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  1. @JamesFV Yeah
  2. Sneak Peak with strangely odd ship-flubber-distortion entering fast jump. #strangewierdwhat Thanks for the post!
  3. Good price. Not my business, but if you bought it you'll be losing $25! Why not just keep it?
  4. Agreed. Yeah it doesn't have to take so long, who knows? Hope you're right, its a long time to wait.
  5. They will not say 2016 and mean early 2015. And yes, Steam release will be much sooner than collector's, for obvious reasons.
  6. This would how it looks like (it's in Spanish, but you get the idea): Also, this is getting a little off-topic Homeworld being remastered is great news, it's one of my favorite sci-fi strategy games Haha wow! That looks awesome! Bring it! It planned for release in December 2015 / January 2016. I've also pre-ordered it, can't wait! LED-lit MOTHER SHIP :DDD
  7. Ah I see what you meant. Yeah that's true! Like a squad based RTS?
  8. Why not just wait for ME4? I'm sure it'll be rather fun etc.
  9. Pre-ordered the collector's edition Steam availability: 25 Feb 2015 Amazon Collector's Edition availability: 2016 (TBC)
  10. This is true, but it depends on how large FPS 'battles', 'conflicts', etc. are. Like, if you'll never need more than a dozen troops then two redeemers will do, with a freelancer in case you need a vehicle. I suppose it comes down to how many players can engage in FPS at one time.
  11. Group training (if possible) would be good if we want to coordinate our efforts and work tightly as a team. EDIT: Slightly off topic, but what you guys think about the Retaliator? I know the Redeemer and tali are rather different ships with different roles, all the same.
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