 of these. One in the box, even. Not sure how much abuse it'll take, though.
  19. Now, this is something to consider.
  20. worldspawn00Aggressor 2 points 19 minutes ago I've been using it. At the extremes of twist it does not allow it to slide, other than that, it works well. I added buttons and a grip to mine with a 3d printed adapter I designed.
  21. Awhile back someone posted about this on Reddit, it looks great for a second stick. It's a 3DF stick and I've heard of a 6DF but still this is the type of second stick I've been looking for but does have a high price tag at around $250 US dollars, it has a few buttons on the ball on the top which is a big plus from others I've seen. Adds to the list of "need to get before SC release" list. lol UPDATE: Heard this brand is discontinued, fun thought. Buy Noviant Falcon Controller Reddit link (Pictures) Amazon reviews
  22. This was something of a mess last year with items gone in the first several seconds and people largely unable to link their accounts. I figure though that if people here can score a Javelin, they can probably manage it this year. Good luck. https://insider.razerzone.com/index.php?threads/insider-ces-2016-appreciation-event.10666/ Razer Community – You guys make CES 2016 happen for us and you know it. For 6 consecutive years, you’ve help us clinch the Best of CES People’s Choice – something unseen of in the 49 years of CES history. (Revisit all our announcements in our CES2016 discussion thread.) We hope you know we mean it when we say, thank you. Seriously. Coming to the main point of this thread – the CES2016 Fan Appreciation Event is ago. For 24 hours starting Jan 14, 6.00pm PST/UTC-8 (time reference here), all Razer peripherals will be on 50% off (excludes systems). This offer is open to all fans on Razer Insider. You will need to have a Razer ID linked to Insider – find out how. To ensure as many fans get in on the sale, each will only be allowed one item – so you may wish to plan ahead as the codes will not work until the time of the sale. Stocks are finite and are expected to go fast. Do also note that your order will only be confirmed when you have completed your purchase and have received a RazerStore Order Confirmation notification. Please read the guide on the RazerStore and familiarize yourself with the checkout process. This sale is only applicable to the RazerStore, and Sales Terms and Conditions apply: This promotion is only applicable for purchases made at RazerStore.com and cannot be combined with any other offers. Use of the promotional code entitles you to 50% off Razer peripherals and accessories. This promotion does not apply to systems, extended warranties or products that are out of stock. Discounts do not apply to applicable shipping charges, customs fees and taxes. Each customer/shipping destination is allowed to place only one (1) order with a maximum of one (1) item. Only the first order from each customer/shipping destination will be accepted and any subsequent orders will be cancelled. In addition, Razer reserves the sole and absolute discretion to cancel any orders that exceed the limit stated above. Razer shall not be liable to any customer in relation to such cancellations. This promotion is valid for the following periods, or while supplies last. In the event where any particular product is out of stock, Razer shall not be liable to any customers for their failure to purchase the product, even if the purchases were made within the promotional period. North America / Asia-Pacific customers – January 14th, 2016, 6pm PST to January 15th, 2016, 5.59pm PST Europe customers – January 15th, 2016, 10am CET to January 16th, 2016, 9.59am CET While we will strive to meet our shipping commitments, we cannot guarantee that every shipment will arrive within the quoted delivery estimate. Delays may occur as we expect higher than usual order volumes during this promotional period. Razer has sole discretion to interpret these terms and conditions and its decision shall be final in all cases. This promotion shall be subject to Razer’s general terms and conditions as set out inhttp://www.razerzone.com/terms-conditions, which may be amended from time to time. ----- Updates: To answer some of the more commonly asked questions: Stocks are separate for each region, the timing decided for Europe is at the convenience of fans in the region, have their own stocks with orders shipped from our European warehouses. Regarding systems, we hear you: due to popular demand, we're lining up limited-time offers on qualifying Razer Blade and Blade Pro systems. Keep a lookout for them. Systems are unaffected by the discount code.
  23. I've seen many rigs with touch screens in them and I know alot of us have been waiting for a software relating to StarCitizen, I don't know much about this company PMaxx or reviews on the software TITAN ACS (Advanced control system) yet, but I'm happy to see one is released this early on and for $5.45 US. Website RSI forum Features • Intuitive access to your ship's controls: • Navigate your ship's HUD from a stylish touch-screen interface. • Control you ship's targeting systems and countermeasures and more on the weapons interface. • Easy access to your ship's shield distribution. • Distribute power to different functions of your ship, as well as controlling your ship's main power throttle and toggle individual functions. • Access and control the navigation functions of your ship as well as different flight/landing modes and more on the navigation interface of Titan ACS. • Gain quick access to important EVA/On foot functions all from one intuitive interface. • Adds to immersion compared to (or in conjunction with) using a keyboard! • Great looking interface • Customizable themes • Touch-screen controls for your ship and EVA • Just install and play; no configuration required* • Includes FREE lifetime updates • And more! *You must enter the local IP address of the machine the server is running on the first time you open the client application.
  24. This subject is something I've been looking at for many years and a friend happened to talk about one she happened to test from RICE university, this is what it has turned into so far and I'm beyond ecstatic to see the final product. People have talked of feeling rain drops on their hands to a butterfly's wings flap. This can only further our VR immersion if not complete the bundle. Gloveone info
  25. This thread is for people who want to post news about PC stuff, hardware ect... Please leave a like so I know people got interest that I make/updating this. [≡] 〆(・-・‶) ______ Ares III ______ Internet speed 100 times faster than google fiber! http://www.techspot.com/news/57152-scientists-use-a-shadow-network-thats-100-times-faster-than-google-fiber.html ______ http://hothardware.com/Reviews/OCZ-RevoDrive-350-PCI-Express-SSD-Review/#!2d00r 960 GB space MTBF: 2 million hours 3-Year Warranty Interface: PCIe 2.0 x8 Max Read: up to 1800MB/s Max Write: up to 1700MB/s 1299,99$ ______ http://www.intel.com/content/www/us/en/solid-state-drives/intel-ssd-dc-family-for-pcie.html ______ http://www.techspot.com/news/57367-ibm-to-invest-3-billion-into-semiconductor-research-over-the-next-five-years.html Graphene CPU/GPU please In theory graphene CPU can reach 500GHz http://www.extremetech.com/extreme/175727-ibm-builds-graphene-chip-thats-10000-times-faster-using-standard-cmos-processes _______ They benchmarked made about the newest single GPU cards, in crysis 3 and battlefield. Both Nvidia and AMD cards were tested! http://www.techspot.com/review/841-radeon-r9-280x-roundup/page8.html ______ One ram PCB with 128 GB RAM. http://www.computerworld.com/s/article/9247500/Hynix_reveals_world_s_first_128GB_DDR4_memory_module?pageNumber=1 ______ Titan II the performance should be about 40 to 50 percent higher than the GTX Titan Black http://www.tomshardware.com/news/nvidia-gtx-titan-ii-gm200,27236.html ______ Battery life extended x3 http://www.techspot.com/news/57547-researchers-create-holy-grail-of-battery-technology-smartphones-with-3x-battery-life-in-sight.html ______ Brain computer http://www-03.ibm.com/press/us/en/pressrelease/44529.wss Soon we will get phones that only consumes only like 70 milliwatt! ______ Optical computer http://newsoffice.mit.edu/2013/computing-with-light-0704 ________ ______ New type of tech that allows much faster cpu speed http://phys.org/news/2014-09-quick-change-materials-silicon-limit.html
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