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  1. Phreedom

    Freaking awesome 3d art

    Wow! Simply amazing talent
  2. Am I too late? Is there a Hull C in the parking lot with my name on it and the keys in the ignition? I'm too late aren't I?
  3. Just got one...confirmed it's showing in my account. From the time I first sent NewzyOne a PM to the time I had the Vanguard in my possession was about 12 minutes total. Fantastic buying experience...can be totally trusted. LIKE TOTALLY DUDE!!!! Thanks NewzyOne!
  4. Phreedom

    Where are the engines of my 300i?

  5. Phreedom

    Hi all!

    Welcome StarSwarm
  6. Well I'm not glad that you got pneumonia but I am glad that it was postponed. I was on the computer last night and remembered about the anniversary show way too late. I was bummed that I missed it but when I checked the schedule and saw that it had been moved to next week I was like, "YES!".
  7. Phreedom

    StarCitizenBase's New Look!

    WOW....looks sweet guys! Well done!!!
  8. Phreedom

    Letter from the Chairman: Happy New Year

    Awesome letter from CR! Looking forward to it all
  9. Have a most excellent New Year and be safe out there. Use a designated driver instead of drinking & driving. 2015 is going to be FRICKEN' AWESOME!!! -Phreedom of the Pan Galactic Fleet @ www.pangalactic.co

  10. Phreedom

    Hello everyone!

    Very nice fleet you have there Juan! What is the name you have given to each of your ships? Kidding Welcome!
  11. imageshack use to be "the one" to use. Now it's just the one my Grandmother uses. Imgur is new king...for now.
  12. Phreedom

    Greetings from Europe!

    Welcome! Which planet is Europe on?
  13. Phreedom

    Merry Christmas, Look what my girlfriend made me!

    Does she have a sister?
  14. Phreedom

    Hello everyone!

    Welcome and if the Freelancer is the ONLY ship you buy prior to the PU release...well then you're stronger than most of us.
  15. Phreedom

    Phreedom of Speech

    Thanks man. Yeah I just whipped that up as I typed it thus the bad quality but I tend to do things in life a bit different. Too boring otherwise. Cheers!