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  1. Furystorm

    Want to Buy Idris-m LTI

    they can set any price they wish, I dont think it will be ever sold for 4k if nothing changes with Idris (like it Becoming Planet Destroyer with a size bigger than Javelin πŸ˜‹) https://forums.starcitizenbase.com/topic/21445-selling-an-idris-m-giftable-3000-usd/ selling for 3k for a long time
  2. Furystorm

    Want to Buy Idris-m LTI

    Idris-M and Scythe are exactly luxury pledges referring to game. If somebody wants Idris, I's much more rational to buy Idris-P (single or in small pack). Armada pack for 2500$ was a really nice option, maybe it will appear again later. -M is rare and that's why more pricey limited ship. I got your point - if somebody wants to buy a lambo, it's doubtfull he's living in a hut, not a huge house. At some point this is true, but you dont follow my thoughts: if you buy 15k$ package, you cant choose ships you want, so if you want to change it to your need you gonna spend extra, which can lead to spending over 20k$ Though new 15k package is nicer than previous one, as it doesnt have many small ships. about fleet, having single ships makes you more volitile on your choise, if you dont like smth, you can melt and replace with another ship at your choise, which is impossible with combo pack. and I can easily imagine some1 having ~5-7k of ships, including Idris-M. that will be more than enough for 1 player, covering most gameplay aspects. Your insisting that spending 15-20k$ is better and cheaper is absurd.
  3. Furystorm

    Want to Buy Idris-m LTI

    if this BMW is no longer manufactured so it became rare and limited ship - you will, even more than 300%. Rare BMW M1 For Sale: $965,000 https://www.bmwblog.com/2015/06/27/rare-bmw-m1-for-sale-965000/ gz that you managed to acquire some rare ships at good price, but Idris-M and scyther are 2 most limited and expensive ships in SC. lowest price I ever saw on Idris-M was ~1800$, but that was account sale before buyback system was implemented. after that price raised significantly if you spent 10-15k on game package it doesnt mean everybody is going to do so.
  4. Furystorm

    Want to Buy Idris-m LTI

    TL DR: if you want to buy 1 car cheaper, you dont buy whole car showroom your logic has too many presumptions: 1. melt for other ships (btw melt word is wrong in that case, better call it "split" for many people) - pointless if you dont want to spend 15k$+ dollars on game 2. it's only acceptable for rich fans and org leaders. In case of org leader - there must be real trust between these people, to send $ to another guy who will buy mega package on his account with promise to split it later when game is released. (btw now there wasnt any solid statement that will be possible, maybe LTI will be lost in that case, just a presumption) 3. I dont sell Idris-M and never did, coz it's very rare old ship from old days. 4. Person having Idris-M "earned" $ on it when it grew up from small corvette to big frigate, and coz it's limited military version. 5. 10k package is now not available, so forget about it. 6. Even if you consider big pack, current -M price is 2500$ with burdening of buying 12500$ more ships. absurd. so paying extra 500$ in that case doesn't seem critical in my opinion. and for person who decided to spend few thousands of $ for a game should be on option as well 7.it's not necessary to have 12500$ if ships to earn enough $ to sustain Idris. you have a total spend on ~4-5k$ and be fine (idris + orion + banu MM + carrack + reclaimer + few fighters for example) - good and nice fleet with an Idris is a jewel here. I actually see no sense arguing with you anymore, go and buy 15k package in that case and be happy that you didn't pay any extra $ of original price please send a screenshot of your package here when it's done
  5. Furystorm

    Want to Buy Idris-m LTI

    weird logic. like I told, current Idris-M cost in package is ~2500$. you are offering to spend 15k$ on game, instead of letting some "schmuck" get profit. Sounds like - you'll make bad to "schmuck", and to yourself as well, unless you are mega game fan who can afford to spend 15k (in this case it's really better to buy mega package). and as experienced trader I sell you - there're so few people who spent over 3k$ on SC. number of 15k+ pledge backer is negligible. Following your logic - having many LTI ships is good if you plan to upgrade them into something useful as well, which will lead for you to spend 20k$+. this is absurd for most gamers over here.
  6. Furystorm

    Want to Buy Idris-m LTI

    lol what? how is it gonna be cheaper to spend 15k$? buying such package has sense only if you can afford and wish to spend all this cash for SC. I calculated long time ago what was the price in Wing commander package (10k$) and Completionist for idris-M. if you exclude all other ships from it, price for Idris-M was ~2500$ and huge disadvantage of mega combo packages it that you have to pay for bunch of crap ships, like auroras and so So buying Idris-M for 2-3k$ has it's point. Though not many people are ready to spend such amount of $ for 1 ship, especially considering javelin price at 3000$ now.
  7. Hi guys, would like to buy some RSI store credits at discounted price. PM with offer, thinking atm about smth close to few aquillas.
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