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  1. I think it will be a fine starter, as long as you know that this ship is a means to getting to the next step up in cargo ships. I am sure you can run a small amout of cargo the 13 scu that the ship holds if you do the research for large profits in the verse.
  2. Posted my second video in the series...feel free to check it out, its a little long, but I felt since the process of pledging is really confusing at the moment.
  3. You have to at least mention Christ Roberts!
  4. Sorry guys I didn't know my vid was posted here...
  5. Ty thats the plan, working on how to pledge for SC next!
  6. Hey guys I am starting a series of shorts about all the "things" in SC this is my first vid, check it out and let me know what you think? I think the youtube SC content is really lacking something like this for new players.
  7. Ty for the love guys NKSharp and I spent a good amount of time creating this, and I think its important to laugh at ourselves from time to time...I really hope the devs saw this one!
  8. Thing is with the leaks...they do, thats what all the mocap shooting was for and we see all the art right?
  9. good point I might try this! I hope you see me around here more!
  10. I wish I was more active, I have planned to be a very active member of the community here, but I only really have time to stream and I am not at my PC much other than that. I got tapatalk to spend some time here but I couldnt get used to the layout. I think when more T&I things start to happen I will find myself here all the time.
  11. Unfortunately the star map that we currently have is not going to be at all like the release version. They told us that it was leaked and they are going to move systems all over the place so whatever planning you are doing now would be just for practice/fun.
  12. They are working on the fuel mechanic as we speak, so looking forward to an official post on how it will work!
  13. 8/8 m8 this ish was gr8 would fap again...
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