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  1. Happy Birthday!

  2. Excellent information there to give a basic understanding of instancing. If anything it will at least get people more interested in understanding how the actual networking will work.
  3. Barathrum

    Go Aurora !

    Excellent video VoA, good advice more focused at psychological warfare
  4. I feel like for most missions multiple ships will be unnecessary. If there are systems that need to be passed through which have high pirate/hostile activity We could co-ordinate with combatOps division to ensure safety in at least the most dangerous portions of an expedition.
  5. Some really good points you made on both sides in that video nice job. What I gather from what you're saying is that this is really a non-problem. I know I've worried about things like 30 guys just flying capital ships in a group solo, but the shear time investment that would require makes it seem very unlikely to happen, and it may be addressed if it does become an actual problem. Personally I would actually not prefer to fly my own capital ship lol, I love doing support work so I'd actually probably find more enjoyment in crewing a Capital ship rather than piloting one. And I think the balan
  6. lmao there have been some NPC's with some very interesting names haha. On another note, the developers even put in the voyager spacecraft's in their position where they would be in the year 3300, but those are indestructible thank goodness lol. It's not bad it's just different, both games are seperate approaches to flight and combat so it's not really fair to say one's better than the other. Personally I own and enjoy both games, will be playing a ton of Elite when it launches and will continue playing AC as well.
  7. Best of luck with the twitch channel man, and hope your mother is doing well, see you around the Galaxy
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