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  1. Selling beautiful LTI pack with Star Citizen game Price - $110 All fees included
  2. THIS SET WAS SOLD AND IS NO LONGER AVAILABLE! Hey there guys As I recently purchased a pair of Virpil Constellation Alphas I realized I still have a unused set of CH gear that I won't be needing anymore. So if any of you are still looking for a set of CH gear at a nice discount let me know! CH may not look all fancy like other HOTAS out there but their sticks are industrial grade, built to last almost indefinitely, and practically indestructible. I bought them back in 2014 because of that while building my basic simpit with my dad but I've never actually used them yet
  3. Hi! Just logged into my 3 year old SC account to find out I can gift my Constellation Andromeda I paid 275$ for. I have stopped playing this game so I am looking to sell the whole account or just the ship and I will gift it to the buyer. I also dont know how to sell an account so a buyer would have to walk me through that. If buyer can pay with BTC or ETH I can sell it for 139$
  4. Level 55 Dwarf Mage (Enigmatist / Revenant) - Reckoning Server - 5k+ Gear Score Complete T5 Divine Obsidian Armor Set - Kindled Passion (Divine Buff) Divine T5 Obsidian Shield - Long Anticipation Divine Ayanad Meadow Scepter Jewelry: Epic Archeum Evernight Necklace (Rank 11), Reforged Dream Ring, Divine Epherium Wave Earing, Celestial Delphinad Wave Earing, Celestial Epherium Life Ring. T5 Celestial Obsidian Bow - Wayfarer's Hymm Assorted undergarments and clothing Gliders: Feathered Hope & Imperial Jade Wings Mounts: Mirage Snowlion (G
  5. Level 56 Witch Going to sell off my Black Desert account as I've played the game non stop for quite a few months and moving on to other games now. I'm not sure on what the account is worth, I've attached what I've spent though either way. If I price against a playerauctions site it appears to be worth a few hundred, but again open to offers. Going to price at $400 for now. The account has 137 million credits on it and 6 artisan workers, 3 professional works between Calpheon, Tarif and Altinova. It also has a couple k pearls and 1k loyalty points on the account. I have a ton
  6. I have two very rare Hartwell Music Sentinel 88G pianos from Star citizen on sale. Each being sold at 250 usd (including pp invoice fees) - PM me for a deal.
  7. I have HammerHead for sale at 670$, the Ship and his 4 items... NOT A CCU ! Melt value 650$ Included: - Space Ship HammerHead - Lifetime Insurance for ship (LTI) - VFG Industrial Hangar - AEGIS HammerHead Poster - AEGIS HammerHead model Please read the Terms & Conditions of Service: Transactions through PayPal (Verified PayPal only). All prices are final (includes PayPal fees). If you are interested - leave a comment or/and send me private message. Payment via PayPal FF. If you are unsure a
  8. Want to sell standalone ship - WTS AEGIS JAVELIN - WARBOND - ILW2950 LTI $2700 plus Paypal fees At COST !!!!... Just trying to help out those that missed the F5 war
  9. Verified PayPal -- buyer pays fees. -- $475 + fees -- Looking to sell my limited, discounted UEE Exploration Package. All ships included have LTI. Comes with: Carrack Terrapin Dragonfly (Black) Star Citizen and SQ42 Digital Downloads 20,000 UEC
  10. Hi, anyone willing to let go of a hammerhead (not best in show edition) with LTI for $600 or less?
  11. As you know that $0 CCU will be destroy from 1st of May, I decided to sell bunch of CCU LTI Banu MM Cost $270 with all fees Also I can upgrade Banu MM to Valkyrie-Hercules C2-Carrack-Reclaimer-Origin 600 (both)-Orion(limited hull from 1st of January)-Hammerhead-Polaris for extra money
  12. (ONE SOLD) Hello! I have 3 2 Connies in stock as of now- all LTI. I accept PayPal USD and all Cryptocurrencies In order to buy: #Option 1 1. Visit my shop- purchase the product https://shoppy.gg/product/vpjHmxr 2. Contact me via Personal Message on forum or a query on shoppy.gg with your Order ID and email I should send gift to. 3. Enjoy your connie #Option 2 Contact me via Personal Message or discord ixerer#2712 GIF: https://gyazo.com/509f892beb7a0709626b447ba4755284 GIF: https://gyazo.com/794d1357fdca589a67ae57a26af2dc
  13. updated 19.05.2020 store credit sold Hi I haven't played the game in 2 years so I'm trying to get rid of the 2 accounts I have as I can't get refund on them, I'm the sole owner of them and always have. Account 1: Carrack (orignally Nox and then upgraded to carrack, $495 when I do exchange ) 10 usd store credit 2x cf-227 panther repeater34,000 uec Account 2: 125 usd store credit 5000 uec The Carrack is not giftable and as nothing is is then easily giftable then I'm willing to sell this cheaper, was thinking of starting with $400 and see how i
  14. Hello, as we live in tough times, I need to get rid of some ships. First one I would like to sell is AEGIS RETALIATOR Price: SOLD I accept cryptocurrency only, preferably Bitcoin.(PayPal always puts my money on hold- if you can help me on how to fix it I would be grateful if you could PM me) As I am new to the forum I will be happy to go first(trusted members)
  15. I have 600i Explorer + Origin Rover for sale, the Ship and his 4 items... NOT A CCU ! 595€ Included: - Space Ship 600i Exploration - Lifetime Insurance for ship (LTI) - VFG Industrial Hangar - 600i Poster - 600i Explorer model Please read the Terms & Conditions of Service: Transactions through PayPal (Verified PayPal only). All prices are final (includes PayPal fees). If you are interested - leave a comment or/and send me private message. Payment via PayPal FF. If you are unsure about the ship or hav
  16. Hello, Selling my Starfare Gemini cuz im not playing any more. i want 200 USD for this, i wont go lower. upgrade value 340 USD paypal
  17. SOLDIER OF FORTUNA PACK - LTI $415 USD (does not include PayPal fees) No profit... just trying to offload.
  18. I bought this upgrade when it originally went on sale to be applied to my Superhornet package. However, I've decided to CCU my Superhornet to another ship and no longer need the upgrade, so I figured I'd let someone else have the opportunity to buy it. Asking Price: $150.00 USD
  19. This is an ORIGINAL CONCEPT Carrack - LTI. Original pricing $350. I'm looking to get $425+paypal fees out of it, but may go lower for people I like Forget Warbond for $500, get the Original Recipe, always the Best Recipe! Paypal only, etc...
  20. So, having a lot of other heavy lifters, I'm looking to offload my Hammerhead. This is a WARBOND LTI ORIGINAL CONCEPT Hammerhead. Current Hammerhead prices are $725. 😨 This one is going for the low-low price of $575. 😎 Disclaimer: This was bought with the discount coupon so Melt value is $476. Carrack is Original Concept LTI, originally $350. Given the price jump, I won't be a COMPLETE bastard, but I still am aiming for $450 Verified paypal only. May discount for good customers/repeat customers/IMP members. Remember to add around 4% for Paypal fees. Me
  21. Hi,I like to trade my F7C-M Super Hornet with the F7A Military Hornet Upgrade for a Orion LTI. I open to your offers.
  22. Wts Polaris with LTI Ship upgraded from P72 GBP£500 Verified Paypal only
  23. I’m selling rare lti and 2 year modules for the Retaliator . Dropship LTI for 150usd Torpedo front bay 24 month insurance for 150 usd Torpedo rear bay 24 month insurance for 120 usd they selling fast so contact me if interested, paypal fees +4%.
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