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  1. Hey people, well I guess I can start off by saying I have been watching and feeling the Star Citizen hype for some time like most of you guys. I don't have any permanent roles I wish to fulfill but I know that I want to be the pilot behind the seat of a huge ship. Right now I have not gotten any big ships because I either miss the sale or have no interest in said model of ship. I am thinking I will at least melt my Cutlass and Redeemer for a Carrack when it goes back on sale though; Unless I fall in love with the Redeemer which is entirely possible with those luscious jets and the long tail fin. Ehem, well..We will see, I guess it is up to you guys to push me either way. In any case, outside of that, I spend most of my time getting flight down and have fun flying my Cutlass down by flying it through racing to get the feel of a larger ship down. As for online, I dip in here and there, but only when the fuss of getting it to load is reasonable. So I just end up flying around the tracks in whatever ship to get practice in. That is about it, I guess other than you guys might catch me flying around the tracks on twitch, which is only when I damn well feel up to starting OBS. Anyway, hi.