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Found 918 results

  1. Selling Everything listed below. Yellow highlighted items are worth note. MUST SELL RL Problems. Please feel free to ask any questions about this acct and/or items on it. PM Me here, and we'll get everything resolved on my discord channel "Warpath" Discord Name: Skywarp#5329 Direct Email: jsaigh@comcast.net SALE PRICE: $550.00 As you can see... things are critical.. I can't come down any more though, so if your truly interested pull the trigger, cause this is my final price. Didn't I already say that? hehe.. Plz help.. no more pain. Buy buy buy. ACCT INFO: (All early backer rewards from May 18th 2013 and beyond) UEC: 33,000 REC: 49,253 Handle Change: x1 Centurion - Monthly Plan: Total 3 months (paused) AVAILABLE BUYBACK PLEDGES (Ships): 1 buyback with store credits 1. Standalone Ship: Aegis Vanguard - LTI (4 items) 2. Standalone Ship: Saber Comet - LTI (4 items) 3. Ground Vehicle Pack - Graycat / Ursa Rover 4. Standalone Ship: Reliant Kore 5. Standalone Ship - Argo Combo Pack - LTI 6. Standalone Ship - Aegis Retaliator Bomber (24 months ins) Anniversary 7. Standalone Ship - Aegis Redeemer - LTI 8. Constellation Andromeda - (6 months ins + 13 items) ACCT ITEMS: These are the actual items on the account. 1. Standalone Ship - Origin 600i Exploration Edition - LTI acct bound 2. Arbiter - LTI (9 items) Giftable - BANU Merchantman - LTI - 2,000 UEC - LTI - Digital Soundtrack - Digital Starmap - Digital SC Manual - Legacy Alpha - Squadron 42 Digital Download 3. Standalone Ship - P72 Archimedes - LTI acct bound 4. Standalone Ship - P52 Merlin (3 months ins) acct bound 5. Game Package - Aurora MR SC Starter - Giftable - Holiday Warbond Edition 6. 100M Reward - 2943 War Bond 7. 56M Reward - J-Span Cryo-Star Cooler 8. 55M Reward - Preacher Armament Gatling 9. 52M Reward - BB-12 Manned Maneuvering Unit 10. 49M Reward - XI'AN Space Plant 11. 47M Reward - Engine Tuning Kit 12. 45M Reward - Hadesian Atrifact 13. 42M Reward - Explorer-Class Mobiglas Rig 14. 23M Reward - Takuetsu Prestige Khartu-Al Model (BIG) 15. 20M Reward - Fishtank Mark 1 + Midas Fish 16. 19M Reward - Jane's Fighting Ships Manual 17. 17M Reward - Mystery Engine Modifier 18. 16M Reward - Laser Pistol side arm 19. 15M Reward - Digital 42-page Upgrade Handbook 20. Hangar Fees Reward - FREE hangar Fees on starting planet 21. Space Globe - Reclaimer 22. December 2014 Backer Reward - Takuetsu Mustang model 23. Poster - RSI Constellation 24. Omni Role Combat Armor (ORC) MK9 25. Christmas Reward 2015 26. Christmas Reward 2016 27. Subscribers Exclusive - Stellarsonic Jukebox 28. "Tears of Fire" Painting 29. Revenant Tree 30. UEE Towel 31. RSI Space Suit Reward 32. Original & Veteran Backers Reward - AMX-1 Repair Bot, Record Breaker Skin, SQ42 Mission Disk
  2. I am looking to buy an M50 to Prospector for a decent price. Please let me know if you have one you want to sell Thanks,
  3. USD37 for baseline USD111 for the 3 pack limited time only
  4. Simple LTI Banu Merchantman for 250 $ Is an upgraded ship from a DRAKE DRAGONFLY BLACK with LTI and used a ccu before the price increase payment via paypal. buyer takes care of the fees. melt value 250$ CCU value 350$
  5. Complete WTB Imperium Patch

    I don't know who made them, or what a reasonable offer would be. But I want to buy an Imperium patch.
  6. Looking to trade my concept sale Nox Kue LTI for a concept sale Yellowjacket Dragonfly LTI. The Nox is warbond with a $35 melt value. Sent from my SM-G935V using Tapatalk
  7. Looking to sell the Polaris LTI for 775 750$ USD and the Redeemer for 300$ USD (conditionally sold) Paypal fees included.
  8. Simple LTI Banu Merchantman for 200 $ Is an upgraded ship from a 58X with LTI and used a ccu before the priceincrease payment via paypal. buyer takes care of the fees. melt value 250$ CCU value 350$
  9. I know they are out there, this is the last item to finish my Endeavor set! Send a pm please!
  10. I have a Banu Defender concept pack with LTI which I would like to exchange for an Anvil Carrack with LTI. I will also pay the difference of $165. I would prefer to trade for an original concept Carrack, however this can be discussed in PMs. The method of my payment is flexible but i would preffer to use paypal. This is my first time making any kind of trade so please bare with me if I'm quite cautious.
  11. Hello, I am selling ships upgraded from LTI p-72 (or Warlock). Have 3 1 CCU'd BMM's Selling @Melt Value of $250 + 4% for paypal fee. Added $12 for cost of redermer upgrade to me. So $272 total. If you want a BMM at the old price you should contact me before they expire the BMM $0 CCU's Must be over 18. Must be pp verified (non business account). Thanks Irres
  12. It's your friendly neighborhood Astrojak here... Looking to sell one of my Polaris Corvettes. LTI Corvette Polaris Warbond - $650.00 usd plus PP fee buyer please note; - only PayPal verified buyer - No credits or belly button lint accepted - Price final as listed - PP fees covered by buyer - only serious inquiries - if intermediate required, buyer will pay charges Cheers AJ
  13. Title says it all. PM for details.
  14. I am starting a company/getting married and I have to abandon my dream build for the moment. I have the listing up on ebay with tons of pics. Please feel free to check it out! http://www.ebay.com/itm/262982964821 Asus Z10PE-D16 WS + 2x Xeon E5-2650v3 + 128GB DD4 RAM
  15. Looking to buy a few F7A upgrades. PM me if you are selling some at a reasonable price. ~dub
  16. Greetings All, I would like to buy a standalone Retaliator Base with LTI, please pm me with the price, thank you very much!
  17. Greetings, I would sell the following items: ships have been ccu'd from a Drake Dragonfly and all packages icludes SQ42 and PU paypal Fees included Name Type Note USD EUR Melt Value Hull-E Ship CCU from DragonFly LTI 550$ 512€ 550RSI$ Hull-D Ship CCU from DragonFly LTI 350$ 326€ 350RSI$ Reclaimer Ship CCU from DragonFly LTI 350$ 326€ 350RSI$ Crucible Ship CCU from DragonFly LTI 350$ 326€ 350RSI$ Endeavor Ship CCU from DragonFly LTI 350$ 326€ 350RSI$ Banu Merchant Man Ship CCU from DragonFly LTI 275$ 256€ 250RSI$ Vanduul Blade Ship CCU from DragonFly LTI 275$ 256€ 250RSI$ DragonFly Ship yellow or Black 50$ 47€ 35RSI$ Weekend Warrior LTI Package Super Hornet 260$ 241€ 180RSI$ Digital Freelancer LTI Package Freelancer Sold Arbiter LTI Package 325A Sold Polaris Ship CCU from DragonFly LTI Sold if you are a new player register your account with this code: STAR-N37D-5ZTH you will get 5000UECs
  18. Complete CARRACK sold

    Carrack sold!
  19. Level 55 Dwarf Mage (Enigmatist / Revenant) - Reckoning Server - 5k+ Gear Score Complete T5 Divine Obsidian Armor Set - Kindled Passion (Divine Buff) Divine T5 Obsidian Shield - Long Anticipation Divine Ayanad Meadow Scepter Jewelry: Epic Archeum Evernight Necklace (Rank 11), Reforged Dream Ring, Divine Epherium Wave Earing, Celestial Delphinad Wave Earing, Celestial Epherium Life Ring. T5 Celestial Obsidian Bow - Wayfarer's Hymm Assorted undergarments and clothing Gliders: Feathered Hope & Imperial Jade Wings Mounts: Mirage Snowlion (Guild Gear), Racing Zebra, Candy-Fueled Fastropod, Cyanfin, Hooftiger Boar, White Reindeer (Reindeer Gear). Pets: Captured Windlord, Woodland Kitsu (Celestial Conquerer Gear Set), Ale Sprite Amethyst Mini Miner. Vehicles: Chrome Steamfish Submarine, Cogwheel Longboard, Farm Hauler, Armored Steamtank (Honor Version). Lutesong Junk Galleon: Legendary Forsail, Legendary Mainsail, 3 x Legendary Naval Cannons, 2x Legendary Large-Caliber Cannons, 2 x Epic Large-Caliber Cannons, 1 Epic Naval Cannon, Epic Goddess Nui Figurehead, Seastorm Upgraded Compass, Upgraded Sirensong Seabreeze Rudder. Merchant Schooner: Mythic Caernord Zephyr Sail, Legendary Caernord Zephyr Sail, 6 x Crest Packs. Fish-Find Longliner: Divine Sirensong Propellant Harpoon Clipper: Epic Caernord Zephyr Sail, Divine Sea Serpent Propellant. Seaskimmer Speedboat 13.6k Gold / 4 APEX 29 Design Fragments: Growling Yawl (Worth 450g each) Anywhere Warehouse & Personal Permanent Post Parrot Thousands of Gold in Resources and Items: Lucky Sunpoint, Lucid Gale Lunagem: Detsruction, 200+ Dawn Lake Essence, Tons of Lunarite, Oil, Polish, Timespace Scroll Scrap, Archeum Crystal/Shards/Dust, Regrade Scrolls, etc... 160k Fishing Proficiency 130k Commerce Proficiency 132k Exploration 28x28 Island House - Castaway Straight Wayfarer's Island - Plot is on its own island. Tidal Bungalow - Sanddeep Titles: Great White, Desert Fox, Fishing for a Compliment, Crimson Watch, Outlaw of the High Seas, Discriminating Tastes. At this point, I am looking to trade for Star Citizen items. PM if you would like more information or discuss a trade offer.
  20. Complete LTI Cutlass Black + Bonus

    I bought this ship from Mictlan666. Fast, friendly and a goog prize. Thx sir
  21. Looking for a Hartwell Music Sentinel for about $30 and a F7A Military Hornet upgrade for about $70. Please PM me your offers. /SirDoAlot
  22. Greetings Citizens, I've really stepped in it this time, I love this account that I have built, but I dipped into my savings to do it. Then, of course, now being unemployed I can't make the rent, which is due in two weeks. So seeing as it's sell this account or end up on the streets, so it seems like a simple choice. I've picked up all my ships from grey market trades, as to get the LTIs, so I can't sell off single ships, so the entire account has to go. Ships: Anvil Carrack Anvil Terrapin Freelancer Max (Upgraded from Dragonfly) Super Hornet (Upgraded from Hornet Wildfire) MISC Prospector The UEE Explorer Package also includes both games Squadron 42 and Star Citizen. The total melt value for the account is $920, yours for $550. I'm PayPal Verified.
  23. Hi, as per the title, I am intending to part with my Most Favorite ship the Merchantman, I have 2 so I dont want to keep both, just need one. it is CCU'd FROM MPUV Cargo LTI COMPLETED OUTSIDE OF SCB , THNKS ! I am Star Citizen Verified and Paypal Verified too and both my Star Citizen email & Paypal are the same, hopefully Buyer's too. Buyer has to be verified on both too. Image attached.