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  1. Which flavor of Endeavor will you buy?

    I'm sure those nice people with the two endeavors parked outside that neighboring binary star system are just growing melons. Really expensive melons.
  2. MISC Endeavor

    Personally, I would never melt a jump if I owned one. It's limited in number and won't see a sale ever again.
  3. MISC Endeavor

    I'd expect that gameplay wise, there would be missions for a Hope involving disaster relief or as a contract from the UEE for mercenary work supporting troops during a major confrontation. Edit: There is something off about the scale on that image. The available cockpit space at the front of the endeavor doesn't look right in comparison to the cutlass. There is no way anyone could fit in the front area of the endeavor with the cockpit size it has. Edit2: Nevermind. Looks like the cockpit is fine. I was mistaking the "bumper" for the cockpit.
  4. Star Guide - Endeavor Update

    Hey guys, I know we're supposed to support the UEE and all, but what if the UEE outlawed the tastiest melons in the universe? Wouldn't you want an endeavor to grow us some melons so we can all enjoy their delicious juiciness? I wanted you all to know so you don't freak out about what I'm doing just outside UEE space. It's nothing to worry about. I'm just growing some of those delicious melons in a binary star system so they get plenty of sunlight. Melons, twenty four seven. Just... melons.
  5. Which flavor of Endeavor will you buy?

    Seems like the discover pairs best with the telescope module and the hope pairs best with the supercollider module. Why does the hope pair best with the supercollider module? It's a ship component upgrade station. So you invite people into your hangar and then tweak their stuff for better performance.
  6. Aegis Vanguard - Twin Engine Deep Space Fighter

    The only viable escort for a retaliator out of the box is going to be the vanguard due to the range on the vanguard. It's not a bad pick if people need to keep some retaliators alive.
  7. Banu Merchantman

    The image of the banu merchantman with the dorsal fin still attached is out-of-date. The most recent image is the one at the top of the "Clipper Ship" article dated November 28th, 2014. The article in question can be found here: https://robertsspaceindustries.com/comm-link/transmission/14332-Clipper-Ship-Banu-Merchantman The dorsal fin was a carry over from the old design that placed the cockpit where the thrusters currently are. The finished design is going for more of a space boat kind of look. However, the new SCU for the banu merchantman should be completely ignored due to how ridiculous it is to give a ship that doesn't have a finished concept design a solid SCU number. The amount of cargo a hull C can carry would literally be exploding from the merchantman's cargo holds if the artwork is to be believed. Saying it could hold even more cargo than a hull C is preposterous without increasing the ship's size, which they've given no indication of doing. Not to mention all their old numbers are probably throwing their new metrics off.
  8. MISC Hull C (Discreet)

    According to the Hull A Q&A, the Hull B and E are supposed to be direct upgrades to the Hull A and D, respectively. Frankly, I'm curious about the Banu Merchantman given its projected abilities seem too good to be true in light of the Hull series. It carries vastly more than a Hull B, yet is capable of planetary landings fully laden? And it has a store? And its relatively similar in both size and carrying capacity to a Hull C? Wait, it carries even MORE than a Hull C? I have a feeling we're going to see some rather sobering changes in the Banu Merchantman's capabilities before it's release.
  9. goonswarm returns?!?!

    I don't see why they are worth mentioning over any other potential PvP hazard. You'd use the same countermeasures and strategies to defeat them as anybody else. The reasons that some other person attacks us in game -- For fun, to get revenge, to mock -- are irrelevant. It's just another enemy to reduce to space debris or run away from. So... what's the point of this thread again? Because I thought this was about something involving a new challenge mode in AC involving goons of varying shapes and sizes. Like pirates and stuff.
  10. If you look under the description for the Hull A, the Hull B is also used to go planet side fully laden with cargo.
  11. If I get a Hull E, will I be noticed by trade fleet senpai?
  12. Will you buy the Vanguard

    To be honest, I've been thinking about unmelting my anniversary banu merchantman after looking at the way the vanguard was priced. I shiver at the thought of how much the equivalent MISC Hull model to the Banu will cost if they are selling the vanguard concept at $250.
  13. Will you buy the Vanguard

    Not much point to making polls here, since people who are interested in buying a vanguard are more likely to visit the forums, so the poll will always have a heavy slant to the "yes" side of things. Anyway, my answer is a strong "no" on this one. It just isn't in the same category as a lot of rewards offered by similar pledges in the same price bracket. It's overpriced by $50 at least.
  14. RSI Orion

    May I ask, what the <redacted> were you attempting to accomplish with that poll? This cockpit discussion is getting childish and absurd. The ship is still asymmetric in its design due to the arm and tractor beam placements, so arguments that the move ruined the "asymmetry" of the design is non-sense. The ship has genuinely been improved because the arm was getting in the way of the top turret in the original concept. On top of which, the poll you made should tick people off because it was an entirely loaded poll. There was no way to answer the thing without positively affirming your position. Please don't do that, ever.
  15. Which will you choose?

    Put simply, everything!