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    Star Citizen - Teamwork, Exploration, Comradery, Fun.
    History - From fall of Rome to Renaissance, Blacksmithing
    Acting - Renaissance Faires, Medieval Faires, Possible Voice
    Gaming - Anything fun and creative
    Engineering - Gadgets and Gizmos
    Firearms - Building, Shooting, Repair, Marksmanship
    Collecting - Odds and Ends, Antiques
    Architecture - All sorts of aspects, mostly related to History
    Aviation - Flying, Maintenance, Experimental Flight
    Space - The Final Frontier (I'd like to fly in space one day)
    More, just ask.

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  1. Something something, dark side, something something.
    B-O-R-E-D and angry.

  2. https://forums.robertsspaceindustries.com/discussion/288689/i-am-impressed-however-as-a-former-aviation-sailor-fix-these-major-issues I posted this on RSI. I want them to make the colors do as they are supposed to. If you argue that purple is just fine for a aircraft director, i suggest you see a picture of a flight deck from afar and see who sticks out first. White, then yellow, and white is supervisory and safety. Please get this thread on RSI exposure, I want to feel immersed. If they ignore Naval Heritage.......
  3. ugh, I hate giving ADI some fame. I hate what JayC and Hav0k have done with the group.
  4. Very possibly they are early renders for xian ships. That is the original video, and the hornet is VASTLY different now. Many of us have come to the conclusion its a repair ship for the hull of the Bengal Carrier they are Hangar'd in. I agree on almost every front. Some interesting porn comes from reddit, and they give me transcripts of ATV episodes. I like the extra e in beings, because bee's are also annoying as hell.
  5. Most of the people complaining need to go back to Call of Duty anyway.
  6. What exactly is the community hub? All I can find is 'an easier way to keep up with the community at a glance." What pray-tell does this mean?
  7. I mentioned you can use me, im exploration, and tend to keep away from massive groups, working with a close knit group of highly trusted individuals. Some i seemingly trust, but dont, and yes, i withhold information from others.
  8. Uncertain if this was mentioned. Citizen Link Edit: someone mentioned Citizen Link. I find this quite pleasing to the aural receptors to hear, and I know exactly what it means.
  9. Meanwhile Im sitting here trying to figure out how a Carrack is going to land here....
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