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  1. I will do my best to attend! 👍 Fly safe!
  2. Thanks VoA ! I'm going to dig all this info 😛
  3. Yep, while this guide is great it's what I call basic mining, I'm more looking into and 'advanced' mining guide let's say something like Granite / 3000-4000 size / distance 50 meters / laser power : 70% - 45% - 25% I'm actually compile my own data but as I said lag is the biggest issue here, every is stable, you are reaching the perfect zone to fracture, then suddenly you get that 2 sec lag and BIG BADABOUM you are overheating... then you move around, take a beer and start again to fill the rock with energy... 😛 When I face no lag I can often achieve that perfect pro fracture where nothing move at all in 6 or 4 parts depending the size
  4. Hello Pilots! Did someone compiled a full guide on mining? I mean not how to just start your mining laser on a rock, but actually how the mining laser is working? how to use all the data efficiently? I mean the energy transfer graph is it usefull? does the distance between your ship laser and the rock influence the laser power transfered to the rock? how? any data compiled already ie: distance/laser power/rock container?? So much questions I have my own theory of some sort but right now, I'm not fighting the rock or the laser mechanic, my biggest challenge is the lag! Fly Safe!
  5. Nice Setup! I'm trying to achieve something like this done all by myself, what is the most difficult for me to choose from is I can't decide if I go with joystick or not, I found keyboard/mouse more accurate to aim with, it's more difficult to accurately aim with joystick. I hope it will change with time. I'm also testing some setup with a TrackIR and Voice Attack...
  6. If I can add that you also see great improvement when going from HD SDD to M2 SDD 😉Of course your motherboard must have an m2 slot or you can go with a addon card. Fly safe Pilot.
  7. Hello For those of you who are older enought, you probably had a chance to play on genesis/megadrive this incredible fun game Mutant Football League! I 'm not going to explain what it is, and let you found by yourself by going on their main website: http://www.mutantfootballleague.com/ from there you will be able to get all info you need on that incredible fun game and help the game to re-born from it's ashes! Fly Safe!
  8. Agree on lowering both devices ! I will try to work this out on lowering a bit the joystick and throttle to allow my arms to actually stay on the armrest, after playing a while I found that would be more comfortable. I don't need velcro, I firmly fixed the joystick and throttle with screws in a very simple way. Now, I'm also planning to add a short piece of wood like a plate between devices to place a small Xkey pad and my mouse, I will put pictures as soon I have time to work on this My main constraint I keep 100% in mind, is not starting to destroy the chair itself during the process! You know, if it was me I would build a real cockpit by myself, but, surprisingly, when I explain my project to my wife, she look at me very badly Fly Safe!
  9. Hello Guys So here my first attemtp, I still need to do some adjustment but so far it is pretty comfortable. Fly Safe!
  10. Hello Pilots, I'm on my way to build/Modify my Arrozi Verona to include my Saitek X55 HOTAS. While I spend many hours to look around on the web what was already build for various gaming chair, I started to wonder what would be the best to place the joystick, on the right side or in the middle between legs? I think I would feel more confortable to place the joystick on the right, but if any of you already made the test I would be interrested to know which place you choose and why? Fly Safe!
  11. Hello Imperium Pilots! I still try to understand persitence in current PU 2.6, specialy when findings weapons, if you find a weapon, later you quit the game with the weapon equiped; should you have the weapon equiped when you get back to the game? (spoiler below) Now recently I went to the weapon shop and I notice that the weapon menu changed from Try and Buy to Equip and Unequip, not sure if it is related, but that puzzle me Anyone have info how persitence work on 2.6 ? Just curious Fly Safe!
  12. How about 5vs5 like Capture The Flag mode in old Quake3 arena ? 5 players and 4 spot to hack / defend would surely add some interresting strategy Yes I was à big fan of Q3 Ctf Fly Safe!
  13. Me too! Just wondering, I'm not part of any Imperium unit so far, my understanding is: we just connect to Imperium TS on Landing Channel and from there we will be directed the action? No need to enlist somewhere before the event start? Fly Safe!
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