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  1. Henter

    Around the Verse Episode 30

    @JamesFV Yeah
  2. Henter

    Around the Verse Episode 30

    Sneak Peak with strangely odd ship-flubber-distortion entering fast jump. #strangewierdwhat Thanks for the post!
  3. Awesome concept art! Unique, in fact.
  4. Good price. Not my business, but if you bought it you'll be losing $25! Why not just keep it?
  5. Henter

    homeworld 1&2 remastered

    Agreed. Yeah it doesn't have to take so long, who knows? Hope you're right, its a long time to wait.
  6. Henter

    homeworld 1&2 remastered

    They will not say 2016 and mean early 2015. And yes, Steam release will be much sooner than collector's, for obvious reasons.
  7. Henter

    homeworld 1&2 remastered

    This would how it looks like (it's in Spanish, but you get the idea): Also, this is getting a little off-topic Homeworld being remastered is great news, it's one of my favorite sci-fi strategy games Haha wow! That looks awesome! Bring it! It planned for release in December 2015 / January 2016. I've also pre-ordered it, can't wait! LED-lit MOTHER SHIP :DDD
  8. Henter

    homeworld 1&2 remastered

    Ah I see what you meant. Yeah that's true! Like a squad based RTS?
  9. Henter

    homeworld 1&2 remastered

    Why not just wait for ME4? I'm sure it'll be rather fun etc.
  10. Henter

    homeworld 1&2 remastered

    Pre-ordered the collector's edition Steam availability: 25 Feb 2015 Amazon Collector's Edition availability: 2016 (TBC)
  11. Henter

    Dropship consideration

    This is true, but it depends on how large FPS 'battles', 'conflicts', etc. are. Like, if you'll never need more than a dozen troops then two redeemers will do, with a freelancer in case you need a vehicle. I suppose it comes down to how many players can engage in FPS at one time.
  12. Henter

    Looking for Crew members on a Redeemer

    Group training (if possible) would be good if we want to coordinate our efforts and work tightly as a team. EDIT: Slightly off topic, but what you guys think about the Retaliator? I know the Redeemer and tali are rather different ships with different roles, all the same.