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  1. A very good day to you all. I am Lieutenant mafiaknight with the UEENR. As the name suggests, we are a military RP org. We engage in anti-piracy, and Vanduul interdiction primarily. We would like to learn more about the Imperium such that we might form a friendly working relationship for the future. We welcome any of you to join our Discord to learn more about us, or to chat with our members. Our RSI page: https://robertsspaceindustries.com/orgs/UEENR Discord: https://discord.gg/BgWxqFQ
  2. carriers in eve arent that hard to get. the mom is extra pricey, but i could aquire one in a couple hours tops. or have one built for me. the titan is a real pain to get ahold of though. costs way to much. our squadron, the last tarakians, is considering joining the imperium, and i think youd fit right in with us rummbles. we intend to own the privateer front for this fleet if/when we sign up.
  3. well, this sounds like its right up our ally. it seems to me that joining your fleet would benifit our squadron and if we do so, i will stive to be the best damn military/privateer LT/captain that i can be.
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