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  1. I don't really care for the NC on Connery due to the fact that they primarily were made up of young players wanting to be "the Rebels." The TR on Connery has a better player base in my opinion. Despite usually being outnumbered we can hold our own. The NC tend to rely on numbers instead of strategy. There are exceptions of course.
  2. It spawns from the faction color of the Terran Republic in PS2 We are in the process of a website re-model to better accommodate multiple games. We should have that up soon!
  3. HISTORY Established in 2012 Execution started with two guys in a liberator in Planetside 2 to one of the largest and most active outfits in the game with over 2200 members. This was accomplished not by aggressive recruiting but by creating a friendly adult oriented outfit without all the ridiculous rules and requirements that come with most guilds. Our rules are simple… and aim to keep it that way! Now don't get us wrong we are not just a zerg organization. Another reason for our success is the training and practice sessions we provide our members. We don't shun beginners we simply educate them. Everyone was a noob once. This mentality draws new and experienced players alike to our ranks. With the rampant success and strong community that we quickly developed we are taking that strength and evolving into a multi – game gaming community. Star Citizen is our second official branch with others in the works as well. Many of our members play together in other games and make use of our mumble server when needed or sometimes just hang out and chat with other like minded gamers. For the future we plan on expanding even further so if you choose to join us you do not just join us in Star Citizen. You join a robust community of PC gamers of all walks of life. Casual players to die hard fanatics. We have it all! feel free to visit our recruitment section and check out our forums on exeoutfit.com! MANIFESTO We are a pretty relaxed outfit with a diverse membership representing a wide array of different play styles. Our number one priority is always to have a good time and to that end our rules are simple and to the point. We are primarily an adult organization but there is no age limits only maturity restrictions. We also pride ourselves in being both Male and Female friendly and do not tolerate harassment of any kind. If you are interested in joining Execution, you have come to the right place! We have a very open recruitment policy (everyone's welcome), and we only have two rules! Just simply signup to our forums and get with any member online for an invite. Hope to see you in game soon! CHARTER If you can count to two you will have successfully counted the number of rules we have. In EXE we like to keep things simple, fun, and drama free. It is really that simple! Rule #1: Don’t be a D**k! The golden rule. This means being a courteous and reasonable human being, showing respect to other players and organization members at all times. We don’t expect everything to stay child safe and politically correct at all times, but we do expect everyone to contribute positively to a welcoming and enjoyable environment. We always hope that disagreements can be resolved between affected parties but if necessary please contact leadership as appropriate. Don’t feed trolls! Repeat violations can mean removal from outfit so don’t be that guy or girl! Rule #2: Obey Orders! Participation in our events is always entirely voluntary, but if you choose to participate you will be expected to listen to your leadership and follow orders as soon as you get them. If you find yourself removed from a unit / group, this is usually why. It isn't anything personal, it just isn't fair to everyone when a few individuals are not working with the group. You can always respectfully leave the unit. There are no rank requirements to run your own unit / group and encourage everyone to practice leadership. Repeat violations can mean removal from outfit so listen up! http://robertsspaceindustries.com/orgs/EXECUTION/ http://exeoutfit.com/

    Yes in a freelancer you would be less maneuverable than a smaller ship but I am most certain it could outrun lower class ships as well as has jump capability. In the mean time they would be taking some heavy damage from possible alien modified weaponry. Games like this are designed for balance and I highly doubt Chris would let a ship called freelancer be a bullet target. Also the name freelancer refers to someone that works for no one. They are a free agent. A ship designed with that in mind would have to be able to hold there own in a fight. At least a short one until you can jump away.
  5. Miner

    Chris has also confirmed in changing prices due to supply and demand in the universe economy.
  6. hey all

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    Same here We have confirmed there is no cloak in Star Citizen. Only atributes to reduce sensor detection.

    The ship is not even finished yet. They mention adding a rear turret and reducing the side engines to two instead of the displayed four. We shall see. Also they changed the cockpit to insure that visibility is there. Remember that you are literally playing as a character in the ship not playing in a 3rd person perspective. The original concept windows were tiny. It would give you a real disadvantage. I also really like the stars being integrated into the front landing platform. I really think once done it will be hard to beat in its class and size of ships. I doubt Chris will allow any ship carrying the Freelancer name be a mediocre ship. More seats is not always better for some tasks. Bigger is not always better. I also have a feeling it will be more maneuverable than the the larger Stella. I would like to have both who wouldn't But not if it meant giving up this one with lifetime insurance.
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    I feel that this is completely possible but I have a feeling instead of extra credits it most likely will require more organization. I also would not be shocked if some resorces are exhaustible or put onto harrest timers.

    like the main weapons of most of the ships they will most likely track with the head of the pilot. I am sure they do not want to take away too much from the flight experience with over complicated gun controls. I think they are somewhat modeling this ship after the B-52 without it being a bomber.

    Yes the other concept was much more military in appearance. There is a good chance we will see it as a different ship design. It did look good. Just not for this ship concept. With alien tech in the ship it should stand out from other human ships in my opinion. Yes the Stella is indeed a fine ship especially since you are paying twice as much for it. But at the same time I have a feeling that having a four+ crew ship may not always good for some things. You may not have as good of an advantage unless you have the proper crew for it. Also 2 seats is all you need to board a ship not that his ship is designed for it. Also It has comparable engines to the Stella and almost as many upgrade slots for a smaller ship. Also a rear facing turret sounds great especially with highly advanced anti-mater engines! It will force more distance on enemies while out distancing them.

    Where do I put my lamp bobble head?

    Looks like they are modifying the rear wing after the comments about how they preferred the ship without the wings. This is still concept renderings so it is not final but lets just say I am happy already. Like a kid in a candy store!

    Boys and girls, I introduce the MISC Freelancer for your enjoyment! Builder: MISC (Musashi Industrial & Starflight Concern) Crew (max): 2 Mass (empty): 55,000 KG Focus: Long-Range Exploration / Heavy Mercantile MISC is known for producing efficient, modular, middle-of-the-road ships, primarily transports of different sizes. Freelancers are used as long haul merchant ships by major corporations, but they are just as frequently repurposed as dedicated exploration vessels by independent captains who want to operate on the fringes of the galaxy. Don’t let some of the alien technology in the cockpit surprise you: the Freelancer’s design owes several of its internal systems to a lend-lease deal with the Xi’An. Upgrade Capacity: 10 Cargo Capacity: 20 tonnes Engine- Modifiers: 3 Max. Class: Anti-Matter Thrusters: 2x TR5, 8 x TR2 Hardpoints- 4 x Class 2: Equipped 2 x Behring M3A Laser Cannon 2 x Class 3: Equipped 2 x Talon Stalker Image Recognition missiles 1 x Class 4: Equipped 1x Behring M5A Laser Cannon (turret) Similar to… Galaxy, Gea Transit, Humpback, Imperial Shuttle http-~~-//vimeo.com/55135567#
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    I am not sure how this is not public information but I have no issue with it being moved.