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  1. Freelancer DUR?

    I hope it'll fit in every jump point. I have a normal FL and am looking to upgrade to the DUR. However, I do want a constellation to explore in but I'm not gonna buy one because I wanna be able to work towards something once game launches.
  2. Greetings!

    ooooooo I know AC 1.0 just came out so i am not expecting it anytime soon but I like to hear its next on their list. Very impressed with the quick response by the woooot!!!
  3. Greetings!

    Thanx guys for all the advice! I was thinking of trading my 325i up to a freelancer $125 pledge. Probably going to get the DUR variant. I was just wondering when will the freelancer be flyable in AC. I know that's a loaded question but any speculation would be nice. I just don't want to get the freelancer meow and just have it sit in a hanger. Again thank you guys for the hospitality!
  4. Greetings!

    Didn't know that about jump points! Thank you. Good to know I'm already learning.
  5. Greetings!

    Hey! I'm excited to explore the universe! Finding planets to colonize and materials to trade will be my primary goal. Right now I own a 325a origin that I will fit for exploration when the alpha hits. I chose the fighter variant first so I would be able to be competitive in the arena module. Ultimately, exploration is my goal. However knowing I have just a 300 series I'll be more short range to begin...