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    300i rework

    It just looks absolutely gorgeous! Can't wait to see the look of the 315p!
  2. One can only hope, though to be honest I'd rather wait an additional year or even two for Persistent Universe Beta if we get the full Squadron 42 experience earlier in exchange and I think a successful and very good SQ42 could bring a lot of fresh air into the community and such as well.
  3. Boy was I glad when they revealed that the 300 series as a whole will actually get an upgrade from what it was originally pitched as, a luxury starter, to something more of a luxury mid tier line. I really can't wait to see what they do with it on the rework. Even just an upgrade similar to the resizing of the Avenger with a few improvements to the chassis here and there maybe would already be exciting. It will be quite something to see. I hope and think we'll definitely get a better allocation of space. I am confident that we'll have a reasonable storage space somewhere that doesn't defy artistic design like it did so far, possibly one or two airlock doors as well to break up the sections since it will be slightly bigger, and maybe a little bathroom and kitchen can be added somewhere too. This is a ship with a medium to long range after all. I wonder if they'll do any changes to the Hardpoints for weapons and such. Naturally, the engines, power plant, etc. may experience slight upgrades to still provide sufficient speed and power for the resized variant. But the weapons may be improved upon a little as well, be that with more hardpoints, or ones for larger weaponry and equipment. Can't wait to see what they reveal as we head to the end of the year!
  4. Yea that's the key, I very much agree with that. It needs to be a product that is worth the pricetag!
  5. I wouldn't be so quick to dismiss a wider range of Pricing for Games. Overall, I think it would open up the market a lot if developers of all ranges were able to price their products much more freely than the "Regular Games are just 50/60 period, whereas Indies / Small Dev Games are 20/30..." Gaming Pricing has to be considered amidst a wide variety of other things related to location, the general economy, inflation, etc. Prices already vary greatly based on countries. Just take a look at Brazil, Canada, Australia. Games are so much more expensive there than say in the USA or Europe. The fact of the matter is, comparatively speaking, Gaming is Cheaper than ever, while the development and content we get in return is much more expensive. Again, this is from a general point of view, adverse examples obviously exist. Truly story focused games in general are much more lengthy and qualitatively on a higher standard than they were in the past, the teams required to develop them are much larger, etc. pp. Then there is inflation to consider as well and overall I think it's just very difficult to say whether or not a price adjustment would be 'bad/good'. In the end, I think we'd all benefit if developers / publishers could explore a little more on the price range. Certain, really vast, expansive games such as say The Witcher 3 for example are, I believe, definitely worth more than what they were sold for on release, whereas others are not worth what you have to pay upon release. If there was a wider offering in terms of games that go for 30/40/60/80/100, I think the market itself could regulate and really help with showcasing what is adequate for what price. Now I realize that I barely addressed the issue of lootcrates at all, but I think that unfortunately that's also an issue on the consumer side. There's too many 'blind' buyers who just purchase a game regardless of the fact that it comes with such predatory practices and don't even care about it. What would be needed to solve the lootcrate issue would be more people voting with their wallets. And personally, if I knew I'd get a full, proper, good game, all content, in a reasonably achievable fashion, I'd pay a bit more for a game so as to avoid 'random drop lootboxes' you have to buy for money.
  6. And here goes the Livestream... not sure if I'll be able to tune in live tomorrow... :huh:

  7. Was about to bring up this article myself just now after happening upon it, really interesting read.
  8. So is anyone playing PUBG these days from the IMP guys? On the TS currently and will be regularly to play more

  9. Honestly I'd say that the Imperium decal isn't even that bad for being placed on a ship. Perhaps for Fleet it could be altered, it already appears somewhat like the tip of a sword, so if you added the full blade and all, that could fit really well, especially with angular fighters...
  10. Ahh right, I got it mixed up with the usual near Christmas and Deadline push at the end of each year hahaha
  11. The safest bet is that they'll wait until the Anniversary Stuff in December and show it off then. Gives them time to really polish it up and make sure it's the best presentation it can be. I don't think they'd just randomly reveal it prior to that.
  12. Honestly, I'd wait until at least the redesign of the 300i series that is incoming to make your decision. Similar to what has been pointed out, the 325 will offer more versatility due to the cabin compartment rather than the pure dogfighting Gladius.
  13. Persoanlly, I have a similar approach "Hope for the best, expect the normal, prepare for the worst" As for No Man's Sky. I think it's utterly ridiculous to claim that the disappointment in the game is due to Overhyping. The advertising and media presence, interviews and showcases were all obvious lies. The majority of the major features they talked about throughout the development process aren't in the game: No Factions and Significance No large Scale Space Warzones (Faction War, Capital Ships Warping in, Possiblity to join in according to your choosing) No Multiplayer at all ("You will be able to meet up and run into other players, but the universe is huge so it will be rare. Yea, no. You can't even see one another on a planet) Center of the Universe Mystery (COMPLETE Lie and biggest dealbreaker really) No truly influential impact for character interactions (NPC) Not to mention the game was likely pushed out too early, still had loads of bugs and glitches... There is a significant reason why Steam is handing out Full Refunds to people now (Including those that exceeded the 2 Hour Limit) that send in Customer Service requests for it.
  14. All the new people checking out SC: @Twerk17 is hiding behind a computer screen, can't get a good shot AND the opportunity for a headshot presented itself
  15. The area is secure and ready for landing ?
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