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  1. I don't have the package. I don't even have a SC account and I don't want to create one. If I redeem the Star Citizen code, and sell the package instead, it will only be worthful to people that already have access to the game and I won't be able to sell it to new people that want access to SC. I have the AMD Never Settle Space Edition code that Alienwarearena.com gave away recently, and that code enables me to redeem 2 games from a list of games. One of them is this Star Citizen code. But since I'm trying to sell the original AMD code (with the 2 games) at G2A.com I will not redeem it untill I am sure that I will sell the Star Citizen specific code. I took a screenshot of the email Alienwarearena sent me:
  2. forget it..you created the account just to post that...i don't have any references from you...
  3. Hi, I've got this code from a giveaway today and I'm willing to sell it for 33€ (EUR) or the equivalent in USD ($35), verified PayPal. You will have to go first. Previous completed sales for reference. (This is the last AMD Mustang Omega code that I've sold through reddit and it contains links to another sales I've completed before in another trading websites) Please reply here with your intent to buy the code, before PM'ing me.
  4. Hi StarHangar, I've got a code for this: Mustang Delta - Package - AMD Never Settle Space Edition + Mustang Delta Upgrade: $70 Got it minutes ago in a giveaway. Are you interested in buying me this code, for your stock?
  5. That's it. I would like to trade this code for 2 Steam gifts of Dungeon Defenders II Early Access. But wait... if you get that here (the only cheap games/game keys website I trust) you will pay less than the value of this AMD code (at least the value of it in this forums). Check my for rep on trade and selling stuff in other websites. Contents of the AMD code:
  6. I decided I want to play the game, lol. You guys have a lot of sellers with many codes (I just have this one) and now they've lowered the price. I'm using this code... Cya, and thanks...
  7. ahah, ok...I'll think about that...maybe I'll use it Thanks for the info...
  8. Wow..so it should worth more let's raise the prices (I'm trying to sell one too). aha...joking.. I'm starting to think that this code is underpriced....I'm thinking in using my code instead of selling for this cheap price..lol (I mean, comparing this to the packages that they have there at RSI for this game)...
  9. You could have just edited the post (with the Full Editor option) and changed the price and wtv....
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